A New Cultural Projection of Christianity

Justin and Hailey Bieber are now beacons of holiness!?!

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Justin and Hailey Bieber as Cultural Icons

In an earlier post, How to Change a Hostile Culture (2021 June 7), I discussed the overarching influence and power of the elite, and why it is important for this group to spearhead social changes. That’s why the following development has special importance.

Supermodel Hailey Bieber attributes the success of her marriage to Justin Bieber to their shared Christian faith — see this article from Fox News, written by Hailey Baldwin herself: Hailey Baldwin ‘wouldn’t even be’ with husband Justin Bieber if not for Christian faith (2021 June 3).

Some of their photos do project the image of what I think of as a Christian marriage.

However, there are many other photos that give concern. The “Christian” image projected is a bit interesting, to say the least:

A heavily tattooed Justin Bieber (seated) and his debonair wife Hailey, October 2020.

Note the structure of authority that is conveyed in the image. Her high heels and exposed upper thigh convey V Power. Her hands on hips denote authority. The sunglasses portray a dark mystique. He is seated on the floor, barefoot, bent knees, topless, and grasping her calf, all indicating submission and vulnerability. We still see elements of feminism, male submission, female dominance, and cultural convergence in general. It is so obvious that if their positions were reversed, it would be labeled misogynous.

What impact have Justin and Hailey Bieber had?

It’s been one year since Justin and Hailey Bieber came out as “Christians”. It’s time for us to take a look back and see the overall impression that they have made and where it is leading.

Over the past year, I haven’t seen very much discussion of Justin and Hailey Bieber. This might be because they’ve received reduced airplay since coming out as “Christians”.

On 1 November 2021, they made a podcast with their pastor and his wife. Readers who opt for sitting through it will have to look past the giggles and bubbly feel goods to understand the real essence of their relationship. To save the reader’s time, here I’ll pick out some facts and statements that are of interest to our discussion.

At the 7:35 mark they stated that Justin was 24 and Hailey was 21 when they got married, which clearly goes against the overall cultural trend of marrying later. Hailey says she struggled going against this norm, but it was clear to her that God already brought her a husband. She justifies Justin getting married young by stating that “he’s had so many life experiences.” She said she appreciates Justin because he always supported and empowered her. She obviously looks up to him for his status and career accomplishments, and she mentions being “Hailey BIEBER”, his six houses, and so on. She’s very much focused on the status, economic comforts, and social perks.

Playing Jenga amid unmitigated opulence, Hailey gives Justin an IOI.

Justin has very dreamy, Blue Pilled notions of marriage and family. At 8:46, the pastor’s wife points out that Justin’s mother was never married, and asks where he got this idealized image of marriage. Justin replies by saying he learned it from watching movies. Hailey said she had a very traditional family growing up.

The pastor capitalizes on these statements by emphasizing that “Justin Bieber wants marriage and family because it’s such a wonderful beautiful thing.”

At 11:58, the pastor asks Justin why marriage was a top priority for him. He says he was lonely, he didn’t want to do it all alone, there was some serious healing he needed to get past a lot of “trauma and scars”, and mental health issues and to function in a relationship. He says, “Hailey accepted me for who I am.”

At 17:00, the pastor homes in on how their relationship glorifies God, but he doesn’t get into the specifics of how that happens. Compare this to how the Christian Manosphere has identified Headship as the most important element of a relationship that glorifies God.

At 19:55, Justin expresses a lot of insecurity, “rejection issues”, and says it took him some time for him to “become more secure with where we were at.”

At 21:20, Hailey says during the first year of their marriage, she considered herself to be “independent”, until she realized that “marriage is 50/50”.

Hailey dominates most of the discussion, but Justin says a few cute or funny things now and then. She clearly wears the pants in their marriage.

At 23:25, the pastor points out that consistency was very important for them to settle down and feel secure in the relationship.

This image depicts female sexual empowerment and male supplication.

The second part starts at 24:00.

Justin says his Love Language is physical touch and quality time. Compare this to Scott’s statement, “Sex is men’s love language.” He credits Hailey for bringing “good changes” into his life, and he names changes like trying different kinds of food.

