Sustainability Fears

Sustainable is not the same as survivable.

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From Wikipedia [emphasis mine],

“Significant regional differences exist in both public concern for and public understanding of climate change.  In 2010, just a little over half the US population viewed it as a serious concern for either themselves or their families, while 73% of people in Latin America and 74% in developed Asia felt this way.  Similarly, in 2015 a median of 54% of respondents considered it “a very serious problem”, but Americans and Chinese (whose economies are responsible for the greatest annual CO2 emissions) were among the least concerned.  Public reactions to climate change and concern about its effects have been increasing, with many perceiving it as the worst global threat.  In a 2019 CBS poll, 64% of the US population said that climate change is a “crisis” or a “serious problem”, with 44% saying human activity was a significant contributor.

Several sources report that climate change and environmental issues were the biggest source of fear for school-aged youngsters.  Here are a few examples.

There are a lot more behind paywalls and digital identity walls (e.g. The New York Times), which I won’t link to.

All of these sources rely on the heart-tug ruse.  If you don’t fall for it, then you’re condemned as a heartless thug.  Haidt’s Ethical Foundations theory explains how this approach targets liberals in particular.

I won’t deny that there are significant environmental concerns.  However, the problem of climate change, as it is touted in education and the media, is couched as a result of localized human enterprises, not as a global environmental Tragedy of the Commons.  Forces of nature are altogether ignored by the media.  Ignorant humans with little to no consciousness of the issues (who are blamed as the culprits for “denying” climate change) are presented as the enemy — not first world economies, not governments, not capitalistic industries, and certainly not any of the ultra-elite who control these entities.

The real problem, which is understated by education and the media, if not altogether ignored, is one of resource consumption, resource depletion, and various forms of pollution.  Species preservation is also a concern which has been swept under the rug.  (Personally, I am still angry over the loss of the rhinoceros.)

the white rhino boobs.... - Meme by ilredibello460 :) Memedroid

The clue to this, known only to insiders, is the code word sustainability.  This word is heavily laden with a lot of meaning — not only sustainability of natural resources, but also sustainability of political power, sustainability of economic control, and sustainability of luxury. Why else would this issue receive such heavy scrutiny?

The mysterious Georgia Guidestones appear to list several goals for the ultra-elite herders of humanity.  It says the human population should be kept at 500,000,000.  That is only 7.14% of the current world population!  Why this particular number*?  Because at this number, resource consumption and depletion would not be a concern for the elite to maintain their lifestyle without incurring increasing costs due to scarcity.  Resources would last for an indefinite period of time.

There is also the worry that there will be a mass revolt when resources run thin, and costs begin to exceed the average person’s budget.

The ultra-elite herders have many schemes to slow down population growth, but even with directly effective tools like abortion, euthanasia, and the feminist blight on marriage and family, they cannot get the number down to half a billion anytime soon.  So they control education and media to lay everyone on this guilt trip to make people fearful of exploitation and consumption.

In other words, all the fear-stoking rhetoric about climate change is propaganda aimed towards encouraging both public restraint in consumption and collective action to conserve.  Not saying that’s wrong to do, but the motivation of stoking fear is suspect.

* I might also guess that the 500,000,000 figure is sufficient to include the ultra-elite and their families.  In other words, they might wish to exterminate everyone except themselves.


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34 Responses to Sustainability Fears

  1. cameron232 says:

    This paper argues that carrying capacity is 200 billion with current technology and trillions with ideal technology.

    As a rare race-conscious white guy, I don’t give a crap what happens to the earth if white people don’t have a place in it as a distinct, self-determining people(s).

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  2. Scott says:

    I’m an introvert who lives in the mountains of the third least population dense state in the nation. Five hundred million sounds like heaven to me.

    All hail the Georgia guidestones!


    • cameron232 says:

      Well you’re selfish and probably evil for producing a bunch of little carbon footprints. My sister pretty much told me this.


      • Scott says:

        I’m doing my part to provide the world with as many beautiful, high IQ, conscientious humans as possible to offset the alternative (See “Idioracy.”)

        In all seriousness, I saw this video once of a machine scooping up what looked like thousands of chickens and processing them into supermarket meat. It was pretty creepy.

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      • cameron232 says:

        Nothing wrong with (positive not negative-coercive) eugenics. A better world with more little Serbs running around. Lord knows the motherland ain’t producing very many of them. Take advantage of the wide open spaces of the New World and have as many as you can.

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      • Oscar says:

        @ cameron232

        The future belongs to those who show up, and several of us here are showing up big time.

