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How to build your ex to go back to being fond of you

A reader shares his technique: “Cut, Open, and Proceed!” Continue reading

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Is Biblical Courtship Possible?

Biblical Marriage is flatly illegal in the West. Continue reading

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The U.S. Census Bureau sanctions Divorce

A report from the U.S. Census Bureau that may shock you. Continue reading

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Christmas Presents 2019

A personal story of our Christmas presents. Continue reading

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Crunching the Tinder Whoard

A nationwide, cross-sectional overview of your average female Tinder user. Continue reading

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MEN: Avoid the 21 Convention

A warning to younger readers about the dangers of the 21 Convention community, and the personalities within it. Continue reading

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Christian vs. Non-Christian Women – A Negligeeable Difference

Is there any difference between Christian and Non-Christian women? Read on for the dispiriting answer. Continue reading

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Red Pill Political Correctness

Blair Naso’s commentary on the Red Pill, including views of American culture and politics. Continue reading

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Moulding an Excellent Wife

Moulding a wife’s behavior through recognizing and correcting the false beliefs that cause unwanted behaviors. Continue reading

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The Satanic Persuasion Formula

A simple, yet profound theory of game strategy based on an exegesis of Genesis 3. Courtesy of Continue reading

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