Have Tattoos? Will Slide!

¡Scientific! evidence!

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Reader’s Note: Back to our regularly scheduled reprogramming, tattoos are a characteristic of Gothicism.
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Back in 1960, when my father (late Silent Generation) was in high school, smoking was popular. When my father started hunting for a wife, one of his non-negotiable vetting requirements was that she didn’t smoke. In fact, about 42% of the U.S. population were regular smokers at that time, so this was a rather stringent requirement. Virginity was assumed but not expected, and this was not discussed too much.

In 1980, my alpha older cousin (of the Jones Generation) had a list of vetting requirements, not for good girls, but for bad girls. “Drinks, smokes, talks sh!t, does drugs, has tattoos — If she has any three out of five and she isn’t wearing a wedding band, then she’s DTF.” He said this brief checklist of s1ut tells was pretty reliable.

While I admired my older cousin for being charismatic, athletic, and popular, I wasn’t like him at all. His side of the family called me “Reverend”. When I was in high school in 1990 (Gen X), one of my primary vetting requirements was that she didn’t do drugs. Since drugs were rather unpopular at that time, it was not so hard to find eligible women. (This was before the advent of designer prescription drugs in the late 1990s.) I had another requirement that she be a virgin, but this, OTOH was extremely difficult to find. If I ever stated this requirement, then I was ghosted in a jiffy.

My alpha cousin’s daughter was a Millennial, and somewhat like her father. Her vetting requirements (ca. 2010) were for him to be tall, muscular, and funny. She went on to do the alpha seed, beta need trajectory.

Fast forward to 2020. My oldest daughter (Gen Z) is in high school. She tells me one of the current vetting requirements is not having any tattoos. Non-virginity is assumed. (I’m thankful that my daughter has stayed free from these influences.)

Teenage girls talking while standing in hallway

Like smoking was for my father’s generation, or recreational drugs was for mine, why does the current generation consider tattoos to be a good indicator of whether or not a woman is wife material?

Oscar shared a link to an article that reports scientific evidence in support of this notion.

Business Insider: STUDY: People With Tattoos Are More Promiscuous (2012 May 25)

Introduction.  Body piercing and tattooing are accepted by a growing number of teenagers and young adults as a way of self-expressing. Some authors suggest association between body piercings/tattoos and early sexual initiation, higher number of sexual partners, or risky sexual behaviors.

Aim.  The aim of the study was to evaluate sexual behaviors among young adults with body modifications (BMs) — tattoos and piercings.

Methods.  One hundred twenty young healthy adults, ages between 20 and 35, were included in the population study. The study group was divided into three subgroups: controls (N = 60), adults with tattoos (N = 28), and adults with piercings (N = 32). The research instrument was a self-prepared questionnaire containing 59 questions assessing socioepidemiological parameters, sexual behaviors, incidents of sexual harassment in the past, and self-attractiveness evaluation, as well as questions concerning tattoos and piercings. Socioepidemiological variables and sexual behaviors were compared between subgroups.

Main Outcome Measures.  To assess and describe the correlation between having BM—tattoos and piercings—and sexual behaviors in the population of young adults by using the logistic regression model.

Results.  Adults with BMs have had their first intercourse statistically earlier and were more sexually active compared with controls. There were no statically significant differences in sexual orientation, sexual preferences, engaging in risky sexual behaviors, frequency of masturbation, and history of sexual abuse between the groups. In contrast, the frequency of sexual intercourses was statistically higher and oral sex was more likely to be a dominant sexual activity in adults with BM compared with controls. The multivariate logistic model revealed that adults with BM were four times less likely to participate in religious practices and twice more likely to have early sexual initiation.

Conclusions. Having BM is associated with early sexual initiation and more liberal attitudes toward sexual behaviors but not with engaging in risky sexual behaviors.

Source: “Tattoos, Piercing, and Sexual Behaviors in Young Adults” from The Journal of Sexual Medicine [1].

