Identifying the Meaning of Color

What does it mean when a woman wears burgundy, blue, or black lipstick?

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I received a message from Ieva Kubiliute, a writer for Giejo Magazine, a fashion site for women. Selected excerpts from the message follow. [Emphasis mine.]


I thought the below piece would be an excellent addition to your blog on If you feel it is the right fit, please feel free to publish it. Do let me know if you need any more information.

Ieva Kubiliute

Colour has an impact on how people treat and react to you. Whether it be the colours of your clothes, the colour of your hair, or the colours of your makeup, the colours you choose have an effect.

In their latest infographic the dynamic duo, Wassermann and Kubiliute, take a deep dive into the psychology of colour and how your lipstick shade can influence your day.

Monika Wassermann had this to say: Colours penetrate our subconscious and change our behaviours. By understanding the power of colour you can not only influence those around you but also change the entire course of your day.”

Colour is an often overlooked sensory cue when it comes to how others perceive you. By learning which colours provoke which reactions you can become the master creator of your life. Learn which colours to wear for different events as well as which colours can completely change another person’s perception of you. Whether you want to appear more sexy, confident or emphatic they’ve covered it all for you in one handy infographic.

Colour is a powerhouse when it comes to influencing our thoughts and emotions. The psychology of colour is not to be underestimated. Choosing the right colours to adorn yourself with can make you appear more sexy, confident and even more intelligent.

Giejo Magazine: What your lipstick color says before you do (2022-2-28)

The full infographic can be found here and was created in collaboration with Olio Lusso and Loxa Beauty.

Jack’s Take

At first, I wasn’t about to delve into the psychology of lipstick colour with Dr. Monika Wassermann and psychologist and sex and relationships advisor, Ieva Kubiliute, because I didn’t see how it is related to the Σ Frame blog, since this is a site for men. But then I realized that the psychology of color is not limited to lipstick. It could also apply to hair color, nail color, eyeshadow color, and so on, and that these colors might provide a clue for guys to know what kind of woman they’re dealing with. Also, it is well known in the ‘sphere that aposematism applies to humans too. So I’ve put some thought into this, and a bit of reflection on my own experiences with women, and I’ve compiled a color analysis for the readers.

Color Analysis

Judging by the psychology behind the colors given in the infographic, I’ve categorized these colors in terms of vetting acceptability. Green and yellow are not included in the infographic, so I did my own research and added these to the list. Other colors, such as clear gloss, glitter, gold, grey, lavendar, neon, silver, white etc. can be found in the articles under Popular Articles about Nail Color. (See below.) With the exception of lavendar and white (which I’ve added to the list below, lavendar is included in “Pastels”), none of these other colors appear promising.

If a woman uses color, there are definitely some shades that are better than others, in order of more preferable first (according to category).

Acceptable Colors

  1. Baby Pink — Kind, girly, and empathetic
  2. Pastels — Fresh, feminine, and playful
  3. Peach — Friendly, energetic
  4. White — Crisp, youthful, methodically organized
  5. Yellow — Optimistic, enthusiastic, curious, joyful, high mental and verbal acuity

All these colors are expressly feminine.

Proceed with Caution

  1. Nude — Classic, sophisticated, and authoritative
  2. Brown — Composed and dependable
  3. Orange — Adventurous, excited, and spontaneous
  4. Hot Pink — Bubbly, playful, and fun
  5. Crimson — Sassy, bold, and confident

Green — Highly variable, ranging from adventurous, powerful, and risky, to earthy and spunky, to peaceful and relaxed. (Read Popular Articles about Nail Color below for more information.)

Colors to Explicitly Avoid

  1. Brick Red — Strong and courageous
  2. Burgundy — Wealth, power, and money
  3. Purple — Individualistic and strong
  4. Black — Alternative, cool, Gothic, and rebellious
  5. Blue — Exotic, creative, insecure, and attention seeking

It is commonly observed that most women will choose a shade of red (e.g. lipstick, eyeshadow, rouge, etc.) which is towards the bottom of the list.


In summary, here are three good rules of thumb for discerning the meaning of color.

  1. No added color is probably best.
  2. Colors that are clearly feminine are preferable to colors that are bold, cold, glitzy, or heavy.
  3. If the color draws attention, stands out, or is too obviously noticeable, then it’s a bad sign.
Did you notice that she’s wearing a soft pink lipstick and nail color?
No? That’s exactly how it should be.

