Infiltration and Disruption of the Continuity of Values

Institutions are easy to topple if you suck out the values.

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Author’s Note: The idea for this post came out of a conversation I had with NovaSeeker. Links to the original comments are given.
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Institutions are Built on Values

The mission and point of an institution is to propagate and propel a set of values into the future.

The MAIN (if not the ENTIRE) task of an institution is to STAY THE SAME.

Every institution, from marriage, to the church, to the Boy Scouts, must keep this task in clear eyed focus in front of it at all times.

I’ve been arguing a part of this point for some time now, without much luck getting people to listen.

Liz brought up the point that many social programs and institutions that were designed to help people get more out of life (such as the boy scouts which was intended to help young men who lacked a paternal role model of any kind) have been struck down by “woke scolds” and snowflakes who are riding on the crest of progressivism.


The deepest, most maleficent factors on the left know that institutions are built on values. If they take out the values, then they can take out the whole institution.

How are Institutions Subverted?

Novaseeker spelled out the details of just how an institution becomes converged.

  1. Change the institution from the inside out (feminism has been trying to do this with marriage, gay marriage is another tool to do this).
  2. “Hollow out” the institution so that it collapses under either its own weight (which it can no longer support, as the substance of it has been removed in the hollowing-out process) or under its contradictions, which are highlighted by the same people who control the institution.

“You do both at the same time, all of it at the same time, because under no circumstances do you want the current institution, as currently constituted, to survive. So, in working both to undermine it and to change it from within, you ensure that the current institution is either changed to what you want it to be, or it is destroyed — and either way, the current version is gone, which is really what you want in the end.”

The way this is done is by removing the values that were once attached to the institution. That’s what “hollow out” means.

“[It’s a] Pretty effective approach if you are bent on fundamental social change.”

The problem is, once they take over an institution, they are stuck with the conundrum of knowing why the institution exists, while being ambivalent about the values that the institution was meant to uphold in the first place.

“We own and run this thing. Its purpose is to keep the status quo. But we hate the status quo. What do we do now?”

 “Once faced with the nightmare scenario of a possible institutional collapse, the opposition to social change can generally be co-opted into making changes to the institution under the guise of preventing its destruction, and then those institutional changes also serve to further undermine the institution.”

Everything I was part of (Boy Scouts, the Church of Christ, marriage) is totally unrecognizable to me, and therefore has lost purpose to exist, and is useless to me and my children.

Are there any institutions left that haven’t been subverted?

“Essentially it takes some ironclad powerful institutional force to prevent this, and that was never going to be present in the United States, because the country is founded on the principles of liberation.”

This is why those of us who are psychologically constituted toward more conservative values no longer have faith in any institutions whatsoever. We are on our own, to maybe, create new ones, or something.

Of course, this is a significant part of the liberationist strategy as well — hollow-out the institutions enough such that people like us leave them, which hollows them out more and so on until they either disappear or remain technically present but are virtually unrecognizable. But what can you do? At the end of the day, we have to do what’s best in our own lives, really.”

It’s (one of) the reasons I gravitated toward Holy Orthodoxy. No doctrinal change since 787AD. I LOVE that!

“One of the nice things about the structural dysfunctionality of Orthodoxy is that it actually offers a profound advantage in this era, where change is rampant and rapid. An institutional inability to change, in a structural sense, has its advantages in a time like this one.”

One more reason to be thankful for my church.


Aaron M. Renn discusses this social phenomenon further.

H/T: DPMonahan

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15 Responses to Infiltration and Disruption of the Continuity of Values

  1. Rock Kitaro says:

    This is why I use words like “corrupt” to describe certain individuals, movements, and lifestyles. When you have a standard (much like an individual’s institution, or personal constitution)…such individuals run the risk of corrupting you by mere association, like a corrupted piece of flesh or wound. It needs to be cut-off before it does so much damage that it’s irreparable.

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    • Joe2 says:

      “…such individuals run the risk of corrupting you by mere association, like a corrupted piece of flesh or wound.”

      There is an old saying that one rotten apple can spoil the barrel. So they can corrupt on an individual basis as well as on a corporate basis such as in an institution. It is very important to avoid associating with such individuals.