In summary, people with tattoos and body piercings begin having sex at younger ages, have sex more often, have more oral sex, and are far less likely to be religious. To put it more accurately, a person who fits this profile is more likely to have tattoos, and this correlation is prevalent enough to create a stereotype.

This further confirms a previous post detailing a List of Slut Tells (2017-10-15), which includes tattoos. Back in 2018, Lori Alexander broke the internet when she declared that Men prefer debt-free virgins with no tattoos. It’s truly a thing.

Of course, this is all common knowledge among the younger set.


  1. Krzysztof Nowosielski, Adam Sipiński, Ilona Kuczerawy, Danuta Kozłowska‐Rup, Violetta Skrzypulec‐Plinta, “Tattoos, Piercing, and Sexual Behaviors in Young Adults”, The Journal of Sexual Medicine, Volume 9, Issue 9, September 2012, Pages 2307-2314. (Download PDF)
  2. Read the original article on Barking Up The Wrong Tree (2012).


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17 Responses to Have Tattoos? Will Slide!

  1. Ed Hurst says:

    All true, most of the time. That’s the nature of social sciences, assessing averages and likelihood. I’m no butterfly, just a fringe case: My tattoo is a heart with the name of my wife, my one and only.


  2. Oscar says:

    The type, size, and location of tattoos matters, too. A little butterfly on a girl’s ankle is nowhere near as bad as a tattoo on her breasts, or her neck, or face, or a tramp stamp located like a runway beacon pointing towards an orifice.

    There are:
    green flags (go, i.e., no tattoos)
    yellow flags (caution, i.e., the butterfly tattoo mentioned above)
    red flags (stop, i.e., bigger tattoos in visible places, like legs, arms, shoulders, etc.)
    black flags (disqualified, i.e., any of the other tattoos mentioned above)


    • Red Pill Apostle says:

      My favorite reference to lower back tattoos comes from Germany.

      Das Arschgeweih, which translates to “a$$ antlers”, which paints a more humorous picture than “tramp stamp”.

      Also, would someone please let the social scientists that did the study know that it is probably not a good idea for your credibility to have “BM” written throughout your study. Either they are researchers with a great sense of humor and the abbreviation is completely intentional, or they need to interact a little more with the general populace.

      At a prior job we had a company database that was called “the Policy Management System.” The PTB decided that for ease of communication they would use an abbreviation when referencing the system and PMS officially entered the corporate shorthand. Yes, it was a temperamental system at times. No, wine and ice cream did not help.

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      • Oscar says:

        “Either they are researchers with a great sense of humor and the abbreviation is completely intentional, or they need to interact a little more with the general populace.”

        Dude. This study was obviously an excuse for grad school nerds to chat up tatted hotties and ask them about their sexual histories.

        Anyway, a wise man once said, “Better a fattie than a tattie!” Where’s my man Cameron at?!

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      • cameron232 says:

        Yeah, I’ll never be able to drop my aversion to tattoos on women, Oscar. I don’t condemn other men who choose a woman with one but for me it would be a deal breaker.

        In my mind, it’s impossible to imagine an unmarried/nevermarried woman who has a tattoo and is a virgin. If virgins are unicorns, tattooed virgins must be a rainbow-striped, winged unicorn that belches gold dust.

        It’s slightly easier to imagine a female version of Ed Hurst, a woman who married her one and only and got a tattoo later in life as it’s become trendy. I don’t remember tattoos AT ALL on women prior to maybe the mid-1990s with the exception of maybe a meth-addicted biker chick.

        No idea what the stats are but when I see a tat on a woman my mind says “ho.”

        Jessa Duggar’s Fat Friend (JDFF) FTW!!!!!!


      • thedeti says:


        I knew you’d be back.

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  3. Lastmod says:

    I am kind of surprised I never got one. Glad I didn’t. In college in 1989 or so I was right there at the tattoo parlor in Burlington, Vermont. I was gonna get one. With a bunch of college friends.

