Moon Day Chix & Lynx – Guilt and Responsibility

Ten insightful articles selected from the week of April 21-27.

Readership: Men
Theme: Guilt and Responsibility.
Length: 1,550 words
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Every week I come across several articles of significant import, and I regret that I have no opportunity to discuss them or post links to them. Starting with this post, I will take responsibility for this omission. So, taking inspiration from Adam Piggott’s Friday Hawt Chicks and Links, I here introduce Moon Day Hawt Chix & Lynx.

  1. The Orthosphere (feat. J. M. Smith): In a Sorry State (April 22, 2019)

“[…] False consciousness makes you consent to exploitation; guilt tripping makes you consent to repression. […]”

“The concept also has obvious links to Freud’s theory of the superego and repression.  Without going into too much detail, Freud taught that guilt originates as an indefinite psychic uneasiness. He said that this “guilt feeling” is caused by renunciation or frustration of a man’s instinctual drives, with the result that a sort of pressure develops in his psyche.  This pressure can be reduced by a more permissive morality, but it can never be altogether eliminated, and so must be accepted as a natural byproduct of human existence.

Notice how Freud turned traditional morality on its head.  He tells us that guilt does not arise from the evil deeds we do, but rather from the “evil” deeds that we naturally wish to do, and yet do not do. This is Freud’s reality.  But over this reality, Freud says there is always the culturally-constructed appearance that guilt is caused by “evil” deeds that are done.

This appearance is a guilt trip that constructs the natural byproduct we call guilt into a useful instrument of social control. […]”

“There is one last thing to note about the Freudian theory of guilt.  A guilt trip interprets the guilt feeling as a dread of punishment for some evil deed, but this dread surrounds the deed and does not merely follow it.  This means that I feel guilty when I merely consider an evil deed, because I even then foresee the punishment that would follow if I did anything more than consider it.  Thus, our guilt managers are able to paint even consideration of evil deeds with a repellant horror.”

  1. Red Pill Theory: How To Talk To Girls (And Get Them Attracted To You) (April 23, 2019)

“…if you hesitate, make excuses, or experience anxiety – that indicates you are probably framing your interactions with women as platonic rather than sexual.


Because most men are so uncomfortable with the idea of being sexually rejected by women that they have spent their entire lives only interacting with women on a platonic level (except when a girl makes it very clear that she is interested in him).

So, the resistance we feel for telling a woman we find her attractive is a reflection of our discomfort with making our interactions sexual – we believe being sexual would only lead to rejection.”

I’ve found this to be so true. Feeling guilty because you want/need sex, and/or being ashamed of your sexuality are confidence killers.

  1. Captain Capitalism: It’s Not Your Job to Unpack Her Desires (April 24, 2019)

“Like Roosh writing “Game,” The Red Man Group bends over backwards to investigate, understand, and accommodate for women and women’s psychology.  Again, I ask, “where is the female equivalent of such accommodations to recognize and accommodate for men’s psychology?”

“…in nearly every case, blog, podcast, or vlog in the red pill community, men are spending inordinate amounts of time, labor, and resources trying to figure out what women want and delivering that to them.  And whereas you may find that sad or degrading – all these men wasting their lives trying to “figure out women” – the truth is that is what men are programmed to desire most in life – women.”

“…women are unfortunately forced to choose between what their body and instincts are telling screaming at them, versus what the ENTIRE AUTHORITATIVE WORLD is demanding of them.”

“…when all the puffing of their feminist chests are gone, these girls sheepishly admit all they want is to get married and have children.  Some will even say they don’t want to go to college, but do so because their parents, teachers, and society forces them to.

But what is interesting, as well as it is telling AND INSTRUCTIVE, is which side the majority of modern day women inevitably choose.

Most do not exercise critical thinking and let society do the thinking for them.  They choose the world feminism has bludgeoned them to choose.  And since this goes against their genetic programming, they now have a life of living in denial.

Living in denial has major costs and consequences, namely psychological damage.  And you can see this in the contradictory (and what I can only assume to be “maddening”) behaviors of women.”

