The Feminine Christian Marriage Quadrilemma

She wants to have her cake, crumpets, and pie a la mode, and eat them too!

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In The Masculine Dilemma (2020 December 13), I described how men are often faced with a choice between two types of women: a woman whom they are sexually hard attracted to, or a woman who would actually make a good wife.

In The Christian Marriage Dilemma (2021 February 26), I discussed how Christian men seeking a wife are faced with a dilemma. Basically, the difficulty lies in the fact that western women who are nominally church-going Christians are notably less Christian-like than the typical non-Christian woman in other locations such as the far east. Much of this difference is due to acculturation, but the cultural convergence of churchianity amplifies the hypocrisy and denial.

The Feminine Dilemma (2018 October 27) illustrated the dyadic choice that women are faced with: being either dominant or submissive, and being either dependent on male authority, or being (sexually) independent.

We have a lot of dilemmas going on!

But it seems that Christian women have another dilemma of their own!

For example, Elspeth expressed that her daughters are having some difficulty in finding a suitable Christian husband. A discussion on this can be found under Novaseeker’s post, Deciphering Concepts of Attraction (2021 April 19).

Deti responded,

“Sorry. I don’t know what else to tell you.

There are no palatable solutions. Currently, the only solution is for the Daughters to remain unmarried and sexless; or marry neomaxizoomdweebies and be unhappily having sex, and mostly sexless.

What you are looking for is an extremely tall order: A SAM Jr. You’re searching for a needle in 10,000 haystacks. This is a nearly impossible task. I don’t envy you.”

Is it really so confounded? Let’s examine this closely.

The Engineer’s Dilemma

Based on Carl’s syllogisms at Black Label Logic, The Engineer’s Dilemma is laid out as follows.

Major Premise: To get Y, [insert product] must be X.
Minor Premise: [Insert product] is not X.
Conclusion: Therefore, [insert product] cannot get Y.

In the engineer’s case, X and Y represent “higher quality” and “more sales volume”, respectively. (I’ve reversed X and Y as was given in Carl’s post to match real marketing behaviors.) The actual relationship is not linear, but more of a bell curve as shown in the image below. Here, price is an indicator of quality. The following discussion focuses on the area in the left half of the graph.

Image from [1].

Since increasing quality is costly, the typical way that western engineers approach this dilemma is by adding value to the product. Asian engineers will increase utility and shave costs, leading to a very useful but low quality product.

Carl also illustrated how this syllogism can be widely applied to a number of cases.

Major Premise: To get success [the product] must be perfect.
Minor Premise: [The product] is not perfect.
Conclusion: Therefore [the product] cannot be successful.

This is a basic cause-effect relationship where it is assumed that people will prefer to buy a higher quality or “perfect” product, given that the price-for-quality is reasonably acceptable.

The Marriage Dilemma for women (Argument A)

The Feminine Marriage Dilemma is a variation of the Engineer’s Dilemma. Here, women try to engineer their relationships according to their desires, needs, preferences, and hypergamous liking. Applying this logic to the feminine viewpoint goes something like this.

Major Premise: To have a satisfying relationship/marriage, my husband must be reasonably* tall, reasonably* attractive, reasonably* successful, and have the “right”* combination of alpha/beta traits. (I’ll abbreviate this as “being worthy* of marriage” according to her estimations.)

* Here, “reasonably”, “right”, “good”, and “worthy” must be translated from femtalk because hiding behind these adjectives is a world of meaning that is never explicitly stated. The implication is that he must be above 6 feet tall and in the top 22%. Comprehensively, the bottom line is that all these qualities should satisfy the woman’s hypergamous filters, leading to a visceral state of attraction and comfort.

Through years of buck riding and error, most women eventually find the premises to be,

Minor Premise 1a: Men who are worthy* of marriage are not offering commitment.
Minor Premise 2a: Men who are offering commitment are not worthy* of marriage.
Conclusion: Therefore, I cannot get a good* husband.

Of course, if she does manage to marry, this conclusion continues to stand as a justifiable reason (in her mind) that her husband is not good* by whatever metric the hamster can churn out.

