Frauds in Christ’s Name

Shouldn’t we vet the leaders of our church fellowship groups?

Readership: Christian men;

There are some sinister elements who are invading the church and the Christian Red Pill arena.  Like predators, they come in out of nowhere, focus on a target, get close to them, separate their prey from the prey’s group, and go in for the kill.  Rather than harming their target, however, these hijackers co-opt their prey, using them to establish themselves.

The most sinister wolves in the church and Christian Manosphere are self-appointed “authorities” who use the labels of “Christian” in order to gain status and wealth in their own communities, and “Red Pill” for the appeal.  These men may be the only teaching elder or pastor in their church.  If not, they certainly are the shining star of their congregation. Sometimes they obtain the title of Elder as soon as they can, and then run off elsewhere, using their newfound credential to jump start their path to fame.

A funny joke if not for the fraud being perpetrated on men.

Biblical Christianity Marketplace of Ideas

George Bruno, another grifter who is bridging the gap between the 21 Convention scam artists and “christians”.

Over the last two years, men in the Christian Red Pill sphere may have seen attempts by “Christian” “teachers” try this.  Specifically, certain men in the “discernment ministry” at Bible Thumping Wingnut (BTWN) decided to show themselves as fraudulent fools by using George Bruno so they in turn could get in good graces with the 21 Convention, and its leader who goes by the nickname “The Dream.”  (Just a wee bit of a narcissistic name).

The whole scenario was bizarre.  Out of nowhere, BTWN started affiliating with “pastors” with unfriendly theological beliefs (postmillennial theonomists who are Doug Wilson proteges), and then they got into good graces with a YouTube star who was advocating for fornication only weeks earlier.  On a normal day, none of the men should have been affiliating with each other.  Events only became more strange when certain other “pastors” became cozy with the 21 Convention crowd.

Whenever you see a Christian pastor or ministry invite a fornication advocate to your men’s retreat, we have a massive red flag to deal with.  There is a good reason why the Christian Manosphere split off from the secular Manosphere.

Famed Manospherian Roosh Valizadeh made a tough decision and unpublished his books on pick-up Game in order to align his ministry with the work of Christ.

Ask yourself these questions about those “leaders” in either your church or the Christian Manosphere:

  • Do they yoke themselves with secular figures for recognition/fame/reaching out to a larger audience?
  • Do they establish themselves as the one true authority on masculinity?
  • Are they trying to establish themselves as an authority figure over you, while isolating you into their camp? 
  • Do they make you feel guilty or ashamed?
  • Have they been elders at their church for less than 2 years?
  • Have they changed churches/affiliations more than once?
  • Are they accountable to anyone?
  • Is their “ministry” focused on something other than the gospel?
  • Do they hide their theological opinions or affiliations because they know it will hinder them?  Do they operate in the dark?
  • Are they trying to help you, or are they trying to draw you into their sect/cult?
  • Do they handle scripture faithfully – do they let it speak for itself, or do they add newfound interpretations that have never been made in Christendom’s history?
  • Do they hate critics to the point they try to doxx them?

If the person or ministry in question scores negatively on many of the above checkpoints, then there’s a good chance that their “ministry” is fickle and has no foundation.  It is all about the people running the show.  That is one giant red flag that should ring false teacher/con-men alarm bells.

Ultimately, it’s classic branding and marketing, with roots in narcissism.  The personality will do and say whatever they have to in order to stay relevant, grow their audience, and make money.  That explains why a person of one theological stripe will engage in ecumenism, or why a fornicator will show up to a Christian men’s retreat.


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19 Responses to Frauds in Christ’s Name

  1. JPF says:

    Shouldn’t we vet the leaders of our church fellowship groups?

    Yes… but who will do the vetting?
    I have seen pastors that obviously fail to consistently obey the requirements in Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 2-3.
    In fact, if you assume that the “manage their household well” from 1 Timothy 3 includes their wife, then perhaps 3% of Protestant pastors would qualify. And the lay people are not noticeably better.
    It is sad that a person being a new immigrant is a better indicator of whether his wife shows open rebellion against God than whether the person goes to church.

    Orthodox leaders are far more respectable in this manner.


    • Lexet Blog says:

      Every person is responsible for vetting those they “follow”.

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      • JPF says:

        Agreed. I meant to question whether the average church attender knew the Bible well enough to be able to vet against Scriptural requirements. Based on their actions, it appears the average church attender does not even know the requirements.

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      • Lexet Blog says:

        People generally get pissed when you start bringing up qualifications under Timothy and Titus.

        To see a persons cognitive dissonance, get them to agree that the the qualifications for elders are valid. Then apply the relevant portions of same book regarding gender. Watch as they say “that only applies inside of the church, or for that time period”.

        That’s how you know a person is hardened, blind, and most likely outside the body.

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  2. feeriker says:

    Other than RooshV, I’ve never even heard of any of the men you mention. How long have they been a presence in the manosphere?


    • Lexet Blog says:

      1.5-2 years now. The ministries started roughly about the time dalrock was posting about his interview with the warhorn simps. They linked up with 21 convention, and are growing in popularity.

      They realized the market for Christian figures in the Manosphere was lacking, so that’s what they are focusing on.

      They spent their early days being red pill and then did the magical conversion trick where they started attacking it “as friends” to gain more viewers.


    • Lexet Blog says:

      I wish I screenshot the blog but somewhere on WordPress there are blogs from about a decade ago that predicted rooshv’s conversion as well.


      • bee123456 says:

        Lexet Blog,

        Vox Day predicted Roosh’s conversion. There may have been others that I am not aware of.


  3. Ed Hurst says:

    Well, there’s nothing new except the niche market where the hucksters are hustling. I can’t count the number of times I was invited to join some ministry marketing scheme over the decades because I had an established reputation some place. It stopped only when I ceased to work in mainstream churches.


