Identity Politics

Faux-Identity is the new In Group.

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The Breakdown and Atomization of Public News

There has been a steadily growing distrust of the major news syndicates, culminating in an explosion of independent news sources around 2008.  The general opinion of the public since then is that the MSM sources are too liberalized, and are pushing elite agendas, propaganda, and social shaping (e.g. Identity Politics), and that they are unacceptably out of touch from the common man.  Other than those leftist groups whose ideologies concurrently align with the news sources, no one trusts or believes the news or media anymore, and the news media pretends not to know that they’ve lost their grip on the public’s trust.

Personally, I don’t believe a word of the news at face value. I have to do a search and study the issues before I can draw any conclusions. But most people don’t have the interest nor leisure time to do so.

Consequently, blogs, vlogs, focus group websites, and YouTube commentators have steadily grown in popularity as the public’s main go-to source for news and events.  These sources certainly have their biases and peculiar preferences, but at the very least, they are not spouting out the same identical messages from a party line.  These people are independent thinkers, so when they write/talk, you are reading/hearing their genuine opinions and rationale, and not a narrative that they were instructed to say/write.

It’s refreshing because people like having the choice to make their own decisions about what to believe.

Alt-Right personality and social media influencer, Tim Poole.
Image Source: It’s Going Down: Patreon Caves To Tim Pool And The Alt-Right, Bans IGD (2017-7-31)

The Fracturing of the Socio-Political Environment, and the Left in Particular

Following the eradication of the news’ integrity, and the ever expanding number of alternative perspectives, this fractionation of opinion and analysis has steadily grown. Ever since 2018, there has been a splintering in the Anglo culture.  As early as 2019, we noted that the Overton window had divided to form distinct Left and Right factions.  The Manosphere followed suit the next year.

The split is not so much between political parties, like Republican vs. Democrat, Tories vs. Labor, Nationals, etc. although that is what is often perceived.  In fact, it’s bigger than that, and the split is far from being a clear cut dichotomy.  Instead, it’s more like a panoply of many different identity / interest groups. The most noteworthy are here listed roughly in order from most liberal to most conservative.

  1. Anarchists (e.g. AntiFa’s, Gazi Kodzo)
  2. 4th Wave Feminists (e.g. Social Justice Warriors)
  3. Neo-Marxists (e.g. Jordan Peterson)
  4. Socialists (e.g. Bernie Sanders)
  5. Boomer Feminists (e.g. Complementarians, DeSantis, Feinstein)
  6. The Centrist Left (e.g. CNN acolytes)
  7. Libertarians (e.g. The Cato Institute, The Ludwig von Mises Institute)
  8. Tradcons (e.g. Matt Walsh)
  9. Christian Tradcons (e.g. Timothy Keller, John Piper)
  10. The Centrist Right (e.g. the MRA Movement)
  11. Paleoconservatives (e.g. Throne and Altar types)
  12. The “Traditional” Right (e.g. the Manosphere)
  13. Constitutionalists (e.g. 1st and 2nd Amendment Advocates)
  14. The Far Right (e.g. Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes)
  15. The Alt-Right (e.g. Amerikaners, Moldbuggers, Nihilists, Richard Spencer, Tim Poole)
The Overton Window split into separate ideologies in 2018. Image source.

Some Descriptions of Key Groups

Brett Stevens offered this concise description of Conservatism.

“Conservatism is the idea that all of our problems are known, and the solution to each is the same: people need more self-control and morality, and we need to pick those with the best self-control and advance them above others (similar to martial and athletic competitions) so that those more sensitive instruments can make decisions.  This idea arises naturally from the notion of improvement.  We don’t need new methods; we know what methods have worked for time immemorial.  When we promote good people, and demote bad people, society thrives.  To do that, we need a strong moral standard; for that, we need a strong national culture and strong religion.  For that, we need a goal and direction.  For that, we need a founding transcendent idealism, like the notion of improvement and thus conservation.”

