Sappy Wall Day, Tomi Lahren!

In celebration of her collision with reality!

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La Introduction

Tomi Lahren’s birthday is August 11, 1992!  So she turns 29 today!  Sappy Wall Day, Tomi!  We here at the Manosphere are remembering you on your special day!

This is a very special day in your life, because this is the day that you have officially hit the Wall!  In fact, 29 is a very special age which lasts for a decade, because for the next ten years, you will (claim to) be 29.

Today is also the one-year anniversary of the day you gained a special place of notoriety in our hearts and minds, forever lodging a place for yourself in the Trad Thot Hall of Shame.

This post is dedicated to the celebration of Lahren’s 29th birthday and to review her contribution to Manospherian lore.

La Histoire

A little history.

Lahren attended college at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, where she studied broadcast journalism. One of her early pieces was a glowing article for the Review-Journal about a fellow student who had turned to stripping for financial reasons.

In 2014 (age 21), Lahren finished college. She was rejected by The Blaze, but was picked up by One America News Network and given her own show, On Point. She gains fame by taking on controversial topics (e.g. B L M, immigration, gun laws, Colin Kapernick, etc.) from a conservative viewpoint.

In 2015 (age 22), Lahren lived in San Diego and her then boyfriend was a Navy Seal.

In November 2015, she moved to Texas and began a new show with The Blaze, which ended with a 3 minute summary, Final Thoughts.

She was an open supporter of fracking and claimed that climate change is a myth.

She was also a vocal opponent of stricter gun control and is staunchly pro-military,

Lahren claimed that she is a leading voice for conservative and Republican Millennials. At the same time, she has also ripped into her own demographic, saying Millennials are lazy and calling Millennial men “soft.”

On March 17, 2017 (age 24), Lahren made a guest appearance on The View in which she said that women should have access to abortion. By coming out as pro-abortion, Lahren blew up her career on “The Blaze”. One wonders why, exactly, a “conservative” young professional woman, at age 24, would suddenly change her stance on abortion?  Why would she decide that supporting abortion would become so important it was worth losing her job and might possibly destroy her career? What could have caused that? And what might it explain about her enormous spite towards all men?

Of course it is pure speculation, but I think it might be because she herself elected to have an abortion around that time and she was about to be outed as a hypocrite.

In August 2017, Lahren joined Fox News as a contributor.

In June 2019, Lahren became engaged to a sports management professional named Brandon Fricke. Contrary to many reports, the Brandon Fricke who was Tomi Lahren’s fiancé is NOT a professional soccer player. That’s a different Brandon Fricke. Lahren’s ex-Fricke is a professional sports agent.

Fricke has a master’s degree from Arizona State. He works as an agent for professional athletes. He’s a “Jerry Maguire”. He ran for Congress in California as an independent.

Fricke for Congress: Meet Brandon

Four years after, his page has not been updated to reflect his split with Lahren!

The guy is a tall, handsome, educated professional with money. The guy bought her an engagement ring estimated at $50,000. Then one year later, she broke up with him, and then all hәll broke loose.

MSN (Robyn Merrett): Tomi Lahren calls off engagement to fiancée Brandon Fricke: ‘We are still best friends’ (2020 April 30)

In June 2020, she came out in favor of same sex marriage.

Later, the news turned out that she dumped her fiancée (Fricke) for another man, Jay Cutler, who then broke up with her a short time later after a controversy.

Le Duperie

Let that sink in, y’all. The entire gamut of Red Pill lore rolled up in un jeune fille — Attention seeking, the Feminine Imperative, Machiavellianism, solipsism, cognitive dissonance, hyperactive hamstering, psychological projection, bait and switch, hypergamy, branch swinging… and now the proverbial Wall loometh!

She had a man who was literally everything she claims to want. Handsome. In shape. Successful. Has his sh!t together. Got something going on. Fricke was, and is, literally EVERYTHING she says she wants. And she told him to go Fricke himself!


She had the chance to be married to a fine man — a top 0.1% man! But she backed out. Why?

Women really really want to get married, but actually, they don’t want to BE married, because it removes them from the SMP and pressures them to grow up. Lahren makes this perfectly clear. They just want to have “married” on their life resume. Once they have that checked off their bucket list, they’ll throw it away on a whim, as evidenced by the data. (40% of marriages end in divorce, with 70% of these initiated by the woman.)

Vive le glorieux carrousel!

