2020 Winter Solstice Hibernation

Some interesting information, links, and videos.

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Winter Solstice

Today is the winter solstice.  The exact moment of the solstice occurred at the moment of posting (10:02 GMT).

In this section, I’ll relay a couple interesting videos and a couple links.

A Rare Alignment of Planets After 800 Years On December 21, 2020 | The Great Conjunction (Length: 3:10)

I found this interesting article about the solstice (written in perspective from the southern hemisphere).

ABC News/Science (Genelle Weule): Summer solstice 2020: Planets come out to play at end of longest day (2020 December 21)

Analyzing Video Footage of Collapse of Massive Arecibo Telescope (Length: 12:56)

See InfoGalactic for more on the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.


I have been posting every day since November first. That’s 50 posts!  My motivation for ratcheting up the writing rate was to provide a relieving diversion from the election fiasco, thereby granting us a displacement of the angst arising from our daily reading diet and the absence of non-fake news.

Here, I would like to acknowledge the authors who contributed during this time: NovaSeeker (7 posts), Scott (3 posts), Lexet (1 post), and TheDeti (1 post). I couldn’t have maintained the schedule of posting every day without their valuable contributions.  Thanks also to those readers who invested their thoughts, time, and energy to contribute to the insightful discussions.

I’m going to take a reprieve for the rest of the year (10 days). After the New Year rings in, I’ll resume posting some more good stuff.  NovaSeeker and Lexet have some more writings in the works, and we’ll continue to cover Scott’s videos and commentary on social and personality pathologies. So tune in for more at that time.

I wish you all a joyful and memorable season with your friends and families!

Happy Holidays!


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4 Responses to 2020 Winter Solstice Hibernation

  1. rontomlinson2 says:

    It’s been an astonishing recent output. For me particularly interesting and helpful to learn new ideas about authority and emotional/spiritual boundaries. Hope to learn more next year. Thank you!

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  2. thedeti says:

    Jack, have a restful and joyous Christmas season. We’ll see you back here in 2021.

    Liked by 3 people

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  4. Elspeth says:

    Merry Christmas.

    Liked by 2 people

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