If a woman chooses a color that doesn’t appear feminine and blend into her appearance in a modest way, then this may imply one or more of the following things.

  1. She’s not mature enough to choose a suitable color.
  2. She’s not conscientiously attentive to her body and her appearance.
  3. She’s looking for attention, meaning that she doesn’t feel loved and content.
  4. She’s “experimenting” with color, which implies that she’s not emotionally settled.
  5. She’s trying to make herself feel better about herself or her appearance, indicating poor self-esteem.

Some consideration should be given to the woman’s age as well. In general, light or bright colors look better on younger women, and darker colors are more appropriate for older women.

About Monika Wassermann

Monika Wassermann studied medicine at the Queen Mary University of London. Currently based in the UK she also has a passion for freelance writing and covers a broad range of topics including health, sex and relationships and fitness. When she’s not busy writing she enjoys mediating, weightlifting and strolls around town.

About Ieva Kubiliute

Ieva Kubiliute studied psychology BSc (Honours) at the university of St. Andrews. She’s a keen freelance writer and consults several health and wellness brands. Ieva covers topics ranging from mental wellbeing to sex and relationships. In her spare time Ieva is passionate about yoga, movies and affordable skincare.

Ieva Kubiliute is wearing Baby Pink lipstick and nail color.


Popular Articles about Nail Color

About Jack

Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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38 Responses to Identifying the Meaning of Color

  1. anonymous_ng says:

    In the same way that clothing gives a hint to the underlying personality, so do the various paints, face, finger nail, and hair colors.

    However, just like clothing, they should be used as additional information versus hard pronouncement.

    Ieva Kubiliute’s photo is a perfect example. Sure, she’s wearing a sundress and has on baby-pink nail polish, but otherwise, everything about her photo screams that she’s a carousel rider and you should run far away.

    Baby-pink nail polish doesn’t outweigh her likely breast augmentation, her definitely lip filler, and how she wears her sundress with the shoulders pulled down, not to mention the look on her face.

    Color is a nice adjunct, but it’s just one more clue.

    Incidentally, I couldn’t find anything about Ms. Kubiliute except the exact same bio on every website. However, if I had to guess, I would guess that she’s Ukrainian, only because in my experience more Ukrainian women go over the top with their body modifications in search of “enhancing” their beauty than do Russian women. However, I will admit that my sample size is really to small to draw meaningful conclusions from.

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  2. thedeti says:

    Yeah, Ieva’s photo screams “carousel rider”. This is in large part due to the way she dresses and presents herself. This is the current style. See also this site:

    Both photos present as overtly sexualizing herself – i.e. “carousel rider”. That might not be the intent; but it is most definitely the effect and it is the message being sent.

    The first picture of the Asian woman does not convey “carousel rider”.

    If women don’t want to be thought of as carousel riders, they should not present themselves as such. Men are quickly evolving to notice slut tells. Ieva’s photos just exude slut tells. Again – that’s the message, regardless of whether she intends to send it.

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    • Oscar says:

      “If women don’t want to be thought of as carousel riders, they should not present themselves as such.”

      Or, as Sergeant Popp says, “If she’s not a whore, why’s she wearing a whore’s uniform?”

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  3. cameron232 says:

    For some reason I thought of this scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.


  4. catacombresident says:

    Great. Now I have a better understanding of women to whom I’d never pay any attention in the first place.


  5. feeriker says:

    I think many women who are considered “above average” in the looks department put on the “CC Rider” look as an act of power projection. It’s also their way of signaling to high-end men that they’re “available” while also signaling to the remaining 80 percent “don’t dare even think about it.”

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  6. Rowena says:

    To the commenters speculating if Ieva is a carousel rider, I present my humble findings from her bio. She does not mention a husband but she is a “sex and relationships advisor”. SPECIALISES in the field. Which begs my question – how does a woman specialise to the extent that she qualifies to be an advisor in sex and relationships WITHOUT a husband??? Perhaps next time, skip the nail polish and just read her self declared bio


    • Joe2 says:

      “Which begs my question – how does a woman specialise to the extent that she qualifies to be an advisor in sex and relationships WITHOUT a husband???”

      Easy. High end escorts meet many men and report their clients are seeking companionship, intimacy and affection. They may feel lonely, unloved, or are in dead bedroom marriages. They are not seeking porn star sex. So high end escorts have acquired a wealth of information regarding relationships and sex which can be shared with other women.