This shows what is most important to her. It’s not marriage, nor having an alpha man, not money, not status, and not even having a fine c0ck to shinny her muff on when it’s cold and snowy outside. Neither quality nor quantity will fill her bill.

No, she wants CHOICE, and she’ll hold on to her options as long as she can… until she has no other options! She likes to play god, to be the lord of her own candy@ss fantasyland life. It’s “Me first!”, all the way to perdition.

Her Christianity is only a cultural identification, as NovaSeeker described in The Amalgamation of Western Culture (2020 December 2).

This is the reason why she cannot empathize with the needs of the men in her life. She doesn’t care what they want, because that would require humility. According to her world view, men should bow down and worship her god of Choice — herself. So yes, it is impossible for her to ever be an obedient Christian in any meaningful context of marriage. She has defiled herself with the world and will never achieve a God glorifying Headship marriage.

It’s probably better for her not to marry at all. She can continue to pursue this illusion of choice, and she won’t defraud any man she might have otherwise married, and then ruin his life with a frivorce when she finds out that it isn’t what she needs most in life.

La Rantage

Here is Tomi Lahren’s epic rantage (2020 August 6).  The indignant feminist boilerplate is obnoxious, but the butthurt is delicious.

This is the screed of a woman nearing 30 who suddenly demands a serious man, after years of enjoying the attentions of many non-serious men, and is frustrated to find that these men and younger lasses alike disobey her and her aging friends, and still act in the ways that help them to quickly bed down like they used to do.

There’s not much more to it.

In this video, she repeatedly uses the term “Thotiana” derisively.  At first, I thought this was a feminist variation of the relatively new term Thot (which I think was coined by Roosh about a year ago.) But after reviewing Tomi’s rant and researching this a little further, I realized that my first impression of the term Thotiana was mistaken.  Tatiana is a common name in Eastern European countries (i.e. Latvia, Moldova, Estonia, Poland, etc.).  These women come from a traditional patriarchal society, and there is also a skewed sex ratio in those countries resulting in many women without a man.

So now I’ve come to see that Thotiana is an envious Feminist slur against these Eastern European women who have the reputation of being thin, feminine, and marriage minded. In some instances, the usage of the term Thotiana is wrong. Lahren is a high-class Thot, but not a Thotiana.

Manosphere Blog Posts

For those readers who might take great joy in remembering Tomi’s self-destruction, I’ve collected a looong list of links and videos of the schadenfreudian variety.

In the above link, Red Pill Dad wrote five takeaways for Tomi Lahren and her cohorts.

  1. Before you complain about a man, remember: you chose to date him.
  2. Ladies: your success and money doesn’t matter to men. We literally don’t care, and I mean literally, as in actually, factually, in reality, we don’t give AF about how much money or status you have.
  3. Men won’t commit to a relationship unless it’s an obvious win for them.
  4. Feminine love and attention is the missing ingredient.
  5. Hypergamy cuts both ways; yes, it’s bad for most men, but it’s also, in the long run, bad for women too, especially re: commitment.


In the above link, Rollo wrote,

“Tomi Lahren is a Feminist in the truest sense of the term. In one breath she screams men are trash, and in the next she claims to love men. This is the cognitive dissonance that generations of feminism embeds in women. Years of socio-psychological upbringing trains them to distrust, despise and emancipate themselves from men, while at the same time their evolved, biological, mental firmware cries in frustration for a need of men to love, protect, provide and sexually satisfy them.

This inner conflict becomes more and more stressful as this generation of young women approach the Epiphany Phase. One conflicting shift I see among this crop of young women is a greater, and earlier, awareness that they will be less likely to optimize Hypergamy with an acceptable, elite, man they are taught to believe they all deserve. Settling for anything less than optimal is anathema to the Strong Independent Woman ideal; settling for a suboptimal man is the main source of inner conflict for the Equal-but-Better expectations women place on today’s admittedly lacking men.

This is what Tomi is screaming and crying about.”

Also, see comments about Lahren under this post.


Rich Cooper takes on Tomi Lahren. (2020 August 5)

Tomi Lahren and Rollo Tomassi, with his catchquote, “Tomi knows how to look feminine. But she doesnt know how to be feminine.” (2020 August 5).

