A Mystical Approach to Meta Reality

A practical way to apprehend the Truth.

Readership: Christians
Author’s Note: Richard P left the following as a comment under Scott’s post, What would the world be like if everyone was Red Pilled? (2021 March 13). The formatting of the numbers got messed up in posting, and I wanted to correct this properly so it is clear to readers. Also, this comment was rather long at 1,000+ words, and I felt it had significant value, so I asked Richard to send me the full text through email so that I could make it into this separate post. I have reformatted and expanded the text with Richard’s permission.
Length: 1,600 words
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Father and daughter relaxing on a rocky beach by the sea and having time together.

A Practical Approach to the Truth

The fundamental problem of the human condition and our brokenness lies in our propensity to misinterpret reality and remain solipsistic in our assessment of our lives. This disconnection from truth and reality is the fundamental essence of sin.

Here is a simple view of our relationship to reality that I put together years ago for my daughter, along with many others.

The following list can be used as an analytical guide to introspection, which makes it easier to discover how we misinterpret reality and get a little closer to the truth. Going down this list has provided a rock-bottom foundation on which I have built other conversations with her.  It seems that it works for this conversation in this thread as well.

Our relationship to reality: (The truth exists, regardless of our ability to perceive it.)

  1. Primary Reality — What is
  2. Secondary Reality — What is perceived
  3. Tertiary Reality — The problems created by the discrepancy between 1(a) and 1(b).
  4. What is this that is happening to me?  To you?
  5. What does it all mean?
  6. The soundness of our five senses, the soundness of the biological basis of our brain, and the amount and quality of things we have been taught are the basis of our ability to perceive.  Deficiencies in any of these will limit our ability to perceive.  And we all have deficiencies of one sort or another.  The brain cannot work well unless the biology of the body is willing.

We don’t respond to what is.

We can only respond to what is perceived.

We take in stimuli from the world around us through our five senses.  We make sense of this incoming stimuli through our cognition, our ability to think.

As our ability to perceive improves, the number of things we perceive will increase.

As we age and gain experience, we come to the knowledge of God as an entity that is distinct from the ideologies of the world and the social expectations that are foisted upon us. In the process, our thinking changes from relying on logic, rules, and the opinions of others, to a continual dependence on God through faith, spiritual discernment, and conviction. This is when we begin to form a faith-based connection to God and other people.

How the Christian Manosphere Explores this List

In the movie, The Matrix, the “Red Pill” was something one took to be better able to perceive Primary reality.  The guys in the Manosphere over the last several years have been using the term “Red Pill” as a verbal shortcut to describe their efforts to help men move their personal Point 2 above (what they perceive) closer to the universal Point 1 above (what actually “is”), so as to reduce the problems arising from men’s personal Point 3 above (the problems caused by discrepancies between Points 1 and 2.  On its face, that is a noble effort. It is perhaps the most groundbreaking philosophical discovery of our generation.

The disputes and acrimony in the Manosphere over efforts to move men’s Point 2 closer to the universal Point 1, generally come about because they ignore (or don’t realize it exists) the remaining points on the list — everything below Point 3.  That is, (a.) the pushers of “Red Pill” awareness have set Point 1 to be entirely about girls who frequent bars and other pickup places, and (b) they don’t much discuss the reality that we are not all able to achieve the same levels of perception.

Beyond the faults I mentioned in the last paragraph and Point 3 above, the Manosphere has had the noble goal of helping men come to understand the things that a certain cohort of women responds to.  It may be that all women respond to the things that the Manosphere has defined, but I don’t think that has been proved yet.  We just know that the women in most Red Pill discussions who are considered to be “targets” for social and sexual liaisons, are those hot chicks in bars and other venues popular among PUAs.  I’m thinking that only certain personality types are attracted to those places.  Which leaves many other personality types unexplored and untested by the players in the Manosphere.

The Christian Manosphere has made a break from this approach by including aspects of the human plight beyond women, sex, pick-up techniques, and how to get laid, and as such, it considers a wider frame of reference. In essence, it attempts to move further down the list, past Point 3. Sigma Frame is one of the few content providers in the Manosphere that addresses the contextualized individual experience (Point 4), the deeper spiritual meaning (Point 5), and the meta world of perception and discernment (Point 6).

RedPillBoomer commented on this when he wrote,

“Sites like this one, and Dalrock’s before, cause me to link back to the Scriptures because I personally believe all the ‘RP knowledge’ about male-female relations, and other relationships we have in life, are in the scriptures, plus the wisdom and understanding to go along with the knowledge. Albeit, the scriptural RP is spread throughout the Bible (Genesis, Proverbs, the Epistles, etc.), so it takes some doing to link it all together. But as I increasingly link it all together, it’s like, “Yep, it’s all in there in one form or another. There truly is Nothing New Under the Sun” (as Solomon says). So, I see a site like this as an excellent bridge between the Secular Red Pill and the Scriptures.”