Amerika: Conservatism is realism (2014-5-16)

A Traditionalist wants to stick with what has been proven to be functional, while that which is unproven is questioned and evaluated.  That which is demonstratively non-functional is dismissed.  Along this grain, Traditionalists believe that there is right and wrong which can be judged by the results of the action rather than the intent of the action.  Christian Trads go a step further by rigidly and often dogmatically ascribing their concepts of right and wrong to Biblical principles.  Traditionalists appear to be more risk averse when it comes to implementing changes, but in fact, they just have a longer time scale in their assessments of whether something works or not, because they require substantial proof of the utility of the thing.  Christian Trads may have a markedly shorter time frame because of their faith in Biblical precepts, and they are prone to retain certain poorly functioning norms for the same reason.  Outside of this applied pragmatism, the label “traditional” carries little meaning anymore, because what used to be traditional values have been entirely infiltrated and swept away by progressivism.

Image Source: Britannica: Traditional Chinese medicine (2021-7-28)

A Tradcon is a combination of Conservatism and Traditionalism as described above.  One disquieting gestalt of this combo is that Tradcons are quite comfortable in their world views and therefore prefer to ignore the uglier aspects of reality.  Consequently, they will sit on their duffs when that reality requires a responsive action, and take comfort in their belief that the ostensible troublemakers of the world cannot succeed in the long term and that the problems that are created cannot last unbearably long.  Of note, many Tradcons and Christian Tradcons give off the vibe that morality can or should be legislated or forced under duress. Progressives see this as totalitarianism and fear this intensely.

Neo-Marxism believes that the means of knowledge, culture, and pedagogy are part of a privileged epistemology.  It relies heavily on critical theory and seeks to apply those theories in psychotherapy and mass propaganda as the means of political and cultural change.  These theories are built upon biased samples of many interrelated liberties (or the perceived limitations thereof) in order to magnify the “critical consciousness” of the public towards unrest of the status quo.  Of note, the philosophies and educational practices of 4th Wave Feminism borrow heavily from Neo-Marxist thought.

The Alt-Right is discussed in a separate post.

Feminism has been described ad infinitum.

Identity Politics is the Hawk-Eyed Griffin of Individualism

If we overlook all the splintering, the main scuffle appears to be between the heady Social Justice Left, the Centrist Left powerplayers controlling the government and media, and the stalwart Right.  Recently, there has been a rise in Christian Nationalism, which appears to be a coalescence of Right wingers who have grown tired of their pet causes and have retreated and regrouped around what is most important – God and country. Unfortunately, Christian Nationalism is more of a political reaction to progressivism than it is a revivalistic return to Covenant living and theology — which is what is most necessary to redeem the West from floundering in these sociopolitical schisms.

The PTB are quite happy about all these schisms, as it keeps everyone focused on the non-issues.

It needs to be emphasized that the crux of all these schisms centers around Individualism and Identity Politics.  Long gone are the days in which we saw ourselves as “honest, hardworking Americans” or “White Anglo-Saxon Protestants”.  Now we identify ourselves as Boomers, Xers, Millennials, Conservatives, Progressives, Pro-Choicers, Pro-Lifers, Christians, Free Spirits, Gamers, Bronies, MGTOW, Red Pillers… and we carefully avoid being pigeonholed into one of the groups outlined in the previous section, even though this would be much more truthful and socially efficient. The primary reason for the gray-faced anonymity is the fear of backlash and ostracization being inflicted by a perceived Majority which is actually little more than the rhetorical principles of a small but powerful Cognitive Elite Minority. And so we find that atomized Individualism self-perpetuates quite nicely for the conveniences of the PTB. (More on this topic in an upcoming post.)

Yes, Individualism reigns supreme and so divided we fall.  Yet, it would be blasé for anyone to identify as an Individualist.  It’s a core characteristic of Western culture that is assumed on faith.  Talking about it is interpreted as an out-group perspective and is therefore either not taken seriously or it is strictly verboten (e.g. see Amerika: Inner Self As The Opposite Of Individualism (2016-10-27)).

We need to rethink the value of Individualism and Identity Politics. It’s time to break out of the bug eater’s mold and to find a transcendant purpose in our lives (which is not to be confused with Individualism).


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55 Responses to Identity Politics

  1. okrahead says:

    Re: Tradcons sitting on their duffs and religious (Christian) tradcons. This has been a source of constant familial infuriation for me. The “Let the world burn. I’ll be okay because God loves me.” attitude is both smug and Pharisaical; what’s worse is the cancelling of worship services (“We can’t go to church because of Covid, and by the way we won’t let you go either.”), embracing every government diktat (“Get the clot shot and make sure everyone else in your church and family gets it too! Wear your face diaper everywhere you go!”), and still congratulating themselves on their own righteousness.

