Moon Day Review — The Rear View Mirror

September was busy! Here’s an overview of what’s been happening.

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Note: A micro-full moon appears on October 2. It is the 10th full moon in 2020. October 2 is also the Mid-Autumn Festival, a national holiday in Taiwan.

Snoozing through the Nooz

Last night, I wanted to watch the presidential debate. I was forced to watch CNN because it was the only channel that covered the debate in Taiwan.  I haven’t watched CNN in years, so this really challenged my patience.  I was disgusted.  It looked like a bunch of post-wall feral women having a cat fight.  You could even hear their dogs barking in the background.  Even the men carried on like women, eyes like deer in the headlights, talking on and on about emotionally charged issues, full of fears, indignation, and incredulity.

  • The covid crisis is all Trump’s fault!
  • Trump is so insensitive to corona virus deaths!
  • Trump didn’t offer his condolences about the death of Biden’s son!
  • White supremacy is the most lethal issue in the United States!
  • Trump refuses to condemn racist white supremacists!  He even eggs them on!  (Every 5 minutes)
  • Trump is bombasting anger and hate!
  • Trump says things that I agree with, but the way he says it is so upsetting. So this pushes me towards Biden.
  • Biden is so compassionate!
  • Trump has done nothing about the California fires/polar icecap/climate change!
  • Trump doesn’t support the Green New Deal!
  • Trump is packing the court!
  • Trump doesn’t have a plan for a second term!  He never had a plan!
  • Trump is afraid people are going to vote!
  • Trump is undermining the democratic process!
  • Oooh, that’s just how Trump is!  We are so much better than that as a country!

Two or three people talking incoherently at the same time.  Constant interruptions.  Total posturing and projecting.  They never did get down to the real news.  A total waste of my time!

At one point, a veteran tried to speak out against something inflammatory against veterans that one of the commenters claimed that Trump said, but another woman kept interrupting him, carrying on about Biden’s son’s death.  (Beau died over five years ago.)

If I was there, I would have said, “It is so rude of you to run your mouth uninvited and out of turn!  Shut up and let him talk! Stop interrupting him, and stop changing the subject!”  Of course, I would never be invited to be a commentator on CNN.  Not sure I’d want to either.

Cancel my views for what we call the News.

Anyway, let’s get on to the hot links and quotes from this past month.

Around the Sphere

Selo Living: Technology Affects which Men Women Choose (2020 September 5)

  • There is a strong outcome asymmetry in preferences between men and women when it comes to selecting a mate, i.e. women prefer the same small group of men; men are indifferent to the vast majority of women.
  • I use “indifference” above in the technical economic sense, i.e. the rate of substitution of a good at which there is no change in utility. In this sense, male demand for women has a significantly more positive cross elasticity of demand than female demand for men.
  • Roughly translated, women are more “substitutable” to men than men are to women, i.e. women lose more when they lose access to a valuable man than the reverse.
  • Said another way, women desire high status men far more than men desire high status women.
  • What follows is that when women are free to have many partners over the course of a lifetime, sex and mating inequality becomes high; asymmetry in intersexual selection ensures that the same is not true if such were the same for men.
  • The positional trait (social status in this case), when amplified by both technology and the freedom to use those technologies, i.e. social norms favoring the Feminine Imperative (in Saudi Barbaria, women wear burkas and can’t use Tinder) the selection pool of prospective mates increases far faster for the median woman than it does for median man.
  • Given that women are primarily interested in status, which is a positional good, then any technology that amplifies a woman’s ability to be noticed by high status men, will also increase mating inequality. Consider, for example, how men do not benefit nearly as much from the scale offered by Tinder as do women. 100 swipes will get you 1 date if you are a man, and where it only takes 1 if you are a woman.
  • In the graphs shown below, Hypergamy is calculated as the difference in median in-degree (number of incoming links) between the two distributions.
  • Age in men tends to be a proxy of social status, where as age in women tends to determine genetic quality. Genetic quality is normally distributed, on a Bell Curve, whereas social status (and the wealth and income that results) is either log-normally or Pareto distributed in a population (What if Bill Gates Were as Tall as His Money?), following the truism that “20% of the men get 80% of the women.” While close to true, what my simulations actually show is that what is really happening is something closer to “20% of the men receive 80% of all female intent.”
  • Hypergamy, then, is ever present. The only thing that changes whether it is realized or not is the extent to which women are free to act on it. Hypergamy doesn’t necessarily guarantee an inequality in actual sexual encounters, but the more free that women are to act on it (and this is personal speculation) the more likely are there to be social norms and institutions favoring women, i.e. fault-free divorce, preferential child custody laws, anti-slut shaming, hyper-popularity on social media, (the free trips to Dubai that entails), etc.
  • A final, somewhat counter-intuitive point. An increase in the female-to-male population sex ratio increases competition for women amongst men because it increases the time until which women decide they are ready to “settle” for inferior quality mates (Briffault’s Law tells us that the female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family, and so when there are more opportunities to do better, why settle early?). As a result, and at least in the context of my simulations, there is a sub-linear scaling law in which a doubling of the population of women compared to men increases the median woman’s number of matches by 50%. I’m not sure what this would look like in real life, but when I was in high school, a party with a “good ratio” was all any guy talked about. That ratio is probably a lot closer to parity than most believe. Unless you’re a member of Cad Club, you probably don’t want to invite more girls to your party.

