Dissuading Discussion

An observer dissuades discussion by subtly changing the subject.

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There has been some talk about the United States splitting up, either formally or informally, into independent or autonomous regions respectively.  If we are to accept this as a real possibility, then we begin to question the economic consequences of such a move. But obviously, there are certain people who do not want this particular discussion to continue.

For example, under a Reddit post [2], Repli3rd left this comment.

Maybe the US should split.

LOL.  She does realise the vast majority of American wealth that funds the enormous military budget is generated in “democratic states” (with a couple of exceptions)????

The most dependant states (federal assistance)  (bottom ten all republican controlled, bottom 25 all republican except Oregon 25, New York 24, Vermont 22 – 1 = most dependant).

Richest states (medium household income) (bottom 10 all republican controlled, bottom 25 all republican except for Maine 35 – 1 = wealthiest).

The most hawkish Republicans are usually from relatively poor US states and they can often afford to have rather outlandish policy positions because all they have to say is they’re anti-abortion and love Jesus and guns to get elected (contrasted with the Mitt Romney types who actually have to think about their policy platform a little more).

Note how the anti-erudite spells “dependent”, yet she carries the opinion that the “God, guns, and glory” folks are simple, indigent deplorables. She also spells realize with an s (British English), which indicates that she is not from the U.S.A.

Anyway, Democrats/liberals were quick to jump on this, plastering it all over social media.

Why are Democrats/liberals so excited about this issue?  I had to check it out.

The links to WalletHub were blocked, so I started hunting for this information elsewhere.

  1. Smart Asset: States Most Dependent on the Federal Government 2020
  2. DC City Biz List: 2020s most and least federally dependent states (WalletHub study)
  3. Towards Data Science (Bryan Maloney): American states, the Federal government, and dependency (2020 June 19)

The last study dug deeper into the data and has a more comprehensive report.

Maloney shows that essentially, the Democrats’ claim is a concocted, categorical lie via statistical manipulation, and shrouded by the complexity of the underlying causes.  Click on the link to read more. The Democrat’s excitement over this is due to selection bias. Therefore, declaring Republican economics insolvent is an appealing distraction.

Click Bait: Do Republican or Democratic economics attract or foment poverty?

Those who have spread this fake news and instigated this fervor are only stirring up dissention based on partisan politics, most likely to serve as a distraction from the real issues. For example, Repli3rd brought up this talking point in response to the suggestion that the U.S. should break up, thereby tamping down the discussion on this idea. This is an intellectually dishonest tactic, namely changing the subject, and protest-too-much.

In other words, TPTB are just playing with us, as if we were gullible, easily provoked kids.

“Oh no! We mustn’t let them get into that! Quick! Give them some candy!”

“Let the kids eat cake to keep them out of trouble!”

Don’t be fooled by interesting, but ultimately useless and time wasting distractions!


  1. Taiwan News (Sophia Yang): Taiwan stands out by favoring Trump, survey shows (2020 October 17)
  2. Article (1) was shared on Reddit: Trump’s Approval Rating in Taiwan is Higher Than in the Country Where He is President (2020 October 17).  It was later deleted by the moderator.


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8 Responses to Dissuading Discussion

  1. Novaseeker says:

    The obstacle to a split would be the military, not economic dependency. The military would have to agree to a split, de facto, including a split of themselves. Some have suggested a split into autonomous regions while retaining a unified military, but this solves nothing — power is where the most powerful guns are, and whichever region/population had dominant control over the military-grade guns would have de facto power over the other “autonomous” regions (read: regional “white bantustans”, which would be under de facto control of DC and Langley anyway). The military is what holds the US together currently — inertia backed up the military.

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    • feeriker says:

      The U.S. military today is, for all practical purposes, little more than a glorified welfare program at the bottom and a bureaucracy of the Deep State at the top. How it will react to current events is anyone’s guess, but it’s safe to say that it is reaching, if it has not already reached, the same state that the Soviet Red Army was in at the end of the 1980s and is the same state the USA as a whole is in today. The five percent at the top enjoy obscene levels of power and privilege while the bottom 95 percent barely get by. This is NOT a recipe for a cohesive and effective fighting force, and the impending economic implosion that will happen whether or not the country breaks up will only further erode, if not drive a stake through the heart of its effectiveness. The U.S. military is a mercenary force, but mercenaries don’t fight unless they get paid.

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      • Novaseeker says:

        No question. It’s a shadow of its former self.

        My point is that even in countries with penny-ante piece-of-garbage militaries like lots of Latin America, whoever has the military grade guns gets to decide what happens in that country — unless there is no military at all (i.e., Mad Max/Mogadishu/etc.). A military that is utterly ineffective at waging war against any other competent national force can still control a country, more or less, or significant parts of it, as was the case in Russia in 1990.


  2. cameron232 says:

    If we’re dumb, financially dependent hicks, why wouldn’t they want us to leave? More money for them and free of our hick-ideas. They don’t want us to leave because:

    a. They want to impose their beliefs on us (they are not live and let live types).
    b. They need adult supervision (in the form of the application of unprincipled exceptions to liberal/leftist ideas).

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  3. Ed Hurst says:

    I’m willing to bet that a number of so-called Red States have already been discussing pulling away from the federal beast, but doing it together as a group. My sense is that this thing is already farther down the road than they want to let on. They have been hating the DC globalist nonsense for a very long time.


  4. feeriker says:

    @Novaseeker on 2020-11-05 at 11:41 pm

    Any strategy for neutering the military as a domestic army of occupation has to center around the lowest level troops on the ground. The focus should be either on demoralizing them (shouldn’t be difficult) and/or making life for them in their own country as hazardous as if they were in a foreign battle zone. Especially powerful–indeed, I think lethal from a psychological standpoint– would be if the majority of the American people turned their long-expressed love for “The Troops” into the hatred that a people normally reserve for an occupying army. Without the support of the American public (or at least loud lip service for such) the lowly soldier’s will to fight evaporates.

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  5. Lexet Blog says:

    What matters is power (guns) and food. We can talk about economies all day, but the reality is one group of Americans have all the guns, food, and natural resources, and the other group is a bunch of homos who live in the city.

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  6. SFC Ton says:

    The U.S. military, cops, national guard, etc. etc. will all back the governments play. Even if that means firing on civilians. The U.S. military etc. has never failed to fire on citizens. However, I won’t get into what to do about the military, but it’s a much softer target then you think… if you have the balls to do what needs to be done.

    I assume most of the readers here go to church so won’t be effective fighters if the wheels fall off. Which is ok. Men need to stay behind and protect their local communities from government troops and rape apes and what not.

    All nations/governments etc. implode. We could as a people manage that, do it peacefully etc. before things get out of hand, or let it happen organically with all the resulting bloodshed.

    We as a people aren’t smart enough or strong enough to manage a decline into something more peaceful so it will come down to war, ethnic cleansing, chemical and biological attacks and what not.

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