Aba and Preach: Tomi Lahren teaches us how to be “Real Men” (2020 August 6)

Joker at Better Bachelor: Her Facebook rant goes viral. Sounds like the princess got her heart broken (2020 August 6)

Coach Greg Adams at Free Agent Lifestyle: Tomi Lahren Glitches and Cancels Men. The Conservative News Host Turns Liberal for a Moment? (2020 August 7)

Joker at Better Bachelor: Poor Tomi, even women are now telling her she’s the problem, not men. (2020 August 11)

Rich Cooper: Why Tomi Lahren Keeps Throwing Childish Hissy Fits… (2020 August 18)

Terrence Popp: Tomi Lahren Thinks Men Are Trash (2020 August 21)

Joker at Better Bachelor: She left her husband of 5 months, found out he was really rich and just testing her. She failed! (2020 April 27)

Readers are welcome to add other links and videos in the comments.


  1. USA Today (Daniel Funke): 5 Things to Know about Tomi Lahren (2016 December 2)
  2. Infogalactic: Tomi Lahren
  3. Deti gave us some other facts about Lahren.


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61 Responses to Sappy Wall Day, Tomi Lahren!

  1. imnobody00 says:

    “Neither quality nor quantity will fill her bill. No, she wants CHOICE, and she’ll hold on to her options as long as she can… “

    It is not false but it seems to me that the main reason is that she thought Fricke was not good enough for her. That she could do better.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cameron232 says:

    Yep. “Men between 18 and 59 years old are all trash!”

    The apex fallacy big time. Her tips for men:

    “Be single.” “Make plans for a real date — Don’t just text me”.

    Yeah, cause we’re all (18 to 59 year old American men) Chads who have a harem of women who we text just to string along while we’re getting a booty call from another woman.

    Don’t worry Jack. She’ll have a kid (or two) while single, and some redstater country music star like Blake Shelton will wife her up when she’s 40 or 50.


  3. redpillboomer says:

    Ah, ‘our girl!’ Ms. Lahren is the archetype of all archetypes. She is all the Manosphere teachings rolled up into one woman. Her PSA for Boyish Men rants are of Manospherian legend! I look forward to reading everyone’s comments and may add one or two myself. Enjoy, and Happy Birthday to Tomi day; 29 and the Wall has arrived! The Pink Floyd tag line in their hit song comes to mind, “Just another brick in the wall!”


  4. Lastmod says:

    Thot has been used for years by Millennials “That Ho Over There” I found it amusinsingly funny when I first heard it at a Starbucks in 2015? 2016? It was a snippy Millennial gay Barista using it to describe some annoying, pretty, entitled female customers after they left the shop.

    It would not surprise me thought that Roosh would somehow claim it as his own invention, or have himself linked to it.

    BTW… No one, No one…… would care about this woman or what she had to say if she was average looking.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Red Pill Apostle says:

      “BTW… no one, No one…… would care about this woman or what she had to say if she was average looking.”

      Bingo. Most 21-year-olds are DUI-masses, me included, not knowing what they don’t know. Yet she gets a TV show for her, ahem, “thoughts” on complex topics?


      • feeriker says:

        “Yet she gets a TV show for her, ahem, “thoughts” on complex topics?”

        I think we can take comfort in knowing that not a word of what she ever uttered on any of her TeeVee shows was her own. A 21-year-old ditz from “Flyover Territory” uttering anything profound that wasn’t put into her mouth by someone else because her own brain couldn’t possibly have the candle power to conceive of it? Nope. Not buying it.

        For all her feminist outrage, Tow-mi knows full damned well that she’s nothing but eye candy for the thirsty cuckservative schlubs she so despises and that this is the ONLY reason she has gotten as far as she has.

        Liked by 3 people

  5. feeriker says:

    Sappy Wall Day, Tomi!

    The next ten years will pass by quickly, so don’t worry!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. She’s a mess, and not even that attractive. She has so much spackle on her face!


  7. KJ says:

    She’ll have a line of beta orbiters ready to slap a ring on her finger and worship her and bask in her wonderfulness and run over hill and dale to cater to her every need. She most definitely already does. A doctor, a lawyer, someone like that.

    Domineering women like her will never submit to a man in a relationship setting, so a passive beta who kneels at her feet and give alms is the only man who will fit her “relationship” casting call. And she’ll probably bang chads on the side who just want to bust a nut, who can make her submit in the bedroom, which is what she wants and needs.


  8. locustsplease says:

    She’s cute but not hot or sexy. It’s irritating when women think they are 10s when they are a 7. How do they not know this? I’ve got girls I could date tomorrow better looking than her. Elevating herself to NFL quarterback class of woman (or above) is just never gonna work.