As we know, this combination of traits is already a dilemma in and of itself. The crux of this dilemma lies in the fact that women are seeking to maximize hypergamous opportunity. This is already well known around the sphere, but I want to point out that their spiritual motivation in doing so is to experience a sense of grace, meaning, women want to feel like they got a man who is better than what they deserve. But gaining satisfaction in this endeavor proves to be impossible because their expectations have been raised to an untenable zenith by cultural influences, and also through their experiences of bedding hawt Chadwicks. Furthermore, the precious princess entitlement complex prevents them from ever realizing how undeserving they are.

Of course, women are not as logical as this, but their internal assessment of the situation goes through the same kind of algorithm. IOW, they see that their favorite brand of cereal is not currently in stock on the shelf, so they think it is unavailable.

The Feminist Trilemma (Argument B)

As an alternative to the Marriage Dilemma, women who do not prioritize marriage are more than willing to engage in other ingénues to satisfy their personal prerogatives, at least until real world opportunities to do so have dried up. (This momentous occasion of a woman’s life is also called “hitting the wall” or “going over the falls”.) Much has already been written about this dynamic, so I won’t go into further detail here.

At the most basic limbic level, women are looking for a turn-key, ready-to-go Tingly Respect relationship. This much comes quite naturally to the feminine nature. But feminism has taught modern women to add on the qualification that he must be “respectful”, when once translated, means that he must be chivalrous without being embarrassingly obsequious. That is, he must supply a constant tap of resources and consistently offer affirmation. He must be subservient to her whimsical desires, must never violate her ego, and must let her do whatever the ħәll she pleases. In other words, he must fully enable her self-worship, and do so automatically and without questioning, which is an inversion of Headship mind you. This, as we well know, is contradictory by nature. Respectful men (according to this definition) are not Tingle-inducing men, and vice versa. So feminish women have an additional qualification which sets up an alternative dilemma (or a trilemma).

Minor Premise 1b: Men who are Tingle-inducing are not “respectful”.
Minor Premise 2b: Men who are “respectful” are not Tingle-inducing.
Conclusion: Therefore, I cannot find anyone who is worthy*.

Many women will find a compromise between 1b and 2b. This is a tolerable solution because the relationship is not expected to last much longer than what is required for an adequate resource extraction, and it is absolutely necessary for the man to be “respectful” in order for this scheme to work.

The Feminist Christian Marriage Quadrilemma (Argument C)

It will be shown that the oxymoronic title of this section is actually an accurate description of what I am about to describe.

To make matters more difficult, women coming from a Christian background are urged to add to this list of traits the additional qualification that he must also be a strong mature Christian (among many other things). Christian women are, of course, unwilling to sacrifice any of the trappings that secular women hold most dear, so for christianeasy women submerged in secular churchianity, the ridiculous argument then becomes…

Minor Premise 1c: Christian men (or the men at church) are not worthy*.
Minor Premise 2c: Men who are worthy* are not Christians.
Conclusion: Therefore, I cannot get a Christian husband.

* It is observed that most Christian men fall into the “respectful” category of Premise 1b, but fail on the Tingle-inducing requirement, therefore, they are not considered worthy*.

Putting all these arguments together, this rationale becomes a triple dilemma (or quadrilemma) that in their minds, looks like this.

Women hold out on marriage, thinking that they will somehow, by the grace of the Tingle god, stumble across a man with the perfect combination of all four traits, shown in the center of the figure above.

However, since there are no “respectful” men who can induce Tingles nor exercise headship, the real situation takes the following form.

However, this arrangement only holds true while women are young and pure. As they (1) age and (2) engage in more illicit sexual activities, the green circle (men who are offering commitment) gets pushed farther away from the red circle (men who induce the tingles) and closer to the blue circle (men who are respectful, but unable to produce Tingles).

By the time a woman has reached the wall, the diagram looks like this. Unfortunately, this is the time when women begin to think seriously about marriage. As you can see from the diagram, it is true that “There are no good* men left!” who are offering commitment. It is also noted that men who are truly Christian (i.e. able to deliver Headship) can no longer be “respectful” about it.