  1. Reading Between the Life (feat. Elspeth): Jane Austen: Queen of the Romance Tropes (April 24, 2019)

“Jane Austen’s novels touch on almost every conceivable route to the altar to be found in life and literature. When you get past the familiar underlying theme of women on the cusp on spinsterhood, the story arcs offer a fair amount of variety.

…Jane Austen hits all the romance tropes (and some not so romantic tropes).

Pride and Prejudice (1813): Lizzy initially finds Mr. Darcy pompous, then evil, and eventually realizes that the tallest, handsomest, and richest man around is the perfect man for her.”

  1. Snapper TRX: Circles of Christianity (April 24, 2019)

“…often times, a lot of Christians’ “Christianity” extends only to the furthest point of their own comfort zone, at which point things become “not Christian” anymore, even if those things are biblically sound.”

“Rather than using the actual word of God as the foundation of the church it seems the church has decided to use feelings as its foundation and has taught both men and women to do the same with their own Christian walks. As a result, we end up with weak Christians who’s understanding of the word is warped because their feelings change their understanding and obedience.”

  1. Blair Naso: Do Those Who Commit Suicide Go To Hell? (April 26, 2019)

“As a child, I always spent Tuesdays at my father’s house. Towards the end of eighth grade for about a month I planned on shooting myself with his gun. Every Tuesday I would hope I got home before he did, but each time he happened to come home early. […]”

“For the next three months, late summer through early fall, the only reason I didn’t kill myself is because I believed I would go to hell. That was it.”

“I had always made real, proactive efforts to build a new life surrounded by loved ones and doing meaningful work. All of that led to a deeper loneliness and lack of purpose than if I had just gotten a girl pregnant in high school.

I had made real efforts to heal family bonds that had been broken from childhood, and this rarely changed anything. […]”

“I don’t think everyone who kills themselves goes to hell, but I would, because I know better. To kill myself would be a rejection of God. It’s saying that you are going to take matters into your own hands, that you do not want whatever plan God has for your life. […]”

“What trusting in Christ will do is assure you that one day all of this will seem like the most trivial concern. One day after the Final Judgment, you will look back on whatever is paralyzing your soul as though you were a child crying over his fingers pruning in the bathtub. […]”

  1. Chateau Heartiste: ¡SCIENCE!: Feminism Surrenders Before The Intoxicating Alpha Male (April 26, 2019)

“We find that greater exposure to “high-achieving” boys, as proxied by their parents’ education, decreases the likelihood that girls go on to complete a bachelor’s degree, substituting the latter with junior college degrees. It also affects negatively their math and science grades and, in the long term, decreases labor force participation and increases fertility.”

“Increases fertility”. The key phrase.

  1. Radix Fidem: Two Kinds of Forgiveness (April 26, 2019)

“So the question here is to stop and discern what you really absolutely must have in order to keep peace with God. When someone in your world intrudes into that territory, you do whatever it takes to keep them away from it. The simplest measure is putting distance between you and them. If that’s not possible, then you start working on other kinds of barriers that require changing their behavior. It is quite valid that this scales up to violence, simply because some people are not equipped to change themselves in some contexts. It’s not based on personal pique, but whatever it takes to protect the mission, to keep giving God what He demands of you.”

  1. Ribbon Farm (feat. Jacob Falkovich): Predictable Identities (Series)*

This series is a must read, and it’s not too long or wordy.

  1. Guess What’s Coming (February 20, 2019)
  2. Active Inference (February 27, 2019)
  3. Prisoner’s Dilemma (March 10, 2019)
  4. Stereotypes (March 13, 2019)
  5. Outgroup Homogeneity (March 20, 2019)
  6. Creeps (April 3, 2019)
  7. Weirdness Budget (April 24, 2019)
  8. Roles People Play (April 17, 2019)
  9. […]

There are a total of 27 posts in this series.

* H/T: Calculated Bravery: Idiosyncrasy Credits (April 27, 2019)

  1. Amerika (feat. Brett Stevens): John Earnest Shoots Up Southern California Synagogue (April 27, 2019)

Be sure you read his manifesto.

Sasha Luss (Саша Лусс) is the chick featured this week.

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