Yes, one can learn these truths about “what women really respond to” by reading the Bible, but these truths are pretty spread out.  Even if a young man reads the Bible on a regular basis, he could still miss these truths. But there is also this — which has never been taught in any church I have attended over the years — How are men supposed to know this, unless someone in their family points it out?  If no one in the family has ever demonstrated these truths or pointed it out to them, how are they to know?

The Centrality of Headship in God’s Created Order

Before Paul said anything in the New Testament about relations between husband and wife, God told this to the world about husband and wife: She was created to help him, and he would rule over her (not rule her; rule over her. There is a difference).  Those are actually flip sides of the same coin.  The one who “helps” carries out the instructions given by the one being “helped”.  Putting one’s own agenda aside and focusing on the agenda of the one being helped is an act of submission.  The one giving instructions, telling the help what he needs them to do, is an act of “ruling over“.

Look at the definitions of the Old English terms husband and husbandry and you see they encompass this same sort of distinction / definition.  He tends to his estate, rules over it, by doing those things necessary to keep it alive and thriving.  In the case of husband and wife, reflecting what God set up by creating Eve to help Adam do the same, the husband rules over / cares for his estate, with the help of his wife.  He makes the plans, figures out what he wants to do (often in consultation with her), gives his wife guidance and instructions to carry out, all of which helps him do what he wants to do.  By definition, that behavior, established by God, creates a hierarchy that no definition of Kephale (i.e. Headship) can ever undo.

One doesn’t need to read more than a couple of verses in Genesis to learn all of this.  God made Eve to be a helper.  In order to help, she needs to be given proper instructions.  She wasn’t created to be out front, creating the vision, giving instructions to husband for him to carry out.

In spite of all the arguments that go on in the Manosphere about “blaming the guys” and female agency, the truth is this — If she was created to help, and you let her know in no uncertain terms that you don’t need her help, she cannot be what she was created to be.  She can only be what she was created to be if husband gives her information about what she can do to be a help for him.  Giving those instructions would be the “ruling over”.  Carrying out those instructions would be the “submitting”.  That is what God told the world in a few verses in Genesis.  It doesn’t get any more complicated than that (aside from humankind’s natural inclination to rebel).


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16 Responses to A Mystical Approach to Meta Reality

  1. professorGBFMtm2021 says:

    The ”Master of meta-reality” returns in’71/’72 as no one can tell where the wild wind goes!In spite of not understanding the truth!Teachers of the law of sexes,still don’t perceive reality!There was a gamer known as nicodemas back in da day!
    Before roissy,roosh&rollo!Everybody(including carpenters,”unlearned men”&children!) knew this was true!:”I have spoken of earthly things&you still don’t beleave!How then,will you beleave of heavenly things?”
    Is any of that too hard for even 2 little girls&one little boy above, to figure out?They not understand the mysterious basics of life?Then how would ”students of the game”?


    • professorGBFMtm2021 says:

      The professor knows I’m a romantic adventure!I’m a lone-wolf ”ligger”(British ”rock&roll”{Which itself was slang for sex, if anybody dos’nt know!}slang)But I ain’t no pretty boy&I’m a boy full of joy!Especialy when I one-time in ’86 at age 9, gave a 16 year old girl a middle-finger (in no stated uncertain terms)(Yep old-skool courtly love in dahouse!) salute, for telling me mysteriously(for a girl!)that I was a bad person stuff,then I proved it&helped her(the helpie!) to her visual satisfaction(Always show&neg women your high-value guys,like I do!)!
      P.S.FONZI told ’50’s OPIE:”Dreamer?I’m the dreamie!” in the 70’s!
      Where did I ever blame puagamer guys for anything?
      BizarreP.S.Want me to bizarrely respond to myself again?
      What was the big deal about the first comment?Too truthful or gnostic,you pick!?
      BLACKSABBATH P.S.”Master of reality” is their ’71 in u.k., but ’72 in us album!What do you think that meant?
      SIGMAP.S.I have made you guys think about your arguments for or against ”game theory”, in more detail, right?Thats the whole point!Like GBFMtm gave much to roissy&dal’ to wonder about in his comments also!
      I don’t care about GAMEtm in any variation,others do!Thats what my point is mostly!
      I agree about going international,but that is slowly evaporating as all the lgbt in taiwan has proven, as all of you know too!


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  3. Bee says:


    The last section, “The Centrality of Headship in God’s Created Order” is a wonderful summary that all Christian men should be reading and pondering.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. SFC Ton says:

    What up Bee?


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