When faced with this quadrilemma, the majority of Christian women will prioritize the “Tingle” qualification (Premise 1b), and drop the “Christian” qualification (Premise 1c), and lately, even the “marriage” qualification (Premise 1a), and continue on with their lives. (Remember CH Maxim #10: Tingles uber alles.) But later in life, especially after children come along, the inherent difficulties in this compromise will rear its ugly head.

Too much Engineering, not enough Salesmanship

In the same post, Carl also described the Salesman’s Dilemma – trying to sell a low quality or defective product.

The logic statements for the Salesman’s Dilemma are the same (X and Y represent “higher quality/perfect product” and “sales volume”, respectively). The difference between the Engineer’s Dilemma and the Salesman’s Dilemma is one of context. The engineer is tinkering with X (trying to make a perfect product that will sell easily). The salesman is trying to maximize Y (trying to sell an imperfect product that is already engineered).

As such, the Salesman’s Dilemma has the X and Y variables reversed.

Major Premise: To get X, [insert product] must be Y.
Minor Premise: [Insert product] is not Y.
Conclusion: Therefore [Insert product] cannot get X.

Carl described this as follows.

“The major difference between the salesman and the engineer is that they are both avoiding having to do something they dislike, but they also want to avoid different forms of criticism. The salesman wants to avoid being criticized for not getting his product sold, because his identity is tied up in being a salesman. The engineer wants to avoid being criticized for building a bad product, because his identity is tied up in being an engineer. Both of them forget that most people aren’t salesmen or engineers and will not be able to tell the real difference.

This is more pronounced with the engineer, because he sees all the flaws in his product, and engineers have a tendency to be highly detail oriented people who have a mind that always seeks to improve whatever is their focus at a given time. The reason I refer to this as the Engineer’s Dilemma rather than the entrepreneur’s dilemma, is that there is an upper natural limit to the salesman’s activity, because once you make the sale, you usually get a date when the product has to be delivered. For the engineer, he can tinker for his entire life provided he doesn’t run out of funds and never reaches a state of perfection. For every flaw he fixes, he discovers a new one, for every prototype he builds he gains knowledge and experience that shows him a way to make it better.”

In my opinion, most women in the west these days concentrate too heavily on the engineering approach, and neglect the sales aspect.

Women also focus on quality more than on value. A salesman’s job is easy when he offers value at a reasonable price.

However, it stands to reason that women should focus on the sales approach before marriage, and the engineer approach after marriage.

Note: We also see women try to engineer procreation in the form of “family planning”. Here, it is often assumed that she should have either 1.61803 or 2.71828 children between the ages of 32 and 40. Children conceived before this window are quietly aborted. Children conceived after this window have a greater chance of being autistic, etc.

Confusion within the Feminine Christian Marriage Dilemma

In a previous post, The Feminine Dilemma (October 27, 2018), we analyzed how women must navigate a very complicated decision of whether to join with a man in a long term relationship, or else pursue an independent lifestyle. If a woman decides to have a male partner in any capacity, she must then choose which power structure she wishes to have in her relationship. Of note, it was found that a woman’s willingness to submit, and to be a help meet to a man, is a critical factor in determining her life path. Yet, we see so many women trying to pick and choose the most desirable facets of each of the outcome choices (that is, AF AND BB), while at the same time, doing everything within their power to evade the submission aspect.

The fact is that women who maxx their N count while neglecting submission and honeycraft practices are going to have fewer men offering proposals from which to choose, and those men who remain available to having an LTR are likely to be the low-power, submissive type of man (i.e. a feminist-type marriage arrangement). The reason for this is simply because men naturally gravitate towards, and offer LTR’s to women, who are submissive, respectful, agreeable, attractive, and so on, AKA, having a high MMV. Thus, it becomes quite apparent that those women who pursue an independent life path, such as Feminism, and the Courtly Love model, which requires a partnership, are naturally going to face a lot of cognitive dissonance.

Typically, the sales volume declines with an increase of a product price. It has been observed, however, that for some luxury goods the sales volume may increase when the price increases.

Image from [2].

This bifurcation in sales volume is precisely the reason why Apple offers two models of the iPhone. One appeals to people on a limited budget who “just gotta have an iPhone”, while the other provides the extravagant quality that Apple is famous for, to those who are willing to pay for it.

