Biden Squared

Trump is bad?!? Biden and son say, “Hold my beer!”

Readership: My fellow Americans

I guess by now, everybody has heard about the corruption and scandals surrounding the previous Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

I’ve put together a short list of links full of links for reference.

A little perspective.  These stories about Biden and son’s business dealings has been all over the local news in Taiwan for years.  They had multimillion buttercup deals with Chinese companies and Ukrainian companies, and several other minor deals here and there.  But I never saw any such reports on this from the Western news stations.  The western news media has done an outstanding job at keeping it all under cover.  To me, it’s utterly hilarious to see it come out now, just two weeks before the election.

Ultimately, it’s an egregious abuse of power.  Those companies and bureaucrats want the power, benefits, and influence that come with shaking hands with the strong arm of the U.S., and that is what makes these deals so corrupt.  U.S. politicians are bound by an oath to serve the American people, not Chinese and Ukrainian industrialists, and not their own retirement funds either.  If Biden2 were smart, they would have kept those contact numbers on their Rolodex, and gave them a call after they get out of office.  But no, they couldn’t hold off because of greed, and they know the frying pan won’t stay hot forever.

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7 Responses to Biden Squared

  1. bee123456 says:

    “These stories about Biden and son’s business dealings has been all over the local news in Taiwan for years.”

    Wow, that is very revealing!


  2. Novaseeker says:

    We have no real news about anything relating to the election in the US right now. I mean the mrdia is talking nonstop about the election but at the same time there is basically a media blackout going on around the election in that it is the most exceptionally one-sided election reporting I have ever seen, much moreso than even in 2016, which was itself the worst until then as well. Literally nothing that could interfere with Biden’s coronation is being reported. For example, there were substantial riots last week in Philadelphia that were simply not reported in the media much at all, because the underlying cause for them didn’t match the narrative — so they buried the story. The press is activist, not informational. As a result, no-one here knows what will happen on Tuesday. The polls clearly say who is going to win, but very few people trust the polls right now, so it feels kind of like a media blackout in that nothing is really clear.

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    • thedeti says:

      “it is the most exceptionally one-sided election reporting I have ever seen, much moreso than even in 2016”

      The 2020 election coverage isn’t journalism. It’s cheerleading. It’s water-carrying. It’s shilling.

      These people aren’t journalists. They’re shills, sycophants, cronies, and lackeys.

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  3. feeriker says:

    The terrifying thing about this election is that if Biden were to win it, while most of us with a moral compass would want to believe that it was due to vote fraud, we also know that there are overwhelming numbers of Americans without said moral compasses who would vote for him no matter what his crimes and perversions. Either way, the results of Election 2020 and its aftermath will reveal the true character of today’s Americans once and for all time.

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  5. lastmod says:

    I still don’t see how electing Trump again will “cure” the intrinsic problems we have. The debt has mushroomed under him, that border wall….which Mexico isn’t paying for…….all his talk about how “smart / great / talented amazing / wonderful” he is. “spending Bills” instead of a budget. More concerned about winning and lots of “talk” of what needs to be done…….but little if any action “Boys are behind in schools” he says and does nothing. Appoints a soccer mom to run the Dept of Education. No swamp being drained………has Covid, but beats it in two days while we all have to use “precautions” and be under the potential threat of a lockdown…….

    Troops still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Apple isn’t making their phones here (like he said they were going to be)……..

    What is the difference between these two really? He is hardly a bastion of “conservative red-pill values” and his own wife rarely holds his hand, and never presents a united front with him (she leaves and takes half the minute he is out of office in 2021 or 2025)

    I agree Biden is hardly presidential but what we have now really is just as bad.


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