Women at their finest

Women were created to be the companion and helper of men.

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Modern times have taught men to fear women for the risks and responsibilities that they impose.  But it was not always so, nor is it the will of God.

Also, women consistently fail to understand how their good behavior can inspire and motivate men.  So this is a reminder to the ladies as well.

Lest we forget the joy of God’s good gift to man, here’s a picture of a real life Proverbs 31 woman.  This is what God intended women to be.

“Come and see, my master!  For I have seen that you enjoy fishing.  So I have built a fishing hut on the river for you!  Come!  I invite you to sanctify my offering with your presence.  I shall be overjoyed with your approval.  If it is pleasing in your eyes, you may ravish me there and I will be satisfied.  Come quickly my Lord, for my heart swells within me!”


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3 Responses to Women at their finest

  1. This takes a little foresight, none of which many women I know of would be able to handle

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  2. Lexet Blog says:

    I’ll file this under: if done in America, she’d be in prison because the EPA and feds hate everything

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