Likewise, we see a bifurcation in the quality of women – women who go for the AF/BB Marriage 2.0 route that is toted by feminism, and women who prepare themselves for the long haul with a husband. This bifurcation was covered in an earlier post, DTF Cupid DTFCupid (2017 December 17). From men’s perspective, the lower quality woman appeals to those men who “just gotta have a hot chick”, while the other provides the quality of wife that appeals to men who are serious about commitment.


It stands to reason that if a woman desires a high quality man’s commitment, then she needs to put herself in the latter category of high quality wife material, which means that she needs to be looking for a husband long before the pool of worthy* men has drifted away from being an option for marriage. I’ll guess that 25 is “too late”. They also need to refine their skills at picking out men who are actually capable of offering a marital commitment, which may require her to choose a man who is a few years older than herself.

Women have grown better at “selling” themselves as sex objects, but they have forgotten the art of “selling” themselves as potential wives in marriage. The way to do this is to demonstrate her value to a man. My advice to Elspeth and other Christian parents with daughters is to give up the idea that a worthy man will miraculously show up on the doorstep, because we are living in hard times. Instead, it may be necessary for the daughter to pick out an eligible man and then do the work of proving to him that his life would actually be better with her as his wife. Give him the serendipitous sense that he’s getting something better than what he deserves. This kind of investment will not be lost on the man, but is likely to turn his view of her into wife goggles. It is my conviction that God will be faithful to return to her that which she gives to others. Of course, this kind of attitude needs to continue after marriage. If she doesn’t follow through, then it’s certain to be a rough ride.

This is so obvious to men, but why is this truth so obscure to women? I’m sure some of them never get the memo, but most are simply refusing to face up to this truth, humble themselves, and do the hard work of becoming a higher quality woman who provides real value to a man’s life.


  1. Twin’s Dad: Reading The Curve – The Quality vs Price aka Why Frugal Works (2020 March 8)
  2. Chegg Financial Studies: Sales volume increases with price for luxury goods


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28 Responses to The Feminine Christian Marriage Quadrilemma

  1. doclove says:

    The real problem here in Western Europe, North America, and the four top tier East Asian Countries are that most women think the manure which falls out of their anuses does not stink. Why would they? They get hiring and retention advantages over men concerning handing out contracts and jobs, as well as seats in education. Most men and women have been brainwashed to believe that women’s romantic love is worth more than men’s romantic love, which is not true. In fact, men’s romantic love is worth more, because men routinely lay down their lives to protect women, but women do not do the same for men in romantic relationships or even unrequited romantic relationships. Propoganda from the education system, news media, entertainment media, and most religious organizations, such as churches and family upbringing etc., denigrate men and exalt women. The prohibition of prostitution, or at the very least, the concerted effort to reduce it, have limited men’s choices to get sex safely, affordably and legally. (It is a sin to engage in prostitution but it should never be a crime, as St. Augustine of Hippo and St. Thomas Aquinas said.) Most men and boys have been conditioned to think less of themselves than they are, and most women and girls have been conditioned to think more of themselves than they are, because most of our ruling elite (patricians) want this and most of the ruled commoners (plebians) agree with this. There are always patricians and plebians in society, be that official or unofficial, rigid or loose class structure, and great socio-economic mobility or little socio-economic mobility, as well as people either recognizing this fact about society and what class each person does or does not truly belong to, be it patrician or plebian.

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  2. redpillboomer says:

    “This is so obvious to men, but why is this truth so obscure to women? I’m sure some of them never get the memo, but most are simply refusing to face up to this truth, humble themselves, and do the hard work of becoming a higher quality woman who provides real value to a man’s life.”

    Dang! This post is chock full of interesting propositions, I’m going to have to re-read it a couple of times to digest it more completely and ‘get it’ better.