Hailey says the longer she is married, the less she wants to have children, because they’re having so much fun and she doesn’t want the “distraction” of having children. Uh oh…

At 30:25 the pastor says,

“One thing that is happening in culture is that you two are making marriage super sexy. You make it fun, you make it cool.”

He asks them, what is the sexiest intangible about the other?

Hailey says, “…when I get to watch you do what you were put on this planet to do.” She also says that he has so much confidence in doing his thing. This confirms the importance of a man having a mission / purpose and confidence.

Justin replies, “The way you treat people and make them feel [warm]. Everyone loves you for that.” Here we see that men value feminine attributes in a woman.

This image projects male dominance.


Upon observing Justin and Hailey Bieber’s marriage, what do we see?

  • We see a woman who is attracted to a man for his confidence, experience, good looks, image, popularity, status, and wealth — enough to overlook his shortcomings as a man, e.g. confusion, and possibly emotional / mental issues.
  • We see a top 0.001% man with extremely idealistic expectations about women and marriage — a man who could’ve had any one out of millions of women — who entered into marriage because of his own need for companionship and because she showed barely enough consistency to earn his trust.
  • We also see a lot of mixed symbolism. The problem here is that when young people are exposed to both types of images, it reveals no clues about which type of relationship structure is actually Christian, and which is not.

Overall, their marriage is very much like a Complementary Boomer marriage, but with a few caveats.

  • For one, it is catered and fully supported by all the trappings of their stratospheric socioeconomic status and wealth.
  • Secondly, we don’t see clear masculine and feminine roles being played out. Instead, their relationship is better described as a very close friendship with some elements of emotional codependency, especially from Justin.
  • Apparently, young Hailey sees no issue with the messages her modeling gig projects about sex, never mind about female role models, but, hey … at least she’s “Christian”, right?

The best we can say is that they had the good sense to marry young and seek God in their marriage. We do hear them giving God credit for the success of their relationship. There are glimmers of God’s glory sprinkled here and there. We can also be happy that they’ve found the joys of marriage, in spite of their shortcomings. I suspect that this is about the best that anyone could realistically hope for these days.

Image from Vogue: Justin and Hailey Bieber Open Up About Their Passionate, Not-Always-Easy but Absolutely All-In Romance (2019-2-7)
The left image depicts female dominance. The right image depicts feminine passion for male Headship. Which to believe?

The graver issue here is that we do not see many indicators of a Christ centered Headship. Perhaps the only one is that he is more successful than she is and she clearly admires him for this. Perhaps this is enough to make their marriage work out. But as for the public image they project, there are very few behaviors or photographic images that clearly depict Headship. Her naturally florid IOIs might indicate Headship, but one would have to go looking for it with this in mind. Most young people are clueless about this and probably won’t pick up on this.

I have to wonder if they even know what Headship looks like, and that Headship is what glorifies God!

This is more of what is coming in the future, even for those who manage to remain nominal “Christians” — carrying the title, and considering themselves such, but not actually living that way.

This is an important development, because as I’ve written about before, the elite set the cultural stage for everyone else.

Readers may like to discuss the overall impact of the image of marriage they present and how it might affect the overall cultural popularity of marriage.

See more images of Justin and Hailey Bieber here.

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57 Responses to A New Cultural Projection of Christianity

  1. Oscar says:

    Hipster megachurches aren’t known for scriptural adherence, particularly in controversial topics like headship and submission.

    “Justin Bieber is opening up about his faith. The 26-year-old singer took to his Instagram Story on Monday to reveal that he’s not a member of Hillsong Church, but rather a member of Churchome.”
    “According to Churchome’s website, its lead pastors are Judah and Chelsea Smith, the former of which officiated Bieber’s 2019 nuptials to his wife, Hailey. Pro football player Russell Wilson, who’s married to Ciara, sits on Churchome’s board.”

    ET: Justin Bieber Insists He’s Not a Member of Hillsong Following Church’s Former Pastor Carl Lentz’s Scandal (2021-1-4)

    Hopefully, the Biebers are sincere in their faith. I have no idea either way. Another article I found said that Justin credits Christ with saving him from drug addiction. Hopefully that’s true.

    If they’re sincere, they’ll mature, and maybe even discover Ephesians 5 someday.

