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Women at their finest

Women were created to be the companion and helper of men. Continue reading

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Hijacking and Misappropriating Eastern Mysticism

Why are paraphrased quotations from Eastern religions becoming so popular on social media? Continue reading

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Moon Day Review: Murder by Numbing

Be ye culturally and morally conformed to the matrihex by the relaxation of your will and the corruption of your minds! Continue reading

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The Overton Shake

Has the Overton window divided to form distinct Left and Right factions? Continue reading

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Moon Day Review – Howling at the Moon

Insane journalism, asinine politics, good laughs, and a few wise words from 2019 June 16-22. Continue reading

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Breaking the Fifth Wall – A New Protocol for Post-Truth Debate

In a world where no one recognizes truth or ethics, what do we fall back on? Continue reading

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Patriarchy vs. Matriarchy: Divorce and Government Spending

A review of divorce rates and government spending suggests that patriarchy doesn’t deserve the bad rap that it has been given by feminists. Continue reading

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Fake Knights and Phony Princesses

Chivalry has been romanticized and abused to the point of losing its true value, and even contributing to the downfall of western society. Continue reading

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Foundations of Cultural Ethics and Chivalry

An exploratory discussion of cultural foundations, ethical systems, and Chivalry. Continue reading

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Consideration vs. Fatalism

This post addresses the cultural differences between the fatalistic insulation of far-Eastern culture, and the faithful consideration of western culture. Continue reading

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