Why is the online amateur sex industry attractive to men?

Because it’s the best cost per benefit option – or so it seems.

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Reader’s Note: This post continues discussing The Rise of the Amateur Sex Industry (2021 January 4).  Readers may like to read this post first before continuing.
In this series, prostitution is defined as the sale of either (1) sexual services, (2) faux relationships (calculated by the hour, number of messages, etc.), or (3) personalized, self-produced, sexually titillating media content — for cash.
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To answer the eponymous question, I’ll go after the question of why male thirst is skyrocketing, and how the Online Amateur Sex Industry and Socialization (OASIS) sates this desire.

Speaking of the end times (which I believe we have been living in for the past century or so), Jesus said,

“And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.”

Matthew 24:12 (NKJV)

The author of Timothy reiterated Jesus’ words.

But this know, that in [the] last days difficult times shall be there; for men shall be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, evil speakers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, profane, without natural affection, implacable, slanderers, of unsubdued passions, savage, having no love for what is good, traitors, headlong*, of vain pretensions, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God;

2nd Timothy 3:1-4 (DARBY)

* Headlong is an old English adjective translated as brash and impulsive.

The idea in these passages that I want to point out is that those who are fallen (including both men and women) are devoid of natural affection. And as the years roll on, there is an ever growing segment of humanity who fall into this description.  Yet, their own need for love and affection does not abate in the slightest.

In fact, the human desire for love and affection is, in itself, quite natural and good.  But when subjugated to the continual deprivation of the same, human beings only grow more ravenously desperate and depraved.

Men hope to fall in love with a woman, and to discover a deep soul bond with her. However, women who have been indoctrinated by feminism and/or despoiled by the SMP are wholly unable to offer such an experience to men.  Yet, the decline in the supply does not reduce the demand in the slightest, but instead, it only exacerbates it.  So modern men are strongly driven to go hunting for such an experience, and will find a small measure of contentment in whatever they might find, even if it is merely a fleeting sentimental imitation.

So going back to the question, why does a man drink from the OASIS?  There is no need to point out the obvious answer – utterly desperate male thirst during the most severe sex drought of the modern era.  Guys who can find a satisfying relationship with one woman aren’t going to risk that by fooling around with online sex, and Chads who have good options with multiple women view the online transaction as somewhat juvenile.  However, there are plenty of men left who are not in either of those categories, and there are a few other reasons not related to raw sexual desire.

With this in mind, let’s review a number of other reasons that have been offered by several commenters about why men are drawn to the mirage of the OASIS.  I’ve compiled these reasons into four basic flavors:

  1. It’s a pragmatic alternative to the failed SMP/MMP.
  2. It’s smooth and easy.
  3. The personalization fits the fantasy.
  4. It’s a throwaway option.

The Failed SMP/MMP Drives Men to Alternate Sources

TheDeti concisely described the debacle of the modern Marriage Marketplace.

“You can’t have a functional marriage marketplace where the objective has a 50% failure rate, where the risks are enormous compared to the paltry benefits, and where one party (the man) will bear almost all the costs of failure.

You can’t have a functional marriage marketplace where the man bears all the burdens and obligations and gets no benefits; and where the woman reaps all the benefits with no concomitant burdens or obligations.

You can’t have a functional marriage marketplace where the man can’t get the one benefit he’s supposed to get [only] from marriage (regular, decent, non-resentful, non-grudging sex at reasonable intervals from a woman who actually wants to give it to him), but you still demand that he bear all the burdens and obligations.

You can’t have a functional marriage marketplace where the demand for sex vastly outstrips the willing supply, and where the suppliers refuse to provide that supply.”

The thing is, the Sexual Marketplace (SMP) has converged with the Marriage Marketplace (MMP).  For the past 20 years or so, men are finding that they can’t get break into the MMP without first succeeding in the SMP.  This is an accumulated consequence of the sexual revolution, and is no less the case among Christians, unfortunately.  The OASIS fills in the blank left by the modern MMP by offering men a back door into the SMP, even if only a virtual one.  This practical improvisation, however, does not usually lead to marriage.  It only gives men an immediate relief, and the false sense that they’re making some advances in their sexual lives.

