Amerika Disappears!

A radical political website that I’ve been following for some time has recently disappeared off the internet.

The last post I saw from them was…

Amerika (feat. Brett Stevens): Why White People Do Not Act For White Interests (May 7, 2018)

It was quite a good (i.e. provocative) post, and I imagine this may have been the last straw for the powers that be.

Does anyone know what became of this site?

***UPDATE***(May 10, 2018)***

Amerika came back with a new post. My suspicions were apparently true.

Amerika (feat. Brett Stevens): Under DOS Attack by Scared Leftists (May 9, 2018)

“This DOS attack consisted of two prongs: a TCP/IP-based attack against the machine that hosts several of our sites, and an HTTP-based attack against our PHP-based scripts. Our host, Dreamhost, managed to block the former attack, and with some crufty old 1990s know-how, we have lessened the latter.”

What an honor — to be targeted by paganized haters!

The cultural war is heating up.

Free thinkers, back up your blogs!



About Wayne

Wayne is an ordained minister of Love who studies the psychology of the Feminine Mystique during the day, and holds an undercover missionary position at night. He earned his Ph.D. in Transcendental Love Mechanics during a 12-year, self-imposed asylum in an east-Asian paradise. You can visit his solid blog for more liquid insights: Sigma Frame Where Frame is the Name of the Game!
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