Is Tim Pool Alt-Right?

A renegade Leftist with Conservative tastes.

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About Tim Pool

Under Identity Politics (2022-7-13), Oscar says,

“Tim Pool is “Alt-Right”?  I am as confused as ever about the definition of “Alt-Right”.”

Tim Pool is a very interesting case study.  He started off as the Progressive Left type.  He is (or was?) a democrat and is very Liberal in the more classical sense (e.g. wanting big government and social programs).  He believed Obama was a “good President” and advocated for Sanders in the 2016 Election.  Up until about 2017, Tim was completely 100% Blue minded.

But unlike so many other people in America today, Tim is a deconstructive critical thinker.  He analyzes the information / situation, researches the background, and then responds.

Some issues that he’s unraveled include…

  • The over-the-top PC wokeness of the Left.
  • The over-censorship of the Right in social media.
  • He knew Bernie Sanders was betrayed and robbed by his own party.
  • He has shaken down the money and power grabbing antics of Congress.
  • He has criticized the Far Left’s support of active violent domestic terror groups and all the insanity created from this.
  • He knew HRC was propped up to take the nomination in the 2016 election no matter who got what votes in the primary.

Then he had the granite balls to say, “These are NOT my values and beliefs.  I find these actions disgusting and sad.”

So he refused to vote for any Democratic POTUS hopefuls, and he didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 either, simply because none of these candidates aligned with his values.  And yet he did NOT turn his back on the political party he once believed in.  So then of course, Prog Libs had to put him out and shout him down as much as they could.

Rhe regressive Left will attack any person that holds views disparate from their own.  But Tim Pool received an extra portion of vitriol because he was perceived as an ideological traitor to the Left.  In fact, he is just an independent thinker who is dividing and destroying the herd mentality of the NPC sheeple.

In 2017, his opinions about the MGM turned dark, and in 2018, he went to war against practically the whole internet, condemning it as a tool for destroying free speech and a breeding ground for extremism.

He voted for Trump in 2020 and then he announced his support for Trump, which was the ultimate betrayal.  Since then he has delivered video after video of scathing assessments of both the Left and the Right.  His popularity has taken a severe hit because a lot of his material has been thoroughly shadowbanned on FarceBook, Patreon, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and elsewhere.  He has refused to go down, and has responded by opening up accounts on several vblog platforms.


So to answer the question of whether Tim Pool is Alt-Right…?  Well, he is now.  Isn’t it amazing how a little bit of introspection can convert someone to a different mindset?  It is really funny and surprising coming from a guy who became famous for covering the Occupy Wall Street protests.

According to my assessment of the Alt-Right (2022-7-15) and the definition of conservatism I offered in Identity Politics (2022-7-13), we get the following description of the Conservative Alt-Right:

A collection of independent thinkers that have a strong conviction of their values, especially the values of cultural preservation, being responsible with the public trust, mutual good will, domestic peace, social capital, societal order, sociopolitical efficacy, and the multigenerational security and welfare of one’s family and home community.  They believe all of our problems are known, and the solution to each is the same: people need to prioritize the family / community / tribe / nation, exercise self-control, and act with moral conscientiousness.

Tim Pool fits the bill, or rather, he fits this description better than that of any other identity group.  The difference between him and most other Alt-Right mouthpieces is that…

  1. He doesn’t touch on the controversial issues that the Alt-Right is infamous for (anti-immigration, anti-miscegenation, racial purity, etc.).
  2. His methods are borne out of conviction and social justice, rather than a foundational transcendent idealism.
  3. His concept of how the world works is very idealistic.  (The Right has called him “milquetoast”.)
  4. He still thinks that big government and political reform is the way to go.

In spite of his inverted ideological concepts, every video Tim makes is clear, factual, informative, and reasonable.  He has hundreds of videos on YouTube and other platforms.  I encourage readers to take a look and decide for yourself whether he is a maverick Progressive or some variation of Alt-Right.  The fact that he has been shadowbanned and slandered by the Left is a big clue.

In conclusion, I don’t agree with the entirety of Tim Pool’s perspectives, however, I do recognize him as a person who is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in.  He’s hated by the left for betraying them, and he’s hated by the right because of his liberal background and his “milquetoast” ideals.  But in spite of this, he continues to fight against the PTB and churn out new material every week.  He does all this no matter how much he is demonetized, banned, and shadowbanned, or how many people try to smear his reputation and spread lies about him.

Isn’t this the mark of a man?


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10 Responses to Is Tim Pool Alt-Right?

  1. Oscar says:

    I’m not so sure that Tim Pool fits in any ideological category. On the one hand, he’s become a 2A absolutist (that was an interesting transformation to witness), which makes him more conservative than most “conservatives”. On the other hand, he still believes abortion should be legal with some restrictions (he still believes the “safe, legal and rare” lie), and that federally-funded “universal” health care (no such thing exists) is the ideal. He also still supports homosexual “marriage”.

    Also, I wouldn’t say that “the right hates him”. The vast majority of his guests are some flavor of right wing. My guess is that his listeners are, too. Some people on the right hate him (mostly Trump cultists who can’t handle any criticism of the former president), but according to Tim himself, he’s found the right very welcoming, and much more reasonable than the left. Very few left wingers are even willing to go on his show.

    The left definitely hates him, though. That’s partly why he stopped covering civil unrest live. I don’t know if they ever figured out who “SWATted” his house multiple times, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they were left wing. When you SWAT someone, you’re basically trying to get them killed. That’s hatred.

    His entire political transformation has been fascinating to watch. I think he’s a truth-seeker. He’s found some truths, but hasn’t found others (yet?). Hopefully he’ll eventually stumble onto The Way, The Truth, and The Life.

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  2. okrahead says:

    “Alt-right” is a loaded term. The left defines “alt-right” as white-supremacist, neo-Nazis, largely irreligious, etc. Yet the same left will define anyone who is not a leftist as “alt-right”. (See Don Lemon’s demands that ALL Republicans be censored by the press.) I am not a white supremacist and maintain that neo-Nazis today are sufficiently unintelligent that real Nazis in 1937 would have euthanized them as untermenschen.

    On the other hand, I have discovered that opposition to gay marriage is “racist”, opposition to “transitioning” children is “racist,” and opposition to abortion is “racist”, and that these are all symptoms of belonging to the “alt-right.”

    So if I oppose the killing of Black infants I am a racist member of the alt-right; if I oppose calling two white men committing sodomy “marriage” I am a racist member of the alt-right, and if I oppose Black children be genitally mutilated and sterilized I am a “racist” and a member of the “alt-right.”

    All of which is to say that these terms hold no ontological meaning, they are simply a way for leftists to scream, “I hate you and call on my comrades to kill you.”

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  3. okrahead says:

    I’m aware of the local antipathy for Vox, nonetheless his definition of the alt-right might help this discussion….

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    • Oscar says:

      “The great line of demarcation in modern politics is now a division between men and women who believe that they are ultimately defined by their momentary opinions and those who believe they are ultimately defined by their genetic heritage.” ~ Vox Day (Ted Beale)

      Yeah, that’s going to be a problem for those of us who believe that a person is ultimately defined by his/her position in, or outside of Christ.

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      • Bardelys the Magnificent says:

        (Genetic) cleanliness is next to Godliness.

        Francis Galton, probably


      • info says:

        Sometimes international marriage allows advantageous genes to spread. So I don’t see how this racial purism is good in the long term. In adapting to various oncoming challenges.


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  5. I appreciate you sharing this, I don’t watch him, but sometimes he comes up in my Twitter, and now I know what to think of him.

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