For many men, this is the “best” they can do, given the present condition of the SMP/MMP.

It’s Smooth and Easy

My previous post, Why is the online amateur sex industry attractive to women? (2021 January 6), described how smooth and easy OASIS is for women.  Similar to how OASIS gives women all the benefits without all the hassle, OASIS does the same for men, but for different reasons.

The OASIS offers a convenient, privatized transaction.  A man would consider a one-time expense to be preferable over the constant pilfering and unexpected on-the-spot demands for cash that are typical for having a wife or girlfriend in tow.  On this, Deti said,

This is men doing what they need to do to get sex or facsimiles/imitations thereof.  They used to have to take women on dates at great cost of time and money.  Now, they do porn/camgirls/OF, and the more affluent get lite prostitutes, er… sugar babies.

It is also somewhat predictable.  The transactional nature of subscribing to an OnlyFans account carries an implicit guarantee that the man will get something reminiscent of the thrills he wants and expects from a woman.

Thus, a man can break into the SMP without having to involve himself in the responsibilities and headaches of having to engage in a real relationship with a woman.  No disrespect, no approach anxiety, no fear of rejection, no auto-rejection, no buyer’s remorse, no ghosting or flaking, no Gaslighting, no $ћit tests, no mind games, and probably not much Bulverizing.  If he so wishes, he can get to “know” a woman (in the Biblical sense) without any of his family or friends’ knowledge.

Furthermore, he can avoid all the cut throat competition of the SMP.  This means that he doesn’t need to develop his career, improve his social skills, work out at the gym, hammer out game techniques, spend money on a looksmax wardrobe, or do any of the other things that would make him more attractive to women.

The importance of being able to avoid the fear of competition, comparison, and/or rejection cannot be understated, because for most all men, this is the biggest hurdle that blocks their entrance into the SMP.  Namely because, as mentioned in the intro, modern women can be very unloving and unforgiving.  If the man is ostensibly sub-par in her haughty opinion, she’ll cut him off at the knees for no good reason at all.  In fact, this is how women maintain preselection.

Case Study: Robert Kraft

Joe2 gave us a poignant anecdote.

“You may recall the high profile case of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and 24 other men who were charged with paying employees of a massage parlor to perform sex acts.  The charges were eventually dropped, but the women involved reached plea deals and paid fines.  Authorities take the soliciting of another to commit prostitution seriously and will prosecute.

On the other hand, the payment to a sugar baby is strictly for her time and companionship, as may be stated in any agreement involving the transfer of money to her account.  What actually rakes place (sex) between the sugar baby and her sugar daddy is between two consenting adults and not related to the transfer of money.”

If Kraft had spent $800 an hour to see an internet escort, you and I would never know about it, but instead he chose to opt for a $100 BJ at a massage parlor that was already being chased by the cops.  As is often the case with the wealthy, they can be incredibly, and surprisingly, cheap when it comes to some things, and in this case it cost him some reputation.  It would have been better for him to pay a little more money in order to have a “smoother” transaction.

The Personalization

Cameron232 asked a good question that paddles up the effluent river.

“I get why men pay for actual prostitutes (sad and sinful as it is) but why do they pay for online viewing?  If you have internet access, you’re 0.13 seconds away from nude pics and videos of girls for free.  It’s been that way for 25 years now.”

Deti answered,

They pay for online viewing because it’s personalized.  OF, camgirls, premium pornsites, and even pornstars now are personalizing things for viewers.  Paying subscribers get perks that the “free” subscribers don’t get, and most of it has to do with personalized content.  They have preferred viewers, and give “prime” and “exclusive personalized content” to paid subscribers.