    It took me a long time to find that difference between Trad Con and Red Pill, but this is a shining example. Conservatives can’t tell what’s wrong here and will defend her, whereas Red Pillers will pick her apart.

    Liked by 1 person

    • redpillboomer says:

      I think with the make-up off she’s heading south of a 7!

      Liked by 1 person

      • locustsplease says:

        Yes, but that could be any girl! Undye that hair, put a T-shirt and jeans on her, and then you have a fair comparison. This day and age, if your not overweight or old, I have all above 5. How exactly does someone think they are gorgeous after they paint face for 45 min. ???

        I never thought I was a 10 because I know guys who are 10s and I am invisible when they are around! She thinks her and all her friends are 10s. It’s more than likely none of them are.


      • Jack says:

        “I think with the make-up off she’s heading south of a 7!”

        Yes, if you ever see that rare photo of her, usually an older one, in which she has no makeup, she looks rather common.


      • The sad thing is that common could be beautiful if she had some semblance of an non-acidic presence. I’ve met attractive women that destroyed what others saw in them, not by aging but by a lack of grace/personality.

        Liked by 5 people

      • info says:

        Goes to show that If you can’t find the future wife to be attractive without makeup. You have no business marrying her at all.

        Because you will have to wake up to her without makeup.


  9. Red Pill Apostle says:

    While I don’t want to be glib about someone’s struggles and I’d rather she repent and fix her life, there is something satisfying when natural consequences to poor life choices land right where they are supposed to. A little justice in the world is better than no justice at all.

    Liked by 4 people

  10. cameron232 says:

    If forced to choose, at gunpoint, between Tomi and Jessa Duggar’s Fat Friend, choose Jessa Duggar’s fat friend. JDFF has SOME nice qualities.

    Liked by 1 person

    • feeriker says:

      “If forced to choose, at gunpoint, between Tomi and Jessa Duggar’s Fat Friend, choose Jessa Duggar’s fat friend.”

      For any discerning man with even an ounce of self-respect, it’s not even a contest.

      Liked by 1 person

      • cameron232 says:

        Well, that’s Fox News, and it’s been that way for a long time. Someone on here called it the “short skirt mafia”. Yeah, it’s eye candy, mostly for the old dudes (who are buying the erection pills, pain relief pills, and oxygen concentrators advertised on FoxNews commercials).


    • Oscar says:

      Looks like JDFF is now official short hand for the nice, but not so attractive, Christian girl.

      Liked by 2 people

      • cameron232 says:

        Here’s the thing. Tomi will (100% certainty) get old and there’s a decent probability she’ll get fat. Then you’re stuck with a b!tch who used to be hot. JDFF – there’s a reasonable chance she will stay nice.

        As Cousin Eddie (from the movie Christmas Vacation) said about The Carnival’s “Yak Woman”:

        “She’s ugly as sin, but a sweet gal. And a helluva good cook!”

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oscar says:

        “JDFF – there’s a reasonable chance she will stay nice.”

        I’m right there with you, brother. In order of preference it’s…

        (1) Sweet and pretty
        (2) Sweet and chubby
        (3) B!tchy and pretty
        (4) B!tchy and chubby

        (3) and (4) are an automatic hard pass. No matter where they started, everyone ends up ugly, but character can actually grow and improve with age.

        I like “JDFF”. You have coined a new Manosphere acronym.

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  11. Lastmod says:

    “I’ve got girls I could date tomorrow better looking than her!”

    Humblebrag. The reason why she is getting so much attention is because she is attractive. If she looked like “Daria” or “Blossom” no one would care… and when she was supposedly on “this side” she was “hot”, “amazing”, “a real woman” and “This is how they should look and behave” type of thing.

    The reason why Cooper, Rollo, and Popp made their respected videos, is because they wanted to get their two cents in about how they “always knew she was like this…”, and make excuses and psychobabble as to why she did this… before anyone else could say they “always knew she was like this…”

    Again, if she was average, or below average, and she did this switch, they wouldn’t even care. Not one iota.

    Liked by 2 people

    • cameron232 says:

      I agree she is a quite attractive woman. I suspect some of the reason guys post comments about her lack of attractiveness because her physical beauty contrasts so greatly with her crappy attitude/personality ugliness. We place a lot of emphasis on women’s physical beauty but it isn’t the only thing women offer.

