Normative Red Pill

Thanks to Roosh, et al., the Red Pill is not as esoteric as it once was, but redemption still remains to be had.

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During the past few years, it was recognized that a man had to take the Red Pill in order to fully wake up from the widespread gynocentric indoctrination so prevalent in the culture.  But most men couldn’t do this unless they were first tied to the feminist whipping post and had all the lies beat out of their heads.

Catacomb Resident wrote,

“But despite the near unanimity of testimonies of men here having to walk through the fires of Hell to get here, I’m still not convinced this should be treated as normative.  Some of you seem to come close to saying that.  Typical maybe, but not at all necessary to get to the point we are now.”

If society wasn’t so far off the mark, maybe crawling through Hell wouldn’t be necessary.  But what we typically see is that men (and women too) will dawdle along in their Blue Pill / churchian / Feminist Life Script delusions until a traumatic experience shakes them up.  That’s how most men find the Red Pill.

Aside from the Red Pill experience of waking up from the cultural indoctrination, the shattering of paradigms in general seems to be a typical experience in finding faith as well.  This is also true for both men and women.

I counsel students regularly.  One student I spoke with yesterday was really broken.  She is a Christian from Indonesia.  She broke up with her boyfriend because of religious differences.  (He’s a Muslim.)  Then her best friend snatched up her ex-boyfriend and rubbed it in her face.  Her social circle rejected her in favor of the new pair.  In addition to being heartbroken and rejected, she’s also all alone in a foreign country, with all the responsibilities of succeeding in her studies and taking care of herself.  She was coming apart at the seams in every which way.  She cried the whole time we talked.  But… the good news is that she found God, and I can attest that she truly has.

Her story feeds into the phenomenon that is sometimes cynically discussed here as a trope — that women only “find God” after chasing after the Career Life Script / Feminist Life Script, i.e. riding the carousel for 10 years before hitting the wall and having nothing to show for it.  Well, sometimes it’s true.  Their souls might find redemption, but those vital years of opportunities to do right are gone forever.  It goes back to what Jesus said about losing one’s life in this world in order to find everlasting Life.  That’s great for them, but of course it does nothing for the interests of marriage minded men.

The same sort of thing happens to men too.  But the circumstances and effects are unique to men.  This is apparently what happened with Roosh.

Anyway, from what I’ve seen, that is how it usually happens.  People fail or mess up their lives, and then they find faith / God.

All this said, I do not disagree with Catacomb Resident that the way forward should be made more evident to people and as a consequence, less destructive and messy.

In some ways, we are seeing this happen now.  Red Pill truths are becoming so widespread that many men are picking up on the grisly gristle and grist of things without going through the meat grinder. It’s getting to the saturation point where enough men have woken up that it is forcing women to wake up too.  But it’s probably too late for Gen X and most Millennial women, unfortunately.  Femininity and family formation has a 10 year expiration date.


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10 Responses to Normative Red Pill

  1. info says:

    If women get enlightened in this regard as early as their teens. It would be a great advantage to avoid the whole shebang.

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  2. Bardelys the Magnificent says:

    St. Francis de Sales reminds us that being a sinner is necessary for our salvation, and falling short on occasion is actually to our benefit. For one, it’s inevitable that we sin so we shouldn’t despair, second it reminds us of our need of a Savior, and third it humbles us. What God wants to see is that we’re fighting; we only lose if we commit mortal sin or give up.

    Our modern society is evil because it does precisely this: it makes committing mortal sin and despair easy. I think we get caught up in the idea that if enough people were red-pilled, we would eventually end up with some sort of Christian utopia. That is wrong; we would still have abundant sin, but perhaps it wouldn’t be such a hard road back from redemption. This is why I disagree with Roosh taking down his site: we need as many lifelines as we can get to pull people out and back to a place where they can receive redemption. A huge chunk of people are going to be outright heathens when they start. In taking down his site, he’s letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. Roosh is a modern Augustine and he needs to embrace rather than run from it.

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  3. redpillboomer says:

    “Red Pill truths are becoming so widespread that many men are picking up on the grisly gristle and grist of things without going through the meat grinder. It’s getting to the saturation point where enough men have woken up that it is forcing women to wake up too.”

    Yes, a key to the RP breakout seems to be the number of men having “not gone through the meat grinder” that are waking up, especially younger men. If social media is any kind of barometer, the number of women crying about this seems to just keep rising as the months go by.

    Not too long ago the lament seemed to be, “Where have all the good men gone?” Now it seems to be something more along the lines of, “WTF is going on out there with the men, they don’t seem to even want us anymore!!! They have no interest in us (except the simps). What the he!! is wrong with them???”

    The number of women on the social media platforms trying to educate other women on “Why men don’t want you anymore!” seems to be rising too.

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    • locustsplease says:

      Now we are going to find if any of them can change, if they have the humility, or do they have to die with cats and pride. They know what’s up. I’ve seen extremely reformed godly women. However I’ve seen many more women who were godly as a teen live it thru. And then many ran away from the church the whole time and never returned. Most don’t run away and come back. Past a certain age they just don’t have the humility to take male orders except from a boss at publicly traded corporation.