The Only Way to Win is Not To Play

“So you’re being guilt and shamed by a woman in your life? The best way to overcome and pass this “shit test” is the only way. Don’t play.

Any attempt to guilt and shame you is an attempt to change your mind using manipulation of a certain set of circumstances.

“If you don’t do this for me, I’ll XXXX.”

If someone is giving ultimatums to you, you walk. Ultimatums are a cry for help because these people have lost control of you. You have free will, which is usually a bad thing for a person who’s trying to control your actions with their guilt and shame.

As I say with many confrontations, you don’t avoid them, you turn them down.

Not getting guilt and shamed by someone so desperately trying to is the answer. Walking away from a losing game is not avoiding confrontation as much as it is not wasting your breath on such a confrontation.

You have better things to do, and trying to confront someone who has no interest in changing their behavior wastes your time.

You do you. Let them worry about themselves.”

A Father’s Journey: Guilt and Shame (2020 September 11)

In his post at Captain Capitalism, How Many People You Will Date Before You Marry (2020 September 12), Aaron Clarey notes that “dating is a very costly and necessary endeavor (for men) in order to find a wife.”  But it is possible to attract the attention of a woman by doing almost nothing.

Wintery Knight: Whose Job Is It To Teach Young, Unmarried Women Not To Delay Marriage? (2020 September 14)

Adam Piggott endorses the book written by Nikolai Vladivostok (the author of the Soviet Men site), The Poor Man’s Guide to Financial Freedom.

Cornerstone reviews Cane Caldo’s take on the Purity Movement (2020 September 15).

Cornerstone: All Or Nothing (2020 September 20) examines a piece at The Cut by Alex Morris, College Virgins Are a Mostly Silent Almost-Majority (2015 October 21).  Cornerstone makes a hopeful case that young women are beginning to wake up to the travesties of the sexual revolution.

Christianity and Masculinity: Aaron Renn’s The Manosphere and The Church (2020 September 28)

Deep Strength kick started a review of an interesting series about the Red Pill hosted by Aaron Renn at Theopolis: The Manosphere and the Church (2020 September 3).

I read all four of the Theopolis articles that have been published so far. Overall, I would describe them as a Red Pill primer geared towards Churchian audiences, and written in a neutral but widely appealing, rated G format (for general audiences).  I think this is what makes this series so interesting – the fact that the Red Pill lore is breaking into mainstream Christian audiences and is receiving serious reviews.  The fourth article from Bill Smith is the best, in my opinion. The other three (so far) betray hints of egalitarianism, and have arguments that are poorly developed.

I’m not sure what their intended purpose is, just yet. They purport to have a critical view of the Manosphere/RP, saying that it is untruthful/unBiblical, but their writings show that they don’t have a very good grasp on RP lore just yet.  Maybe they are working towards introducing the truths of the Manosphere to the wider public, maybe they are trying to warn men not to take the Red Pill, or maybe they are grifters trying to steal some thunder. We’ll have to wait to see where their discussion goes to find out.

