Bad@ss Chad

Winning is everything, but it doesn’t mean anything.

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Bwana Simba requested me to write a post about the Bad@ss Chad / PUAs to add to the series on Faux-Masculine Archetypes, which was the theme for May, 2022. He said this is important because,

“Chad is revered as a messianic figure nowadays.”

Essentially, a Bad@ss Chad is an immature Alpha male who behaves like an egotistical loose cannon.  A PUA is someone who attempts to mimic certain tell-tale qualities of a Bad@ss Chad, and can do so well enough to be convincing and effective. Also, it should be noted that the Blue Pilled Alpha is a sub-type of the Male Feminist and should not be confused with the Bad@ass Chad.  So for the rest of this post, I’ll describe the archetypical Alpha and the associated traits which PUA’s imitate.

Natural Winners

The Alpha Male, more than any other male archetype, is naturally attuned to the conquering, dominating, and winning traits of masculinity. This is partly because of their appetite for competition and partly from a buoyant ego, but also due to their strong aversion to losing.  As such, they will carefully avoid any situation in which they stand a good chance of losing to another Alpha and thereby lose face within their social circle.

This characteristic will be seen as an underlying and aggravating factor in the other traits described below.

Lack of Purpose

A man needs to have his own domain, including the following.

  1. A purpose for living
  2. A circle of loyal and trusted friends
  3. His own business or otherwise gainful employment
  4. A piece of property with a house
  5. A wife and children.

A man that fails to achieve all these things will carry a sense of dissatisfaction, inadequacy, and possibly regret.  The Alpha male is well aware of these needs, and he finds that all of these elements come quite easily and naturally, except the first – a purpose for living.  This is because his ambitions to be number one coupled with his swollen ego displace any realization of a higher purpose that would extend beyond himself. He may find some small purposes, such as getting a promotion, getting laid, or winning a game, but all these come with short lived satisfactions. It is not uncommon for many clueless Alphas to burn through all their opportunities for the last four items in search of a deeper conviction for living.

Arrogant Hubristic Braggadocio

Fellow blogger Jim offered us this first-person glimpse into the mindset of an Alpha male.

“My wife, after making me my morning coffee, “jokingly” threatened to charge me with r@pe, domestic violence, and all that. Just friendly joking. Ha ha. She observed that this would make her rich, which made it not very funny at all. I “jokingly” quoted the Old Testament, and “jokingly” pointed at the ocean. (Implying that if she called the cops on us she might go for a very long swim.)  Ha ha. Just having fun. We laughed. I laughed for real, because when I pointed at the ocean, I passed her sh!t test, and she loved me for passing her sh!t test. Alpha male backed by the supreme alpha male. She points at alpha cop, I point at alpha God. She points at my assets, I point at the ocean.

That is how you reach cooperate/cooperate equilibrium.”

Most non-Alpha men would immediately label this kind of behavior as careless, heartless, unloving, or even cruel. But the interesting thing about this is that women are naturally drawn to men who exhibit this kind of gamesmanship. It incites the damp holey Tingles. It makes them feel loved and secure.  However, when men see women respond positively to this kind of @ssholery (absent any Blue Pilled notions), they will view her as an ungrateful fat mouthed drama queen who talks all kinds of arrogant sh!t that she doesn’t really mean.  Consequently, men lose all respect for this kind of woman and are less inclined to love and value her, and this includes Alpha males.  The Alpha is all too familiar with women behaving this way, and therefore carry few(er) delusions about the nature of women. More on this later.

Inner Incongruences

The stereotypical Alpha conveys a social presentation that is incongruent with his own inner self and personal experience. To illustrate how this illusion works, consider how Beta males enviously imagine they will be happiest if they have the confidence and charisma of an Alpha male, complete with the associated athleticism, popularity, a bit of cash, and a rotating series of apparently sterile girlfriends.

However, the Alpha male does not see himself as being so lucky. He is bored with his Beta male friends and finds a bit of ego satisfaction in taking them to task over perceived shortcomings, challenging them, or even ridiculing them. In response, the Beta males cower and stand in awe of the Alpha’s perceived excellence, but can rarely match up to the Alpha’s expectations. In all of this, the Beta feels humbled and thankful to have an Alpha friend, but to the Alpha, this interaction gets really old, burdensome, and annoying after a while.

Similarly, women are stumbling over themselves and cat scratching each other’s eyes out to get their hands and labs on him, and none of them can deliver anything of much value to the Chad other than a good BJ or a fast ride. So at the first sign of female solipsism or sh!t tests, she is out and he’s on to the next one. It’s just too easy for him to do so.