    The Social Pathologist’s series on Christian Buddhism covered this in depth, and with far more erudition and eloquence than I could muster.


  2. elspeth says:

    One of the biggest problems I see on the right (online) is this near inflexible demand for every person in the fight to walk in lockstep ideological purity with everything they believe or that person is deemed useless.

    For example, Matt Walsh may well be a “tradcon”, although I think he has moved much farther right in recent years. So what? Matt Walsh is in the fight, fully garbed (armor sword and all), kicking butt and taking names. He is making a difference in his sphere of influence, undaunted by the fact that these folks are growing more and more unhinged by the day.

    Jordan Peterson is not a Christian, nor is her perfect, but here comes VD with a “Gotcha!” Never mind that JP has done as much as anyone in the public sphere (except maybe Mike Rowe), to extol the importance and virtue of working men, and particularly men who work with their hands.

    Even Ron Desantis, whom I tend to like, but harbor far less affection than I did during Covid, is still going to be light years better than that airhead Nikki Fried this November, and a hell of a better option in DC than whoever the Dems put up. He did what needed to be done to save this state when the rest of the states were imploding. Politics can’t save us anyway, but he did his job.

    Rather than demanding each man in the fight be the perfect super soldier for whatever our hobby horses may be, it makes more sense to let them do what they do best in the fight, and we do what we do best in our sphere of influence. And maybe together, each person in their respective places, and by God’s mercy, we can restore some sanity.

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    • imnobody00 says:

      “…this near inflexible demand for every person in the fight to walk in lockstep ideological purity with everything they believe or that person is deemed useless.”

      I wish I could give you a million likes, Elspeth.

      We are in front of the most powerful empire of history and we are Pancho Villa’s army: each one fighting separately. We are a pathetic bunch.

      I don’t agree with Math Walsh, Jordan Peterson, or Tucker Carlson, but we are much better with them than without them. They make much truth accessable for the masses.

      I read Vox Day every day and find it useful, but the guy should get over his hurt ego. He is a classical gamma (he invented the word and he is blind enough not to see that it is his description), who cannot bear with the fact that he is not the Alpha Male Of the Group. He would like to be the one with public recognition, like the examples mentioned above or Gab’s Torba. No public figure is good enough for him. This is only an extreme example but there is more AMOGing disguised as ideological purity.

      I think we should stop trying to AMOG each other to get status and focus on the fight. We need allies and we don’t need divisions when faced before the most powerful power in history.

      Liked by 5 people

    • Lexet Blog says:

      “Don’t make perfect the enemy of the good” is a popular statement to make your point.

      My response to would be to point out the chattering class are mostly parasites looking to make a buck, and never doing anything constructive.

      What has Fox News ever accomplished? What have popular Internet personalities accomplished other than selling their branded trash and making $$$$?

      For example, all these people bitching about elections, but not one d@mn person talks about volunteering as a poll worker or observer, or telling people how to become one.

      The problem with these people on the right is they have ZERO conviction. They are professional dissenters there to capture a niche market.

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      • elspeth says:

        I agree with you about the chattering classes Lexet, which is why I was very specific in the examples of people who are roundly criticized in Alt-Right / Paleo conservative circles, but who are actually doing something useful. And they’re doing something despite being the less than perfect super soldiers that online chatterers (like Vox) demand of them.

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    • Maniac says:

      Vox’s crusade against JP is pure jealousy and little else.

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      • Oscar says:

        I wouldn’t go that far. JP wrote some really weird crap in Maps of Meaning. Just look up the dream about his grandmother. It’s creepy as hell.

        Add to that his drug addiction, and there’s abundant reason to be suspicious of him.

        That doesn’t mean one has to throw out everything JP says.

        1 Thessalonians 5:21 (NABRE)
        Test everything, retain what is good.

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    • Jack says:

      Elspeth wrote,

      “So what? [Jordan Peterson, Matt Walsh, Mike Rowe, Ron DeSantis, and Vox Day are] in the fight, fully garbed (armor sword and all), kicking butt and taking names. He is making a difference in his sphere of influence, undaunted by the fact that these folks are growing more and more unhinged by the day.”