On Culture

“The word ‘hypocrisy’ only makes sense in WEIRD countries.  There is nothing strange about an Indian complaining about how Westerners discriminate against him, while also hiring only Indians and being racist against blacks.  The reason is simple: he is Indian.  He sees the world from his own point of view.  To 85% of the world, that makes perfect sense.”

Soviet Men: You are WEIRD! (2020 September 8)

It’s not just Indians, but most non-white foreigners. The argument that “all white people are racist” is a ploy to undermine WEIRD, WASP, white culture. It’s time for white Americans to wake up to this reality.

“There is one thing Leftists hate more than honesty, and that is bluntness.”

1 Peter 5 (John C. Wright): Faith and Works in a Science Fictional Universe (2020 September 8)

“These over-sexed values are part of a liberalized line of thinking which is meant to erase the gains of mankind on earth and to reset the trajectory of invention and science back to the beginning, which is what the Vico Cycle is all about, it starts with theocracy, then migrates into aristocracy, emerging into democracy, which is where parts of our society have been since the times of the Greeks and Romans, then eventually falls into anarchy, which is our present age—but as we can see from our current election, half of America wants to keep going and the other half wants to surrender to it and get back to nature, or otherwise, the beginning of the Vico Cycle.”

“The Jeffrey Epstein behavior isn’t unusual, and liberals up and down the political ladder openly embrace pedophilia in the context that it has been presented to them through the arts, that fresh bodies just blooming into sexuality are pure and beautiful and meant to be enjoyed before they become wilted and slowly dying the moment they enter puberty.  For liberals they accept that cycle as a fact of life and find enjoying the first years of sexuality the best and most pure.

But don’t be fooled by all the art talk and awards that have come from pedophilia because they are only rewards given to a dog for rolling over and doing what they are told.  The behavior itself, just as it is to make pornography easy in our society over the internet is to pull the human mind back to the primitive and to keep people from considering higher thoughts.  In the great battles of a human lifetime, the real turmoil that most people feel is the need for a higher self to control the lower self.  But the goal of liberalism in every phase is to surrender to the lower self and that all notions of the higher self are rooted in sacrifice to the group order and impulses of the universe.  Individuality is to be overcome, but for many, sex keeps a mind on primitive needs always working with other people for the shared sexual experience, and once that obsession has taken over the mind from an adolescent to a young adult, then guilt keeps any single individual from becoming thoughtful and driven which assures a liberalized society into preserving the Vico Cycle well into the future.  And that is the goal of making sex a primary political objective on the large stage of international politics, and why so many fall for its short term gains.  At least with Christianity there is a desire to achieve higher individual thought above animal instincts and to manage them into Heaven.  To eliminate that hope and desire, liberals hope to trap a mind in animal needs sexually by casting the mind to the greatest source of the freshly blossomed flowers of humankind, underage sex.  And that is what makes it vast and evil, because it is truly a prison that is designed to hold a mind to the most primal aspects of existence, and nothing greater.”

Overman Warrior: Liberals and Underaged Sex –Why pedophilia is the Weapon of Democrats to Usher in a Reset of the Vico Cycle (2020 September 14)

“People have allegiance to whatever gives them identity.”

Amerika (Brett Stevens): Blood Will Out 6 (2020 September 24)

Also at Amerika, Brett Stevens reviews a recent picture release, The Challenger: The Final Flight (2020) (2020 September 29). This story is of special interest to Xers, because the Challenger disaster is one of the shared cohorts of our generation.

While reading through, I had a very controversial thought. The Challenger debacle could be compared to the tower of Babel. That is, God stood against these endeavors that were a symbol of national pride and diversity and which attempted to reach to the heavens.

“Modernity hates folklore because modernity is a rival lore.  We can see this hatred when men steeped in modern lore use the word myth as a pejorative name for false and fantastic beliefs, and when they use the word legend to impugn a story with dubious authenticity.  Men steeped in the modern lore may read old myths and legends for amusement; they may take them up with forceps for critical analysis, but they never take them seriously as wise words.  They never cherish them as lore.”

The Orthosphere (J. M. Smith): Mythos and Logos (2020 September 29)

Here, “modern lore” refers to feminist ideology etc., and would not include Red Pill lore.

Larry’s Musings: Enlightenment and Liberation (2020 September 30) reviews several major religions with respect to Christianity.

