Dawning is the Day

The power of a song to transform one’s spiritual state.

Readership: All
Theme: Consolidating Masculinity
Length: 650 words
Reading Time: 4 minutes + 7:52 minute concert video + 4:39 minute studio recording

Happy New Year 2023! Welcome back to Σ Frame!

I trust everyone had a transformative and restful holiday season.

This month the theme is Consolidating Masculinity. We’ll be looking at psychological barriers that prevent men from taking action towards realizing their personal domain of influence, and other ways that men can develop expressions of masculinity and reap the benefits thereof.

The first idea I’d like to impress upon our minds this year is the importance of rest and worship. I’ve written about this a few times before.

As an example of how simple rest can be, contemplatively listening to music is an exercise that has helped me throughout life. It’s benefitted my father as well, and I’m pretty sure I learned this through his example.

I know Adam despises the Moody Blues, and some younger readers might find this song to be boring or quaint, but this song has been a powerful inspiration to me for most of my adult life. The lyrics can be found at the end of this post.

For the purists, here’s the original version, released in 1970. There is more precision in rhythmic execution and a more dramatic energy.

I can remember many times in my life when I was confused, alone, anxious, and under pressure; times when my ex wife refused my daughter’s visitation and was taking me to court on various false accusations… But whenever I could find a quiet moment to sit down and play this song on the stereo, and pass the moment with a gin and tonic and a bowl of virginia burley in a Canadian pipe, I could feel my mind and soul drift away to an eternal realm — a place of inner peace and clarity of vision, with an occasional pleasant memory from the past. After a time, I felt rested and deeply refreshed. I could look again at my lot in life with a renewed perspective and a sense of hope.

Maybe this song just does this for me only, but I just had to share this for the possible benefit of others. Nevertheless, the main point I wish to put across is that it’s important to find moments like these in our daily lives. Readers may like to share what kinds of activities, songs, or moments can usher them into the eternal.


Rise, let us see you
Dawning is the day
Miss, misty meadow
You will find your way
Wake up in the morning to yourself
And leave this crazy life behind you
Listen, we’re trying to find you

Flow to the sea
You know where to go
But still we are free
No one tells the wind which way to blow
Wake up in the morning to yourself
Open your eyes and start to be you
Listen, we think we can see you

Baby there’s no price upon your head
Sing it, shout it
Now the angry words have all been said
Do it, don’t doubt it

So rise, let us see you
Dawning is the day
Miss, misty meadow
You will find your way
Wake up in the morning to yourself
Open your head and look around you
Listen, we think we have found you

Listen, we think we have found you
Listen, we think we have found you
Listen, we think we have found you
Listen, we think we have found you
Listen, we think we have found you
Listen, we think we can see you

About Jack

Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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16 Responses to Dawning is the Day

  1. info says:

    Thank you.

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    • Jack says:


      “Thank you.”

      I thought some meditative reflection would be appropriate for this time of the year.

      If you’re referring to a song, then without any further information, I would guess it’s one of these two.

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  2. Maniac says:

    As a lifelong metalhead, “The Other Side of Life” is a guilty pleasure of mine.

    I suspect we’re going to need lots of soothing music in ’23.

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  3. redpillboomer says:

    Music can definitely relax me, however I think another, and deeper reason I use it, is that the lyrics and the song mean something to me ABOUT ME. So, when I tell someone I like such and such a song that it really moves me, they’re like, “Okay.” Kind of like they imply with their expression, “Good for you, doesn’t do that for me.” It also works in the reverse when others say something about certain songs that move them; the song just doesn’t hit me the same way.

    I’ve thought about this at times. My conclusion is the song moves me because it speaks to something fairly close to unique to me and my life experience. It’s moving my soul in a way that it doesn’t move another’s soul, even if they like the song too. It causes me to think about the song more deeply by asking myself, “Exactly WHY is it moving me, besides being a cool song?”

    Some songs I like just because they’re great songs and I love to listen to them, but others move me in a way that occurs to me as unique to me, unique to my life experience. For example, the group Chicago is a good group imo, bordering on a really good group, however not one of my all-time favorites. However, they have a couple songs, Color My World for instance, that automatically put me back at my Jr High and swim club dances, and I’m 13 all over again and moved in my soul, swaying with a girl in a slow dance. I can see it all, the setting, the girls, how I felt, etc. Just hearing the first few bars of that song, I’m there, and flooded with warm nostalgia… and peace.