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      • cameron232 says:


        My sister:0 (I wish she would – I’ll never be an uncle).

        Yeah I guess we’re winning in that category.

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  3. Elspeth says:

    The real problem, which is understated by education and the media, if not altogether ignored, is one of resource consumption, resource depletion, and various forms of pollution.  Species preservation is also a concern which has been swept under the rug.

    My husband is a big proponent of refusing to buy new what you can buy used and in nearly new condition. Examples are things such as furniture, tools, many gadgets, exercise equipment, etc. Not only does OfferUp style shopping offer the benefit of very friendly sales tax laws (in FL basically none except for boats and vehicles), but you reduce the amount of money you contribute to a system which is, well…unsustainable. The proliferation of landfills should give pause to even the most rabid capitalists. They are some of the ugliest, earth destroying things.

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  4. Elspeth says:

    Also, the strategy of brainwashing children through fearmongering so that they can shape the future on the foundation of those fears is unconscionable.

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    • feeriker says:

      Yes, and this is why there is NO excuse for ANYONE, Christian on not, to be allowing their children to be locked up in government re-education camps/day prisons. The nature of the brainwashing that takes place therein is well known by now to everyone, so if anyone continues to send their children to these disgusting, destructive places, they are complicit in an ongoing crime against humanity.

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  5. Scott says:

    You know what though? The problem with like a worldwide virus that kills 6.5B is that somewhere in that group are the people responsible for canning and hauling all the Dr Pepper from Waco, Tx to Helena MT. I really can’t tolerate that kind of risk.

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    • Elspeth says:

      Dr. Pepper? What, LOL? I’m kinda surprised.


      • Scott says:

        It’s my vice. I would advise all the kids out there to stay off the stuff, because its really hard to kick once you start.

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      • cameron232 says:

        Surprised too – would have thought beer.

        The Dr. Pepper commercials from our childhood –

        “I’m a pepper, you’re a pepper, he’s a pepper, she’s a pepper, wouldn’t you like to be a pepper too?!!”

        Sung by Dom Deluise in the movie “Cannonball Run”


  6. Scott says:

    Hey here’s another on of these. I think my little graphic opening didn’t render right though.

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    • Jack says:

      @ Scott, if you want more visibility and feedback, then I suggest you write a post for each of your videos.


    • Lexet Blog says:

      I’m familiar with the work of the others you mentioned. In worked for two attorneys who had personality disorders. Hell on earth. I don’t believe anyone with a diagnosed mental illness should work in a licensed profession as a result (they screwed over clients and were unethical with money).

      It takes a long long time getting over being surrounded by that type of behavior, and it tends to affect all our other relationships.

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  7. Elspeth says:

    @ Oscar:

    The future belongs to those who show up, and several of us here are showing up big time.

    This is what left radicals think of us among the so-called “parent class”:

    It’s easy to dismiss these types as wackos, until you remember that Marx, with whom they are all so enamored, hated the nuclear family.

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    • Oscar says:

      @ Elspeth

      I’m aware. I’m also kind of mischievous by nature, so I enjoyed watching the feminists’ / lesbians’ faces contort when my nine kids poured out of our full size van. Sadly, that doesn’t happen anymore, now that my oldest kids drive themselves.

      But yeah. No-fault divorce, the sexual revolution, welfare, feminism, homosexuality, transgenderism…all of it is a Marxist (ultimately, Satanic) attack on the nuclear family. The best we can do is grow our families, love our children, and eventually our grandchildren, and smile broadly as the harpies shriek.

      We’ll die loved, surrounded by children and grandchildren, like my dad did, and be ushered into the rest of our Lord.

      The harpies will die alone, under a pile of cats that will consume their corpses.

      We win in the end.

      And, hell yes I’m “perpetuating patriarchy”! God is the ultimate Father! He’s the ultimate Patriarch! Of course I want to be like my Heavenly Father! I want to be a patriarch like He is!

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      • cameron232 says:

        Nine, dang you got me beat, I gotta get going before we’re too old!

        Company now gives us 4 weeks off for “baby bonding” and 2 weeks for care of the mother – 6 weeks!! I told my wife – that was enough for her to want to try again (we enjoy each other’s company so she likes when I’m home).

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      • cameron232 says:

        Other women have asked my wife “what does your husband think of having all those children?” suggesting that it’s something she’s forcing on me. It really pisses them off when my wife tells them that I want “all those children.”

        My wife says most men don’t want babies with their wives because their wives are crazy or witches. I am so glad I married a woman with empathy towards men.

