Infogalactic is now blacklisted

It’s getting harder to find good information.

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I don’t rely on Wikipedia because I know a lot of useful and important information is intentionally excluded. I know this from first hand experience. About 10 years ago, a knowledgeable colleague told me some helpful information about Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS, also called Shaky or Twitchy Leg Syndrome) which I had been suffering from. I tried it and it worked within minutes! I was so impressed that I told him to add this information to Wikipedia and he did.

It was deleted the very next day.

The information he added was the fact that Chinese medicine treats “shaky leg syndrome” with calcium or magnesium supplements, which shift the ratio of iron concentration in synovial fluid and prevents the sticking of joints, most notable in the knees while falling asleep. After his addition was deleted with the comment “undocumented folklore”, I realized that Big Pharma makes a lot of money off all the sophisticated medications for treating “shaky leg syndrome”, and if everyone knew that simply popping a Tums or Rolaids antacid (containing Ca and/or Mg) would prevent it, a lot of people would be sleeping better at night, and Pharma would lose a lot of money.

Interestingly, the description of RLS at the Mayo Clinic cites an iron deficiency as being related to the cause of RLS, not an excess, which would be closer to the truth. If people read this and took iron supplements, they would be making the symptoms worse!

Since Infogalactic was introduced by Vox Day in 2016, I’ve used it regularly to find technical words and descriptions of different topics that I study. It has proven great value as a basic source of ready and reader-friendly information. The main reason I prefer using Infogalactic over Wikipedia is because it is much less biased and tends to include many ideas, terms, and viewpoints that were common before 2016, and which have since been purged by MGM.

Infogalactic is now blacklisted

Today, while researching information for some future posts, I discovered that G00gle is now shadowbanning everything from This change happened sometime over the past few days.

When I typed the string “infogalactic” into the G00gle search box, you would expect Infogalactic to be at the top of the results list, or at least on the first page, given it’s popularity. However, browsing through the first ten pages of results revealed nothing from Instead, the results were filled with left handed editorials demonizing Infogalactic and Vox Day.

However, I did find some interesting information and viewpoints on some of the sites that came up, which I’ll convey below. These excerpts give us a snapshot of the information war that was going on during Trump’s presidency. It also indicates how far internet media has slid down the slippery slope since then.

Image Source: AA: US journalistic legacy on shifting sands (2018-09-14)

At the top of the results was an article from Wired: Welcome to the Wikipedia of the Alt-Right (2017-06-21), with the byline, “Wikipedia was the rare place where people across the political spectrum could hash out solid facts. A wave of defectors is challenging that.”

“But Infogalactic is only one of a number of crowdsourced encyclopedias tailored to various conservative factions. There’s Metapedia, a wiki with a white supremacist bent, which is published in 16 languages but is especially popular in Hungary and Germany. (On Metapedia, Barack Obama isn’t just a former president, he’s a “mixed race former president,” and the Holocaust is a genocide only according to “politically correct history.”) Or there’s Conservapedia, a version aimed at religious conservatives and created by Andrew Schlafly, son of the conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly.”

Another article from the Washington Post was headlined, Silicon Valley escalates its war on white supremacy despite free speech concerns (2017-08-16).

“Some adherents to the alt-right — a fractious coalition of neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and those opposed to feminism — said in interviews they will press for the federal government to step in and regulate Facebook and Google, an unexpected stance for a movement that is skeptical of government meddling.”

“Doofuses in the conservative movement say it’s only censorship if the government does it,” said Richard Spencer, an influential white nationalist. “YouTube and Twitter and Facebook have more power than the government. If you can’t host a website or tweet, then you effectively don’t have a right to free speech.”

A Cryptofashion Official Infogalactic T-Shirt from Amazon. Price: $23.00 – $25.00.

Here is something useful! There is a downloadable extension, Infogalactic Transporter, on the Portuguese Chrome Web Store that allows the user to easily jump between Wikipedia and the associated page on Infogalactic. A Firefox version is also available from Mozilla (Get it while it’s still available!!!)

There were also a lot of dead links labeled, “No results found…”, etc. Apparently, a lot of websites have redacted all internal links to Infogalactic.

Surprisingly, the Infogalactic Facebook page is still active, last updated on 2019-12-25. How has it survived The Great Digital Purge?


When it was first released, Infogalactic had the ambitious goal of replacing Wikipedia as the top online encyclopedia in the coming years. This was deemed critical in fighting the culture war against censorship and political correctness that is arguably the greatest threat facing Western civilization.

To help turn the tides in favor of the unpleasant truth, we need to use Infogalactic and other non-converged sites and support them as much as we can.

I encourage all readers to use Infogalactic. Don’t forget to check out Infogalactic News and Infogalactic Tech. These are no-filler, Drudge Report-like sites that provide links to the most important news stories out there.

Click here to join the “Burn Unit” providing a modest, monthly donation to help maintain Infogalactic.