Collective Evolution (Arjun Walia): Large Study Concludes Mercury Can Now be Listed “As a Cause of Autism” (2020 October 1)

On the Modern Travesty of Marriage

On Goals, Purposes, and Methods

Christianity and Masculinity: Frame is no frame without a mission (2020 September 5)

Red Pill Dad: This isn’t a choice: you don’t get to choose TRP–accept it, or accept the consequences. (2020 September 15)

RPMcMurphy tweeted,

“Women don’t give a $ћ!t about your character, and if you have nothing they care even less. Women are not attracted to smart/hard-working/loyal men. No. They’re attracted to winners who f*ck them without mercy and appear successful. That’s it guys. Stop f*cking pretending otherwise.”

In his post, he writes,

“Women value results, not character.”

“…women say they like guys with good character, when in reality, what they like are the results of what a guy with a good character typically accomplishes. Remember, as red pill men, we put process before results, but what you have to understand for women is that it’s all about the results.”

In response to an ongoing question about the right way to get into a Christian marriage, Ed Hurst concisely outlines the basic approach.

“This is the basis for all my advice to younger men contemplating marriage: There is no good reason to get married unless it’s for mission support. There are lots of good things that come with the marriage package, but none of them matter if the woman in question isn’t fully committed to your mission. So a man must first be convinced of his mission before he even considers marriage.

And given the context of where we are today versus the biblical model, the only proper way to proceed is if she comes into your life seeking to be the helpmeet Eve was supposed to be for Adam. Whatever else we might make of that term “helpmeet,” the image starts with someone committed to supporting the God-given mission.

The symbolism is that God brought Eve to Adam. Men should not go courting; that is backwards. Whomever is that woman’s covering should seek to marry her off to someone for whom she is well suited. It should always be in pursuit of the shalom of the Kingdom of Heaven. That’s always been the biblical model. In the Bible, one thing seems consistent in all cases: If the guy goes seeking and chooses his own bride, it turns out wrong. He should wait for God to bring her to him. It can still go wrong, but it doesn’t have to. It is almost guaranteed it will go wrong otherwise. By the way, I was friends with my father-in-law before I met his daughter, and he encouraged our romance.

Granted, in today’s Western churches, this dynamic is seldom practiced. It should be that, if a woman attends a church without any male family serving as her covering, then it defaults to a male pastor (God has already forbidden female pastors). If her pastor/elder isn’t much help in getting her married, regardless of the reason, then it falls to her to court the man she truly believes she is best fit to support in his mission. In other words, she courts him, not the other way around.

She will have to do her best to discern whose mission feels like her mission.

Side note: He should be too busy pursuing the Lord to have been chasing skirts. Skirt-chasing is equivalent to supplicating the gals, a form of idolatry. Men of God never supplicate a female for anything once they leave their mother’s breast. There’s nothing wrong with a guy being charming and charismatic to the gals, but he should know better than to believe their interest means anything until it comes in the context of the mission. She has to be a mission-minded gal.

And this whole thing assumes she really is spiritually born and oriented on the mission of God. If the single mom is hanging out in the church trying to hook a decent man based on some other internal drive, men should flee her. The church women should pull her aside and begin training her. It’s one thing to welcome her into the church fellowship in hopes she’ll eventually walk in the Spirit. It’s another thing to just assume any verbal announcement of commitment to Christ makes her immediately a prime participant in the marriage market. Rituals point to something important, but mean nothing in themselves. She has to come into the market from the women’s fellowship all primed and ready to serve.”

Do What’s Right: Idolatry Refugees in the Church Marriage Market (2020 September 11)

On Terms and Definitions

There are seven: Legalism, Covenants, Obedience, Obviating, Agency, Authority, and Matrilineal.

Once again, Ed Hurst puts us in touch with our souls.

“Moral truth must be perceived directly, and only the heart has the faculty for such perception. The intellect can only interpret what it receives from the heart; the brain is incompetent to handle moral truth directly. It’s good only for organizing and implementing moral obligations. The intellect is what gives us legalism when it rules; the heart prevents legalism when it rules over the brain.

Do What’s Right: Covenants 1 (2020 September 5)

That last sentence is the most concise definition of moral legalism I have ever come across.

Ed Hurst also wrote a series on Covenants. If you’re unsure what a covenant is, or how it is different from a contract, then this is a must read.