    The very last passage struck me. Why do they “refuse to face up to this truth, humble-themselves, and do the hard work of becoming a higher quality woman?” I think one angle to explore, to use a more religious term, is the spiritual DECEPTION that they all seem to be under, something that seems akin to a spell (Eve anyone?). We say things like ‘their hamster’ this, or ‘their hypergamous nature’ that, however the thirty something women that I know are in something analogous to an ‘MMA fight with reality.’ By that I mean, they seem to be slowly getting it, reality I’m talking about, aka the ‘real-world’ realities of how life really works particularly as one gets older; BUT simultaneously refusing to believe it, like “NO!!! It can’t be this way, I won’t accept it! Not happening to meeeeeee!” I think their on-gong crying spells that they’ve told me they frequently engage in, and not the Manospherian trope of “enjoy your wine and cats” funnies, is the real indicator of this manic grappling they are undergoing. I feel sorry for them at some level because in some ways this is all of our problem (“our” refers to society’s); HOWEVER, another side of me says, “Tough sweetie, that’s life–DEAL WITH IT. You followed this path, figure out a way out of your own f’ing dilemma. Men and society at large don’t owe you anything. Put on your big girl panties and get to work on salvaging something out of it, maybe something good even; not as good as it could have been had you NOT followed the feminist life script, but something workable for you and all of us (society).”

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    • Lastmod says:

      Part of the solution requires also men in here to accept women back who are indeed changing. 99% of you don’t or won’t. “Once a ho, always a ho” type of thing. There just are not enough women who are virgins, slim, between the ages of 18-22 who know how to cook, listen to and do anything a man says to her, and would happily settle for a man who is 25 building his career…yet that man is still expected by the sphere to be god.

      Idk…….sure I agree with the posting in theory……but men won’t allow a woman to change, repent and even accept mistakes.

      There just are not enough of these “perfect” women around. Aside from Scott, DS, Jack and few others…..every other man is going to have to burn, settle and then be shamed for “not vetting properly” enough while at the same time trying to vett everything by the third date….mind you….IF he can get a date between school tradeschool / the gym, rebuilding antique cars, playing sports on the side, saving for a house, and working four jobs to “be ready” for a real might, slim, virginal, pretty, accepting his authority AND having a viseral look so she “won’t divorce” him later…..cause if she doesn’t have that, you’re doomed.

      See what I mean here?

      So…in the end, it turn again into “no women worth marrying, they have to suffer the consequences of their choices” and then in the same breath “why don’t women see this error”

      They can’t win, and neither can men….except those who are already married to the Unicorn. Just makes it impossible and it just kind of comes off by you “elect”

      “Too bad for you…….really rough out there, but great women are everywhere, just get LAMPS, PSALMS, get into the top 10%”, and this is assuming AGAIN that a pretty, or hot girl is MARRIAGE material!

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      • cameron232 says:

        The chastity thing is a fairly big deal because it has a strong impact on probability of divorce. It can be overemphasized but it’s not nothing.

        I think DS has written about signs that a woman has genuinely repented. I think the concern is some women do the church thing as a last chance for a husband after a promiscuous lifestyle.


      • Lastmod says:

        Isn’t that what church, so to speak is supposed to do? Bring people in? To see the error of not following christ? to be reclaimed? To grow? Second chances? To be made stronger? better?

        I mean, if christians are going to allow women to come to church who led a “bad lifestyle” but make them sit in the corner and “remember daily” how wicked they are, and they should just sit there, not say a word….and MAYBE christ will let them into heaven…..

        yeah……plenty of people from the pulpit down to the back pew have indeed changed for the better from being back in church…….but women? No way. Never! She came to church as a last resort! How dare she!

        Even the prodigal son himself learned “the error of his ways” and decided to return to “the Father”

        Now I don’t think it should be some sort of blank check….but really. You all want men to marry, to have this, and the broken people abound…not perfect like you all……..and they are not allowed to change.

        Maybe its because I was involved in a holiness tradition that DID reclaim the broken, the lost, the addict, the thief….the ugly, the bad girl……or tried to. DO some fake? Sure. Do some not change? Probably. Do some actually get well? Yes.

        I don’t know what the solution can be. But the body (church) has to be involved. If you are going to take these women and thrown contempt on them……or men, or the lost…maybe you should just have a church for the perfect.