      Also, I don’t think all women “hit the wall” at 29 or 30. I do think almost all women “hit the wall” by late 30s to 40.

      And I would rather be married to a nice woman who is fat and/or ugly than to her.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oscar says:

        Every time there’s a discussion about women’s looks online, some percentage of the men in the discussion claim to date hotter women than the one(s) in question, and it’s almost always BS. It’s almost always a case of “standards“.

        My thinking is, “Pics or it didn’t happen”.


      • Jack says:

        “I don’t think all women “hit the wall” at 29 or 30. I do think almost all women “hit the wall” by late 30s to 40.”

        Before 10-20 years ago, the wall stood at around 30, and it was lower for those who weren’t blessed with preferred genetics or who didn’t take care of themselves. But these days, the wall is being pushed out past 40 for many women. NovaSeeker first mentioned this in The Centrality of Sex in Western Culture (2021-02-08), and this observation has been mentioned several times again in more recent posts.


      • Lexet Blog says:

        The wall is still late 20s. It’s just that we have droves of thots out there that don’t realize they have long since hit the wall a decade ago.


      • Red Pill Apostle says:

        “But these days, the wall is being pushed out past 40 for many women.”

        We tend to discuss the wall in terms of the type of man a woman can still attract. I think this is an error, because some women are genetic outliers that can, in fact, attract men into their 40s. The example of Christy Brinkley comes to mind, but women are all, no matter how attractive, still noticeably less attractive than the 22 year version of themselves pointing to the market effects of the wall being relative to each woman. But by 30 almost all have hit it and within a couple years all have hit it because biology and time are undefeated. Think of the wall as the point where men she used to be able to pull look at her and think more along the lines of, “she still looks good” or “she’s aging well” instead of, “she’s really hot”. Hitting the wall can be obvious in some women and subtle with others, but it’s there and it is undeniable.

        Liked by 2 people

      • info says:

        The bonus about feminine behavior is how it is able to enhance the physical attractiveness the woman already has. Of course like Game it can only do so much. But still it does somehow create that impact.

        Liked by 1 person

    • cameron232 says:

      Jack posted a picture of an extremely attractive woman (body and face) a couple of months ago. As in hotter than you’ve probably seen in real life. One of the commenters said they are surrounded by hotter girls on a daily basis.

      I really had no idea whether to take the comment seriously or not. How many guys are surrounded by 10s on a daily basis? What are the chances they’re one of the few people posting comments on this site?


      • feeriker says:

        “How many guys are surrounded by 10s on a daily basis?”

        Pity any guy who is. Most tens are insufferable b!tches.

        Liked by 3 people

      • redpillboomer says:

        Nope, I see a ‘parade’ of good looking ones at the gym, but nary a one would I give a 10. There are a couple of 9’s, but they mess that up with their d@mn tattoos.

        “Pity any guy who is. Most tens are insufferable b!tches.”

        Been around for a long time and I have not seen many 10s in real life. A bunch of 7s and 8s, and occasional 9 here and there; and yes, even back in my day, the 8s and 9s were mostly insufferable b!tches. An occasional nice 8 (as in, being a nice person), but they were the exceptions. Most 8s and 9s were b!tches, even back in the ’80s.

        Liked by 2 people

  12. surfdumb says:

    Thanks to scientists, she may revise her “I am 29” to “I may not be 29 anymore, but my frozen eggs are.” Anything to make that sale.

    She is another example of modern looks with the muscular arms. It’s all over the TV and commercials. When I bring this up to tradcons they get uncomfortable and say they don’t notice or care.

    Maybe the feminists are right about me and that strong women scare me, because I think the wide shoulders and sculpted biceps are really ugly. Some are just built that way, but the majority strive for it. It gives the phrase, “girls with guns” a different twist.

    Can any of you guys who like it explain the attraction to me? Why are muscular arms and a wide shoulder girth more feminine to you than a physique like Audrey Hepburn, or Marilyn Monroe, or Sophia Loren, or the older sister on The Jeffersons?

    Liked by 2 people

    • cameron232 says:

      I don’t know. Maybe the men who like muscular women are somewhat gay. They say gay is only partially genetically influenced. Like 40% or something. Maybe those men have a lot of gay genes (gonna guess it’s a polygenic trait like damn near everything). I can understand liking “tight” but not muscle chicks.