Neon Revolt shared another source for downloading Infogalactic Transporter, available for most browsers, which will redirect all Wikipedia links over to Infogalactic automatically for you. I highly suggest using it, and getting involved with Infogalactic.

H/T: Dark Brightness: The traps we move around. (2022-01-14)

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26 Responses to Infogalactic is now blacklisted

  1. Funny, I just tried the news site you linked and got a “This site is not secure” scare warning. Seems to be coming from the Google OS on my phone.

    We really do live in ridiculous times.

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    • Jack says:

      It’s coming to the point that whenever you see the scare warning, “This site is not secure”, it means that you’re transgressing the boundaries of the PTB’s digital domain — a good sign!

      Liked by 1 person

      • anonymous_ng says:

        I’ve got to disagree here.

        Usually the warning about this site not being secure is related to self-signed security certificates. My work doesn’t pay for offically registered certs, and so I get that same error message when accessing our servers and web pages.


      • What does PTB mean?

        [Jack: PTB = “The Powers That Be”, a reference to powerful players that prefer to remain hidden from the public eye.]


    • feeriker says:

      Google’s “security warnings” are pure wolf cries. I routinely get warnings that “[my] Google password has been compromised” or that “someone has tried to use [my] password, but we’ve blocked their attempt.”

      If someone “has” my Google password, it would only be because Google is using a legacy (and thus vulnerable) version of TLS, thus making it THEIR issue, NOT mine. More to the point, the timing of their messages is always suspect. Had there been a password compromise it would have been immediately evident.

      I’ve been attempting to “de-Googlize” my cyberlife for a while now, to include lessening my reliance on Gmail. The problem is in finding a suitable SECURE alternative that provides both sufficient mailbox space for multiple email addresses at an affordable price, and that isn’t in the SJW business like Google. I thought ProtonMail was the solution, but unfortunately I’ve heard of some SJW-type moves on their part recently that have me looking for other alternatives.

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  2. Maniac says:

    Glad you found a cheap alternative for the restless wheels. I have a pre-filled syringe of Ivermectin on my supplement shelf in case I contract the 19.

    Alternative medicine will become increasingly popular in the coming years.


  3. Red Pill Apostle says:

    If you go to duckduckgo and type “infologic” to the search bar, is the first link in the search. They also claim to not keep your search history so there’s a secondary benefit to them as well.


  4. info says:

    You should use:

    As an alternative to Google.


  5. feeriker says:

    Nikola I Vladivostok asks:

    “What SJW moves are those?”

    Here’s one example:

    You could legitimately argue whether “SJW” is the appropriate adjective here. However, generally speaking, any time any information or internet service supplies user information to any government body under questionable pretenses, it is inherently an act hostile to privacy, and by extension, freedom.

    The link above isn’t t the only example, either. There’s this:

    Given that ProtonMail caved in to the Swiss government’s (very likely unlawful) demands in the first instance, I don’t doubt that they did so in the second. FWIW, both MalwareBytes and the Daily Dot have a reputable following in the cybersecurity field, so I don’t have any particular reason to doubt the veracity of the reports.

    I think a great deal of the positive press around ProtonMail is that it’s headquartered in “neutral” Switzerland, giving people the false impression that it’s resources are safe from prying Deep State fingers and spying Deep State eyes. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Swiss government is as compromised and lawless as any other in the West. (Remember: this is the country that turns one of its towns [Davos] over to the Globalists for a couple of weeks each year for them to use as a board room for planning the next assault on civilization.) Otherwise they would have told the U.S. FBI to go pack sand when they asked ProtonMail to violate their own privacy policies.

    It could just be that there is no “secure” mail service that is free from the Cabal’s control. We’ll see.

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    • anonymous_ng says:

      I wonder if the solution is to use an email provider from a country who is unlikely to provide user data to the police in your home jurisdiction.

      For example, using might work a real treat if you live in the US. Sure, the Russians might be reading all your email, but if you’re not trying to foment discontent and revolution in Russia, would they care?

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    • Maybe the first amendment should be extended to apply to private companies… No, the extension should not be in the constitution, it should be a law, an act by the government that makes censorship by businesses illegal.


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  7. Most Infogalactic articles haven’t been updated since 2016. Most Citizendium articles haven’t been updated since 2013.

    When I search “Infogalactic” on Google, no results from the site show up on the first page. The same is not true for Bing. I never tried Yahoo! Try DuckDuckGo and StartPage.

    I believe that Conservapedia has a conservative bias, Wikipedia and RationalWiki are liberal-biased, and InfoGalactic and Citizendium are unbiased.

    I also recommend Result Hunter at Does Infogalactic show up in it? Not on the first page if you search “Infogalactic”, but the article on Conservapedia is the first result.

    Some of my blog posts at might be censored on Google. I could be wrong. Some of the blog posts may have violent language, just a warning.

    Reality doesn’t have a liberal bias. Neither does it have a conservative bias. Reality is centrist, fair to both liberal and conservative sides.

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