Female Divorce Lawyer Stands for Fatherhood

Fatherlessness is the modern plague of perdition.

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“Fathers are the forgotten contributors to child development.”

Psychologist Michael Lamb

When I first read the title of this video on YouTube, I expected to hear this woman (Marilyn York) dish out the typical feminist boilerplate.  But to my astonishment, she actually had quite a bit of good information about the causes of fatherlessness, and the negative consequences thereof. Sometimes looks are deceiving!

In a few previous posts, I’ve predicted that fatherlessness will reach epidemic proportions for Gen Zs.  According to Ms. York, it already has.

We’ve heard much of this before, but it’s nice to hear it from a woman for a change.

What Representing Men in Divorce Taught Me About Fatherhood | Marilyn York | TEDx University of Nevada

Notes (Positives)

Fathers make their childrens’ lives secure, fun, and challenging.

Fathers have a unique intuition about their children’s emotional needs and personality.  We have the idea that fathers are clueless about the details of their childrens’ lives, but in fact, they know things about their children that their mother does not know.

Children with involved father figures have stronger cognitive and motor skills, elevated physical and mental health, become better problem solvers, and are more confident, curious, and empathetic.

Notes (Negatives)

2/5 of all children in America are growing up without fathers.

According to the 2016 census, 17,000,000 children are growing up without fathers.  Other estimates put this figure at 30,000,000!

Young people originating from fatherless homes account for…

  • 90% of all homeless and runaway kids.
  • 71% of all high school dropouts.
  • 63% of youth suicides.

A lot of homeless girls between the ages of 18-22 come from fatherless homes.

Causes of Fatherlessness

Between 1960 and 2016, the percentage of children growing up with just mothers nearly tripled, from 8% to 23%.

The main contributors to fatherless homes are divorce and out of wedlock births.


Every 13 seconds, someone in America gets divorced, accounting for 2,500,000 divorces a year.

The Tender Years Doctrine (in place since circa 1873-1881), argues that mothers make better single parents than fathers.  This doctrine guided American jurisprudence for more than a century.  But now psychologists are finding that children who grow up with only a father fare better in life than those who grow up with only a mother.

Paternity laws desperately need reform to protect the 40% of children born out of wedlock each year.

Out of Wedlock Births

More than 40%, or 1.5 million babies are born out of wedlock each year.

It’s perfectly legal in all 50 states for a woman to conceal her pregnancy, leave the fathers name off the birth certificate, and never tell him he has a child – ever!  How is this not kidnapping?

Just as horrible, a woman can knowingly list the wrong father on the child’s birth certificate, deceive him, and a short while later, in many states, the wrong man becomes that child’s legal father forever! He’s obligated to a child that isn’t his, and that child just lost their real father with little to no recourse.

This is a betrayal of the worst kind, and the law not only allows it, it creates the opportunity!”


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13 Responses to Female Divorce Lawyer Stands for Fatherhood

  1. Scott says:

    We can point out, until the cows come home that children who grow up in a nuclear, intact family are more successful, content, productive, happier, functional, mentally healthier, on every dimension you can possibly mention than their one-parent counterparts. You can point out that this is true no matter what race or SES you come from.

    But the answer will always be “yeah. If fathers would quit abandoning the women they impregnate” effectively neutralizing the entire point you just made.

    At this point, the “burn it all down/enjoy the decline” part of the NRx are actually making the safest, smartest bet as far as predictive algorithms go. This is because there are two possibilities:

    The entire system will collapse (or more likely slowly crumble)
    Women, who now have absolutely no incentive to do so, will start holding each other accountable, and run back to the beautiful and glorious role God assigned them (because any man who even mildly does this is at risk for being destroyed)

    Take your pick as to which is more likely.

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    • Jack says:

      @ Scott,
      That’s not a hard decision.

