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Why is Citizenship Unquestionable?

America’s immigration policies are quickly becoming self-destructive liabilities. Long lived cultures have a noose-tight admission. Why shouldn’t My America do the same? Continue reading

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Value Harassment Training

The narratives contained within sexual harassment training are opposed to Christian values and the Tingly Respect courtship model. Continue reading

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Breaking the Fifth Wall – A New Protocol for Post-Truth Debate

In a world where no one recognizes truth or ethics, what do we fall back on? Continue reading

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If the shoe fits…

When you make some off hand comments, and the shoe starts to fit someone, you might just become that persons’ springboard to internet infamy. Continue reading

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RT Spews Competition in the Media Wars

Russia now has a news platform in English, broadcasting ‘Russian Truth’ to the world, and changing the information game. Continue reading

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Censorship of Praise is the Thief of Joy

Joy and praise is carefully removed from mass media, thereby expunging all expression of joy and blessedness. Continue reading

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The Sex Robot Controversy

A completely hilarious video spoofing liberal news articles on the sex robot industry. Continue reading

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Soft Reset: Tech Founders are the New PUA’s

A Soft Reset is manifested in this lampoon of Vanity Fair’s article on Tech Giant Orgies in Silicon Valley. Continue reading

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The Pendulum Swings Back, and Cuts to the Bone

The American political environment is consternated and falters in a conundrum. What is happening, and what is next? Continue reading

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Dyadic Cofactors on Marital Stability in Australia

An analysis of a blue-pill scientific report on the cofactors of Marital Stability in Australia. Continue reading

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