      Isn’t this the mark of a man?

      I remember Ed Hurst once said that no one acting under their own conviction is going to see eye-to-eye with someone else, even and especially if that someone else is acting under their own conviction.

      We would do well to recognize this, and that A Brother Is Borne Out Of Adversity (2018-6-10). If everyone thinks the same about every issue, then we have become NPC sheeple.

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  3. thedeti says:


    Yes, that’s a big problem on the right. A bigger problem on the right is how most on the right live their private lives in direct diametric opposition to how they live their public lives. A bigger problem on the right is that people want to live publicly as conservatives, but privately as sexual libertines. They want the country club Republican life. The man who cheats on his wife with men and women. The wife who cheats with her gym coach. The single Christian worship team member who’s slept with half the men in her church. The single woman who’s partying down and sleeping around on Saturday night and then “lifting holy hands” in church on Sunday morning.

    I know d@mn well that most of the women I see in church on Sunday morning are sleeping around or have in their past; or are cheating on their husbands or desperately want to.

    And, yes, yes, I know. The men are all totally worthless too. Fat, out of shape, lazy, soyboy neomaxizoomdweebies who couldn’t assert their way out of wet paper sacks. Video game playing lumpenproles with no plan and no purpose. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it. Nothing I haven’t already heard a billion times over the past 20 years. Don’t think these dudes are going to form plans for women, because the women have made it crystal clear they hate these men, don’t want these men, and want nothing to do with them.

    There will be a lot of men and women who are not going to get together over the next few decades. As bad as it is now, it’s going to get a lot worse. Men and women are both going to have to save themselves, because, well, this is what walking away looks like. I see no reason men should knock themselves out for women who express nothing but seething contempt and hate.

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    • anonymous_ng says:

      @thedeti (I always wanted to ask about your username if it was a play on Russian.)

      What you wrote reminded me of something I heard a comedian say years ago. “Hell is having perfect pitch, but being involved in church music.” The implication of course being that too many involved in church music have no talent, and what little talent they do have is not honed into excellence via practice, but instead the value of their effort is based on their intention versus the work they put in to claim excellence.

      People want to be conservative or Christian based on their intentions and feelings, not based on doing the work of living like a Christian, or living according to their principles.

      Liked by 4 people

      • thedeti says:

        Yeah. I found out only later that “deti” is “children” in Russian.

        My original name was “detinennui32”. It didn’t mean anything at all. Just a made up name. People started called me “deti” for short so I just adopted it.

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    • info says:

      God sees all this. We need to pray that God cleans up the mess.

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      • thedeti says:

        OK, but we humans have to do our part too. I’ve made suggestions on how that can be done. No one has any problem with my suggestions for men. But the minute I suggest anything for women (like, oh, I don’t know, actually dating, having sex with, marrying, and procreating with all these Nice Good Kind Men these women claim to want) everyone claims I’m demanding that women “fix everything”.

        At the very least, women could stop lying about this and be honest about it and keep having sex with the men who won’t commit. Or maybe they should join the Manosphere Ladies’ Auxiliary, which are the ONLY women in the whole world who seem to have married sexually attractive men who actually stuck around.

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      • thedeti says:

        At the very least, I’d like it if women would shut up about wanting Nice Good Kind Men and just go have sex with men who won’t commit and who use and abuse them.

        Just be quiet, go do your thing, and stop carping at the men you’re not having sex with.

        Liked by 2 people

      • thedetiforpresident says:

        “But the minute I suggest anything for women (like, oh, I don’t know, actually dating, having sex with, marrying, and procreating with all these Nice Good Kind Men these women claim to want) everyone claims I’m demanding that women “fix everything”…”

        “At the very least, I’d like it if women would shut up about wanting Nice Good Kind Men and just go have sex with men who won’t commit and who use and abuse them.

        Just be quiet, go do your thing, and stop carping at the men you’re not having sex with.”

        I don’t get why so many seem to hate women and don’t want them to be deliriously happy after taking your and the manosphere’s advice.


      • info says:


        Indeed. So you sow the seed and people like yourself do likewise. But God provides the growth.