    I’d hate to be in his shoes. First, he grew from childhood into adulthood in the public eye. Now he’s (hopefully) maturing in Christ in the public eye. Considering all the dumb things I’ve done, I’d hate to do either of those, much less both.

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    • info says:

      If Christ saves them. Then hopefully with prayers. God will guide him towards Godly Headship. Otherwise actually pray for his salvation.

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  2. Maniac says:

    I give them 2 more years, at best.

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  3. feeriker says:

    It’s perfectly fitting that a celebrity-worshiping culture like ours would look to such people as an example of … well, anything.

    Part of solidifying one’s Christian faith involves reading Scripture. But since reading is an utterly alien concept to people today, especially young people, it’s much easier to just let others who already have your adoration just spoonfeed you whatever they think is real, scriptural Christianity. Especially since they’ll leave out all the icky stuff like submission, sacrifice, and suffering for Christ, and make it all about the Feelgoods.

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  4. jorgen says:

    Never heard of Hailey Bieber before. Next time I do hear of her will probably be either their divorce or a Justin vs. Hailey defamation trial.

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  5. Rock Kitaro says:

    Popularized “Christian” marriages like this…sad to say, I think it has a lot to do with the reasons why a lot of my fellow Millennial Christian ladies “claim” they’re looking for a Christian God-fearing man…but it’s based on the perception they see in these celebrity couples (along with other modern Christian marriages where everyone’s loose with the principles)

    I was told I was too conservative by one proclaimed Christian, a match (age 26) who added me on Facebook. I stopped talking to her months ago, but I see she’s constantly posting pictures from the clubs and party events. This is the one who told me she had gay friends and doesn’t feel the need to jam her belief down their throats.

    And when another “Christian” lady I matched with (also age 26) asked me how I felt about Feminism. I told her what the Bible says, particularly the part about how the man is the head of the household and a wife is supposed to submit to his authority. She disagreed and told me people twist things to mean what they want it to mean (oblivious that this is what she herself was doing). She was/is one of those who believe in the 50/50, equal partnerships.

    And it’s upsetting, because more and more videos are coming out with these supposedly Christian women, now in their late 30s, talking about how the reason why they’re still single is because they’re saving themselves for marriage and Men won’t accept that. They’re using RELIGION and blaming men…instead of any accountability, any ownership of their prior mistakes or the way they lived their lives or THEIR interpretation of the Scriptures. If those two 26-year-olds don’t wisen up…I can see them following in the same footsteps.

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    • cameron232 says:

      I knew Christian a woman at work (b. 1960) who divorced her husband because he demanded headship. She used the same line: “he twisted scripture.”

      I don’t know what words to give you to “win” the argument with them. Protestantism/Evangelism is Bible alone. In order for this model to work, it follows that the words are simple for anyone to understand, particuarly NT. The verses on headship are direct and simple. The explanation on why those plain words don’t mean what they seem to is the “twisted” (convoluted) interpretation.

      Not that this will make any difference.

      Three options for a Christian: celibacy, equal marriage (in many cases this will mean she gets the final say or divorce), or find one of the tiny groups of Christian “cults” who unambiguously teaches this. No guarantees with the 3rd option of course. Jessa Duggar can change her mind after marriage.

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    • locustsplease says:

      50-50? Your lucky to get them to carry %25 of the load. Then %100 of the complaints and %0 responsibility when things go south. You can’t get 1 out of 100 divorced women to admit they could have been a better wife.

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      • cameron232 says:

        Admittedly, a girl I know from high school admitted that her divorce was her fault. Miracles do happen.

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      • feeriker says:

        “You can’t get 1 out of 100 divorced women to admit they could have been a better wife.”

        It simply amazes me to no end that there are men out there who, after a lifetime of dealing with women, STILL DO.NOT.UNDERSTAND that women do NOT accept accountability or responsibility for their actions and choices, EVER.

        It is just impossible for me to understand how any man, no matter how hopelessly blue-pilled, could NOT have learned that one lesson. It’s just impossible to NOT know this. (Not saying that you don’t, Locusts. I’m just pointing out that there are still lots of men out there who expect women to exercise moral agency. These are the same guys who scoff at the idea of pigs flying.)