Yes, it’s basically “fake, paid dating”.  If a woman can offer a convincing spiel, enough to make a man feel like it fulfills his fantasy, then this is good enough for those men who are lonely and desperate.  The selling point is in fleshing out the fantasy.  Men’s fantasies might be any of the following…

  • Being treated right by a woman.
  • Getting a taste of (faked) female respect.
  • The ego stroke of having the companionship of an attractive and polite female.
  • The confidence of interacting with an attractive woman whom he knows won’t reject him (at least not during that date).
  • The humbling yet exhilarating experience of falling in love.
  • Simply just having beastly rutting sex with a woman who’s paid to smile and not grimace.

Whether or not the woman can fit the fantasy all depends on how well the girl “hustles” with her honeycraft skills.  The girl who is effective at this basically plays a feminine personality “role” that she developed/invented which is alluring, sexy, fun, educated, and so on.  Those with an acute aptitude for Machiavellianism can conjure up a personalized mythical backstory that is quite elaborate and interesting, and she can carry this persona in an authentic way for a long time.  More often than not, these characteristic roles buy into the Headship relational model, simply because that is the God-ordained default design which men can ease into most comfortably.

The best hoes tailor their persona and interactive style to the men they are dealing with such that they can be quite effective at “reeling in” the male customer.

The ideal goal from her perspective is for the guy to get taken in by her act so completely, that he becomes a püssy whipped repeat customer who is a reliable source of cash. Of note, this is an inversion of the male-female sexual authority that is characteristic of a God honoring Headship structure.

She knows that they both know, on some level, that it is all a temporary act, and that the whole thing is premised on her being paid such that if the money goes away, so does she.  But within that “suspension of disbelief” within the time and space allotted, a girl who is good at the act can create a very convincing impression of a relationship that blows away his preconceived fantasies in some fashion or form.

This simulacrum of a relationship is what makes fishing in the OASIS fundamentally different from watching another man swimming in a porn video.  He might actually catch a fish!

Some men might be naïve enough to think they can nurse an online relationship until it develops into a real relationship.  Knowing the grace of God, I’m sure there are a very small number of couples who do find true love at the OASIS, but this is the ultra-rare exception.  For the vast majority of cases, men are not naïve enough to think that they can pay a woman to fall in love with him, and that expectation never enters into the picture. Men simply want to worship flesh and get their rocks off.

If you think about it, you can see why regular guys would opt for an OnlyFans hookup instead of p0rnography, and why men of greater means who are looking for paid companionship would choose a Sugar Baby over a hooker.  It isn’t because it’s real, but because it feels real — again depending on how good the chick is at what she is doing.  And some are much better than others at being a credible fake girlfriend.

Online Sex is a Throwaway Option

In some ways, a man can be his true self much more easily in a false relationship, simply because there is no ego investment in the outcome.  He can allow himself to trip up and play the fool simply because “it doesn’t really matter” one way or the other.  Having the opportunity to “fail” and still be “accepted” can actually build up a man’s confidence.

Also, there is the sexual aspect.  Since time immemorial, men have sought after sources of immediate sexual relief which carries a minimum of responsibilities and consequences.  This sentiment has been captured by various artists and actors throughout modern history.

“I want a lover who won’t drive me crazy.  Someone who’ll love me, and then go away.”

“I need a lover”, by John Cougar Mellencamp (YouTube)

“You don’t pay wh0res to come, you pay them to leave.”

Various sources in the acting industry.

For these reasons, prostitution has always been regarded as one of the best options for throwaway sex.  Online prostitution is even more advantageous for all the reasons already discussed, namely because it is convenient, sanitized, and the male clients can be just as discreet as the Insta-Wh0res themselves.  Hence, OASIS meets the primal needs of men quite sugardipitously.


There are many pros and cons about the advent of OASIS.

I can see a couple upsides to the greater participation of women in OASIS.

  • Women can have the opportunity to learn what men actually like and are attracted to in women.
  • Women are motivated to learn what men want and how to serve men’s physical and emotional needs because this can increase their income.

Women getting better at being feminine might appear to be a good thing for men, but remember, these lessons come at a great cost to her holiness and worthiness for marriage.

The positive aspects for men are as follows.