      The feminists aren’t right about you. “Strong” women don’t scare you. They disgust you and you can intuit that it’s a bad deal for men to celebrate women acting/looking like men, competing with men for careers, etc. It’s already enough that we have to compete with 4 billion other men for access to women of diminishing quality (obese, tats, blue hair, b!tches). When women act/look/behave like men, then we have to compete with even more people for access to lower quality (masculine) women. Your gut instinct tells you this, and it’s crappy for men.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oscar says:

      “She is another example of modern looks with the muscular arms.”

      Seriously? You think Tomi Lahren has “muscular arms”?


      • cameron232 says:

        I guess I think of Chyna from 1990’s pro wresting as a muscle chick. There are some guys who like that.



      • anonymous_ng says:


        Do a google search of Crossfit women, and you can see the super lean women on PEDs. That’s what I think of when someone says muscular arms, and no, I’m not interested.

        Tomi looks like your average attractive woman from the 1940s.


      • Oscar says:

        “I think of Chyna from 1990’s pro wresting as a muscle chick…”

        Uh… yeah. That’s obvious! Plus, she was on ‘roids. Women who produce enough testosterone to build that kind of physique are extremely rare, and they’re not in the WWF/WWE. They’re winning gold medals in track (and even that is suspect).

        But…. Tomi Lahren? That’s just another case of “standards“.

        Liked by 1 person

    • anonymous_ng says:

      Well, I don’t see that Tomi is particularly muscular. In most of the images on Google image search, it appears to me that her arms are no leaner or more muscular than Audrey Hepburn, or Sophia Loren. Even Marilyn Monroe has a few shots where her arms are more defined.

      However, to the extent that what you’re talking about is true, it’s probably a reaction to the rampant morbid obesity that’s everywhere. I live in one of the fittest parts of the country, and it’s the fatty tatty brigade everywhere I look.

      I spent seven years dropping my kids off at the local UMC high school, and it was sad to see so many of these young men and women who were already morbidly obese, and for others to look and see that absent some heroic change in lifestyle and behavior, their best days physique wise were already behind them.

      Then, given that most modern women have an overly entitled attitude, all other things equal, I’d rather roll the dice with someone like Tomi than her morbidly obese counterpart.

      Liked by 1 person

      • cameron232 says:

        Ahh but JDFF isn’t Tomi’s counterpart. She isn’t most modern women.

        JDFF FTW!!

        Mostly just having fun with this at this point.


      • anonymous_ng says:



      • anonymous_ng says:

        Ahhh, I had to read the posts further up. JDFF, got it.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oscar says:

        “I spent seven years dropping my kids off at the local UMC high school, and it was sad to see so many of these young men and women who were already morbidly obese, and for others to look and see that absent some heroic change in lifestyle and behavior, their best days physique wise were already behind them.”

        I’m old enough to remember when there used to be a fat kid in class. Nowadays, half the public school kids are fat.

        Curiously, my kids attend a private Christian school, and there are only a hand full of fat kids in the entire school. And, this is in Missouri. The teachers, on the other hand…

        Having been a scrawny, underweight teenager, I don’t get it.

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  13. anonymous_ng says:

    I recall reading back in the day a theory that many attractive women despise men who dote on their looks because they know that their looks are nothing more than having won the genetic lottery.

    And, a similar story about how some wealthy heirs struggle to find an identity as their accomplishments never rise as high as their inherited wealth for which they did nothing.

    When I think about a woman like Tomi, I wonder if she’s not caught up in the same trap. Maybe she dumped her sport’s agent fiance because he was accomplished, and she’s knew herself to be a fraud.

    Liked by 3 people

  14. Devon70 says:

    I think I saw in one of those videos that this guy contacted her through Instagram.
    Contacting women through social media is simp behavior and no one respects simps.


  15. Oscar says:

    @ Jack

    “Contrary to many reports, the Brandon Fricke who was Tomi Lahren’s fiancé is NOT a professional soccer player. That’s a different Brandon Fricke. Lahren’s ex-Fricke is a professional sports agent.”

    True, but he was a quarterback for Central Michigan University, which has produced multiple NFL players.

    Her Navy SEAL ex-boyfriend is Jerad Christian, an Annapolis Naval Academy grad.

    What about Jay Cutler? He’s a retired NFL player.

