Notice: Dark Brightness Relocates

[UPDATE (June 20, 2018): DB’s blog is still at the same server (WordPress), but he has reinstalled his blog using a new address. (The errors in the details of the original post below have been corrected.) He discusses these issues in the following post below.]

Dark Brightness: Some Reorganization (June 20, 2018)

Notice to the blogging community: Dark Brightness has relocated or transferred reinstalled his blog platform to a new server and address.

Old address:

New address:

If you rely on a subscription, or a reader, such as WordPress Reader, then you may have been wondering why it’s been a while since you’ve seen any new posts from Dark Brightness. So, make sure you update your subscription information, if applicable.

I sent him an email to ask him what has been happening with his blog.

Dark Brightness,
I noticed your blog is down. I’m curious to know what happened?
Is there anything you would like me to tell the blogging community?

He responded in his usual curt, staggered, enigmatic prose, which always stimulates an electrifying introspection.

The technical issues should be sorted. However, my employer is meeting as they are concerned about the blog. Today.
Also make sure you are going to The old insecure address does not work.

As he writes, the old address was ‘insecure’ and no longer functions. Apparently, that means it was hacked, or the hosting agency (perhaps the university where he teaches) suspended or terminated his account.

His old platform presently looks like this.

InkedOld DB crop_LI

DB gives a cursory explanation of the situation in these posts.

If you’re the type who prays, you might consider asking for DB’s blog and livelihood to be preserved, and even that it might grow as a result of this persecution.



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5 Responses to Notice: Dark Brightness Relocates

  1. Gunner Q says:

    Thanks, I’d wondered what was up with his blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Boxer says:

    I’m very grateful to be living in the U.S., where there’s still some semblance of academic freedom, thanks to the strength of the first amendment. People in the commonwealth have no such protections, and I’m not at all surprised that DB is getting a warning, despite the fact that it’s relatively tame, and all the critical content there is couched in ambiguous language.


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