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  2. professorGBFMtm2021 says:

    Disruption you mean the last 25 years of the MGTOW?The purpose of MGTOW has stayed the same even after loser p@ssy-begger roissy infiltrated the MGTOWSPHERE!Loser weakling GAME failed!!And the MGTOW ”male survival values” of ”going nuclear&not giving or taking a s#it” has prevailed!!
    As the whole LOSER weakling elite infrastructure collapases like everybodys BAD BEHAVIOR/FORNICATION-hero roissy/heartist loved with his ”enjoy the collapse” catchphrase!
    Everybody left will COC-beg the MGTOW to fight woke culture and its main enforcers the SJWS!Why won’t people ask the p@ssy-begger gamers?
    Because like the loser fraud weakling neo-con elites they are total losers as best shown with the purplepillers athol kay,susan walsh,ross strauss,david deangelo&short max tucker!
    Going to save the MMP,huh?Is that why weakling elites&FEMINAZIS are in full panic mode?
    MGTOW has been the main instituition that has stayed the same for the last 25 years!
    Only we in the true MGTOW elite class can see this!?Nobody else!?
    I &many others never beleived in the failure of polite loser weakling policies of p@ssy-begging like some so-called leaders of the manosphere seem to this day to beleive in!
    All p@ssy-begging/GAME is is a band-aid that fails in the end-game of relationships!
    Ask all the fools who went along with p@ssy-begging,as they got their asswhupped by feral wives&other delicate women!!
    The true&noble MGTOW status-quo works because we are outsiders that know we can’t count on fraud noble Idealistic weaklings to save even themselves from ruin!Look at the weakling beta kennedys for example!

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  3. lastmod says:

    Was a Scoutmaster for ten years……2006-2016. When Scouting depended on “corporate donations” and pesnsion plans, and massive benefits, a huge HR dept, and paying executives and regional directors a salary equivelent to a CEO of a fortune 500 company is when the end began (probably sometime in the 1970’s / 1980’s). WHen I was there, they depended on corproate donations from DIsney, and the like…….also the people INSIDE Scouting demanded it go woke. The rank and file Scoutmaster was powerless to do anything…..except leave. When girls were finally allowed to be “admitted” I was done.

    Most Orthodox priests I have met are not conservative, most are quite socially liberal (here in California in the Greek Orthodox tradition…my cousin married into this tradition)

    To me….its just ritual, tradition and most have no idea why they are doing said tradition or understand it. I also don’t and have not seen in the bible anywhere of praying to painted icons, and a billion saints and feasts, and other hangers on. My few visits to an Orthodox church I didn’t really find it welcoming, and it kind-of gave off the impression you had to be “born” Greek, or eastern Slavic to be accepted. Maybe it isn’t like this…..but that is the impression I get. My cousins wedding took HOURS….dancing around crowns, this stance, that stance. This recital, this prayer…..who comes and does what action first. At the Russian ORrhodox church I went to on Orthodox Easter…..walking around the church three times, knocking on the door (no reply…because Jesus isn’t there) and then some sort of prayer to Mary, some saint…….just way over my head.

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    • Joe2 says:

      Years ago a group of female “cultural exchange” students from Russia came into the area and worked at local restaurants and bars to learn about American culture before returning to Russia later in the year. They spoke acceptable English so communication wasn’t a problem.

      One student in particular mentioned that she attends a Russian Orthodox church and was staying with a couple from the church. She left the impression that the church was more of a social club for older couples who were trying to preserve their cultural traditions. In other words, if you are not one of them, you are not welcome.


  4. dpmonahan says:

    I highly recommend Aaron Renn’s Maculinist ( newsletters 24 and 35 which are on just this topic. He argues the need to move away from institutions because
    1) America is over institutionalized,
    2) any surplus value generated by the institution will be used for ends contrary to what you value,
    3) American institutions are de-facto instruments of state control,
    4) Jesus does not command us to create institutions but to love our neighbor. The purpose of a Christian institution should be to build up the network of relationships (i.e. the Church), but it becomes vice versa.
    My take: we build up institutions to the point that they are insulated from failure, so they just end up existing for their own interest, not the the interests of people they are supposed to serve. They become havens for grifters and parasites.
    The natural institution is the family structured around paternal authority. Ancient institutions, the village, the tribe, the feudal aristocracy, were networks of families with hereditary loyalties. We’ve replaced that with the factory, the firm, the self-perpetuating bureaucracy. Notice how family wealth and traditions don’t last more than a couple of generations (in fact, those are considered to be oppressive things) while the bureaucratic institutions last forever.
    The church is, in essence, the network of believers structured around a paternal (“hereditary” by apostolic succession) authority of Bishops, but it has obscured that behind layers of institutions serving their own ends (eg, in the West: Vatican bureaucracy, Catholic universities, etc).

