How to build your ex to go back to being fond of you

A reader shares his technique: Cut, Open, and Proceed!

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In the emailbox, a reader describes a technique he learned about how to deal with his girlfriend. Not all of his thinking is true to Red Pill lore, but he’s found what works for him, and that’s what matters most. Judging by his English, I take it that he’s not a native speaker. It logically follows that he’s not dealing with a western woman. So this should be taken into account in our critique. I’ve broken his message into sections and edited the worst spots for clarity.

I know it seems like the entire global population is nearing it’s final point of extinction, and reading the news these days only seems to confirm this impression. But there is no sense in accepting this as my personal reality. I pledge you, it’s actually not. I was in the precise same affliction many years back and I want to tell you about 3 excellent details that I did before to get my personal ex-girlfriend to tumble back excited about me.

I attempted your approach of “making demands“, and it did not work for me because she expected my request for better “bids” to be interfering in her mind. But by doing this, I did find that her mind is the wall around her heart which must be broken down. After a time, I found that this wall is actually distrust. But it was not easy to see, because she did not behave in the typical withdrawal method when distrust is present. Then I understood what you wrote about “head trust” versus “heart trust“. I had to find a way to adjust the trust she was giving me to get more “heart trust” and no wall of “head trust”.

The single most important step in getting your ex back, and often times determines whether the relationship is any good, is what I will call, “Cut, Open, and Proceed”. To do this, go like this.

  1. Cut“Cut to the chase.” Cut the bad pattern. Cut away the distractions and objections. Cut out the excuses and justifications. Cut into the real issue.
  2. Open — Open up an alternative style for her to view the situation. Open her mind to see why it is better.
  3. Proceed — Assume she will accept your alternative style, and then proceed along that way. No waiting for her agreement.

I can tell you, this method works!

The Application

The past me was perpetually apologizing! There are some things that deserve an apology and a few that will not, but in either case recently, it is not actually the time to apologize, but to follow “Cut, Open, and Proceed”. When this is in place, I set myself up to create our starting point to enter a better interaction. Only after this is done, then I will want to read whether the time is right to commit my apology.

The past me was reluctant to stop sending text messages! It seems that text messaging is indeed so easy and affordable to let her know I care, but then again, I stop to say to myself, “It’s not improving your position!” Sending drop text messages to my ex is simply just a venture of suffering. It is time to “Cut”!

Ever since I stopped sending texts, she begins to text me. “Now why won’t you text me anymore? Are you gonna be ignoring me from now on?”

Now it is time for “Open”! “No time for texting anymore. But if you care to see me, I will be running in the park on Saturday morning.” No further response is necessary.

Now it is time for “Proceed”! On Saturday, she came to the park ready to run, and after that, she is willing to follow me. Now I am running my girlfriend out of the park every Saturday!

Concluding Statements

Everyday, people need what they can’t bring. We men naturally assume we should have a girl on our arms, and perhaps you are thinking that this girl is the final thing you need to make the life complete. It likely should be. Nonetheless, truth be told, most people have a hard time coming to arrive at some of the basic property [character?]. I’m talking about the frame of mind to carry out the necessities of life. It completely goes against all that our logical system tells us to carry out, but nevertheless, on the contrary, bringing “Cut, Open, and Proceed” into your life does the job. Follow these steps as received from me, and you will also be on the new way, and also, you’ll get your ex within order to decrease the lazy and back to crazy about you.

Of course, it’s not possible to match all break ups. Even so, you have to accept one thing in particular and also understand it. You’ve got to tell her how you think, and show her she can say “yes” to your way. Moreover, it is advisable to give her your location and direction in life, and then make the effort to perform like it. But do not reveal your position when it is usually harming you. You are lucky if the pair of you are isolated so no one can break your relationship!

If other men become familiar with the guidelines I had been using, they can present themselves as reliable to trust and make a quicker progress. It would’ve beyond doubt saved me several lost years at the same time! If you could write a post for my method, readers can leave it bookmarked for their moment of defense.

