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The best enema of all

A wife who refuses anal sex is only marginally better than a wife who refuses sex altogether. Continue reading

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News Flash: Stupidity, Ugliness, being Liberal, are all Heritable!

SJW’s paint heritability as something ugly, but project they do. Continue reading

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The QTBGL agenda gets down on its knees to Islamic Law

News commentary on those who support Islam and/or gay rights in the U.S. Continue reading

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How to play off the “I’m a lesbian” line

A commentary on The Other McCain’s article about dealing with pseudo-lesbians in Day Game. Continue reading

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Defiled, not “special”

A response to Adam Piggott’s appraisal of “Can Christians be gay?”, including paradigmatic viewpoints, the value of peer groups, and Christian PR. Continue reading

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Can Christians be gay?

An answer to the question of whether sexual orientation is a choice, and suggestions for improving how the Church interacts with the gay community, inside and outside the Church. Readership: Christians only A commentary on the debate between Matthew Vines … Continue reading

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