  1. Men are incentivized to get a job and earn money (or more money), so that they can pay their OnlyFans tallies and their Insta-Wh0re girlfriends/sugar babies.
  2. The subjective and immediate gratification relieves the incessant and d@mnable burning, which in many cases can allow a man to think clearly about his life.
  3. If a man can get some experience with a “professional”, then this eases his fear of rejection and increases his confidence.
  4. The overall experience ushers him into a new understanding of how to relate to women in a more efficacious manner.

The negative aspects of this approach include the following.

  1. The idolatry of wimmin worship, AKA pedestalization.
  2. It’s a petri dish for lust and possible fornication.
  3. The impressions on his psyche and soul create a standard by which he compares all future relationships.  This soul moulding is a harrowing curse for the women involved, causing them to become jaded, truculent, distrustful, and psychotic, even within a very short time frame.
  4. Because the relationship is false, it may give men some false notions about how to handle a woman.  Namely (from what I’ve heard), hoes want to be treated like a hoe, and they respond positively to Dark Triad Gamey methods of interaction.  But identifying and melding with a marriage-worthy woman requires a different mindset and spiritual disposition.

If the woman is exceptionally beautiful and skilled in her Honeycraft and Machiavellianism, then the experience takes on a new degree of smoothness by an order of magnitude.  It is also more tempting and dangerous to his soul for the same reason, and others listed above.

A superior mirage, AKA Fata Morgana.  In centuries past, the sight of a Fata Morgana was interpreted to mean that the voyage of the ship was doomed.

On this, NovaSeeker wrote,

“It’s different from watching a video because, again, if the girl is good at what she does, it can feel real to the guy, and that makes all the difference to him in terms of how satisfying the experience is.”

“Sugar babies work on the same principle.  Why would a guy pay a sugar baby college/grad student $2,000 a month to see her 3-4 times in that period, when he could see 2 or 3 hotter “pay by the hour” hookers for the same cash, and get hotter girls and more variety, and “on demand” service?  It’s because with the sugar baby he is having a fantasy relationship.  A talented SB doesn’t act like a hooker.  She acts like a “secret young girlfriend” or “protege” or “personal assistant” or whatever kind of fantasy the (almost always older) guy seems suited for, and she plays that role when she is with him.  She holds his hand in public, they visit museums and restaurants on fake dates, and they have sex a few times a month.  In between, they text, she treats him with a modicum of respect (which is more precious than gold to a man), she doesn’t ghost, flake out, or cut him off.  Although she may have some basic rules about how much of her time and texting goes into the deal, most SBs are good at doing this in a way that, too, feels organic and not overly fake.

The money flows monthly in a venmo and feels less transactional because it’s completely decoupled from the in-person meetings, which as noted, flow like “normal” dates.”

As you can see, taking the back door into the SMP can set a man up for either a lifetime of wh0remongering (which is condemned in scripture, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10; Galatians 5:19-21; Ephesians 5:3-5; see all verses) or else, severe disillusionment should he ever repent and attempt to attain a God glorifying Headship.  Because the former is so much easier, smoother, and immediately gratifying, it is rather unlikely that he will find the latter.

All in all, OASIS is very bad for both men and women.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out over time.


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32 Responses to Why is the online amateur sex industry attractive to men?

  1. Guys feel like they are getting a watered down experience but through easier channels. They also feel like they are getting a deal, (comparative to compulsive people’s “retail therapy”).


  2. Novaseeker says:

    This simulacrum of a relationship is what makes fishing in the OASIS fundamentally different from watching another man swimming in a porn video. He might actually catch a fish!

    It’s a few things I think.

    One is the verisimilitude of a relationship. On OnlyFans, the girls who make a lot of $$$ seem to be in close connection with their “fans”. That is, they respond to DMs, personally, they address them nicely in text and in videos and the like. There is an interpersonal interaction that is personalized and, at a minimum, limited to “insiders” that is qualitatively different from watching some porn actress on a porn video — the latter is not personalized, there is no personal interaction, and the porn actress is pseudonymous and isn’t interested in her viewers (typically she tries not to think too much about the guys who are looking at her videos, lol). On OnlyFans, the girls are using their real names, are linked to public personas on Instagram, YouTube and elsewhere, are personally and directly interacting — it’s a simulated relationship, for pay. It isn’t a real relationship — not at all. But it is very far removed from watching a porn video as well. It’s a paid, simulated virtual relationship. And in an era where much of “relationshipping” has moved into text, in any case, the textual interactions (which people have gotten better at, across the board, thanks to Tinder/Bumble/etc) are quite effective at conveying the simulacrum of a relationship. That’s what the girls are doing there.