    • thedeti says:

      “…how does a woman specialise to the extent that she qualifies to be an advisor in sex and relationships WITHOUT a husband???”

      The same way an unmarried priest is qualified to advise Catholic couples on Catholic intersexual relationships and marriages — education, experience, training, expertise.

      But seriously — she appears to be a carousel rider through all sorts of other things besides lipstick and nail polish. To wit:

      – Fake blond hair with roots starting to show

      – Heavy eyebrows drawn in with Magic Marker

      “Come F me” facial expression

      – Puffed up fake botoxed lips

      – Large, gaudy diamond encrusted cross necklace (virtue signaling)

      – Breast implants


  7. Jack says:

    Judging by the comments so far, it appears that nail / lipstick color is not a very reliable indicator. Of course, very brash colors would be a bad sign, but even feminine colors might be adopted by rebellious, promiscuous, and/or feminist women.


    • cameron232 says:

      The least bad colors on the infographic in order: nude, baby pink, brick red. That’s for fair women. I withhold judgement on black women’s lipstick as they’re in a different situation complexion wise.


    • elspeth says:

      You may be unaware Jack, but there is an entire network of female femininity type blogs and YouTube channels.

      A lot of it is schooling on how to up your visual femininity game to attract men. It’s actually a big business for a few black women because so many black women lacked clear feminine role models or strong masculine role models. However, there is quite a lot of this content being offered by women of every background.

      Some of this is good, healthy, and noble. But it would stand to reason that a lot of risky women can glean the easy hacks related to softer makeup, colors, dresses, hair, etc. Those are relatively low cost and simple to implement.

      Because of that, and because a certain type of reader here will latch on to boxes and find it easy to check off lists, I would submit that colors of nails and lipstick are not reliable indicators of femininity, submissiveness, or long term relationship value.


      • cameron232 says:

        Weird clown colors are as is. Black = that Goth crap. Mental cases – avoid those ones.

        Not “a certain type of reader here” — most all of us. We need lists and guides that are relatively simple. We know crazy, attention whore and actual whore when we see it. If we’re occasionally wrong it’s worth it to avoid the bad ones.

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      • cameron232 says:

        Black nails at least on white women. Yeah a woman who makes herself look like a corpse. Something’s wrong there – pass.


      • cameron232 says:

        Per your initial lipstick comment at SS, our categorization of brick red above was per WOMEN’S description of what that color indicates: strong and courageous. The current usage, which doesnt mean strong and courageous like St. Teresa, doesn’t indicate good wife material. Your current choice of brown: IDK why Jack chose that category but he’s white and married to a NE Asian. Brown would be a natural color for African American women but would be a weird color for white or Asian women.

        The tropical fish Tammy Fay Baker colors are just weird.


      • Jack says:

        “Brown would be a natural color for African American women but would be a weird color for white or Asian women.”

        Yes, I did not mention aspects of race in the OP, but the meaning and nomenclature presented may not be the same for black women. I am too poorly informed to be able to comment in any further detail about that.

        In Taiwan, girls and younger women like glitter and small images painted on their nails (flowers, smiley faces, etc.), but it’s not necessarily a s1ut tell.


      • Jack says:

        “Per your initial lipstick comment at SS…”

        Thanks for the heads up. I see there’s more discussion about this post over at Spawny’s Space than there is here. It has apparently triggered some females who are supercharging the discussion. That’s nice.


      • cameron232 says:

        I don’t know how to reply directly to comments at SS. It can be done because Ame replies directly to me over there. Maybe you have to be registered as a blogger? Anyway I left it here to make sure Elspeth saw it because she said she’s going away for a couple weeks.

        I think lipstick, if worn, should be natural colored – close to the woman’s lip skin. I don’t think reds, hot pinks or unnatural colors are a good thing. You can’t tell if a woman has had sex or with how many men by lipstick or nail color but the further she ventures from natural the more likely from what I can tell. Same for hair color. Can also indicate an unstable personality.


  8. cameron232 says:

    That infographic sounds like a bunch of hokey BS. About as reliable as the other hokey BS women are into: Tarot cards, astrology, crystals.

    If she wears lipstick at all, that subtle pink (nude) would be the preferred (natural color).

    While she’s quite lovely to look at, other details about Ieva’s look give men important information.

    Her dress is too short. More importantly, the top is way too short. The way it clasps on her arms – those cloth side straps (I’m a guy – I don’t know fashion terms). That makes guys think the dress is going to fall off if she maybe shrugs – like it’s barely clinging to her. We’d enjoy seeing that of course. The diamond cross when paired with the clothing says virtue signaling, in this case Christian not Leftist virtual signaling.