        We are like Jonathan and his armor bearer. Only taking down a few of the Philistine Army at a time. But fighting valiantly thereby demonstrating our faithfulness.

        But God was able to turn the Valor of Jonathan into a rout of the Phillistine Army (1 Samuel 13:23-14:48).

        God sent an Earthquake in response to Jonathan and his Armor bearer’s faith. And Israel won the Battle.

        That’s why we pray. That God may bless our work and multiply our impact whereas on our own we can do little.


  4. thedetiforpresident says:

    “Video game playing lumpenproles with no plan and no purpose.”

    You mean women, thedeti?

    “In the United States, twice as many adult women play video games as do boys, according to the Entertainment Software Association, the industry’s top trade group. Male gamers between ages 10 and 25 represent a sliver of the market, only 15 percent, according to Newzoo, a games research firm.”

    The Washington Post: More women play video games than boys and other surprising facts lost in the mess of Gamergate (2014-10-17)

    How did that happen? Parents or bad socialization by schools?


    • Oscar says:

      That stat is misleading, and here’s why, from the same article.

      “Casual games on cellphones and social media have helped broaden gaming’s appeal, with the number of female gamers over the age of 50 increasing 32 percent between 2012 and 2013, the Entertainment Software Association said.”

      I’m no gamer, but even I know that playing Candy Crush on one’s phone does not make one a gamer.

      The study, and the article, are deliberately deceiving readers into thinking that women are being excluded from gaming. That’s why the very first sentence is about Gamer Gate.

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  5. elspeth says:

    This is not some “video games are evil” comment, because SAM played semi-regularly up until his late 30’s.

    But we have been in fellowship with probably 100 different families or more over the past 11 years of homeschooling, and never once have we met a family where the girls had more than a glancing interest in video games but where they had to constantly wrangle with and ration video game time for their sons.

    I suspect that WaPo article was just another attempt to pretend that gaming is the domain of the ladies as much as the men.


    • thedeti says:

      Yeah. Boys play video games because it’s how they socialize with each other; it’s one of the few domains in which most men can learn to compete; and women are running boys out of every other domain imaginable.

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      • feeriker says:

        I must have mutant genes, because I never was into gaming as either a kid, a teenager, or a young adult. My 19-year-old grandson fits the stereotype, yet he also has held down part-time or full-time jobs since his sophomore year in high school, so there’s that exception, I suppose.

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    • anonymous_ng says:

      I think lots of girls play games on their phones or handheld gaming devices. See as an example the Kendall and Kylie game or the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game.


    • Bardelys the Magnificent says:

      There’s been an uptick in recent years of watching people play games on YouTube. Some women have taken advantage of this and “play” various games, but really they’re just showing their assets and fishing for simps. If you’re too young or don’t want the damage of going the OF route, it’s pretty easy pickins.

      Liked by 3 people

  6. Oscar says:

    Tim Pool is “Alt-Right”? I am as confused as ever about the definition of “Alt-Right”.

    On the plus side; we finally got WiFi at the new house in the PNW.


    • Bardelys the Magnificent says:

      Tim Poole is many things, but Alt-right is not one of them.


    • Maniac says:

      Tim Pool is actually quite Left on most things. It’s just that the far-Left that he calls out so often these days brands anyone who disagrees with them as Alt-Right.


    • Oscar says:

      The term alt-right seems to be meaningless. On the one hand, Ben Shapiro (the Jewiest Jew that ever Jewed on radio) is supposedly alt-right. On the other hand, the alt-right supposedly hates Jews.

      It seems like a meaningless epitaph leftists throw around to scare apolitical people.


      • feeriker says:

        “On the one hand, Ben Shapiro (the Jewiest Jew that ever Jewed on radio) is supposedly Alt-Right.”

        That’s a label slapped on him by the Marxist Jewish left that considers him a traitor to the race for not being as nihilist-left as they are. Bennie obviously is NOT “Alt-Right” because …

        “On the other hand, the alt-right supposedly hates Jews.”

        Yes, they do, and, one must admit, for some pretty compelling reasons. Indeed, part of what makes them Alt-Right as opposed to tradcon / neocon / whatevercon is that they call out the pernicious influence of the Israel-First influence in American politics, as well as the visible and grotesquely disproportionate and toxic influences Jews have had on America’s institutions, particularly over the last half century. No other faction of “The Right” does this. Thus, these people are labeled the “Alt”-Right. Given that definition, common sense tells us that any Jew who advocates for the status quo cannot possibly be “Alt-Right.”