        Women, even feminst ones, are fascinated by familes, by lots of children, etc. Being a guy with a bunch of kids – you get asked a lot about it by female coworkers.

        We don’t use a full size van anymore since my oldest two are 18 and 20.

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  8. Oscar says:

    All this population scare-mongering isn’t even based on facts, or SCIENCE, as they like to say. In reality, the world’s population will peak around mid-century, then decline. The only continent where people are reproducing enough to continue to grow their population is Africa.

    Sadly, Scott will live to see the peak, but probably not the decline.

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    • feeriker says:

      Meanwhile, let us hope that truth and OBJECTIVE science make a comeback. Right now we’re seeing the re-implementation of the Stalin-Lysenko approach to scientific inquiry and knowledge.


  9. cameron232 says:

    Sorry for crudeness but the penis (and womb) is mightier than the sword.

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    • Oscar says:

      This is literally true. Two quotes from Napoleon:

      You cannot stop me. I spend 30,000 men a month. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte to Austrian statesman, Metternich

      Austria could win every battle, and Napoleon would still win the war, because he had more men. And, in fact, Napoleon defeated Austria. Sadly, Napoleon “spent” too many French men during his reign, which, I think, is why France performed so poorly in the 20th century. France never recovered from Napoleon’s “spending”.

      China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

      Napoleon was referring to China’s population, which has been enormous for centuries, compared to every other nation. Napoleon was obviously right. Of course, the ChiComs put a serious dent in China’s population with their “Great Leap Forward”, “Cultural Revolution”, and “One Child Policy”, so we’ll see how that unfolds in the next few decades.

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  10. feeriker says:

    It’s my vice. I would advise all the kids out there to stay off the stuff, because its really hard to kick once you start.

    If you need help kicking the soda habit (or any other habit involving anything sweet; for me it’s ice cream), just read the ingredients label carefully and note how much HFCS there is in each can/serving. THAT will scare the feces out of you and make you swear off of it forever. If you can’t quit cold turkey, investigate the existence of alternatives in the niche market that are HFCS-free and use real sugar or something like Stevia as a sugar substitute (sugar certainly ain’t good for you either, but it’s less toxic and destructive than HFCS).


  11. Scott says:

    You know what else is weird? In 1980 (when the Georgia Guidestones were apparently erected) the worlds population was 4.434B according to my trusty Google search.

    So what was their plan for the excess 3.934B?


    • Oscar says:

      The standard stuff.

      President Obama’s “science czar,” John Holdren, once floated the idea of forced abortions, “compulsory sterilization,” and the creation of a “Planetary Regime” that would oversee human population levels and control all natural resources as a means of protecting the planet…
      contents of a textbook he co-authored in 1977, “Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment”…
      The three authors summarize their guiding principle in a single sentence: “To provide a high quality of life for all, there must be fewer people.”

      As first reported by FrontPage Magazine, Holdren and his co-authors spend a portion of the book discussing possible government programs that could be used to lower birth rates.

      Those plans include forcing single women to abort their babies or put them up for adoption; implanting sterilizing capsules in people when they reach puberty; and spiking water reserves and staple foods with a chemical that would make people sterile.

      To help achieve those goals, they formulate a “world government scheme” they call the Planetary Regime, which would administer the world’s resources and human growth, and they discuss the development of an “armed international organization, a global analogue of a police force” to which nations would surrender part of their sovereignty.

      But, if you say that the “elites” want to do any of the stuff they explicitly stated they want to do, you’re a “conspiracy theorist”.

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    • Oscar says:

      Also, did you notice how they mimicked the tablets on which the Ten Commandments were written?

      Satan cannot create. He can only destroy and imitate.

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  12. Ame says:

    Dr Pepper! LOL!

    Elspeth – it’s definitely a Texas thang!

    my first Husband would drink a six-pack of that stuff a day when we first met. by the time he left us, i’d transformed him a bit, and he preferred water to everything else, but he still loved his Dr Pepper.


  13. Lexet Blog says:

    Funny how the eugenicists are often the people griping about endangered species.

    It reveals their hand is nothing more than hatred of humanity and love of communism.


    • Oscar says:

      Ultimately, it’s hatred of God, and God’s order. God placed creation at man’s feet. God gave man dominion over creation, and commanded man to subdue it. These neo-Druids worship the creation, instead of the Creator, and therefore hold “Mother Gaia” in higher regard than man, thus inverting God’s order.

      All this garbage comes down to hatred of God.

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