    Ieva is a reader, Jack? Ieva, you would look better with the hair color God gave you. You don’t need to have (fake) blond hair for men to find you attractive. And put some more clothes on. “Hot” women are a dime a dozen. Beautiful women who are virtuous are quite rare. Would you rather be a dime a dozen or a rare gem?


    • Jack says:

      “That infographic sounds like a bunch of hokey BS.”

      The text in the infographic is obviously geared towards women. But the challenge for us is to read the purported meaning of color through the Red Pill lens, what kind of woman would be interested in wearing orange, nude, blue, etc., and whether that truly means anything relevant to men’s interests.

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  9. cameron232 says:

    No one mentioned the “wet” lipstick look that has become so popular over the last twenty years. This seems to give the impression her lips are moistened and ready for “fun” with a man.

    If she’s signaling to men in public that she’d like to suck it that’s a bad sign. Same thing with artificially enlarged lips.


  10. feeriker says:

    “If she’s signaling to men in public that she’d like to suck it that’s a bad sign.”

    Slore tell: She responds to this comment with some variant of “You must be gay, then!”

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    • cameron232 says:

      Well that’s a standard response to anything that brings shame on them. Others: “You’re insecure”, ….. blah blah…

      Ummmm… men don’t want to invest in a woman who’s porn star like. Duh! You can pay for hot hookers. It’s cheaper in the long run and when you’re done you don’t have to put up with crap.

      All major metros have high end hookers — men don’t have to fly to Nevada.


  11. redpillboomer says:

    “Yeah, Ieva’s photo screams “carousel rider”. This is in large part due to the way she dresses and presents herself.”

    I think men of today, especially red pill men, are picking up on slut tells much quicker than maybe in previous decades. I’m an older dude, been out of the SMP for over three decades now, and yet when I’m at the gym or out and about, I can pick out the CC riders rather easily. At church, it’s a little harder, and I don’t try all that much to pick them out because I’m focused on God, but even there, my “psychic radar” will pick it up from time-to-time.

    And yes, Ieva is one. She’s trying to appear as a “classy” one, but she can’t hide her CC ways because she’s not going FAR ENOUGH to try to hide them. The bigger concern I have is what I’ve noticed lately with some of the late twenty, thirty something women I know personally. They go the extra mile so to speak to try and cover up their CC ways. Hairstyle style, make-up, nail polish, clothing, etc., unlike Ieva’s get up, are more designed to COVER UP or conceal what Ieva is not trying to cover up. IOW, they’re consciously trying to mask their slut tells.

    This is the thing — I think men, particularly younger men… scratch that, throw the older men in there as well, especially the blue pill one’s… The one’s I know personally are STILL susceptible to it in their forties and fifties… They need to watch out for it. Apparently, you guys can confirm if you’ve seen this trend (if it is a trend?), CC riders trying to look relatively “wholesome” with their appearance, IOW, sort of the girl next door look. Not the pure GND, but an approximation of one.

    I picked this up when I got red pilled by the 27 year old I was coaching inside the educational program I’ve mentioned in earlier posts. While I was still blue pill and in the process of coaching her, she appeared to me to be very classy in dress and appearance, i.e. like a “good girl’ would, or what passes for a good girl these days, i.e. a relatively low body count. To my utter amazement, I found out she was nothing of the sort; she was CC to the core. She just had the ability to mask it well. She totally fooled blue pill me. Red pill me, after a few years of “seeing the lines of code in the Matrix”… Nope, my “red pill radar” picks up the CC rider trying to mask it almost as easily as I can pick out the Riders. You guys had this experience?


    • cameron232 says:

      She could be a virgin for all I know. She is half naked with a dress ready to fall off (oops – oh no!) with bleached blond hair and a diamond cross. You think she’ll stop showing her hot bod off to other men for validation once you marry her? Pass.

      Jessa Duggar’s Fat Friend (JDFF) FTW. She’s fat but at least she’s yours.


      • anonymous_ng says:

        These days, a big tell is her social media presence. If she’s posting selfies on social media multiple times a day, that’s a bad sign. If her pictures never have anyone else in them, that’s a bad sign.

        More and more, I’m starting to think this is the biggest, easiest, tell there is. I know quite a few women who are on social media, but barely ever post, and when they do, it’s more often than not, a meme of some kind.