      • info says:

        And so few will find salvation but wide is the path of destruction. All we can do is pray for them.

        The rest is in God’s hands.

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  4. thedeti says:

    Point of grammar/homonym.

    “I council students regularly.”

    No. You counsel students regularly.

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  5. thedeti says:

    There’s a lot here, included in CR’s quip from the last post. The first has to do with how pervasive Red Pill truths (i.e. the truth about women and intersexual relationships; antiwokeness, etc.) are. The second is a way forward in intersexual relationships.

    I’ll deal with the first here, and the second in another comment.

    I still don’t see that Red Pill truths are as presently conscious in men’s minds as you think they are. I see evidence that men know of four things:

    1) Marriage is a terrible deal for men. Men get literally no benefits from marriage.
    2) AF/BB — Men can see women follow this strategy and it’s becoming crystal clear now.
    3) Women’s poor behavior — It is so antisocial, so entitled, and so b!tchy that it’s just impossible to avoid noticing now.
    4) Men’s physical appearance and its role in sexual attraction — Women just can’t lie about this anymore.

    As for everything else — I’m not convinced. But this is a good start.

    The reason this is important is twofold. First, men still respond to shaming. Society, women, and their male sycophants can still effectively shame men into doing their bidding. Shaming still works to get men in line.

    Second, p_ssy. It’s men’s kryptonite. Men still want it and will do whatever it takes to get it. This is why a man should train himself to do without it — so he can master this aspect of his life. Life is not about getting p_ssy. But women demand that men view life as such, and offer up p_ssy: freely to very sexually attractive men; for a price to all others. Men fall in line the minute a woman offers up p_ssy.

    I’ll believe that Red Pill is gaining more ground when men just stop responding to shaming; and when men finally gain mastery over their desire for p_ssy. (Part of men’s responding to shaming is their cowering whenever anyone objects to use of the vernacular or vulgar when referring to women or their anatomy. That needs to stop, and both men and women need to stop getting so squeamish about it.)

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  6. thedeti says:

    A way forward for intersexual relationships (Warning: Long comment.)

    The only bright spot here in my opinion is that the truth is out there and there’s no avoiding it anymore. The “truth” being that there have been fundamental shifts and sea changes in how men and women relate to each other, globally and down to the granular, in all arenas. The causes behind that have been discussed ad nauseam ad infinitum and there’s not much reason to rehash all that.

    Men and women have caught onto each other’s foibles and idiosyncracies. The sexes are extremely wary, suspicious, and distrustful of each other. Men need women for sex, seek out facsimiles thereof in pr0n and prostitution, and find them wanting. Men are unable to get their needs met with those substitutes, because they still seek out “the real thing”. Women need men for safety and security, seek out facsimiles thereof in “jobs” and “careers” and “fun”, and find them wanting. Women are unable to get their needs met with those substitutes because they still depend on men for money and are still unable to make ends meet even with their “jobs”.

    If men and women want something different than that which the world offers them, they will have to be countercultural. They will have to swim against the tide. For example: CatacombResident marrying at 21 to an 18 year old woman. That was countercultural for both of them, even then (probably going back to the 1980s or so). The current cultural gestalt is that late teens/early 20s is way, way too young for marriage, for men and women. The current culture is openly hostile to marriage for anyone, much less people that young; and current culture makes it difficult. Most people marrying that young simply don’t have the money to live on their own even in a small apartment. Married people this young are typically living with his or her parents, or in subsidized student housing. They also need a moral support system in the form of like minded and supportive family members and community living close to them and around them to help them with, and set the example for handling, the usual problems and challenges associated with married life. This is a prime reason that cloistered close knit communities like the Amish have continued success in the US – they marry young, usually to people they’ve known since they were toddlers, spending their entire lives in a close community of like minded people and getting all sorts of financial and moral assistance. That kind of lifestyle just isn’t available for most young people. So if two young people in their late teens or early 20s intend to marry, they either need that financial and moral help; or they need to be intensely countercultural and determined to make it work no matter what. They need to be countercultural in any event, but they need to be even more resolute and determined to make it if they don’t have that family/community support system around them.

    I’m 54 years old. I’ve known a lot of people and a lot of marriages. The people who tend to stay together fall into three groups: 1) Married young to partners they’ve known and grown up with in a close knit family support system with sufficient seriousness and maturity; 2) Married to someone with hard visceral sexual attraction at first sight, also sufficiently serious and mature to keep at it; and 3) both spouses have college educated, white collar jobs. People in 1) and 2) tend to have more “covenant” marriages, married for the right reasons; people in 3) fit the current worldly system and married for all the wrong reasons. People in 1) and 2) stay together for sex and love and have true companionate marriages. People in 3) stay together for financial and social advantage or, more cynically, to avoid financial and social ruin.