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  7. thedetiforpresident says:

    Q-Bert is a game with cursing — and no “true” woman does either one, right?

    Does this non-evil and very holy Q-Bert playing woman qualify as a “gamer” to anyone who claims that no “real” true Scots woman plays “real” games?

    Fairfield, Iowa – May 25, 2005 — She used to play poker and bridge with her 80-year-old girlfriends almost every night. Sometimes until four o’clock in the morning. And, her passion was shooting “craps” while on casino junkets.

    That is, until Billy Mitchell delivered a Q-Bert arcade video game to her house.

    Now, Doris Self, of Fort Lauderdale, eats, drinks and sleeps Q-Bert, the classic video game from the early 1980s, practicing day and night. And, if she breaks the Qbert record, she’ll be history’s oldest video game world champion.

    “I was the Q-bert champion in 1984 with a score of 1,112,300 points,” remembers Doris. “At that time, I was the oldest video game champ in the world at 58 years old, a fact verified by Twin Galaxies’ scorekeeper Walter Day ( It’s still listed in Twin Galaxies’ Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records, the gaming industry’s official book of records.”

    Though Doris’ score was bested in 1985, she still retained the status of “oldest” champion until 2003 when John Lawton, 72, of New Hampshire, captured the Depthcharge title.

    “I was sad when I lost the title I had held for twenty years,” laments Doris. “Then I got a call from gaming legend Billy Mitchell, who offered to loan me a Q-Bert machine to practice on and win back my title. Billy made me promise that I would give up poker and practice Q-Bert everyday.”

    Billy Mitchell, founder of an internationally distributed hot sauce brand (Rickey’s World Famous Sauce), says: “I can recognize a champion a mile away and believe Doris can win back her title. I like helping people like Doris to excel, reaching their highest potential.” Eighty-Year-Old Woman Trains to Win Title of “World’s Oldest Video Game Champion.” (2005-5-26)

    There aren’t any “Gamergaters” left from the 1980s or even 2005? So there are no “real” female “gamers” any more, right? Is it all fake news?


    • elspeth says:

      @ thedetiforpresident:

      I never meant to imply that there aren’t female gamers, or that women don’t ever play video games. Of course there are women who play video games, maybe even many women.

      I am, however, strongly asserting that it is simply not true that more women play video games than men. Gaming is male dominated at almost every age level, which is perfectly fine I think.

      Of course, I’m excluding things like Candy Crush or other phone based games.


    • Oscar says:

      No one said that female gamers don’t exist, Mr. Straw Man. You fell for a very obvious, dishonest journalists’ trick.


  8. thedetiforpresident says:

    Two words – video games. What comes to mind?

    For most, it’s small children sitting too close to the TV screen, furiously mashing the buttons on their controllers while they scream at virtual reality. Others might think of introverts (“nerds,” if you will) hastily tapping away at their keyboards and taking a quick moment every now and then to push the frames of their glasses back up to their eyes. Doris Self didn’t think any of those things. No, the then-58 year-old woman from South Boston had only one thing in mind: setting records.

    Back in 1984, on the first day of July, Doris became the world’s oldest video game champion when she set the world’s highest score of 1,112,300 points in the arcade game Q-Bert. Doris held the “oldest video game champion” title until 2003, eventually losing it to 72 year-old John Lawton.

    For Doris, setting precedents didn’t start with competitive video games. In 1945, at age 20, Doris became one of the world’s very first airline stewardesses, eventually organizing the first association for ex-stewardesses after leaving that career behind. Doris seemed to have taken a heavy liking to accomplishing the unexpected – she even made a habit of it. For example, she celebrated her 40th birthday by successfully surfing off the coast of Fort Lauderdale.

    So how did video games come about? Doris lived 10 minutes from a 24-hour arcade. She once said she would wait until 11pm came around before heading in to improve her gaming skills. “Sometimes I wouldn’t get home until seven in the morning,” she was quoted as saying in 2000.
    “But that’s just the way I am.” Doris liked taking things to the extreme, once breaking a bone in her foot from gaming a bit too hard.