Do What’s Right: Covenants 010203040506 (2020 September 9-10)

Edward D. Andrews, who is the chief translator of the Updated American Standard Version (UASV) gives us a succinct snapshot of Spiritual Obedience (and disobedience).  (2020 September 15)

“Do you not know that if you present yourselves to anyone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one whom you obey, either of sin, which leads to death, or of obedience, which leads to righteousness?”

Romans 6:16

“The first thing to do in examining the power that dominates me is to take hold of the unwelcome fact that I am responsible for being thus dominated because I have yielded. If I am a slave to myself, I am to blame for it because at a point away back I yielded myself to myself. Likewise, if I obey God I do so because I have yielded myself to Him.”

“There is no power in the human soul of itself to break the bondage of a disposition formed by yielding. Yield for one second to anything in the nature of lust (remember what lust is: ‘I must have it at once,’ whether it be the lust of the flesh or the lust of the mind), once yield and though you may hate yourself for having yielded, you are a bond-slave to that thing. There is no release in human power at all, but only in the Redemption. You must yield yourself in utter humiliation to the only One Who can break the dominating power, viz., the Lord Jesus Christ.

“He hath anointed Me … to preach deliverance to the captives.”

Over at the Orthosphere, Richard Cocks writes about the role of Agency and the Criminal Justice System (2020 September 17). Here, he philosophically describes agency.

“An agent is the locus of decision-making. If [causal] determinism is true, and there is no free will, then no person is “deciding” anything. Agency would be an illusion.”

Without agency, we are in no position to assess truth or falsity. You are forced by mechanical means [viz. causal determinism] to whatever you think, not by reasons. If he happens to think [any proposition to be] true, that is of no significance whatsoever. If determinism is true, which it could logically be, then further discussion is otiose. There is no person/agent discussing anything; just a stalk of grass blowing in the wind.”

Richard Cocks goes on to say that having agency is (at least) one trait that makes one truly human. I’ll add that this particular trait is also the one that opens the door to (1) true authentic obedience to the Holy Spirit, (2) the potential pursuance of sin, and/or (3) repentance.

Amerika (Brett Stevens): A Party Not of Right but of Right Now (2020 September 30)

“[The debate] revealed to me the technique of the Left, which is to reduce scope in order to increase simplicity and familiarity.”

There is a word for this method of oversimplification: Obviating.  The purpose is to increase understanding by reducing the confusion arising from complexity.

“They always speak to their desired audience: a person lost in life, without much to their name, who cares only about what Government can deliver during the next pay period.”

Obviating is necessary for those who are emotionally immature or intellectually inept.

“Leftist policy entirely amounts to either (1) remove rules and standards, i.e. “liberalizing,” and (2) add free stuff subsidies to buy votes. Both are aimed at equality, or reducing the natural advantage of the competent over the incompetent.”

The left obviates, just like your elementary school teacher did.

My post on Sexual Authority (2020 September 30) describes how authority is the ability to exercise power, to draw allegiance, to inspire, convince, and seduce.

Finally, Novaseeker shared this article from Mere Orthodoxy (Anthony Bradley): American Evangelicalism isn’t patriarchal or feminized. It’s matrilineal. (2020 August 26).  It cites a research paper and makes a cold case argument that American society and the converged church are indeed matrilineal. It’s a change that has taken place throughout American culture. It’s most visually obvious in the black community, but it’s present everywhere in more camouflage, but with the same impact. For those of us who followed Dalrock, this is old news.


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  1. AngloSaxon says:

    “If I was there, I would have said, “It is so rude of you to run your mouth uninvited and out of turn! Shut up and let him talk! Stop interrupting him, and stop changing the subject!” Of course, I would never be invited to be a commentator on CNN. Not sure I’d want to either.”

    Is telling a bitch to shut it considered misogyny?

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    • Jack says:

      AngloSaxon, It doesn’t matter whether the person is male or female. It’s rude, disrespectful, distracting, and intellectually dishonest. But yeah, feminists would try to frame it as sexism or misogyny. They try to frame everything as sexism, misogyny, toxic masculinity, racism, white privilege, etc. in their efforts to silence certain voices, control the narrative, and preserve their comfort zone. Social capital is a thing of the past, now replaced by childish virtue signaling and intersexionality.


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