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    • jorgen says:

      They neglect to mention how they only started saving themselves for marriage after rando number 100.

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  6. feeriker says:

    “They’re using RELIGION and blaming men…instead of any accountability, any ownership of their prior mistakes or the way they lived their lives or THEIR interpretation of the Scriptures.”

    Women gonna be women.

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    • info says:

      God either drives them towards repentance. Or if they persist in hardening their hearts all the way. Would have their hearts hardened towards damnation.

      May God give us soft hearts ready to obey his voice. Even unto the end of our lives here on earth.

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  7. thedeti says:

    Off topic:

    I’m going to conservative websites and seeing people talk about “electoral bloodbath” and “November midterms danger for pResident Biden” and other such things.

    I just think it’s really cute that people still think elections matter. It’s so endearing and quaint how people think that an “election” and “voting” is going to change anything. I think it’s so cute how people still somehow believe they’re going to vote their way out of this.

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  8. thedeti says:

    Justin Bieber’s blue pill attitude is in part a result of something Nova described before. This Blue Pill attitude is a result of very high status and the fact that they’ve never had to be Red Pilled. Throngs of hot women throw themselves at men like Justin. He’s high status. If things dont work out with this one woman, she’ll leave and another will be along in short order. Men like this never get Red Pilled because they don’t have to. They don’t learn women’s true natures and how sexual attraction works because they never have to.

    This was the same situation with Brian Austin Green and his marriage to Megan Fox – and its implosion. Fox force fed a series of red pills to her ex husband.

    Green was a very high status actor, pretty boy from 90210 and other such TV shows. Teen heartthrob. Marries hotter-than-a-thousand-suns Megan Fox of Transformers fame in 2010. A couple of kids later they separate in 2015. They reconcile in 2016, but one of the conditions was a one-way open marriage in Fox’s favor – she can “date” (i.e. have sex with) other men, but he had to stay faithful to her. Fox starts dating rapper Machine Gun Kelly in 2020, in 2021 she files for divorce from Green a second time and she is now engaged to Kelly.

    Green was never Red Pilled before he had met and started dating Fox. Sure, he had dated other attractive actresses. Even had a child out of wedlock with Vanessa Marcil. But he had a pretty squeaky clean image. And his marital problems with Fox just about destroyed him and have severely damaged his career.

    Justin Bieber and Brian Austin Green are what happens when you are a Blue Pilled male celebrity.

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    • feeriker says:

      “Justin Bieber’s blue pill attitude is in part a result of something Nova described before. This Blue Pill attitude is a result of very high status and the fact that they’ve never had to be Red Pilled. Throngs of hot women throw themselves at men like Justin. He’s high status. If things dont work out with this one woman, she’ll leave and another will be along in short order. Men like this never get Red Pilled because they don’t have to. They don’t learn women’s true natures and how sexual attraction works because they never have to.”

      Johnny Depp might beg to differ with you now.

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      • thedeti says:

        Depp is laughing his way to the bank… for now.


      • Sharkly says:

        Johnny Depp was set to make 22.5 Million just from “Pirates of the Caribbean 6”, but that and many other projects (like the Fantastic Beasts sequels) were pulled away as a result of Amber Turd’s lies. When all is said and done, he may lose well over 100 million in career earnings as a result of Turd’s lying and playing victim. It is hard to account for lost opportunities, and reduced bargaining power, and Etc. Furthermore I’ll be surprised if he ever collects over a quarter of the judgement against Amber Turd, and yet he may likely still have to pay his own side of the judgement fully. While Johnny Depp may appreciate this moment public vindication, he will never collect back all he has lost in this life to Turd’s lying and abuse. I don’t view that as laughing to the bank. Johnny has been irreparably defrauded, even after this single victory, and even if he is eventually able to collect the full judgment from Turd.

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      • Lexet Blog says:

        The first movie with Johnny in it will make bank (unless they do something stupid like making a beetle juice movie). At that point he will be back. Amber won’t ever be a thing again.

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    • thedeti says:

      There are other kinds of Blue Pilled Christian men too.