    And for the girls, of course, they’re getting yummier attention, too. The subscribers tend to be a self-selecting group, I think, and are probably more respectful than most, and also are paying her, which in itself is very attractive attention. As older people (older than 40), we can overlook the salience of this, but for younger people it’s very powerful, for males and females alike, in different ways.

    Another factor is the “forbidden fruit” factor. Porn actresses are not forbidden fruit. They’re extremely available, for free, for anyone who is interested in viewing them. The cute to hot girl who lives in apt next door/works in the cube down the hall/goes to your gym/walks her dog in front of your window/etc. — she is forbidden fruit. Guys would like to see her, but she won’t give them the time of day. But she’s real in a way that porn girl is not — porn girl is removed like a Hollywood actress is. But with OnlyFans, these normal, everyday, yet attractive/cute/hot girls, are becoming available for viewing and personal interaction, for a fee. Now you can see a girl just like the cute one down the hall, and she shows you a video of herself in the shower — no makeup, no camera crew, all what she really looks like, nothing hidden. She smiles and wishes the viewer good morning. And she sends that video to her subscribers with a nice, friendly, personalized DM. Guys who then respond back to that get personal responses. It’s all paid, it’s all “fake” in the sense that it wouldn’t happen if she were not being paid, but the fact is what he is looking at is qualitatively different than what he is looking at in professional porn. He’s seeing the girl not as she would be on a porn set, but how he would see her if he lived with her and was her BF — that’s a massive difference. It creates the simulacrum of being in someone’s life. Guys will pay for that, even though they can get all the porn they like for free, because it is providing something that is qualitatively and experientially different than professional porn is.

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    • caterpillar345 says:

      But with OnlyFans, these normal, everyday, yet attractive/cute/hot girls, are becoming available for viewing and personal interaction, for a fee. Now you can see a girl just like the cute one down the hall, and she shows you a video of herself in the shower — no makeup, no camera crew, all what she really looks like, nothing hidden.

      This makes sense. I hadn’t thought of it that way before.


  3. Oscar says:

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out over time.

    I’ll go way out on a limb, and say “poorly”.

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  4. lastmod says:

    Way too over intellectualized…..like a sociology paper, or abstract.

    Also when you stated:

    “no responsibilities and headaches of having to engage in a real relationship with a woman. No disrespect, no approach anxiety, no fear of rejection, no auto-rejection, no buyer’s remorse, no ghosting or flaking, no Gaslighting, no $ћit tests, no mind games, and probably not much Bulverizing.”

    Many men who probably use, are members or frquent these places DID go through the headaches. Were nuclear rejected not once, or twice…..a few hundred times……buyers remorse? They never got to “test drive and buy” and as for all the other items you mentioned……..none you really had to deal with that…….you all had “dating” experiences…..and many of them very positive before you met the unicorn, got married and now have the audacity to “lecture: the men who were “locked outr” since they hit their teenage years of “thes men are lazy, and can’t face the ‘hard work’ and deep study of Game and trying to improve.

    Many spent DECADES trying. You all still cannot accept that there are winners and losers. The winners “worked hard” and the loser should just leran game, not be chivalrous, be confident, shower and move out of mom’s basement.

    You still have no idea……or if you do……..you KNOW it will upset your own apple cart on some of your “:theories” that this corner of the net has developed…and we can’t have that 😉


    • caterpillar345 says:

      Way too over intellectualized…..like a sociology paper, or abstract.

