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Yes, Women Lust Too

Are women absolved from desire?  Or are they even more depraved than men? Continue reading

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How much is Virginity worth?

An overview of the Virgin Market Place (VMP) and a rundown of prices around the turnpike world. Continue reading

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Christian vs. Non-Christian Women – A Negligeeable Difference

Is there any difference between Christian and Non-Christian women? Read on for the dispiriting answer. Continue reading

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The Feminine Dilemma

Women must choose between two different life paths, and two different kinds of men. Continue reading

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Tingles = Respect

Hypergamic selection carries with it a woman’s Respect for the Tingle-inducing man. Continue reading

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Get It Right Next Time

An introspective monologue on the challenge of absorbing truth and achieving RP excellence. Continue reading

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If the shoe fits…

When you make some off hand comments, and the shoe starts to fit someone, you might just become that persons’ springboard to internet infamy. Continue reading

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Things I Learned About Women in College

Women require more than what they’re willing or able to give. Continue reading

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Demographics of Interracial Relationships in the United States

This post lists the highlights of the demographics for interracial/international relationships in the U.S. Continue reading

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Cross-Cultural Relationships and Dating in Taiwan

A review of cross-cultural relationships in Taiwan, and a brief discussion of the SMP interactional dynamics. Continue reading

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