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Moral Injury

Is it ever right to go against conscience? Continue reading

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Descriptors of Beauty and Attractiveness

What kind of female beauty is your style? Continue reading

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Red Pill Grifters

Do we need to vet the leaders of men’s communities? Continue reading

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Adding scholarly pursuits to your already busy life.

An intellectual excursion into the complex, phenomenal, and funny. Continue reading

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What would the world be like if everyone was Red Pilled?

The Red Pill is fraught with “solutions” that are frankly unrealistic on a larger scale. Continue reading

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Fad Diets and Adjustment Disorders

This week’s ramblings. Continue reading

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Sexual competition continues after marriage

Married couples have a duty to remain the apple of the other’s eye. Continue reading

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How to detect the possibility of suicide in someone close to you

Be aware of the cofactors of high risk suicide. Continue reading

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How to open up the topic of personality disorders in conversation

What are the presuppositions that you must work through before discussing personality pathology? Continue reading

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Tips and Tricks to Time Management

Have you ever sat down and formally analyzed how you spend your time with the goal of becoming more efficient? Here is a guide. Readership: All;Note: This information is offered to help determine priorities, analyze time budgets, and maximize outcome … Continue reading

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