The Objectification of Reproductive Potential must deliver an Ego Rush or else it is Chauvinistic.

Women desperately want to be objectified, except when they don’t.

Readership: Men;

The Evidence: Women strut their stuff!

I came across this sultry meme on 9 Gag.

This photo is obviously staged. She must be wearing a bra of some sort, or else her glands would indicate the presence of gravity. And if she is wearing a bra, then her nips would not show through so prominently. My guess is that she glued raisins to the outside of her bra. LMAO! So, this is an example of what women are willing to do to get attention and be sexually objectified.

There were a few revealing comments.

Manfrombritain wrote,

“Oh look, another thing [yoga] that isn’t about the thing [yoga] but is actually about female sexuality.  Big surprise.  Jesus Christ!  Women love being objectified!  Now they have freedom!”

Farfetchdme replied,

“I’m female and I totally agree with @manfrombritain.  It’s an easy ego push at the expense of single men and at enforcing the f*cked up beauty standards.”

My analysis of the photo and Farfetchdme’s comment confirms our long held suspicions — that wimmin are lying when they ‘object’ to being objectified.

So if that’s true, then why do wimmin ‘object’ at all?

Well, they only ‘object’ to being objectified by men who do not match their mental picture of an ideal stud. The reason that women are so indignant and embarrassed to receive sexual attention from unwanted men, is because it reviles her deeper WISH.

  • Women’s Existential Fear — It hits the nerve of failing to maximize her reproductive potential.
  • It’s a “False Flag” — The man’s interest and willingness to invest is there, but the Tingles are absent, à la no payoff. This is invariably interpreted on the meta-level as a form of attempted deception, or metaphorically speaking, ‘marital’ fraud.
  • Solipsism Shake-Up — It is a rude smack to her self-estimation of her own SMV.
  • Hypergamic Turbo-Thrust Failure — Receiving attention from any man who is considered “below her” standard is perceived as a logistical failure to ‘marry up‘.

Taken together, all this is extremely embarrassing to the female. The usual response is a counterattack — the charge of chauvinism or sexual harassment. Insert meme here.

Kakinjebek02 said,

“Sometimes I wonder if women with small b00bs become insecure because of big breasted women posting these kind of pics and not because of men making similar comments.”

Kakinjebek’s comment makes us realize that all the talk we hear about equality (e.g. fatty tattooed wimmin claiming to have a place on the cover of Sports Illustrated) is projected from the female mindset, and this naturally includes all the things that make females feel insecure and ‘unequal’.  That said, perhaps a good deal of this demand for equaluty arises from intrasex envy — women want to be considered equal to other women for the politically correct point of fairness, but actually, they want individual attention from high quality men just as much as they want equality with these men.

In fact, this illusion of choice is the story line of a thousand dime-store romance novels.

The quintessential femcentric fantasy — two tall, dark, handsome men admiring one blonde woman. And they must be tall, dark and handsome, mind you.

But if you ever ask a woman’s opinion on this, she’ll say wimmin just want to be ‘loved and adored’. [Translation: I wanna be worshipped with male attention until my ego pops.]

At the root of it, there is some truth to this claim.  Women of any variety just want to feel valued, loved, and secure.  Adam’s post, Doctors be like, how many likes did my selfie get?? (2020 July 28), makes this all too clear.  However, women mistakenly believe that if they can institute social equality, and attain greater control over men, then these feelings of insecurity will magically vanish.  But it won’t work out according to this expectation.  As we know, it’s only wishful thinking.

Men (in general) aren’t afflicted with feminine feelings of insecurity, so we seldom hear of unattractive men demanding women to treat them as well as they treat attractive men.  Besides this lack of internal motivation, if and when it does happen, it comes across as comical.  The reason is because it is simply unrealistic for a man to demand respect.  Either you get it, or you don’t.

Final Statements

In sum, Objectified Reproductive Potential must deliver an Ego Rush or else be deemed Chauvinistic.

A man’s attractive value is largely based on his productive potential. — His ability to work, to earn, to create, to plan, his ability to motivate and inspire others, especially the feeelz and tingles in women.

A woman’s attractive value is largely based on her REproductive potential. — Her youth, beauty, and fertility as signifiers, her readiness and availability to shag regularly and joyfully, to bear children, to nurture, to maintain a home, and to support her husband and family.

Whenever men and women get a positive feedback about their attractive value based on their ability to produce or REproduce respectively, it is an ego rush!  GNON is calling that one to become a progenitor of future generations!

The sharp indignation that makes the featherweight male quake in the knees with the fear of rejection only arises when the woman feels she is being shamed in the process.


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Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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11 Responses to The Objectification of Reproductive Potential must deliver an Ego Rush or else it is Chauvinistic.

  1. Novaseeker says:

    An interesting post!

    “Men (in general) aren’t afflicted with feminine feelings of insecurity, so we seldom hear of unattractive men demanding women to treat them as well as they treat attractive men.”

    To be fair, the Manosphere has always had quite a few such men in it, unfortunately. I think towards the end of the Manosphere’s run, the proportion of such men in it increased as well.

    I think the difference is that most men do not typically feel entitled to women’s attention, because men generally do not get women’s attention, apart from the top tier of men — so most men are not expecting women in general to shower them with sexual attention (men’s complaints tend to focus on female responses to male advances, rather than a lack of female attention).

    Women face a different problem in that the top 50-60% of women under 30 get showered with incessant attention in real life, and online the percentage is even higher, and at higher ages the number is still much higher than manosphere guys ever wanted to admit, albeit lower than for women in their 20s — the core life problem for most women of that age range is not “how do I attract men”, but rather “how do I attract the attention of those few men I find sexy, and what do I do with all of the “excess attention” I am getting all the time from these losers who are out of my league?”.

    When a woman is in the 35-40% of women who do not get as much attention in real life (i.e., conventionally unattractive women), they do resent things like “beauty standards” and so on, because they are not getting the smorgasbord of attention they can obviously see conventionally attractive young women getting showered with and, because women are competitive when it comes to male attention, this rankles. Attacking other women directly, while also done, is also somewhat ineffective (same as men attacking other men for fornicating) and also somewhat against the collective/herd approach and therefore somewhat taboo, so instead the main vector of attack is on men, of course, and male attraction standards. It’s all transparent what is actually happening, however, and most men are quite aware of it once they themselves are past a certain age as well.

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    • Scott says:

      I don’t understand paying to look at women and getting them tell you how sweet you are or whatever but whom you will never actually be with naked.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Novaseeker says:

        I agree. It’s like paying for personalized pornography, really. Then again, I don’t understand the attraction to hookers, either — it’s obviously a business transaction, which kills any allure for me, but obviously that’s not the case for a large chunk of men. given the perennial popularity of it.

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    • Novaseeker says:

      Here is another example of a woman who is capitalizing on her situation, although in this case she is open about doing so, and claims to have no problems with being objectified because it benefits her to do so, and it is her intention that she be so (and she admits that she works hard to ensure that she is objectified):


      • Jack says:

        @ Novaseeker,
        Paige Spiranac has a very mature approach to being objectified, which is really rare. If only more wimmin were as mature as she is…

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  2. Ed Hurst says:

    So this stuff is just another expression of human truculence in demanding that their fantasies be made real, at the expense of everyone else in the world? Who would have thought of such a thing?

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