      Some of us learn best that way, by having a technical explanation (or a hypothesis, at least) of what is occurring. Some of us don’t do well with hand-wavy “It’s just this way because it is…”

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      • lastmod says:

        99% of the male population doesn’t live in a plastic bubble and a textbook world of a perpetual classroom where its neat, clean, textbook. There isn’t a solution given here. It’s just “bad” for men and women. Why? Well men won’t “work” to meet all these great women that are everywhere but don’t exist. Women have evidently ALWAYS behaved like this, so what is the point of bringing it up. They can’t help it. It’s their “nature”

        Porn wasn’t bad? Tinder wasn’t bad? Online dating wasn’t bad? The invention of automobile wasn’t bad, even though sex could then occur away from watchful eyes. A gentlemans club wasn’t bad? Naughty pictures were not bad? Online dating wasn’t bad? But this??? Bad! Bad! Bad!!

        the solution? Men have to be men stop this. learn game, work hard, be real men so women will be inspired by their confidence and will leave this work…….but then all these women aill be “damaged goods” and should be avoided at all costs……

        The supply of “good” women for all these men will be VERY limited, and thus more thirsty men who will just have to “burn” and “deal with it” because “god doesn’t promise you anything”


  5. thedeti says:

    Male thirst….

    Sexual desert….


    Ohhhhh…… OK…..


  6. lastmod says:

    Also noted “Scripture” being used here…when many men right here, and right now on this forum didn’t use this means or metric when they were dating, trying to find a wife, or get to know women….but now can throw this out as “Law” and “foolproof”

    Their past “sins” of the flesh with women don’t matter…….but you men with no options……..you need to hear Bible verses!

    You still have ignored or honestly believe men who have used porn, and go to these sites are “men with no options”

    Most people are married, according to your research……….a married man had options at some point and at least once. I don’t buy that members of Only Fans are men with bad haircuts and thick glasses who just need to “work hard” put their nose to the grindstone and in a few weeks, or months all these “amazing women” (who are everywhere…..but don’t exist anymore) will make themselves totally known by your textbook IOI’s, flirting, signals, and secret female codes that they must learn to read.


    • caterpillar345 says:

      I think this post in particular is showing that this is not the case. Four different reasons are given that a man might chose OnlyFans. I think it’s likely that some men who “have no options” make up the viewership (maybe under the fourth reason like building confidence or just trying to satiate the desire) but that plenty of others could, or maybe even do, “have other options” but decide it’s more practical and less headache to go this route (reasons 1 – 3).

      I also wonder if this corner of the ‘sphere creates a certain confirmation bias – we believe there are no good women out there to be had (or that they are exceedingly rare) so if we actually met one, we wouldn’t believe it was true. You find what you are looking for or focusing on, if that makes sense. Although, to be fair, there are a lot of low-quality women out there.

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  7. Farm Boy says:

    There is an interpersonal interaction that is personalized

    It is as if they were geishas


  8. Random Angeleno says:

    The Japanese have their gentlemen’s clubs in which the patrons pay for the girl’s time to talk with them. Drinks, consumables and space rental extra. Some serious money gets dropped at the higher end clubs. Just on talk. Though no doubt there are assignations. Some of this has moved into what they euphemistically call KTV’s and other Asian nations have something similar. Best analogy in the US is paying for the stripper’s drinks for her to sit down with you. The strippers who make the most money aren’t always the most beautiful ones, they’re the ones who know how to work the men.

    So there has always been a market for this simulacrum. All that’s changed is that the market has moved to the internet. The “internetification” of sex as expressed in the first article in the series.

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    • thedeti says:

      Good to see you. Haven’t seen you around for a minute.


    • Novaseeker says:

      So there has always been a market for this simulacrum. All that’s changed is that the market has moved to the internet. The “internetification” of sex as expressed in the first article in the series.

      Yes, that’s true. That difference, though, is critical, because it changes the kinds of people participating in the activity and dramatically increases their number. Most of the women on OnlyFans would never have become RL strippers. That’s just a fact. And similarly many of the men who are customers at OF wouldn’t go to gentlemen’s clubs because of the atmosphere, location, and the kinds of women who generally become strippers (as compared with what is on OnlyFans).