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    • Jack says:


      “…the lyrics and the song mean something to me ABOUT ME.”

      Yes, songs strike everyone differently, however, the lyrics have an important place in the meaningfulness of a song to each individual.

      As far as lyrics go, Portrait, by Phil Keaggy has the most beatiful lyrics I’ve ever heard in a song.

      The sad thing is, I’ve shared this song with several people — Christians even, and just about all of them said they never experienced this and didn’t know what the song was about.

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  4. farmlegend says:

    During my dark days, I enjoyed Alice Cooper’s Hello Hooray.


  5. Lastmod says:

    Seen the “Moodies” several times perform. First was back in 1986. The “Days of Future Past” album from 1967 is still my favorite. Their album cover art from 1967 thru about 1971 are also excellent.

    They were a British RnB band and Denny Laine left and they had to change with the times like so many band of the mid-sixties had to because of the direction The Beatles were leading the decade. They became psychedlic and then “cosmic”. Denny Laine eventually became the third member of Paul McCartney’s Band “Wings” in the 1970’s. Wings is an awesome band, their hits from the 1970’s are just amazing.

    Dance music? Sixties soul and RnB. Pink Floyd is still an awesome band and music that is “to be listened to”. I like Steely Dan (the band of the 1990’s back in the 1970’s).

    Music is my hobby… Well, collecting and listening to it. I am audiophile. Still cannot get on board with rap (though some of it has from the 1980’s / early 1990’s aged better than expected) and modern RnB post sometime in the 1990’s (all of it has become is “beggin’ for girl to give it up” music)

    I don’t undertand most of the music on the charts from the 1980’s to this day. I don’t like most of it. Young people ask about “the 1980’s” and what I remember music wise. Most of it I couldnt stand. Alternative was still mostly underground. You didn’t turn on the radio in most markets and hear the large punk / new wave and alternative scene.

    Most of the 1980’s charts had Michael Bolton, Billy Ocean, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins (ugghhhh), and goodie-two-shoes Whitney Houston dominating the charts. “Thriller” I still don’t get it…… It wasn’t that great an album. Sorry it wasn’t. It’s still one of the top selling albums of that decade, along with “Faith” by George Michael (another I-dont-understand-why).

    Where I grew up, everyone was into 1980’s glam hair metal / hard rock. 1980’s stuff that was “popular” and “mainstream” that I liked????

    I liked Duran Duran, I liked The Thompson Twins, U2, I liked some of their stuff. David Bowie’s 1980’s material was decent to me.

    I was a Beatles fan back then. Rolling Stones. Pink FLoyd. The Who….. I was listening to mostly 1960’s early 1970’s back in high school.

    Music is fun, and it’s a good hobby for me……. I know it’s subjective. Today (and for awhile), if I like a song, I like it. I don’t care what genre anymore. I even dig The Carpenters.

    Good post Jack!

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  6. catacombresident says:

    There’s no accounting for taste; it’s just about as varied as can be. Over the years, I’ve not depended too much on any single recording, in part because I sing well enough to do my own, and it varies with the context. However, I suppose I can tag the Imperials album, Let the Winds Blow as a favorite these days.

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  7. caterpillar345 says:

    The only song by the Moody Blues I’m familiar with is Nights in White Satin – a great song! Thanks for sharing Dawning is the Day. I like it!


  8. Jack says:

    I’ve added video links to some of the comments. Hope I’ve got the right ones.

    Here’s another song that has been my companion during difficult and lonely moments of deep introspection.

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  9. Lastmod says:

    “If you are stranded on a desert island, what ten albums would you like to have?”

    Steely Dan’s “Aja” from 1977.

    This album, again….. always makes that cut or selection by airline pilots, surgeons, astronauts…..

    It’s supposedly their best album. It’s full of jazz, swing, irony, cryptic lyrics…… like snakes basking in the sun, probably poisonous too. “Josie” is supposedly about heroin (which Steely Dan was using at the time). “I’ve Got The News” even with its pornographic undertones (most of Steely Dan’s songs could be used in a groady 1970’s or 1990’s snuff film).