  4. Jack says:

    I inserted the photo of Roosh into Lexet’s post to serve as a comparison. Roosh is the real deal. He has made sacrifices to turn his life around. But so many others just chase after the money and recognition. They have made no real investment or sacrifice.

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    • JPF says:

      I will admit to ignorance about both men. And maybe Roosh’s books were not selling well anymore, reducing the potential cost.
      But still, I automatically assume a man genuinely believes what he is saying, when he follows up those words with actions that cost him $$$. Suggests that money is not his primary focus or god. For this reason I have a measure of respect for Roosh, despite my general ignorance of the man.


      • Lexet Blog says:

        Only time will tell if he went this route to make $$. As per losing $$, I think he was maxed out. Return of kings was dead for years. Kids (teens to mid 20s) these days don’t buy books- the market is on visual social media (videos).


      • Novaseeker says:

        I share some of Lexet’s skepticism, but I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt for the time being. He probably was still drawing some cash from the books, but at the same time it’s also true that the era in which they were more effective is no longer with us (Roosh’s advice, like Roissy’s, was mostly applicable to the pre-dating-app era).

        My impression is that Roosh came to a crossroads at some stage around 5 years or so ago. The world of dating had changed. The space for PUAs was really shrinking due to the meteoric rise of app dating (and that has only intensified in the years since then). Roosh is the kind of guy who benefited way disproportionately from Game and choosing location properly — he’s not particularly physically attractive, certainly not strikingly handsome nor especially built, but pre-apps he could use his brain and his learned charm to some success, especially outside the United States, which was his specialty (his greatest “successes” in sin were in Eastern Europe and Latin America). When apps began to close in on that approach by providing all women very easy ways to limit meeting men to apps where they could screen men by looks and age and any number of other things, there was a crossroads: someone like Roosh could either adapt his advice on succeeding in a life of fornication by molding it to fit the app world (which might have been hard for him to do, in fact), or take things in a different direction altogether (which wasn’t Roosh’s thing … of the three big sphere “R Bloggers” (Roissy, Roosh and Rollo), Roosh was always the most tactical/PUA oriented of them and the least philosophical/political/analytical, so it would have been a big shift for him. And, as you point out, it would have also meant switching from print to video media, which doesn’t really suit him — he’s much less of a video presence than needed to be successful on YT, really, and is much more of a writer than a video speaker. Rollo did the same transition, not without hiccups, but seems to have made it work after a while, because he knew that if he didn’t he wouldn’t maintain an audience (the young don’t read, they prefer videos). I think all of that is enough context to provide enough other “reasons” why Roosh would choose to go another completely different direction.

        None of that means that his conversion is certainly insincere — not at all. It could very well be sincere, in which case it’s all to the good — that is, it’s possible that, because he found himself in the dead end I identify above, he found God there. It could be. But it also is possible that it isn’t that simple. So while I do give him the benefit of the doubt, I do retain some skepticism as well … and I am hopeful that time bears out that my doubts and skepticism are unfounded.

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    • Sharkly says:

      So far Roosh seems to be walking the walk of a redeemed man. Time will tell how well he holds up as a new creation. I think his orthodox church may be superior in its ability to mentor a young man like himself and collectively offer him a single agreed upon viewpoint. Even though I think their viewpoint is wrong in a lot of places, it is probably much easier to follow than the scattershot that is today’s Protestantism.

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  5. lastmod says:

    Plenty of Orthodox are priests are divorced, priests who are very liberal / humanist in the Orthodox tradition. I am not finding “fault” because a man can be reclaimed for the Kingdom of God…repent, turn away from the past and go forward. Many men over the decades and centuries have been reclaimed for God and placed in the pulpit or in front of the icon, or in front of the statues of Mary………so, we all have to become Orthodox now in order to be relclaimed and not fall for “huckster” red-pill men who have hijacked the rest of the faith?

    I thought that was done already in the year 821 or whatever by feminist men who covertly made us all chivalrous without us knowing it, and turned chirstianity into a feminist faith?

    That aside……

    Roosh was quoted, loved, and accepted Dalrock in the comments section….while he was a fornicator…..the justification was “Well, he has great info for men, and good advice, just don’t sin and have sex but do everything else he is doing” so IMHO he was already redeeemed by 99% of the Dalrock readers even yeards ago. No one criticized his life, in fact it was celebrated. Now, that he is holier than than the rest of us…..and I suppose that’s good for him. I said right when he became a Christian “he’ll be hailed as a genius and accepted immediately into the upper circles of the Christian red-pill man-o-sphere with no vettting….no period of reflection, learning, or discernment”

    Looks like I am right on that, or is it because he became Orthodox…..he’s automatically ready??????

    By what right or standard?

    The Christian faith to me as I quickly saw when I was rescued by The Salvation Army (which is evidently a feminist / humanist organization….and I wasn’t really redeemed or saved) was claiming Jesus was more important than living it. When I was striving to live it…….according to just about everyone….I was doing it “wrong”

    The “real man red pill christian man-o-sphere” is just a place where action means nothing and how much of a hit with the ladies you are is, or how they look at you matter more than anything. Who can shut down or put down someone faster than someone else………………and call this intelligence or leadership is tghe norm..hence why men are not “banging on the doors” here to become Christian…..or even learn about it.

    There is an massive oppportunity slipping by………and as usual, the so called “leaders” of the Christian man-o-sphere will blame the men like me for ruining the faith.

    Look in the mirror.


    • Irony is that I know a lesbian that hates the Salvation Army over a supposed anti-trans stance that was largely disproven. Note to an earlier commenter: Victor Pride was someone manosphere adjacent who was making decent money who largely stopped his work to focus on Christianity.


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