      The high status, longtime married pastor/minister. James Dobson, Dennis Rainey, Bob Lepine, Bob/Audrey Meisner, most other married men in Christian ministry. When I was younger, most of these men had Marriage 1.0 marriages. Now, most such men are in “equal” “partnership” marriages where the wife LARPs at submission and tops from the bottom. See, e.g. Lysa Terkeurst, Paula White, Mark Driscoll, etc.

      Google Bob and Audrey Meisner – they have quite the interesting story that, to most of us, is a shocking red pill.

      Men with very little premarital dating/sexual experience. These are men who married the first, second, or third women they ever dated or had sex with. Their wives are very attracted to them and love them very much. (If I had married my First College Girlfriend, who I met just after turning 18, I would be this man.) I knew a fair number of these men in high school and college. These were men who married their high school sweethearts. Or college men in long distance relationships with their high school sweethearts. In any event, they had met before reaching age 22, and married by age 25.

      The Natural. These men came to Christianity later in life after time as womanizers and players. They learned about women, sex, and sexual behaviors, very early on, with first sexual experiences in their early to mid teens, a string of sexual partners and relationships, and maybe a failed first marriage followed by a successful second marriage. To the Natural, this isn’t Red Pill. There’s nothing special or interesting or earth shattering about any of this to the Natural. To him, this is just Life and The Way Things Are. The Natural is nonplussed about this and cannot believe or understand why anyone would be surprised or taken aback here. When asked what his secret is, he looks at you funny and says, “What secret? They’re just women. You just…. I dunno. You just go do it. You just go talk to them. You just have some fun with them. You just… What’s your problem, anyway? Why is this so difficult? Just go DO IT. Just go FIGURE IT OUT.” (This is SAM, Scott, and Mike.)

      Men like this just do not understand the Red Pill. They don’t see why any man should have trouble with women or need to “learn” or “figure out” anything. They don’t see any difficulty or problems here.

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      • thedeti says:

        The high status pastor/minister tells men, “Just Pray. Just Love Her As Christ Loved the Church and Gave Himself Up For Her.”

        The early married man tells men, “Just Find a Good Woman And Marry Her Right Now.”

        The Natural tells men, “Just Figure It Out.”

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      • locustsplease says:

        Their big secret is, “I know a good thing when I see it”.


    • jorgen says:

      It’s like that Seinfeld episode where the woman breaks up with him and he’s not upset and says, “It always evens out…”, and she is all confused.

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  9. Devon70 says:

    The photo of him holding her leg is an inversion of the old Conan/fantasy art where a woman would be holding the leg of a warrior. This is completely unnatural and societies with weak men don’t last.

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  10. cameron232 says:

    Had heard the name and knew he was “boy band” but didn’t know much about him. He’s a bit on the short side. Height hypergamy? Should he have married a shorter woman?



  11. redpillboomer says:

    I’ve had a few conversations with Millennial Christian couples which leave me wondering. There is definitely some “form or other” of Christianity present, maybe it’s some blend of the Christian faith that I know, maybe with some churchian views mixed in, not sure exactly what it is. It’s not the pure churchian we talk about on this site (and mock, justifiably so), but some sort of hybrid faith. Something like what is coming through, at least to my ears, listening to Justin Bieber and his wife. Some of it sounds similar to what I believe, while other parts of it, I’m like, “What is that?” Just doesn’t fit with my understanding of faith even when I allow for generational differences, I.e. they grew up with different social influences than I did (and they’re way richer than me, all that kind of stuff).

    The difference seems that they have bought in to egalitarianism and wokeism to some degree, you know, the “We’re all God’s children, you can’t judge other’s non-Bliblical lifestyles and leftist politics and world view is the correct one, if not the only narrative.” Some of you guys help me out a bit, what am I seeing, or think I’m seeing, but just don’t have the words to describe it properly. And don’t just say “It’s all churchian” because it seems like something different than my faith; similar in some respects, especially some of the language being used, but definitely different in other ways.I can’t quite put my finger on it.

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    • thedeti says:

      It’s “Buddy Christ”.

      This form of Christianity you’re referring to is purely feminized, because it has no standards or judgment. The Sin of Presumption is eliminated. It does not require true heart repentance or change – it requires only your mental agreement and your occasional presence.

