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Things men found attractive 50 years ago are still attractive today.

Women are averse to admit what men find attractive. Continue reading

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Irresponsible Ejaculation Causes Abortion

One wimminz impeccable argument on how abortion is the direct result of men’s irresponsibility. Continue reading

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How much is Virginity worth?

An overview of the Virgin Market Place (VMP) and a rundown of prices around the turnpike world. Continue reading

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Hitting a glorified nerve at Patheos

The world’s largest multi-religious website takes aim at Σ Frame. Continue reading

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Why do Christian women have the reputation of being whores?

Christian faith transforms the soul and spirit, but is insufficient for redeeming the flesh in a fallen world. The combinatoric result can be sexually liberating. Continue reading

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It’s because women aren’t worth the effort, stupid!

Another article from Elite Daily displays the profound disrespect that women give men these days. Continue reading

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