    What do all these men have in common? They’re all super-athletic (above the 99th percentile of men), super-ambitious, and handsome. Jerad Christian wasn’t rich (he was a Navy O-3), but he made good money, and he probably will be rich in time. Most Academy grads get there eventually. But Brandon Fricke and Jay Cutler are both super-rich. Jay Cutler supposedly has a net worth over $30M.

    So, what does that tell us about the kind of man our girl Tomi likes?

    (1) Tall
    (2) Handsome
    (3) Super-athletic
    (4) High status
    (5) Wealthy

    In other words, the kind of man that can have pretty much any woman he wants.

    So, what does Tomi bring to the table that would make one of these men pick her over all the other women they could have?

    (1) Fame
    (2) Wealth
    (3) Youth
    (4) Beauty
    (5) Fertility

    The men Tomi wants don’t need her fame. They have their own. They don’t need her wealth. They have their own. And Tomi’s youth, beauty, and fertility are all fading. By this time next year, 90% of Tomi’s egg cells will be dead.

    This means that – from the perspective of the men Tomi wants – the assets she brings to the table are…

    (1) Abundant
    (2) Redundant
    (3) Depreciating

    Good luck with that, Tomi!

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  16. Lastmod says:

    She doesn’t really have to worry……. Some other “well above average” looking guy with status and fame and / or some money will be there soon enough.

    I finally watched her “rant”…

    Coming from my perspective (the underdog)… I read that she is more upset that guys who are hitting on her and approaching her, be it with social media / dating apps / whatever, are NOT well above average looking, high fame or serious status. Women like this get “mad” at me and other guys like me. “Can’t you see I look this way for CHAD…. NOT YOU!!!!” is the translation.

    Yes, she is attractive, and I am old enough to be her father. I was 22 in 1992.

    I also had the common sense to KNOW even twenty years ago that “Hey, Lastmod. She is WAY above you on the scale. Don’t waste her time and yours.”

    Now… others in the ‘sphere will contend that “All you have to do is use game / frame / cocky-funny lines and she is just going to find you so attractive, and amazing!”

    And so many average and below average guys honestly think they are going to compete with a former Navy Seal, or a football player from a serious college team. They think their 40K a year salary with benefits is going to compete with Fricke’s 30 million a year, or whatever. Most men are TRULY deluded on where they stand as well.

    I would like to see all these “others” use their amazing swagger on her, and make her be a “good girl” and “behave” and make her “chase you”.

    They will NOW claim, “Oh, she’s so unattractive / not hot at all / she’s about a 6 at best” kind of thing. Women like this will BLAME men like myself for this situation. “How come only ugly guys are hitting on me!!!!!!!!!!!” type of thing, while cloaking it under “Men need to grow up!”

    Her admitting that “Ugly guys / unattractive guys are hitting on me!” makes her worth seem lower to other women, and men, btw…. That’s why she makes all those blanket statements. “Men are this and that…”

    I am sure the high status men she dated or was engaged to…. they had options as well. She probably was impossible to deal with… and perhaps they cheated on her? Who knows. She’s a big baby… and hopefully she will learn, or grow out of this. If not? I will have no sympathy for her, really. This woman has options… way, way more options than most women. Too bad she isn’t actually enjoying them.


  17. redpillboomer says:

    “That means that – from the perspective of the men Tomi wants – the assets she brings to the table are…(1) Abundant, (2) Redundant and (3) Depreciating.”

    True, true and true! Now suppose she brought the following to the ‘table’… (Remember her “bring a table to the table” line?) Anyhow, what about these assets?

    1) Kindness
    2) Femininity as a way of being, showing up in everything she does.
    3) Supportive of husband and nurturing of his children
    4) Good cook (she doesn’t have to do the cleaning, because they’re rich, they can hire a maid or cleaning company to handle it….but NOT the cooking, she needs to do that and do it well. Some of the time they can eat out or bring home take out, but NOT all the time doing take out or restaurants because she can’t cook).
    5) Bedroom fun, regularly, and no endless excuses of “Not tonight, honey…”.

    Can she pull this off? Odds are GREATLY against it. It goes against EVERYTHING she has been taught and programmed to be. Furthermore, she is so unaware of herself (how she shows up to men) that she sees NO NEED to change whatsoever. Her follow-up to the first PSA was so inauthentic, it showed she learned NOTHING from the feedback she was getting from men (maybe some women in there too, don’t know). Some publicist of hers was attempting to do damage control. Tomi reeked of being unrepentant in her attitude, just reluctantly playing along with her publicist, or whoever was attempting to manage her through the fallout she caused when her rant last August went viral.