      Just like smartphone changed what porn was, OnlyFans changes the entire thing when it passes from the real to the virtual — it becomes something new. Something that is in some ways like the old, real world version, but bigger, with many more participants and reach, and much greater impact — again, just like happened with porn.

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  9. Eric Francis Silk says:

    OASIS. How fitting.

    “Parched with thirst am I and dying”- from a Greek funerary tablet.

    Anybody here seen Blade Runner 2049? Made me quit porn for a solid month.

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  10. Farm Boy says:

    I think that the best paid ones on OF create that kind of illusion.

    It might take a bit more work to have a conversation pleasing to the man. Keeping track of things in his life. Responding in a sympathetic manner. Etc. But if it pays much more, it would seem to be worth it. Especially if you end up doing less of the sexy stuff

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    • Sharkly says:

      Pretty soon they’ll have sex dolls with a little Artificial Intelligence that are advanced enough to say a few semi-intelligent phrases without sounding like disrespectful bitches. I just don’t see how modern women will ever stand a chance of competing against that.


      • feeriker says:

        Given that our society by that point will very likely by under a Stalinist SJW dictatorship, the feminists will pull out all stops to make sure that no such dolls are ever made available.


      • redpillboomer says:

        From what little I have read about the sex doll industry, the technology is really advancing. We are way beyond the back-in-the-day masturbatory, fake silicon female dolls to some things technology-wise that are rivaling real women; i.e. could replace women. Is that the case? It seems a bit fanciful, but who knows, given the way technology is advancing these days. Anyone have deeper insight into this?


      • Novaseeker says:

        Anyone have deeper insight into this?


        That is the main issue. Nothing really has been able to traverse that in terms of the dolls. It seems that if anything VR tech his more likely to have an impact (will allow OnlyFans girls to have “sex” remotely, using VR/haptic tech to come in the near(ish) future, with their customers without touching them or being in the same place as them). No uncanny valley issue there.

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      • redpillboomer says:

        Interesting read on the ‘uncanny valley,’ Thanks.

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  11. Scott says:

    Uncanny Valley is why I am creeped out by the movie “Polar Express”

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  12. Scott says:

    I finally took the time to read through this entire blog post and it made me think long and hard about why “suspension of disbelief” would not, and could not ever work for me. No matter how desperate I might become.

    When you watch a movie or other entertainment, the actors engage with each other, and the elements of the show (the plot, the props, etc).

    But in some cases (usually comedy) they “break the fourth wall” and directly interact with the audience. This has the jarring effect of reminding you that this is just a show, even if right up that point you were drawn into the story.

    This OASIS stuff is just one long breaking of the fourth wall. I don’t get how you pretend its not.


    • Novaseeker says:

      I don’t think the devotees of it would disagree that it’s one long breaking of the fourth wall. But they don’t mind that, because they like the “benefits” of it. No-one is fooling himself that there is a real relationship involved, but that doesn’t stop men from very much liking the verisimilitude of one.

      I do think there is a “Chinese wall” between the kind of men for whom things like prostitution do not generally “work” (typically me and quite a few other men), and those for whom they work very well (if there weren’t plenty of these, prostitution wouldn’t be a thing, after all). I don’t think the latter group is terribly concerned about the fact that they know that the prostitute doesn’t actually desire to have sex with them, and that it is completely faked desire. As long as they are getting what they want, it’s fine for them. Same with the OASIS.


      • Scott says:

        Yep. Prostitution and strip joints are the same. Just don’t get it.


      • Joe2 says:

        It’s kind of like a lot of marriages where the man is the beta bux provider and the wife doesn’t actually desire to have sex with him. She gets what she wants and he is getting a completely faked desire. In such a marriage is there a real relationship involved or is it similar to prostitution with some extra bells and whistles?


  13. whiteguy1 says:

    Way, WAY, WAAAY office topic Jack. But important enough that life is going to get interesting in your AO here shortly…

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Pingback: The Influence of Culturally Imposed Sexuality on Women | Σ Frame

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