      They believe all the Nicene Creed stuff but no “from whence He shall come to judge the quick and the dead” stuff. There’s no judgment in Millennial Christianity. They have all the basics: God eternally present in Three Persons; divinity and humanity of Christ; Christ came to die for humanity’s sins, Christ’s atoning work on the Cross, believe in your heart and confess with your mouth and you’ll be saved… all that. They all agree with that intellectually and mentally. Christ conceived by the Spirit, born of a virgin, suffered, crucified, died, buried, resurrected, ascended – they believe all that happened historically. They believe in the historical person of Jesus Christ. There’s a heaven, there’s a hell, and all you have to do is say “I believe in Christ” and go to church and you’re going to heaven.

      What they don’t accept is that belief in Christ requires some sort of change in one’s heart. That it requires repentance. That Christ is doing for you what you cannot do for yourself. They believe that they’ll be separated from Christ without believing on Him as Lord and Savior, but they don’t believe they have to do anything other than say “um OK” in response to “do you accept Christ as your Lord and Savior”.

      And they especially reject all the “rules” about sex and divorce because people don’t want those rules. People want to have premarital and extramarital sex, and people want to be able to get out of marriages that “dont’ work” or are “hard”. This “Jesus” doesn’t have any rules about sex or divorce, because rules about sex and divorce are idols and virginity is an idol and we’re not to have any idols.

      True acceptance of that precept would produce a heart change. It would produce repentance. This “Jesus” does not say “If you love Me, keep My commandments”. This Jesus says “I love you no matter what you do or are. I love you and you’re OK”. This Jesus does not require submission to his lordship. He does not require change or conformity to rules or standards. This Jesus just accepts you, and nothing more.

      That’s what you’re seeing – it’s massive, massive rationalization and false theology. This brand of Christianity’s Jesus is not a lord or savior. He is your friend, your “buddy”. He just wants you to show up at church, be nice to people, and don’t ever judge, because that’s not nice, mmmkay?

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      • Oscar says:

        It’s “Buddy Christ”.

        That’s what I thought.

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      • thedeti says:

        That video with George Carlin and the statue of “Buddy Christ” get me every time. So funny.

        I just wonder how many people realize that it was satire.

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      • Oscar says:

        “I just wonder how many people realize that it was satire.”

        Satire is pretty much impossible these days. No one is creative enough to come up with anything that’s more ridiculous than our current reality.

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    • redpillboomer says:

      Buddy Christ. I like that tag. What I mean is I get it. I think it is a bit different from the “churchian’s” we normally talk about on this site.


      • Oscar says:

        It’s understandable for a man who came out of drug abuse, like Justin Bieber, to fall into the “Buddy Christ” fallacy. After all, God’s kindness leads us to repentance (Romans 2:4).

        But, he shouldn’t stay there. And he won’t, if he’s a sincere believer, and matures as he should.

        Seriously, I don’t envy a man who has to work all of this out in public.

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  12. Rinselcow says:

    RE: “The elite”

    The first rule of truth telling is to use TRUTHFUL language.

    It means calling a spade a spade.

    In this article this rule is entirely violated.

    As an example, the governing authorities or bureaucrats or corporate leaders or ‘deep state’ players are not ‘the elite’ — they are THE SCUM OF HUMANS because they are REALITY-VERIFIED PSYCHOPATHS …

    Rolf Hefti: The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room (2021-7-26)

    By failing to use TRUTHFUL language we are aiding in maintaining and promoting the destructive propaganda world (keeping insanity alive) instead of revealing the deepest most important reality, promoting truth, and maintaining healthy authenticity.


    • Oscar says:

      The word “elite” has nothing to do with morality. In fact, elite status and morality rarely coincide, precisely because elite status allows people to get away with a lot of immorality.

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    • Jack says:


      Thank you for participating in the discussion.

      “…the governing authorities or bureaucrats or corporate leaders or ‘deep state’ players are not ‘the elite’…”

      The concern for proper labeling is not neglected here. I will not make the mistake of conflating cultural elitism with moral nobility or ethical virtuosity. I agree that in terms of moral agency, the ‘elite’ are hardly elite, however, labeling them as ‘scum’ goes to the opposite extreme of misnomered identities by tipping the hat to ressentimentalism. Furthermore, what is considered to be noble or virtuous is relative to the values of a group.

