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The Morphing Ethical System in the U.S.

A study of how the Righteousness vs. Guilt ethical structure of the West was able to have been undermined and overturned. Continue reading

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Satan’s Secret Recipe for a Heretical Purity Movement

Only the Grand Master Bait could concoct such a beautiful disaster! Continue reading

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The Narrow Way

The current Marriage Marketplace is as narrow as it gets. Readership: Christian men; Under the previous post, AngloSaxon has attempted to articulate an aphorism of Red Pill orthodoxy. “Red pill orthodoxy is avoid marriage like the plague and shag random … Continue reading

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Come and See Hades

Did you ever wonder what ћәll is like? Here’s a glimpse. Continue reading

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The magic of introspective judgment and authentic confession

Introspective judgment plays a critical role in maintaining one’s spiritual life. Readership: Christians; Those who are self-aware; Introduction In some recent discussion in the comments at Σ Frame, there has been some disagreement about the value of posting one’s less-than-stellar … Continue reading

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A New Patch on Old Cloth

Were the ethics and expectations of the Purity Movement reasonable and realistic? Continue reading

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Millennials Losing Hope

Readership: All; The speaker in the video is David Hoffman, a filmographer who followed the lives of many noteworthy people (including many artists and musicians), and the historical events of his generation. He has seen a lot of life. He … Continue reading

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Reevaluating the Centrality of the Male Ego

Readership: Men and women in relationships; Introduction The sin of pride emanates from the deeper heart, and is commonly expressed through the ego.  As a result of this association, the ego has garnered much criticism as a semblance of self-centered … Continue reading

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God doesn’t care if you find a wife!

A wife is a stumbling block to the Americans, and foolishness to the Europeans. Readership: Christians; Single men; Many men have the notion that having a wife is what would make them happy.  Men stubbornly cling to this notion even … Continue reading

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Creativity is borne of necessity – and quarantine.

On April 8th (which was a moon day), I contracted a very aggressive urinary tract infection which spread into the bloodstream causing septicemia. The doctor is working on a blood culture in order to find a proper antibiotic. The doctor … Continue reading

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