Then the prior girlfriend comes back and he has to deal with all the hellish fury of a scorned woman, thus confirming his assumption that she was rather worthless to begin with. Even the best quality women cannot give the Alpha what he wants – a smoking hot but loyal companion and helper who sees the world as he does, but yet is loving enough to tolerate all his careless indiscretions and is humble enough to submit to his cruel games and whims for little more than his entertainment. Most women who are of the caliber that the Alpha male desires will not stand for this for very long.

As Rollo once said…

“Women are utterly incapable of loving a man in the way that a man expects to be loved.”

Iron Rule of Tomassi #6, in The Rational Male: Women in Love (2011-12-27)

The Alpha continually struggles against these differences between his desire for “winning”, the reality on the ground, the problems thereof, and the meaninglessness of it all.

This brings us to the next characteristic.

Alphas See the Worst in Women

The Feminine Imperative dictates that women should have unlimited access to loving, supportive, beta husbands/fathers AND unlimited access to hot, strong, dominant monkey sex with ripped Alpha males.  Both at the same time, not both in the same man.

Therefore, women, as we know, divide men into groups sexually — the alphas who they desperately want to get banged by, and the betas who they may want to have for emotional and material support. But they don’t want emotional support from the Alphas nor sexual aggression from the betas!  They want each from each, according to his “type” in her mind.

And “All women are like that” (AWALT).  This knowledge of women’s fickle weakness is made more obvious through the AMOG effect. Every time a man is mingling in a group of people, all the women present are maneuvering, posturing, and testing in order to know who is the Alpha Male of the group (AMOG). It is essential to female nature to identify the AMOG and capitalize on any potential opportunity with him.

The Alpha observes this skittish disloyalty first hand, and often bears the brunt of it when he is passed over by a woman or is cucked by a more dominant Alpha. And because of the female preference for serial monogamy, it is sure to happen eventually.  As the saying goes, “She’s not really yours, it’s just your turn.”

Also, the inherent immaturity of the Bad@ass Chad tends to accelerate this dynamic of branch swinging disloyalty.

And this dynamic is inherently self-perpetuating. You see, whenever a woman expresses disloyalty, refuses to run interference, or displays any hesitancy to readily cooperate with him at any time, the Alpha (rather accurately) recognizes her as unreliable, as a bad investment, and he is therefore disinclined to invest in her (and her/their children).

The Alpha, being the prime recipient of female attention, sees all this first-hand and takes note.

Dominance is Prioritized Over All

Success in this endeavor essentially comes down to the performance of the individual man, and whether he can make himself appear “alpha enough” in her eyes. This distills into one of three outcomes.

  1. Female Pedestalization
  2. Celibacy or MGTOW
  3. Pump and Dump

After this socio-sexual competitive dynamic happens a few times, the Alpha learns that he can keep the upper hand in the relationship (and therefore stay true to his value of “winning”) if he dumps her before she can dump him. Thus, it becomes clear to the Alpha that the pump and dump is the best way to handle things. (Mid-tier men succumb to pedestalization, and lower-tier men go Incel or MGTOW.)

To aggravate matters even further, nature itself, or evolution if you will, has shaped men to play the field, such that men can procreate with more women and do not waste time looking after a chick that becomes pregnant – especially when the paternity of the child is in question. God and nature has created Men to strongly desire a claim of ownership over a woman (such as confirmed paternity, marriage, monogamy, virgin sex, etc.). Conscience and Evolution has planted the knowledge in men that investing in a woman you do not “own” (e.g. adultery, beta orbiter, Sugar Baby, etc.) is an intrinsically bad investment. Men who do this place themselves at a disadvantage.

Alpha males, being the natural champions that they are, are innately aware of good risk vs. bad risk more than any of the other male archetypes, and prioritize extricating themselves from any situation that appears to be a losing gamble. Unfortunately, the way this usually works out wreaks havoc in his own life and the lives of those around him, men and women alike.


The longitudinal effect that Bad@ss Chad’s have on other men is to inspire them with hope and confidence for a time, and then crush them with criticism and ridicule. When the Beta underlings discover that they cannot access opportunities for achievement, social popularity, sex, etc. like the Alpha, no matter how hard they try, this is a disappointment in itself. But then he must face a vicious cycle of rejection from both Alpha males and women. This intense belittlement destroys the Beta male’s confidence and faith, and creates a very self-destructive situation. In the face of this utter humiliation, the less-than-Alpha male comes to the conclusion that everything is futile and existence is meaningless… for him. The ugly behaviors of addiction, and violence, and a very deep resentment become the norm, and it can be almost impossible to treat. (In future posts, I’ll refer to this dynamic as “Jason’s Axiom”.)