      In our essay, ‘elite’ is simply what is presented to the public as ‘elite’, which, in a materialistic society, happens to be the super powerful and wealthy, hence the label ‘elite’. More precisely, this group of people is important for our discussion because they are the political policymakers and the social and philosophical trendsetters, and in general, they set many bad policies and trends, as your linked article explains.

      One of the ongoing points of discussion on this blog is how there is a general attitude of dishonor and disrespect towards good men, while immoral and unethical men receive honor and respect. As a result, men see little value in being honorable or respectable.


  13. locustsplease says:

    If this is the future of Christianity we’re all in trouble. Pastors recruit these people for non Christian reasons. These people are in constant self promotion.


    • feeriker says:

      Pastors are largely self-promoting, too (and for entirely non-Christian reasons), so the attraction of “celebrity Christians” as tools for their own self-aggrandizement makes perfect sense.


  14. naturallyaspirated says:

    “Physical touch” as his love language is just an acceptable way of saying, “Sex is my love language”, so you don’t sound like a sexist pig who just cares about getting laid. He throws the “quality time” in there just to deflect further. He’s on point there.

    Re: headship: I guarantee if this were brought up they would laugh it off and say that’s outdated and no one believes that sexist stuff in the bible anymore. “We are a partnership. It’s 50/50. She’s my best friend, etc. etc. etc.” You learn red pill headship issues the hard way, and he clearly hasn’t had to experience any of that.

    The real question here is how things go when he’s not on top of the music charts, all over the magazines, and no longer the top male she can partner with. I’m not sure how much the Christian part of the marriage needs to be followed when he’s choosing a young model, she’s choosing a top 1% man, and they are effortlessly flowing in the biologically wired laws of attraction.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thedeti says:

      All men’s “love language” is physical touch. Any man who claims his love language is anything other than “physical touch” is lying or is saying what he feels like he needs to say to be “socially acceptable”.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Bardelys the Magnificent says:

      I never read it that way. I always saw sex as a separate thing, more akin to a necessity than a preference, which is what a love language is. Physical touch would be more like hugs, snuggling on the couch, back and shoulder rubs, holding hands, things of like that. Touching that can, but doesn’t necessarily have to, lead to bedroom fun.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Oscar says:

      I’m with BtM on this one. Sex is a “love language” onto itself, and it includes things like maintaining ones own physical attractiveness for ones spouse.

      Physical touch is all the stuff you’re still able to do when you’re old, and incapable of sex.

      But, yeah, sex is pretty much every man’s #1 love language. We all have other, secondary love languages (mine is acts of service), but sex is the one without which a man can’t feel loved. He might be able to do without the others, but not without sex.

      The following should go without saying, but nothing can go without saying in our stupid current time-line. Therefore, it must be said that a loving husband will make exceptions for a loving wife who is incapacitated.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. feeriker says:

    Point there.

    “Re: headship: I guarantee if this were brought up they would laugh it off and say that’s outdated and no one believes that sexist stuff in the bible anymore.”

    Anyone who makes that claim has repudiated Scripture as God’s permanent and inerrant word. If a “Christian” says that, they’ve effectively repudiated their Christian faith (assuming that it was ever genuine, which is doubtful).

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Joe2 says:

    Sad news: Justin Bieber just cancelled his show for tonight in Toronto due to illness.


  17. Oscar says:

    Off topic: I’d ask them to write the whole thing like it was written to a 5-year-old.

    Liked by 2 people

    • anonymous_ng says:

      Agreed. IMO, SCOTUS erred in extending the freedom of speech into the freedom of expression. Speech is not flag burning or dying your hair. Speech is utterances and writing.

      Liked by 2 people

    • feeriker says:

      I would agree that it should ALL be rewritten as if addressed to a five-year-old. On the other hand, can a nation of five-year-olds in adult bodies be a free, civilized, sovereign nation? We’re witnessing the answer to that question unfolding right now.


      • Oscar says:

        “…can a nation of five-year-olds in adult bodies be a free, civilized, sovereign nation?”

        Not really. There’s a reason we don’t let 5-year-olds run around unsupervised.


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