    I don’t see a trend of most people marrying late teens and early 20s. I just don’t see that happening in the near future. It might increase slightly, but I don’t see a hard fundamental shift/sea change on that. I also don’t see a high jump of men just refusing marriage nor do I see women embracing baby mamahood as a megatrend. What I do see for the next 50 to 100 years is both sexes pushing marriage to later and later, with more and more men being viewed as less sexually attractive; and more and more women just waiting to the very last possible minute to marry and having one kid, at most two kids.

    If men are going to have any hope of getting anything decent from their dealings with women, they are going to have to master their sexual desires. Men are going to have to get their slavery to p_ssy under control. Men are also going to have to get comfortable being alone and going without p_ssy. Most women are a complete waste of time for most men. Men are going to have to learn not to invest anything in any woman who isn’t showing clear, unmistakable signs of sexual attraction. A relationship with a woman should not be difficult or arduous or constant effort or constant work. If he has to dance like a monkey or do all kinds of things to get on her radar or to garner her attention, he should move on. If she leaves him on read for more than a day or two, she’s just not all that interested. The minute she hassles him or makes him jump through hoops or resists him or ignores him, he should cut her loose even if that means being alone. Men are going to have to get used to the idea that being alone or without a woman is far preferable to being in a bad relationship that requires constant work, curation, and attention.

    Men are also going to have to ruthlessly run what relationships they do have – insisting on her submission and that she step into her role as helpmeet while he articulates his mission and forms his vision and plan for his life. If she doesn’t want that, that’s fine – there’s the door. If she doesn’t want to submit to him as his helpmeet, that’s fine – there’s the door. If she doesn’t want to step into his frame, that’s fine – door’s over there. If his mission and vision don’t appeal to her, if her role as his helpmeet doesn’t appeal to her, OK – door’s over there. Good luck. Same thing with marriages: If she doesn’t want to be a wife, then she doesn’t get to have a husband. If she doesn’t want to do what wives do, then she doesn’t get to have a husband. If she wants to lead everything and run everything, then she needs to leave her marriage, do it herself, and pay for everything herself.

    If women are going to have any hope of moving on from here, job 1 for them is to grow up. They need to start making hard choices and accepting all the consequences of their choices. Women need to internalize that they cannot have everything they want, they are going to have to settle and accept less than everything they want, and realize that all of life involves choices and tradeoffs. Women need to accept that feminism lied to them and that it’s just not working.
    Standing around bleating “where are all the good men” and “why won’t Mr. Big commit” and “how did I get pumped and dumped again, for the 15th time??” isn’t working. They’re still not getting what they want.

    Women are going to have to accept the fact of life that they cannot get Mr. Big to commit and that they have a 9 in 10 chance of NOT having a SAM/Elspeth or Scott/Mychael marriage. Women are going to have to just accept this and deal with it. Women: Your choices are as follows: (1) a decent marriage to an average man who is your rough SMV/RMV counterpart, or (2) lifelong singleness and serial monogamy with a revolving door of sex partners. That’s it. That’s all you get; that’s all you can have. Accept it. Deal with it. Make your choice, accept your choice, deal with it, and stop complaining about it.

    Women need to get serious about this. Early on, they need to decide what they want. They need to decide whether they’re tracking to marriage; or to “job” and “career”. They need to make that hard choice and then do what they need to do to accomplish it and then – this is important – accept all of their choice’s sequelae and consequences, both good and bad.

    Women need to work through all their “issues” about all of this. They need to get their sh!t handled. They need to get their mental/emotional issues handled. They need to take care of unpacking and sorting through all their baggage before they foist themselves on men. If they need therapy, get it. If they need time away from men, take it. If they need spiritual help, get it. If they need to talk to someone, do it. Whatever it takes to work to get their sh!t handled, they need to do it, and they need to do that before they make their hard choice of either seeking out serious long term relationships with serious men or “job”/”career”/ lifelong singleness/ serial monogamy/sex partner revolving door. And, yes, ladies, you have to choose. No, you cannot have both. No, you cannot have it all. Yes, you have to pick one and live with the consequences of your choices.

    Most women are going to marry. They will, regardless of whether they should, regardless of whether they’re prepared, and regardless of whether they’re choosing well. They need to realize that once they marry, they are opening up one avenue, closing off all others, and committing to this one man to assume a supportive role as his helpmeet. They need to cast off this foolish, unworkable notion of spouses as “partners” and “equals” in which both parties’ wants, needs, desires, and dreams are precisely equal and in which their marriage exists for personal individual “happiness” and enrichment and to provide them with a set of fun, favorable experiences. Women need to forget this idea that marriage is about her own personal “fulfillment”. They need to get realistic and serious about marriage and what it actually is and how it actually works and not their fevered half baked dreams about what they saw on “Friends” and “Sex and the City” and what they read about in Medium and Evie and Vox.

    That, to me, is where we are headed and where men and women need to go to have any sort of realistic, workable way forward.

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  7. Eric says:

    Reblogged this on Calculus of Decay .

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