Which pets are cleaner? Dogs or Cats?

Pet humor.

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I overheard an argument about which type of pet is ‘cleaner’ – dogs or cats.  The dog proponent ended the discussion with the following statement.

“Cats clean themselves with their tongue, and then vomit out the hair!  Dogs rely on their owners to give them a proper bath.  But you wouldn’t do that, because you’re too lazy!”

Personally, I prefer dogs because they are passionate, loyal, and teachable.

Once I had a dog that was so smart, he could answer questions!

I asked him, “What’s on top of the house?”  He replied, “Woof!

I asked him, “What’s on trees?”  He replied, “Bark!

Then I asked him, “How does it feel?”  He replied, “Ruff!

He could even tell you his name!  “Ralph!


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10 Responses to Which pets are cleaner? Dogs or Cats?

  1. Novaseeker says:

    Dogs are loyal companions and servants, but require more effort and care, and are less capable of being alone (for a day, a weekend and so on).

    Cats only become loyal to you personally over a long period of time, are not servants at all, but require much less active care, and are capable of being alone for long periods of time without being minded/sat.

    It’s really more of a lifestyle choice, I think, and depends on how much time you have, how you live and so on. Pet-free is also an option, and provides the most flexibility.

    As for which is cleaner — dogs smell unless you bathe them very frequently (more frequently than I have ever really seen a dog owner do … dog owners just get used to the smell of the dog on their clothes, fingers, and in their living space). Dogs will also defecate on the floor if you do not walk them or are unable to do so for a period, which is of course very dirty. Cats puke a lot more than cat owners generally like to admit, and the littler box will reek of cat urine if it is not regularly cleaned, and the contents regularly disposed, which also exposes one to fecal material and the related smells. Cats themselves, though, do not smell like dogs do, and are generally a bit cleaner without being specifically cleaned (watching someone trying to bathe a cat with intact claws is entertaining, however, and moreso if you dislike the person trying to do the bathing).

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    • cameron232 says:

      All true.

      About 2 years ago we got a rescue Siberian Husky. She doesn’t ever smell bad, even when she hasn’t been bathed and has been outside (in the Florida heat). I don’t know if all Huskies are like this but apparently there are “not smelly breeds.” I never considered this breed before but she is a great dog (other than not being good off the leash). Very good with children, but useless as a guard dog.

      I always loved the natural, wolf-like dogs: huskies, shepherds, malinois, northern breeds, etc.

      I read somewhere that a cat’s meow sounds like a baby’s cry – that they developed this behavior to produce empathy in people so they’d get fed.

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  2. Scott says:

    The reason men like dogs more is because dogs inherently understand the concepts of commitment, loyalty and sacrifice.

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  3. feeriker says:

    I happen to have a cat who thinks she’s a dog (begs at the table) and a dog who thinks she’s a cat (licks/washes herself constantly). Both are messy in their own ways, but I love’m both anyway.

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  4. Ed Hurst says:

    Tangential to what Scott hinted at, I was friends with the guy who wrote this: 47 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Women. I think he wrote it back in the late 1980s, but it foreshadows some elements of the Red Pill movement.

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  5. Farm Boy says:

    He could even tell you his name! “Ralph!”

    When I was eight years old, I got a dog named Ralph. He was a Keeshond. Such a friendly breed

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  6. Elspeth says:

    I cannot stand cats. Never could. We’re dog people. But I suspect cats are cleaner.


  7. lastmod says:

    Cat owner. Why? Because cats don’t require me to walk, and run them, and take them out to sniff every blade of grass and every crack in the sidewalk to pee and poop where every other dog in the neighborhood does…..and dog owners in cities for some reason don’t pick up after their dogs.

    Cats know what they want, and are a good pet for apartment / city living.

    I like dogs. I had a German Shepperd as a boy and a teen……but we also had a back yard called The Adirondck State Park and few neighbors.

    My cat I adopted as a stray kitten in 2017. The cat I had before that was a shorthair Tortie I had for fifteen years. That cat loved me. This one now??? I don’t know…..but he def is happy to see me when I get home!


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