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It’s too easy to blame everything on Feminism

Is the church feminized as a result of the Silence of Adam? Or was Adam silenced by Feminism first? Continue reading

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The Gender Dysphoria Epidemic

The increasing prevalence of “tr@nsitional therapy” has led to a growing number of broken adolescents. Continue reading

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The Abusive Criminal / Thug

Brute strength must be backed with clear moral purpose. Continue reading

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The Male Feminist

A MFer will lie and support a social cause against himself in order to identify and associate with women who care nothing about him. Continue reading

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The Decadent Christian (Ressentimentalism)

When the Beatitudes are a justification for the ignoble. Continue reading

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Rebranding the Natural Order as “Misogyny”

TPTB are attempting to redefine the public’s perception of right and wrong. Continue reading

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