The long and short of the Bad@ss Chad’s interaction with women is that he is a mass production s1ut making Alpha Widower which culminates in cynicism, hard-heartedness, and a deep sense of loneliness — in himself and all the women he spoils.  The fall-out of this sexual defilement leads to the weakening and/or destroying all subsequent relationships that the woman enters into, including and especially the sanctity of marriage. Children are affected in turn.

The ultimate challenge of maturity to the Alpha male is to see himself as a blessing and inspiration to others, to act accordingly, and learn to be less of a Bad@ss Chad and more considerate and loving to those who gravitate towards his charismatic persona. But for many Alphas, this self-awareness and sense of compassion doesn’t come until much later in life, if at all.  It grinds their ego and self-esteem too much.


About Jack

Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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21 Responses to Bad@ss Chad

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  3. wodansthane says:

    This post is a perfect example of succinct/comprehensive. The archetype is well developed, and the social interactions, both good and bad, are illustrated well. Identifying these men when they are young, and then educating them could be triage that is well worth the effort.

    Liked by 6 people

  4. Oscar says:

    “A PUA is someone who attempts to mimic certain tell-tale qualities of a Bad@ss Chad, and can do so well enough to be convincing and effective.”

    For a while. Eventually the facade cracks. That’s why they focus on “short term relationships”.

    As for a genuine BAC, this photo comes to mind.

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  5. caterpillar345 says:

    Reading this post and the previous ones in the series makes me wonder what the “correct” archetypes would be like. I suppose the quick answer is Jesus. But more practically and including different kinds of men. For instance, right at the end of the post you alluded to Bad@ss Chad maturing. So if 21-year-old Bad@ss Chad gets his head screwed on straight, marries, and has a family (and thus, matures) what would the “ideal” archetype look like when he’s 50? When he’s integrated and tempered his charisma, dominant personality, and ego with humility, kindness, and faith. Strikes me that someone like Scott has become this to at least some degree.

    And similarly, what might Billy Beta/Ernie Engineer look like if they can get over their uninformed jealousy of Chad and understand that they should still become masculine in their own right? Billy and Ernie will likely never have the same charismatic personality or naturally good looks as Chad but they may still be able to integrate some of it and add it to their natural strengths.

    Seems to me that there are different kinds of men based on aptitudes and personality traits. Some men are cut out to be doctors but you wouldn’t necessarily expect a doctor to also be great with welding and fabrication. Some men are great at being professors but might not also be cut out for rugged outdoorsmen. Not that there aren’t some men who do both or that men can’t work on integrating some of those other things.

    I guess it comes back to some of our discussions a couple months ago – accept the things you can’t change (height, looks, natural personality traits, etc.), evaluate your other strengths and weaknesses, play to your best strengths, and work to develop the weaknesses that can get you the most return on investment. If I read this post carefully, it seems that even Chad does this. His weaknesses are in things like humility, (social) risk aversion, and genuine emotional connection. So he plays to his strengths to maximize return on investment.

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    • Jack says:


      “Strikes me that someone like Scott has become this to at least some degree.”

      Not to dump on Scott, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a Bad@ss Chad when he was 22. People mature with age and experience.

      “And similarly, what might Billy Beta/Ernie Engineer look like if they can… [develop certain traits A, B, and C].”

      You’re hitting on a central truth of Christian maturity. Every man is strong in one area and weak in something else, and this is what makes them immature. The Biblical language for this is “that which is lacking”, as St. Paul put it in Colossians 1:24, and “incomplete”, going on James 1:4. The Biblically prescribed remedy for being “incomplete” is patience, suffering, and fellowship. Fellowship is necessary because we learn the things we are lacking from other men who are strong in that suit. The problem is, a lot of men don’t have this mindset and are unwilling to engage.

      Liked by 3 people

      • feeriker says:

        “The problem is, a lot of men don’t have this mindset and are unwilling to engage.”

        Although obvious to most who frequent here, it bears observing that this is one of the main reasons why the modern churchian franchise is so devoid of male leadership and why it repels men with any sense of masculine identity.

        Liked by 5 people

      • Jack says:


        “Although obvious to most who frequent here, it bears observing that this is one of the main reasons why the modern churchian franchise is so devoid of male leadership and why it repels men with any sense of masculine identity.”

        Yes, I’ll wholeheartedly agree. I’ll give you another, bigger reason in Friday’s post. Stay tuned!