Consider this and employ it to your benefit!


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Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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9 Responses to How to build your ex to go back to being fond of you

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  2. Red Pill Apostle says:

    “Cut, Open, Proceed”, as described in the post, works because it is the basic model Jesus uses when dealing with people. Throughout the gospels, we see the pattern of Him getting to the motivations of a person’s heart, then giving the correct biblical perspective, and then giving the person a correct course of action.

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  3. Eric Francis Silk says:

    I don’t know why anybody would want to have an ex back. If it failed the first time then it failed for a good reason. I go so far as to say that the best thing is to never see or speak to them again if you can help it.

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    • Jack says:

      “I don’t know why anybody would want to have an ex back. If it failed the first time then it failed for a good reason. I go so far as to say that the best thing is to never see or speak to them again if you can help it.”

      A lot of relationships fail because people are too immature (or too undisciplined as it was said yesterday) to maintain the relationship. Fortunately, people grow and change, and I am inclined to believe that for the most part, relationships formed earlier in life tend to have more potential.

      I am guessing that the author is from somewhere in Asia. Asian societies have a lot more social capital than America does, and inside a tight community it is important to maintain relationships that are already formed. Walking away from a failed relationship will not draw as much respect as making it work out. This is more true for women because if it is known that a woman has had several boyfriends and still “can’t keep a man”, then this will hurt her social prospects and reputation. Women in Asia are more concerned about this than American women and are less likely to sit and spin just for the fun of it. Of course, this is wildly different from the American way of thinking that intersexual relationships are fungible, as if people are disposable commodities in which it is assumed that everybody takes a few turns and settles down much later in life, and how no one really cares about that, even though past experiences have a huge influence on later relationships. Asian culture is much more healthy (and Biblical) in this regard.

      Moreover, there are reasons to nurture/preserve relationships that have already been formed, especially if children are involved.


      • anonymous_ng says:

        Frankly, in the first five years after my ex moved out, I would still probably have taken her back and made a valiant attempt at making things work. Now, I’ve grown so far beyond her that taking her back would be the equivalent of taking in a meth addicted prostitute all for the sake of what?

        She decided we were getting divorced, and started screwing other men, blames everything on me and is basically unrepentant.

        So, why would I want to resurrect that relationship?

        My eldest daughter echoes what I suspect all the kids think — “Why did you marry this woman?” The sex was good, I was shy, introverted, and needy, and sex with her filled the gaping hole in my self-worth that I hadn’t yet learned to fill with myself and with God.

        Thing is, based on the growing up I did in part because of my time in the pickup world, if I could go back in time as the man I am now, I wouldn’t marry her, but if I did, I could most likely make things work despite her issues because now I know how to handle her immaturity etc.

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      • Oscar says:

        @ anonymous_ng,

        “My eldest daughter echoes what I suspect all the kids think — “Why did you marry this woman?”

        It’s important to repent, and apologize to our kids, even when that means telling them, “I’m sorry that I chose this person to be your mother.”

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  4. feeriker says:

    “It’s important to repent, and apologize to our kids, even when that means telling them, “I’m sorry that I chose this person to be your mother”.”

    Imagine how much more powerful it would be if the kids were to tell Mom, “We’re sorry that Dad chose you to be our mother.”

    That’s essentially what my ex-wife told her mother. That probably helps to explain in part how she ultimately would become my ex-wife. Vetting is important, even if not always successful, and dysfunctional childhoods and broken homes are of course bright red flags in vetting a potential spouse. Unfortunately, most of us don’t learn that until it’s far too late.

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    • Oscar says:

      “Unfortunately, most of us don’t learn that until it’s far too late.”

      Yes, and bringing up the subject of vetting with “normie” men is like pulling teeth. Even when you’re in an all-male group, with no women in sight, it’s like they’re afraid their wives will somehow discover their crimethink.

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