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  5. professorGBFMtm2021 says:

    ALL THINGS GBFM&the GLOBAL MGTOW!!!Arron renn?Hes the great hope against the one true MGTOW!?He thinks tfm repersents the TRUE MGTOW ELITE?Hes never run into the ole’GBFM who put fraud losers like roissy,athol kay,susan walsh,wimp strauss,short max tucker&a certain GENDERIST in their WEAKLING FEMINAZISM place!Aaron talks against brad wilcucks?Thats great!But not as great as the GREATBOOKSFORMEN!!!The TRUE MGTOW PATRIARCH(The GREAT ROMANTIC fellow gentleman) of the MGTOWSPHERE&its successors roissysphere/manosphere!!I’m the main man who was banned for telling the ”hard” non-p@ssy-begging PATRIARCHICAL truth of life&the ”EXALTED WORDS OF MOSES&JESUS”!!!What has POLITE greater BETA aaron renn done?Other than the renn&stimpy cartoon with brad wilcucks as stimpy!?Thats why I’m the MGTOW PATRIARCH!!People think its ”hard” for me to NON-CHALANTELY be the TRUE redpill like this?I’am THE Natural INNATE alpha PATRIARCH since day one!!I was’nt taught it!!Especialy by p@ssy -begging WEAKLINGS!! P.S.I did’nt have to learn GAME!I’am the GAME!!!Everybody knows that!!!
    Also nobody wants to discuss the merit&VALUE of WEAKLING p@ssy-begging with the kindest of TRUE MGTOW ELITES ever!!?
    PostP.S.This is one of those few comments posts?Like the ”master of meta-reality”& ”scholary test” ones?
    People should test&tempt GBFM thats a GREAT ”life-script”!!!
    Where did that get various loser BETAS&CUCKS in the past!?

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  6. lastmod says:

    Well Aaron Renn worked for large companies, wrote books, and published papers and somehow believes he is some sort of urban planner…… He was hired by large hierarchies to give his advice about city governments and agencies, and probably for a handsome price. I don’t know much about him, but I have no idea why his ideas on smart cities and urban planning are even considered.

    When Fresno embarked on its “revitalization” of its downtown, it had a mid-century masterpiece of urban art — The Fulton Mall — a six block pedestrian mall with excellent modern art, designed by a world renown landscape planner, Garrett Eckbo, and developer Victor Gruen. It opened in 1964.

    It fell on hard times, like most downtowns did in the 1970’s. With so few original pedestrian malls left in the USA, we had the opportunity to restore it, and upgrade and rezone the area for more dense housing. We had a golden chance to restore a gem, it had a climax forest of trees downtown, amazing artwork and design…

    No, no…… It had to be removed, and ripped out. Aaron Renn was quoted frequently during the hearings to remove The Mall.

    And well, it was ripped out. Now we have a lame street with parking meters. Still a dead downtown, worse in many cases now. So, I won’t debate his faith but his hairbrained ideas wrecked one of the few things “good” about Fresno.

    I was the co-chair of “Save The Fulton Mall” because it was in my neighborhood, and it had architects, designers and many people from around the world who were concerned about the destruction of a fully intact piece of art by a world renown designer who were members. We lost by two votes. Aaron Renn in my book is partially to blame for this. He was quoted constantly.

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  7. info says:

    Good stuff. Although I am hoping that Holy Orthodoxy san the Iron Curtain can survive. Even the Most Traditional looking institutions are getting subverted, the RC for example.

    So we will see.


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  10. Scott says:

    I occasionally find myself, like Cypher, wishing I could just plug myself back into the matrix.

    Apparently, over the weekend it was “Women Veteran’s Day” or something. On the one social media account I have left, LinkedIn, all the guys around my age and older (even other combat veterans) were falling all over themselves to share articles, photos, memes, etc of the kick ass women Veterans they know, or know about, adding their own additional flavor commentary about how “I’ve worked with some of the finest female soldiers in my career and I’ll tell you, most of them can run circles around some of the pansy boys I came across in my time!”

    (This is, of course a paraphrase of most of their comments)

    And although these cringeworthy posts make my eyes roll as they glaze over, I do miss the club. I was like that — the combination of libertarian/chivalrous trad-con begging to be part of the in crowd of virtue-signalers that I have now come to despise. Makes me throw up a little in my mouth each time I see it now.

    But what has been seen, cannot be unseen and so I write nothing. I just scroll past to the articles about suicide risk assessment and forensic psychology, or try to find the needle in a haystack mental health article that ISN’T about pride or whatever social justice cause, just so I can engage.

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    • Liz says:

      Up until you said you were once like that, I was going to ask…are you sure it’s you?
      Society seems to have changed around us, not the other way around.
      Back in my youth there wasn’t the same concept of “bad ass chicks”. Teenaged girls made a smaller cohort of juvie (now I think there are more girls in juvie than boys).
      We had shows like Charlie’s Angels and Wonder woman and so forth, but it was understood that was intended to be campy, not a “how to” for women.

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    • elspeth says:

      Why do female veterans need their own Veteran’s Day?


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