    That last moment, I froze. I just decided “no”, not going to get that or do that. I think it was a general fear / dislike of needles (nightmares as a child / teen of a doctor or nurse approaching me with a needle for an injection). I would suppose I was lucky because if I didn’t have that, I probably would have been inked up pretty good by this point and probably would have gotten into mainlining cocaine or heroin……

    I understand that a woman my age who has one or two and fully understands, “wish I never got it” and “I was stupid”, and it’s not seen….. yeah, cut the slack and give some. The problem is, every woman my age with them (early fifties) always…… ALWAYS doubles down…… and defends her past choices, “I wouldn’t be the person I am now if I didn’t have them”, kind of thing and “by actually having them it taught me how closed minded and how many men actually hate women… so they have helped me.”

    Choices made. Mistakes made. Well…… okay……. but for the most part you will never hear a woman say, “wish I never did that.”

    It’s like beards on men right now. No young man would have one if women DIDN’T like them. There was a time if a man had a beard it was the “grossest thing” to a girl. It’s a trend that soon will run its course, and you will see young women not liking them…. and thus men removing them. Women got tattoos because many guys wanted them to have them evidently….. but the reality on this was, many women SAID that guys wanted it, and thus, many if not most of the past two generations getting them. Women are such group thinkers this way……

    I follow men’s fashion and trends……. like the London GQ Mens’ fashion show. The male models had no beards or tattoos on them in 2021. Most of the men’s fashion trends never make it off the runway (thank goodness). It’s like a concept car show where concepts or ideas are just put out there to get a reaction.

    The biggest thing that always filters down off the runway for men’s fashion, usually appearing five years later or so, is hair styles, facial hair, lapel and tie / pattern styles. Men’s fashion changes much slower than women’s, but when it does change… it is very quick. No beards on young men in 2007. By 2009, you looked strange if you didn’t have one!

    By mid-decade probably very few young guys will have a beard, and it will be viewed as “an old guy thing” (forties and upward).

    I ramble… slow day at work.


    • anonymous_ng says:

      Back in university, I was thinking about getting a tattoo. This was in the early ’90s before the barbed wire arm band, and the Calvin and Hobbes tattoos became popular.

      I wanted something suitably blood thirsty and macho, but nothing I considered didn’t seem ridiculous. The daggar with the drop of blood? Overdone. A wolf head? Boring. Demons etc? Nope I was Christian enough still to avoid that.

      Then, I never did.

      Post divorce, I spent a solid six months looking for an appropriate tattoo. I finally found a black panther done up with hints of the tribal lines, but I never could bring myself to mark up my skin with it. Besides, if I got it done when I was fat, how would it look when I leaned out, and vice versa?

      To Oscar’s point about tatts, when I was in the USAF, we had a woman in my office, a full time reservist. She was in her late 30s to early 40s and had a butterfly or heart on her ankle, and it just looked . . . off, like it was something that probably looked really cool when she was a young hottie, but not so great on a middle-aged mom.

      These days I see women with full sleeves, faces on their thighs and calves, and angel wings above their breasts. It’s gotten to the point where I just turn away if I see any ink at all. It’s all a turnoff.

      I did spend some time in Miami South Beach talking to a woman with a parrot tattoo on the top of her foot who seemed to have her life together and wasn’t throwing off other red flags. If I lived there and wasn’t on vacation, I might have been interested despite the tattoo, but that was the last woman with a tattoo who interested me.


    • cameron232 says:

      I see older women who are getting them AS OLDER WOMEN. Not the tats of their youth. Fat grandma gets a tat. Fat grandma dyes her hair purple.

      “Grandma” when I was a kid looked like Irene Ryan from the Beverly Hillbillies. Now she looks like a Killer Klown From Outer Space:



  4. Maniac says:

    My best friend has a small Thor’s hammer in the middle of her back. She’s a proud Indo-European woman. Nothing wrong with that.

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    • cameron232 says:

      I wonder if actual pagan Indo European women got Thor tattoos.

      I have several books that recreate images of Viking and pre-Christian Germanic peoples based on actual archeological finds. Specifically, the Osprey Military books. The clothing of the pagan women looks surprisingly modest and feminine. Much more so than modern Christian women’s clothing.