        Then, there are the women who live their lives on social media. That’s one step less acceptable, but if the posts are of her and her friends doing things, and not just OnlyFans lite, then she’s maybe salvageable. If she’s posting posed photos of herself, and there are never any other people in the photos, run away.

        Going to take a hard pass on JDFF. Not looking to me like they are categorically more faithful etc, so you have all the same downside risk without the upside of sex with a woman to whom you’re attracted.

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    • anonymous_ng says:

      @RPB, your comment got me thinking.

      I think it’s harder to identify a woman who is not a CCR (c0ck carousel rider) because we encounter so few of them.

      Married women give off a certain vibe, and young CCRs give off a certain vibe, but unless you’ve spent time around young virgins, where is the baseline against which to compare them?

      When you talk about being able to pick out the CCRs, I would just say that in this day and age, it’s best to assume they are all CCRs unless there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

      For example, I know a young woman at church who is probably a virgin. I’ve known her since she was in her early teen years, I know her family, and I see her outward expression of Christianity, but also, she gives off a different vibe than do CCRs. So, in the totality of evidence, I conclude she’s likely not a CCR.

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      • Jack says:

        Even virginous women want to dress like slores because they’re shamed if they don’t.


      • Lexet Blog says:

        There was a chick like this in one of my former churches. Dressed old school and modest. Then one day went psycho emo Karen and never returned to normal.

        Biggest indicator is if they continue their behavior once they are away from their parents’ rule.

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      • anonymous_ng says:

        This one doesn’t, which is one of the marks in her favor.


      • Oscar says:

        I think you just answered your own question. If she dresses modestly, that’s a pretty good start.


  12. cameron232 says:

    Chock full of manosphere content, stats, etc.

    The Occidental Observer: The Nature of Women and the ‘Woke’ Problem (2022-6-2)


    • redpillboomer says:

      That was a really powerful article. I’d suggest everyone on here read it. I think the author captured the broader, male-female sociological issues very well.

      Interestingly, I know a number of suburban women who you’d think would know better, I.e. they’re in their fifties and sixties, have raised a family, played the traditional mom role at least to a certain degree for many years. And yet, AND YET, on any political or sociological issue that arises from elections to abortion to school shootings and everything in between, they are ALWAYS on the liberal, progressive side. ALWAYS. No exceptions.

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  13. Oscar says:

    Off topic: China’s population implosion begins.

    The Conversation: China’s population is about to shrink for the first time since the great famine struck 60 years ago. Here’s what it means for the world (2022-5-29)

    The world’s biggest nation is about to shrink.

    China accounts for more than one sixth of the world’s population.

    Yet after four extraordinary decades in which China’s population has swelled from 660 million to 1.4 billion, its population is on track to turn down this year, for the first time since the great famine of 1959-1961.
    China’s total fertility rate (births per woman) was 2.6 in the late 1980s – well above the 2.1 needed to replace deaths. It has been between 1.6 and 1.7 since 1994, and slipped to 1.3 in 2020 and just 1.15 in 2021.

    By way of comparison, in Australia and the United States the total fertility rate is 1.6 births per woman. In ageing Japan it is 1.3.

    Japan’s population is already shrinking, and if not for immigration, the US population would also begin to shrink in the near future. Sadly, our “leadership” is screwing us over, so we’re not in much of a position to take advantage of China’s demographic suicide.

    The rapid decline will have a profound impact on China’s economy.

    China’s working-age population peaked in 2014 and is projected to shrink to less than one third of that peak by 2100.

    China’s elderly population (aged 65 and above) is expected to continue to climb for most of that time, passing China’s working-age population near 2080.

    This means that while there are currently 100 working-age people available to support every 20 elderly people, by 2100, 100 working-age Chinese will have to support as many as 120 elderly Chinese.

    Hopefully the Chinese Christian population will increase sufficiently before then, because the CCP is liable to commit elder genocide to “solve” their demographic problems.

    Liked by 1 person

    • anonymous_ng says:

      I recommend watching some of the video interviews with Peter Zeihan. He spent 12 years at Stratfor and he has some interesting takes on world affairs.


      • Oscar says:

        I’ve listened to some of his lectures. I have one of his books on my list, but haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m not as impressed with supercarriers as he is, but he’s right about the USA’s advantages.


  14. Bwana Simba says:

    Amusingly, after this article came out a ton of girls I know started wearing pink nail polish.

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