    Ten years ago, in 2005, 79-year-old Doris decided to give her old world record another shot. The video game competition was filmed for the documentary King of Kong, and follows Doris as she went on to reclaim her “world’s oldest competitive video gamer” record. Amazing, right? As it turns out, you can never be too old to be the best at something you love.”

    Moves for Seniors: Doris Self: The 80 Year-Old Arcade Champion (2015-5-1)

    More lies from dishonest journalists for all the proud straw men that call themselves “conservative” and “redpill”!

    As they smiled at their women who were perverts and druggies, while blaming other “lesser” men for it, men who are supposedly not hard working like them and their lazy “goddess” wives and “princess” daughters.

    So phone “games” are non-“games”? Are phone non-“games” the new non-porn “romance”-novels for women too?

    No wonder that Dalrock guy quit in January 2020 with straw-men making “friends” like you.


    • anonymous says:


      Don’t let these failed idelogical “purists” stop you from telling the truth, because of their extreme butthurt from falling marriage rates, birth rates and personal “manhood” challenges.

      “Posted by u/pjheric 2 years ago

      Where does the whole “mobile gaming is not real gaming” thing come from?

      What even is “real gaming” in the first place?

      (I of course do not agree with the above statement — I’m trying to write something about mobile gaming as a whole and I got questions.)”

      Was gameboy “games” “real” games in the 1990’s, supposedly “men”-supporters?

      Most of these “redpill” guys don’t even believe that women are just as dirty as any man, while they crap on Doug Wilson for believing that women are “cleaner” than men.


    • Oscar says:

      Damn. That’s an impressive number of straw man arguments squeezed into a single post! I bet you can do even more, though!


      • anonymous says:


        Why don’t you beat-up on more “lesser” men to turn them into nefarious non-marrying “black-pillers” like you did to LastMod!

        You have done more of an excellent job of turning the “Red-Pill” Manosphere (than any others) into a wasteland of desperate cuckservative fathers trying to off-load their unwanted daughters!


      • Oscar says:

        My powers are boundless! Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

        Liked by 1 person

      • info says:

        “into a wasteland of desperate cuckservative fathers trying to off-load their unwanted daughters!”

        Wut. Where? You mean they are offering their unwanted daughters in marriage?

        What are you talking about?


  9. feeriker says:

    “At the very least, I’d like it if women would shut up about wanting Nice Good Kind Men and just go have sex with men who won’t commit and who use and abuse them.

    Just be quiet, go do your thing, and stop carping at the men you’re not having sex with.”

    If there is one thing that we know women are experts at, it is projection. Being unable to exercise agency or accept accountability, they project blame for their own reckless and foolish behaviors upon others. In this case they cannot blame themselves for their predicaments, nor can they blame the sh!+b@g$ with whom they’re fornicating. Thus they blame the men they despise, the “good men” whom they claim to want, but whom everyone knows they want nothing to do with.

    Liked by 4 people

    • thedeti says:

      I mean, I just don’t know what else to say about this anymore.

      The number one reason for the failure of marriage in the west today is women marrying men they’re not as sexually attracted to as the men they had sex with before they married their husbands. That’s it, folks. That’s all there is to it. Everything else is a lie. Divorces are not happening for any other reason. Women do not want these men. They need these men’s money and resources. When they have a sufficient hold on the resources through time and through using one or more kids as clawhooks and anchors, they jettison the men through divorce and secure an income stream for a decade or more through child support payments.

      Women are positively ruining our society through this. And the powers that be are permitting it.

      I fully understand why more and more men are GTOW.

      Liked by 3 people

      • feeriker says:

        “Women are positively ruining our society through this. And the powers that be are permitting it.”

        “Permitting” it? They’re freaking ENCOURAGING it! The sole goal of “our” leaders” is to destroy us and our civilization.

        Liked by 1 person

      • locustsplease says:

        While I do agree men generally need to be in better shape, I don’t agree with the Christian manosphere assumption that it’s the only reason for divorce. Friend of mine slob wife strong Christian 6’3 built like a linebacker ripped 6 pack. She dropped him like trash never looked back.