    Doesn’t matter. The music is superbly produced, lyrics sung as innocently as a milk commercial. Did the public know what they were talking about??? Did Steely Dan even know? Doesnt matter. Amazing album.

    This album is one of my favorites. Lots of good memories over the decades with this one.


  10. Oscar says:

    Here’s a song that does it for me.

    My appreciation for the lyrics has grown with age.

    If I raise my hands just to lift a shade
    Will I reveal a sky heavy and gray?
    Will last night be a memory sweetly fading?
    How I hate a morning starting out this way

    On these lonely, raging mornings
    I would whip You if I could
    But You’re on the mighty side of strong
    And the perfect side of good

    If I raise my hands, will You grab me by the wrists?
    And will You try to pull me from the fray?
    And even if my fingers join together into fists
    Will You hold me firmly anyway?

    Because I would try to escape You
    But for everyday I’m sure
    That You’re on the huge side of big
    And the holy side of pure

    Okay, hear what I say
    As I raise my hands in surrender today
    Okay, here I will stay
    Hands in the air, singing have Thine own way

    If I raise my hands so weak and thin and frail
    Will You reveal the light of mercy in Your eyes?
    If I cry to You faintly, will my feeble whisper fail?
    Or will it find its way to a reply?

    Because now that I’m exhausted
    I think I’m ready to admit
    That I have spent all my resistance
    On someone I can’t resist

    Okay, hear what I say
    As I raise my hands in surrender today
    Okay, here I will stay
    Hands in the air, singing have Thine own way

    Light from my window sill
    Make my way to the door
    I hang my head and still
    I know You’re wanting more
    Over the threshold now
    I move across the yard
    All that my will allows
    My every step is hard
    Now in the garden
    I carve out six feet of space
    There make my will comply
    Lie down upon my face
    Been toe to toe too long
    I’m tired of fighting You
    I see You were too strong
    ‘Cause I am black and blue
    But now I understand
    A loser’s due to win
    How every dying man
    Is sure to rise again
    So I raise my left hand, one
    I raise my right hand, too
    Under the morning sun
    My spirit cries to You

    Okay, hear what I say
    As I raise my hands in surrender today
    Right here, under the sun
    Hands in the air, singing Thy will be done
    I’m here under the sun
    Hands in the air, singing Thy will be done
    Okay, here I will stay
    Hands in the air, singing have Thine own way
    Hands in the air, singing have Thine own way
    Have Thine own way
    Have Thine own way

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  11. info says:

    The tone and the mode of singing is excellent alongside their quotation of part of Psalm 49:

    My Mouth shall speak Wisdom

    Hear this all you Nations

    My Mouth shall speak Wisdom

    Both you peoples born of Earth, and you Sons of Men

    My Mouth shall speak Wisdom

    This is the version I like best. But without the lyrics:

    This is before a Scriptural reading. And would be a good chant before a sermon.



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  13. Lastmod says:

    The Charlatans UK (plainly known as “The Charlatans” in Britain). They were part of the late 1980’s thru mid 1990’s neo-psychedelia sound out of Manchester. This track is from the spring of 1992.

    Again, British alternative music of this era was lost for the fact of the new sound called “grunge” was making headway on the US charts.

    I have been there twice to pay homage to this amazing mecca of British music. It’s a fine, proud city. It’s my spiritual home in England.

    Here they are performing at mens fashion shop “Pretty Green” in Manchester (owned by Oasis brother Liam Gallagher) from summer 2019. (I’m in the crowd.)

    I mostly dislike the music of my generation (Gen X). I have no idea why the “1980’s” are still so popular and are hailed as the best decade in music. The standard top forty radio hits of the 1980’s were DISMAL. Hair metal, ballads, Whitney Houston, George Michael, and Phil Collins on the radio nonstop.

    “Oh, but Lastmod, what about Black Flagg, The Smiths, and, and, and, and…”

    Look at sales. Look at airplay. THEY WEREN’T ON MOST RADIO STATIONS!!!

    MTV always liked to hail itself as “giving bands like this a voice.”

    What was the most played video on MTV in 1986?

    Was it “Meat Is Murder?”, or some “Cro Mags”, or some “Misfits”? No. It was Patti Labelle and Michael MacDonald’s “On My Own”. That is pretty much the “1980s” on MTV.


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