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One Night in Beijing

A taste of Chinese culture in music. Readership: All;Author’s Note: Originally posted on January 17, 2015.Length: 1,550 wordsReading Time: 5 minutes The Occasion The first day of the Chinese New Year holiday is today (2021 February 12)!!!

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Moon Day Review: Murder by Numbing

Be ye culturally and morally conformed to the matrihex by the relaxation of your will and the corruption of your minds! Continue reading

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The Symbolism of the Cat

Scratching apart the sexy symbolism of the feline. Continue reading

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Moon Day Review – Running up that hill with a little help from my Dad

Challenges and solutions for men, fathers, and managers. Continue reading

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The Eternal Fate of Carousel Riders

Have you ever wondered what happens to carousel riders in their gilded years? Continue reading

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Calling All Angels

When you can understand God’s perspective, you’ll get a sense of the Lord’s transcendental glory. After that, nothing else matters, and that is what gives you the power to overcome difficulties. Continue reading

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