        I was the most physically dominant of all my exes partners by far. Many would have traded. Her hottest friend made it known. Divorced men are not just unattractive men. These women are hoes and how tall I am or if I’m not going to loose a fight to more than%1 of men my own age doesn’t make them loyal house wives.

        My ex personally was still in love with an ex from 10yrs before. This guy is 8″ shorter than me out of shape butterball was ripped when they dated. It made no rational sense if she was with him and saw me she would want me. He would not b remote sexual competition. However with me she fantasized about him. Neither of us can make her not a hoe.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oscar says:

        “While I do agree men generally need to be in better shape, I don’t agree with the Christian manosphere assumption that it’s the only reason for divorce.”

        No one said, “that’s the only reason for divorce”.


      • thedeti says:

        “No one said “that’s the only reason for divorce”.”

        Well, I said the number one reason for marriage failures is women marrying men they’re less sexually attracted to than the men they had sex with before they married their husbands. It’s women marrying men they’re not attracted to. I said divorces don’t happen for any other reason. I stand by that. Women don’t really divorce for any other reason. Men will divorce women, but the main reason they’re leaving their marriages is for desperate unhappiness, and the main reason a man is desperately unhappily married is because his wife won’t be a wife to him, and she’s not being a wife to him because she won’t freely have sex with him. She won’t freely have sex with him because she’s not sexually attracted to him.

        I stand by this.

        Liked by 1 person

  10. Jack says:

    Right On Topic: Here is a very interesting case study that befits the topic of Identity Politics.

    Readers should know that I am on to 1 commenter here who is using 2 IP addresses, 3 user names, and 4 email addresses.

    Sock puppet accounts constitute a single identity, not a mass majority opinion. Neither does it offer an honest argument.

    Believe it or not, it is possible to be anonymous and also honest. In fact, one of the benefits of anonymity is to increase honesty and sincerity. Anonymity without honesty or sincerity is a net negative. As stated in the Comment Policy, I have a very low tolerance of insincerity.

    I’ll offer the perpetrator (who has extremely poor punctuation skills) an opportunity to come clean and apologize to the other readers for shaping arguments using multiple identities. If he does so, I’ll continue to allow his comments.

    Until then, this commenter will be on moderation.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oscar says:

      “Readers should know that I am on to 1 commenter here who is using 2 IP addresses, 3 user names, and 4 email addresses.”

      Hmmm… I wonder who….. ?

      Liked by 1 person

    • thedeti says:

      “…1 commenter here who is using 2 IP addresses, 3 user names, and 4 email addresses.”

      ….and a partridge in a pear tree.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Bardelys the Magnificent says:

      C’mon now, I know GBFM has always been inconsistent with the lengths of his lolzlozlolzozlolz’z. Give him a break.


      • Jack says:

        “GBFM has always been inconsistent with the lengths of his lolzlozlolzozlolz’z. Give him a break.”

        When one specifically addresses one’s alter-identity as though it is a separate person and not one’s own comment, then that is over the line. It is intentionally deceptive. It is a mockery of the honesty and good faith of others. It is trolling.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Bardelys the Magnificent says:

        I was being tongue-in-cheek because I really didn’t know who you were referencing. Don’t we all know his shtick by now?


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  13. elspeth says:

    I noticed something this morning as I was listening to some Canon Press podcasts while ironing and cooking breakfast. it underscores a point I made in my initial comment about the tendency of some on the right to reject ally-ship from folks who don’t project perfect ideological/religious purity.

    There’s this tendency of late for the Canon Press guys (yeah, I know Doug Wilson is anathema to many sphere denizens) to take swipes at the Daily Wire guys. On the one hand, I can appreciate their admonishment to Christians to be cautious about the way we approach and receive content from the Daily Wire. I just don’t think it’s necessary, though. Anyone who is a regular listener to Canon Press is probably pretty well grounded in Christian truth and has a very clear-eyed understanding that the DW isn’t a Christian news outlet.

    The other, less charitable possibility, is that Canon’s content creators are trying to siphon away Christians who are DW subscribers and shame us into becoming Canon Press subscribers. We can only afford so many subscriptions, after all. But that’s a whole other issue. As long as the fight for the spiritual health of America is tied to anyone’s business model, well then we’re probably beyond help sans a great and merciful move of God. Which we do not deserve.


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