Christian News Sources

The following is a list of Christian news sites. This list is intended to aid Christians in their search for newsworthy news which does not neglect or deny the Word of God.

These sites either claim to be Christian, or the editorial board is largely comprised of individuals professing to be Christian. I will not attest to a sound doctrinal adherence for any of the sites listed.

The average monthly views were calculated from averaging the monthly views of three consecutive months drawn from the first half of 2018. The data was collected by using Similar Web.

Website URL Address Average Monthly Views
Christian Broadcasting Network 4,294,000
Christianity Today 3,807,000
The Christian Post 3,332,000
Christian Today 1,314,333
Rapture Ready News 1,026,666
First Things 859,000
The Stream 499,350
World News Group 488,383
Christian Headlines 479,528
Prophecy News Watch 437,333
Tru News 366,667
Premiere 321,082
Hal Lindsey Report 314,836
The Economic Collapse Blog 261,227
The Gospel Herald 252,076
The Baptist Press 233,160
Real Clear Religion 197,668
The Acton Institute 195,391
Christian News Network 192,587
Breaking Christian News 151,991
Beginning and End 117,773
Worthy News 51,141
Evangelical Times 35,954
The Most Important News 31,082
Christian Examiner 27,324
Christian Research Network 21,613
Compassion Magazine 19,303
Open Doors 11,442
Christian News Journal 4,819
Kairos Journal 3,838
Wisconsin Christian News 3,771
Christian News Northwest 3,478
Christian News Missouri 3,126



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