    She shows every sign of digging her heels in and wagging the shaming finger at men until she ends up with no quality men around her in the future, just simps. Yes, the simp may be a doctor or something like it, but he’ll end up in the insane asylum trying to put up with her arrogance and attitude, unless he is a total simp and just rolls over and takes it from her. The scary part is how many women in our culture are similar to her in mindset, except they just don’t have the money, fame, and the social media platform presence to put their entitlement on steroids out on public display for all to listen to, and the cojones to assume they’ll be taken seriously.

    The number one thing I heard about her in the men’s comments about her PSA for Boyish Men was something a long the lines of, “I wouldn’t want to come home to THAT!”“I work for a boss all day, I don’t want to work for one at night!” … and the seemingly number one comment of all, “Her fiancé really dodged a bullet there!”


    • Oscar says:

      “Anyhow, what about these assets?”

      Submissiveness. Being a help meet for her husband. Respect. Admiration. Yeah, not happening.

      “Yes, the simp may be a doctor or something like it, but he’ll end up in the insane asylum trying to put up with her arrogance and attitude, unless he is a total simp and just rolls over and takes it from her.”

      Odds are good that the man she eventually ends up with will not be of the caliber of the men she discarded, or the one that supposedly discarded her. That means that she’ll think her simp husband is unworthy of her, and she’ll punish him for it.

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  18. Oscar says:

    My message to Mr. Fricke and Mr. Christian is: Rejoice! You dodged a poison bullet!

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  19. cameron232 says:

    Can we define “the wall?” I always thought it referred to the age where a womans physical attractiveness drops precipitously. I see plenty of 30 year olds where this hasn’t happened yet and the main thing they seem to do is manage their weight. Not surgery or working out like a demon

    I see far fewer of them who are 40 and haven’t declined considerably. I’ve worked with a number of women for many years and have observed how they’ve changed.


    • Jack says:

      “Can we define “the wall?”

      The Wall is when a woman’s SMV drops off, usually rather precipitously, as evidenced by the quality and quantity of attention she receives from men. This sudden change serves as a jarring wake-up call and changes their outlook on life dramatically.

      Of course, it is more complex than this and it affects different women differently. For example, women get intimations of the wall when they see younger women “going through the ho phase” and become envious of them. This can happen before, during, or after she notices a drop in the amount of attention she is receiving.

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    • Lastmod says:


      The Berlin Wall was built to stop the flow of East Berliners from leaving to the West, though the propoganda was “stop the flow of the West Berliners coming to Communist Utopia, heaven on Earh East Berlin” it was built in 1962 and survived until 1989

      Pink Floyd “The Wall” was a 1979 concept album that had so many underlying themes in it, one would have to study Pink Floyd going back through all their album to the start in 1967…..the 1982 film adaptation was a psychological beating and its a masterpiece in reflection of a journey many go through. It linked the themes of alienation, loss, broken promises, esacpism, and control…………directed by Alan Parker, but fully detailed and handled by Floydian Roger Waters.

      Women hitting a wall usually involves shaming men, other women, and the patrirchy because they are not getting the attention they at one time got more of.

      Gavin Newson who just had the worst interview of his political career today shows signs of being up against a wall that probably is invvolving cocaine use.

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  20. Random Angeleno says:

    Mike Cernovich said something on Twitter the other day that hit home for me, and I rather suspect, a fair number of other men:

    In real life, men with poor social skills get ignored.

    That’s worse than getting yelled at, as people ghost them and they don’t know why. They die lonely and bitter.

    Working on social skills doesn’t have to be about women. Men gotta make and keep male friends, and they gotta learn to work with other men.

    That Newsom video is incredible. Really have to watch it to believe it. Jason isn’t the only person I’ve read speculating on possible cocaine use. Red State dot com has some good articles on the newly instituted “vote from home” ballots in California. Read them and weep, there are some Peterbilt size loopholes.


    • Oscar says:

      “Working on social skills doesn’t have to be about women. Men gotta make and keep male friends, and they gotta learn to work with other men.”

      Proverbs 18:24 A man who has friends must himself be friendly.

      Accomplishing anything in life almost always requires a lot of cooperation with other people. It’s a lot easier to get people to cooperate with you if they like you. I’m telling you, gents, home-baked goods go a long way.

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