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The Pervasive Influence of Modern Gnosticism

Gnosticism permeates all worldly human activities of the Progressive sort. Continue reading

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Wimmin Luv Cats because ¡Science!

Like attracts like! Continue reading

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Have Tattoos? Will Slide!

¡Scientific! evidence! Continue reading

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The Sexual De-Evolution

A throwback to the 50s would only lead us to where we are now. Readership: AllAuthor’s Note: I said I would write this post a long while back, 2017 December 14 to be exact.Length: 1,800 wordsReading Time: 6 minutes “More … Continue reading

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What is preventing the Red Pill from going mainstream?

Several hurdles prevent Red Pill theories from being taken seriously by the wider populace. Continue reading

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Redefining Manhood as Boyish Immaturity

Male and Female perspectives on masculinity. Continue reading

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Parental Divorce Ruins Daughters’ Future Marital Commitment and Confidence

Another red flag: If her parents are divorced. Continue reading

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The Futility of Justifying the Crash Landing

Women are struggling to rationalize the sad, bitter consequences of feminism. Is it truly justified? Continue reading

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2020 Winter Solstice Hibernation

Some interesting links and videos. Continue reading

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Tips and Tricks to Time Management

Have you ever sat down and formally analyzed how you spend your time with the goal of becoming more efficient? Here is a guide. Readership: All;Note: This information is offered to help determine priorities, analyze time budgets, and maximize outcome … Continue reading

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