Dark Brightness Returns In Times Like These

Announcing the return of Dark Brightness on two weblog platforms.

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Dark Brightness has been experiencing technical and political difficulties with his blog for at least the past six months. I wrote about this situation in an earlier post, Notice: Dark Brightness Relocates (June 7, 2018), and I included a prayer at the end.

“If you’re the type who prays, you might consider asking for DB’s blog and livelihood to be preserved, and even that it might grow as a result of this persecution.”

Now, we are seeing this prayer being answered! Dark Brightness has a new blog up now. The address is:


His new site is called “In Times Like These“, and the title is eponymous of the Foo Fighters song of the same name.

In parallel, he is changing webhosts and trying to resurrect the old site. To do so, he needs to transfer his previous blog to a different platform, and that will take another week or so. He is using the Ghost program, and he needs to modify everything. He requests anyone who knows how to use Ghost to contact him or post a link to a tutorial.

Even after DB repairs his old site, he intends to maintain two blogs. I am not sure if these will include two different subject materials, or aim for two different audiences. I am guessing that his designated purposes for each one will evolve soon.

Back in June, Dark Brightness moved from an older set up. You may need to check your subscription linkage to make sure you’re up to date.

Before June, 2018: http://pukeko.net.nz

Coming soon: https://blog.pukeko.net.nz



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  1. pukeko60 says:

    Thank you very much.

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