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      • cameron232 says:

        Sure. I think what is being discussed is men’s choices for marriage. Who to marry. Whether to marry. Chastity should be allowed to be a consideration in these things. As should drug addiction, history of intimate partner abuse, child abuse, and things that can affect your future with him/her. It’s a big decision. I also think men should be chaste and that its valid for women to consider that in their choice of a man

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      • Lastmod says:

        Careful Cameron…..a chaste man is a “beta” and loser in these parts 😉 He can’t help it! Yeah, people probably should strive for this……christian or not.

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  3. proprietor says:

    Women should just focus on being a Good Wife and a Good Mother, as a future goal and aspiration. If you combine that with being Not Fat, with the natural slim feminine beauty that women are naturally endowed with, men will notice, and you will get the sort of man who wants a Good Wife and a Good Mother who is Not Fat. Suggestion: Cook for him.

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  4. Lastmod says:

    OT. LA County has made a mask mandate indoors for all businesses. There are also reports of people who have got the vaccination, they are getting one of the many variants now.

    What happens here…usually happens elsewhere. Just a heads up to you all. My company has not lifted the mask mandate anyway…so this isn’t new at my workplace.

    I wonder of the 100K plus homeless in LA County will be “mandated” and “forced” to wear a mask? Yeah, probably not. They have more rights than anyone in this fine county.

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    • Elspeth says:

      We live in a blue county with a mayor I can’t stand. He’s already put a “strongly recommended” mask statement out. He says no mandate…yet. But it’s coming because he is totally the type.

      Good news is I’ll spend way less money just like most of 2020. I will not patronize mask enforcers.

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  5. Lastmod says:

    Most of California counties are red, by the way… The eight to ten counties with the most population make this state blue…. and even within those blue counties, there are a lot of people who don’t agree. California has always been called “odd”, even back in its hey-day of being a red state in the second half of the sixties thru the mid seventies…… In the eighties and nineties, California turned blue and then this “oddness” became particularly strange. A wine cooler commercial in the 1980’s had the tag line, “Oh, I hate Californians!”

    I grew up in a deep red county in New York State. Plenty of idiots back there too, even now.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Lastmod says:

      People also forget Texas was the “blue southern stalwart” in the 1960′ s and 1970’s. I remember Anne Richards when she was the governor. LBJ was Texan, lest we forget (58,000 American lives in Vietnam).

      Most of you who live in Red / Redder states… You’re right behind us!

      My uncle up in Alpine County here in California worships Trump, yet he demands the VA to fix his failing body for “free”, saying, “The government needs to cover that!” He demands Social Security payments to be increased — a lot (expecting me, and my generation to pay) — all the while saying, “I don’t want to live in a socialist country.” He calls me crazy for supporting and voting for people like Ron Paul, G. Johnson… “They’re stupid” is his reply. He extolls his gun rights (as he should), but is quieter than crickets on Trump’s silent response to California’s ever growing restrictions on this right. He talks about schools being terrible…. but then he wants them to provide lunch and dinner to his grandkids because their mom (his daughter, my cousin) wants to go back to college (again…. twenty five years and still no degree).

      To me, the differences between Biden and Trump are minor things. The swamp wasn’t drained (federal hiring still went up). The Constitution wasn’t followed (where in the blazes is “SpEnDiNg BiLLs” in the Constitution?????) No cuts made. Spending increased. A wall that really wasn’t built, and billions allocated…… Apple still isn’t building their phones here…… More manufacturing still left under Trump (albeit slowed)… We sold weapons to a hostile nation that isn’t our friend…. and even with a majority support… he couldn’t end the Afghan war and get the troops home. Trump really is no better than anyone else.


      • MLT says:

        It can be boiled down to two words: Cognitive Dissonance. Women, it seems, do not have a monopoly on cognitive dissonance. Certain men have cases of cognitive dissonance.


      • Lastmod says:

        The Trump supporters I have met “in the mountains” of California, my native New York State, and online, all tend to behave this way. When I would talk to them in Fresno, many of them my age would say, “Did you see how he handled that reporter! Genius.”

        Yeah… Okay, he handled that reporter well, but also, he has helped fuel the divisions in this country with flippant remarks like that.