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    • Novaseeker says:


      The problem is this: you can’t have full female sexual independence without separating (A) male financial provisioning for children from (B) women being married to the father. As long as (A) and (B) are linked, at least in all but the most extreme cases (actual physical abuse), women are not sexually independent, because in order to get the financial support they want for kids, they need to be married to a man, and that cramps their sexual independence.

      Women do not like being permanently sexually tied down, unless they sense they are tied to their best sexual option. The “ancien regime” didn’t provide much choice to women, because (A) and (B) were tied together, such that most women couldn’t have kids outside marriage feasibly even if they wanted to do so, and most did not want to do so due to the social disapproval as well. That was disliked, and they rebelled against it as long as they got their hands on reliable, cheap tech that allowed them to “have sex like men” (sort of … it still impacts them emotionally differently than it does us, as much as they protest that it does not), and opt into pregnancy when they wanted. But they still wanted the financial support. So … we got the system we have, which features the best of all worlds for women in that it provides sexual freedom, children as an opt-in, ability to select the man who will support by naming the father on the birth cert, and marriage as opt-in, opt-out, easy on-and-off ramp, and preserving either way financial support for children. It provides maximal flexibility for women to design their lives precisely as they wish to, and that is the prime directive behind the entire system — in particular, it’s designed around the interests of highly educated, upper middle class, white women. The entire family structure, the entire economics of families, and much of family law practice was changed and bent around the interests of this fairly small group of people, because they, and especially their fathers, who are often powerful, want it this way.

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    • AngloSaxon says:

      Problem with the ‘wait until things slowly crumble plan’. Is what if things are awful for a very long time, and nobody actively pushes back against the tide so we all just get squashed.

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  2. Sharkly says:

    Pete Rambo also featured this same video:
    I left my two cents about it, and some other stuff, there already. And It almost got me banned. LOL

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    • Jack says:

      @ Sharkly,
      Thanks for sharing this link. Honestly, I did not know Pete already covered this same video. It came up on my YouTube feed. Is it a divine coincidence or is it YouTube’s data tracking software?

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    • feeriker says:

      I find it discouraging, but not the least bit surprising, that the commenters on Rambo’s blog took offense to your truthtelling. Yet another clique of churchians unwilling to take their other (best) foot out of the World and side fully with the Kingdom. Tares to be scattered to the winds.

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      • Sharkly says:

        I think Pete and his friends are on the road out of the world and the whoring churches, however, as you say they are currently “unwilling to take their other (best) foot out”. That’s why they could use our exhortation to do just that.
        Pete and his friends still have somewhat functioning first marriages, and even though they realize they’re skating on thin ice, for now they’re enjoying skating, and like musical chairs, as more men fall through the ice, they are just happy that it wasn’t them, that they’re still on top. Regardless of how things affect us, or not, we should all be fighting for God’s ways to be followed to the letter. When good men do nothing, Satan wins. Churchianity was complicit as all this Feminism got passed into law, until our nation is no longer even a Christian nation, and a godly marriage is now almost a pipedream for young men.
        And what is the church fighting for today? As I see it, they don’t believe in fighting. They’re like a bunch of pacifists hoping Donald Trump their secular savior will singlehandedly defend them from all evil. I’m rooting for Donald Trump too, but we all should be helping to fight the evil in our society, especially those who claim to be Godly. I know I’m preaching to the choir here.

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  3. Thanks for sharing.

    I wish so much for my wife (and countless other women who have been entertaining the easy way out of a marriage) to watch this. For the sake of our son, if nothing else.

    PS: I’ve sent you an email.

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  4. Ed Hurst says:

    Well, it’s for sure civilizations and societies are not built on what prevails here in the US. Rather, it marks their decline and death.

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  5. feeriker says:

    especially their fathers, who are often powerful, want it this way.

    This is something I have never understood and never will. It takes a man who is either unbelievably evil or unbelievably stupid and shortsighted to want to set his daughters up for a life of misery (AND his sons as well) and risk extinguishing his family line and his legacy. We see clearly in hindsight that a man having money and power is not the same thing as him having either wisdom or human decency.

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