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    • Red Pill Apostle says:


      From Heartiste’s Sixteen Commandments of Poon ….

      XII. Maximize your strengths, minimize your weaknesses

      “In the betterment of ourselves as men we attract women into our orbit. To accomplish this gravitational pull as painlessly and efficiently as possible, you must identify your natural talents and shortcomings and parcel your efforts accordingly. If you are a gifted jokester, don’t waste time and energy trying to raise your status in philosophical debate. If you write well but dance poorly, don’t kill yourself trying to expand your manly influence on the dancefloor. Your goal should be to attract women effortlessly, so play to your strengths no matter what they are; there is a groupie for every male endeavor. Except World of Warcraft.”

      There is a reason that the world’s best shot putter isn’t trying to beat the world’s best middle distance guy in a race and vice versa. They’d each look silly competing against the other outside of their event. Same concept applies to relationships.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Oscar says:

        “There is a reason that the world’s best shot putter isn’t trying to beat the world’s best middle distance guy in a race and vice versa.”

        What about decathletes? Are there men who are better off being generalists in life, as there are generalists in track and field?

        Liked by 2 people

      • Red Pill Apostle says:

        Oscar – I’d say no. Decathletes are elite athletes that do well at the 10 events due to their athleticism, but they all have an event or two which they perform much better at than the others. It’s a mistake to call them a generalist. They may be an elite hurdler or pole vaulter and then do well at all the other events because they are freakishly athletic.

        Likewise every man will have an area or two in life that comes easier to him than others. This is also true of naturally talented men that seem to perform well in all areas relative to the general population. It’s those areas that come easiest that a man should focus on because those are the ones he’ll be most comfortable with.

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  7. okrahead says:

    Are Chads the ultimate expression of “privilege?” Well, yes, of course they are… AND THAT’S A GOOD THING! Don’t deny your privilege, embrace it and express it. Drive the left mad, and maybe impress a lady too, who knows?


  8. info says:

    He is best fulfilled as a Patriarchal Head of his own Family serving Christ. Not the current way they are doing things.

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  9. Bardelys the Magnificent says:

    Chad haz flaws? That’s an awful fat golden calf you’re trying to destroy.

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  11. redpillboomer says:

    “Chad haz flaws? That’s an awful fat golden calf you’re trying to destroy…”

    I think that is something we tend to forget. Chad is a fallen human being just like we non-Chad men. And I tend to agree with Bardelys, although with less colorful language, Chad has been elevated in our eyes as some sort of “demi-God.” Yes, the stereotypical Chad has been blessed with great genes, and yes he seems to elicit tingles in the fe-fe’s just by entering a room; BUT sin and his own fallen nature EVENTUALLY take it’s toll, even on a “demi-God.” Chad suffers in life too from his sin and falleness. Many of us can’t see it because, let’s face it, at some level we’re in awe of his “success” with the ladies. He was “that guy” in most of our eyes growing up; and I dare say, still is for much of the ‘Sphere.

    The Manosphere is rife with examples of what happens to Stacy and Amber as they age and hit the wall, then go post-wall, but little is ever mentioned of Chad in his down line years. What befalls him after he’s bedded scores of women? I’ve wondered myself because like most guys, I reflect back on my youth and think, “What if?” What if I’d been a Chad? What would that have been like in high school, college and my twenties? “Oh, the possibilities I think!”

    But then, I snap out of it and say, “No, it was best I wasn’t Chad because then I would not have learned life’s lessons that I needed to learn from the greatest higher institute of learning in the land, the infamous ‘School of Hard Knocks.”

    No, in all my reflections on my past, I conclude it was far, far better to be “who I was back then” and learning many things the hard way, even though it hurt like he!! at times. It also positioned me to meet the Lord and establish a personal relationship with Him which was by far the greatest thing that ever happened to me back-in-the-day. Nope, wouldn’t trade it for a Chad-like experience, no way, no how. Not worth it. Amen, lol.

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  12. wodansthane says:

    I didn’t become aware that I was unconsciously mentoring younger men and boys until sometime in my 40’s. When I started thinking about it I realized that we are all role models for males younger than us. Even boys in kindergarten are looking to become like the second grader who is fast, tall, has the coolest shirt, etc. It follows that if we are conscious of, and intentional in our behavior then we will set a better example. In addition, we will be more aware of how the boys and younger men in our orbit are behaving. The sooner that we can intercede and correct poor behavior, the better. But they have to be confident that we truly have their best interest at heart. I’m in my 60’s and know men in their 70’s and 80’s I try to emulate.

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