  5. redpillboomer says:

    “These days I see women with full sleeves, faces on their thighs and calves, and angel wings above their breasts. It’s gotten to the point where I just turn away if I see any ink at all. It’s all a turnoff.”

    I get you! I see a lot of younger women at the gym working out and I’ve noticed an array of different tat schemes they’ve got now, essentially what is listed above. Two things occur to me as I’ve been observing this since I joined this particular gym in the summer of 2020: 1) When I see a young lady with NO tats, it looks beautiful (still) and strangely out of place, like in she doesn’t fit in with the current youth culture, she’s a total outlier. Weird for me since when I was their age, NONE of the women had tattoos; and if they did, it looked totally OUT of PLACE, and basically signaled big time SLUT, like in trailer park trash level type slut. 2) Even being an older guy, the more I’ve looked at these gym thots, I swear it’s like I can tell their N-count just from the number, placement and type tats they’ve got on their bodies. I don’t mean the exact N-count, but a general idea, e.g., “she’s a single digit gal”, “she’s definitely a low double digit girl”, and “that one over there, the one with the arm and leg sleeves, she’s got dozens of dudes in her count.” And let me tell you, some of these girls are definitely 8s and 9s, but with the tats they’re sporting, it definitely drops them way below that on the 1-10 scale.

    After awhile I’ve just become numb to the whole thing. It makes me GLAD I’m not a young man and trying to find/vet a woman in this sexual marketplace. It’s a shame to think how these women are going to feel when they’re 45, Chad and Tyrone are long gone, and they’ve got a body covered in these things. Fifteen/twenty years from now, it’s going to get real ugly out there in society when these Millennial women are well past their prime.


  6. locustsplease says:

    I have tattoos and have had several body piercings. I’m old enough to remember sluts not having any tattoos or exotic piercings. Now it seems like even the good girls have tattoos and piercings. Lots of girls at my church have nose piercings and I can’t stand it. For me, its a deal breaker / “no go zone”. It’s a sign of “I want to be as feminist as possible.” I have to admit, before I turned to Christianity in my late 20s, I was a wild animal and I try not to judge-exclude too much, but I hate being right.


    • redpillboomer says:

      “Now it seems like even the good girls have tattoos.”

      Noticed this too. The “good girls,” if there is even such a thing anymore, appear to me to have smaller tats, usually on the shoulder or the inside of the forearm. I know a married Christian woman, 34, who had one on the inside on her forearm, a “Faith, Hope, and Love” tat. I thought, “Nice expression of faith, I wouldn’t have one, BUT it seems to be tasteful and only really revealing when she rolls her forearm to the outside.” Come to find out, this isn’t her only tat. She has two on her sides and two on her feet I didn’t know about until she showed me. (She wanted to show me, I didn’t ask.) The ones on her side, forget what they were drawing-wise, but they were sizeable. She did tell me that when she goes to the beach she only wears a one piece.

      Suddenly my ‘Red Pill’ lens kicked in and I probed a bit into her history which I already knew a little bit about. Sure enough, it was a ‘college thing,’ back when she was cheer leading for a major university. Her ‘backslidden’ Christian days. (She was raised in the Church, but it was churchianity.) She was riding the CC on campus and got pregnant by Chad her senior year. The secular tats were gotten during that time frame.

      Here’s the rub, now she’s married, two kids — the illegitimate one and one with her Christian hubby, back to endeavoring to grow in her faith, AND she told me, “I wished I’d never gotten these things and I’m ashamed of them.” I got a chance to see the consequences downstream, about ten years after she got the tats during her CC riding days. Insightful.

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      • Jack says:

        “Sure enough, it was a ‘college thing,’ back when she was cheer leading for a major university. Her ‘backslidden’ Christian days. (She was raised in the Church, but it was churchianity.) She was riding the CC on campus and got pregnant by Chad her senior year. The secular tats were gotten during that time frame.”

        This is exactly why tats are a tell.


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