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Female Divorce Lawyer Stands for Fatherhood

Fatherlessness is the modern plague of perdition. Continue reading

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Patheological Weddingsday – Leithart on Purity and Holiness

Leithart’s first article about Purity and Holiness was deleted from Patheos! Continue reading

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Progressive Christianity is neither Progressive nor Christian. Continue reading

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Dissemination and Dissolution

What will become of Christianity in America? Continue reading

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Hitting bottom must be necessary.

A historical timeline of how humanity has slowly degraded into it’s fundamental essence. Continue reading

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Let the kids eat cake to keep them out of trouble!

Don’t be fooled by interesting, but ultimately useless and time wasting distractions. Continue reading

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Haidt’s Ethical Foundations Theory

An explanation of why people vote conservative or liberal. Continue reading

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You have to leave Murika to get the Real News

Western news has converged to selective liberalism. Continue reading

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The elephant in the room is the canary in the coalmine

Censorship is the greatest issue of our age. Continue reading

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Biden Squared

Links covering the Hunter Biden scandal. Continue reading

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