Adding scholarly pursuits to your already busy life.

An intellectual excursion into the complex, phenomenal, and funny.

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In no particular order (except that which appears in the video).

  • Introduction (0:00-2:42)
  • One work of classic literature: The War of the Worlds, by H. G. Wells. (2:42-5:40)
  • One scholarly piece of work that is accessible to normal people. — Jordan Peterson interviews Gad Saad. (5:40-23:37)
  • One peer reviewed journal article. (23:37-24:44)
  • One mindlessly entertaining book: The Righteous Mind, by Jonathan Haidt (24:44-31:57)
  • One “meaty” video from my favorites, Biracial Dating is Complicated, from Key and Peele (31:57-32:30)
  • A synopsis of my personal life, with a drawing of my wife. (32:30-34:05)
  • A psychology topic: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder vs. Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder — Yes, there is a difference. (34:05-44:00)

This one is rather long at 44 minutes. So you might want to get comfortable before you start watching this. Or you can just pick out what you’re interested in by using the timestamps above.


Jordan Peterson’s interview of Gad Saad.

Key and Peele — Biracial Dating is Complicated

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4 Responses to Adding scholarly pursuits to your already busy life.

  1. Elspeth says:

    That biracial dating clip was fairly well nonsense. Of course, we’re not -in our family- dealing with it from the BM/WF perspective so I don’t know what the expectations are, but our girls haven’t had this as a thing. But my husband said he never had that either when he dated was dating the rainbow, so to speak.

    Mychael looks beautiful, btw.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. professorGBFMtm2021 says:

    Why is nobody understanding that the biracial dating was a metaphor for religious people dating non-religious people like yourself,who is also accused of being ”black pilled”!Plus ”war of the worlds”(Predates all the FONZIES of the puagamers!) is a metaphor &the righteous mind is anti-rational(Male) thinking like you&I!P.S.You know I first saw this at 6:30am this morning&knew it was mainly aimed at myself with ”SCHOLARLY(Based on my name!)&BUSY”(Based on my ”ligger” slang afew posts ago hinting about how blackpill is seen!) in the title plus intellectual excerise hinting at ”THOUGHT EXPERIMENT”You also know I have never read the righteous mind book right?Why would I need or want too!?You also know ”the more of you I inspect,the more I see myself reflect”…&later ”&when the story takes a twist,it folds like a contortionist”I’ve been like the title of that song since 11pm last night!INTERNETP.S.I have been having problems with my wireless connection most of the day,because of storms!NON-TRADITIONAL is what this whole post is talking about, right scott?In other words your my blackpill brother,right?


  3. Adam says:

    Including the globalist propaganda tool and meth addicted grandmother sex dreaming Jordan Peterson on a collection of scholarly pursuits is like deferring to Joseph Stalin on a discussion of civility in politics.

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