        Then when I ask, “What has he done?”, the typical responses are,

        “He built that wall” (which he didn’t… Most of it never even had a shovelful moved).
        “Oh, he’s really funny”
        And of course, “Just because you can’t ever be like him, you are jealous…”

        When he claimed at the rally he was the “best president ever”, I knew then the election was going to be tight. Saying he was a better president than Regan? Lincoln? Washington?

        He was just a loud mouth! He was one of those guys who could come up with a quick answer at the right moment. I didn’t see the “greatness” or “genius” and he seemed to speak to the lowest common denominator….. those people who chant, “USA! USA! USA!” at WWF matches.


      • cameron232 says:

        “USA! USA!”

        Reminds me of Hacksaw Jim Duggan (Glenn’s Falls NY) from 80s WWF.


  6. Joe2 says:

    The Los Angeles Times July 16, 2021 reported that about 99% of the people getting sick are unvaccinated. Those who have gotten their shots are protected and can get back to normal life.

    Officials have been desperately trying to convince those who have not gotten their shots to do so, but with limited success. The vaccines are believed to be essentially as effective against the Delta variant as other variants. So those who have gotten their shots don’t need a mask to protect themselves.

    But officials suspect that unvaccinated people have also stopped wearing masks in indoor public settings and businesses, even though they’re still required to do so. So vaccinated people are being asked to make a sacrifice to help slow coronavirus spread among the unvaccinated. In LA County only 52,2 percent are fully vaccinated.


    • Lastmod says:

      Oh… Yeah…. L.A. still has a newspaper that costs $2.75 an issue. More on Sundays….


    • Lastmod says:

      This is done in a way to pit the vaccinated vs. the un-vaccinated. “See! The unvaccinated are making the rest pay for this with restriction!”

      The LA times also failed to mention (as they would), the people going to the hospitals are still, mostly over the age of 65………..

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  7. Lastmod says:

    Jack…. Doesn’t this whole post come down to pretty much (and if I am wrong, you will correct me) in the modern christian world:

    Men, be in the top 20% by the time you are of age and you won’t really notice there is a problem, and if there is one…. well, the rest just need to “step up” and be like them.

    Outside the church, it’s no better.

    How does a young man navigate this? I mean, it seems to be just becoming an “elite” thing for top men and women who just happened to fall out of the womb with the genetics, qualities, and traits that drive this market now.

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  8. Scott says:

    Interesting post over at deep strength:

    Where I got a small honorable mention.

    I thought I might elaborate on my comment there.

    Maybe it would be good to explain the ingredients of a meet cute, for academic purposes.

    First. The woman must find the man exceedingly attractive. Enough to where her subconscious is short circuiting any rational filters on her behavior. You have seen them do this. Well covered territory.

    If you try to approach a woman and “have” a meet cute with her, and the only ingredient present is, you think she is hot, any approach vector you take will be taken as creepy and all that goes with that.

    Second, the woman must be at least one millionth of a millimeter above the threshold of that particular mans attraction floor. That formula looks something like this:

    1-no, 2- no, 3-no………6.7-no, 6.77777771-YES.

    All men have a different floor, but once these two ingredients are met, you can proceed to the next part. That part is where the magic of the meet cute actually gets fun. It is spontaneous. You cannot plan it. It happens when you least expect it. When you look back at the story, it seems almost like fate. As I have said before, this is the story you tell your friends at parties about how you met. Everybody loves to hear a story like that. Because its cute. “Meet cute”

    The rest is “cultural crap that has conspired to ruin normal male/female interactions.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • @ Scott

      All men have a different floor, but once these two ingredients are met, you can proceed to the next part. That part is where the magic of the meet cute actually gets fun. It is spontaneous. You cannot plan it. It happens when you least expect it. When you look back at the story, it seems almost like fate. As I have said before, this is the story you tell your friends at parties about how you met. Everybody loves to hear a story like that. Because its cute. “Meet cute”

      So basically the two find each other above their attraction threshold in a general scenario where you weren’t expecting to meet someone of the opposite sex?


      • Scott says:


        But the culture has made this a scenario that is “problematic” for those inclined to use such a stupid term

        As your post (at your site) points out


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