Are you a man or a mushroom?

Men’s ignorance and natural weaknesses make them susceptible to the machinations of lascivious women. This post reviews these weaknesses, describes how women keep mushrooms men in the dark, and emphasizes how important it is for men to be consciously self-aware.

Readership: All; Men, especially younger men;

How do women blind and bind men?

Judges 13-16 tells the story of Samson, a man of immense strength and faith, who was blinded by his desire for Delilah, and was eventually blinded by his enemies. All his strength could not save him from being bound.

While only a truly horrid woman would knowingly, intentionally destroy a man and their progeny for her own selfish benefit, nevertheless many women will hamsterbate until they are blinded by their own solipsism, then condemn the man for all her perceived grievances, and then regrettably do the same mischief.

But just how do women go about pulling this off? The scriptures make it very simple.

But no one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man. Then indeed he may plunder his house.” ~ Matthew 12:29; Mark 3:27; (ESV)*

Delilah was able to have Samson bound by f*cking him until she earned his trust, and then betraying him to his enemies. There are many other ways to bind and blind a man other than through deception or brute force. Here are just a few.

  • Debt
  • Blackmail
  • Bribery
  • Extortion
  • False religious heresies (e.g. cultural convergence, complementarianism, egalitarianism)
  • A gynocentric legal system (e.g. Duluth)
  • Ignorance or naïveté (e.g. youth; cross-cultural ignorance)
  • Sexual extortion (e.g. sextortion; withholding sex in marriage)
  • Marital asset extortion (e.g. threatening divorce; withholding child visitation for some type of “ransom”)

The remainder of this post will focus on the enticement of illicit sex as a very effective and pervasive method of binding a man.

* This verse is not used in the original context (casting out demons), nevertheless the concept holds true.


The enchantment of illicit sex is a weakness

On its face, premarital sex seems like a great arrangement. Not only does the man get free sex, but the woman also gets free resources. This is the core illusion that makes cohabitation so alluring. But in fact, this transaction is not as free as it may seem.

In a previous post, Why is premarital sex a sin? (2020 August 14), we learned how women use premarital sex to select high quality, but weak willed men who can be duped through his natural desires for sex and satisfaction, all in order to assert control over him. Thus, if a man has illicit sex with a woman, it is basically equivalent to him bowing down and worshipping her.

As confirming evidence, Sharkly relayed this testimony from Wintery Knight.

“A while back I was asked to mentor a girl who had cohabitated with an atheist, had an abortion, and had become a Christian after they broke up. I asked her why women have premarital sex. She flat out told me that women like men who can be controlled through premarital sex. She said, “It’s a way to get control over men, without having to be nice to them.” Men who refuse premarital sex are usually also trying to lead the woman into marriage, which requires her to grow up. It makes perfect sense why the bad boys are deemed preferable.

Did you get that? The predominant reason why women have premarital sex with men is because (in their words),

“It’s a way to get control over men, without having to be nice to them.”

Now think about this. Why does she want control over him? She would rather get defiled than to submit to God! Why is her being nice to him so repugnant to her that it’s not an option to her? She would rather get defiled than to be nice to a man! Like I’ve said before, women love to be humbled through defilement, and furthermore, they turn it into a power game. It is pretty clear that we are looking at the archetypical rebellion of Eve!


On this topic of spiritual rebellion, Earl commented,

“What attracts [promiscuous women] to ‘bad’ men is that these men are ruled by their passions and not by right reason which often comes from living a fearing God/moral way of life. Hence these type of men produce the ‘tingles’…and they are easier to control (an immoral man has as many masters as he has vices).”

The kind of men who fall for these lies, ruses, and temptations are also usually immature, desperate, frustrated, and/or lacking discernment. This is a witches brew of characteristics and spiritual conditions which prove to be a latent form of evil. Men like this will naturally attract women with a utilitarian mind.

“Now some women find out after the fornicating and fact that a man ruled by his passions can also be very abusive, objectifying, domineering, and controlling themselves.”

In defense of the man, I suspect that much of this behavior is a result of the man waking up to the fact that he has been duped by her affectations, and is being taken to the cleaners on a daily basis. In response, he is desperately, even wickedly attempting to reclaim his masculine authority in the relationship. But unfortunately, she will not give up her power that easily. She’ll even jump to another man before she’ll submit to God and her defacto “husband”. Desperate times require desperate measures.

“The man who follows God’s will understands things like self-sacrifice, humility, self-control… While these don’t produce the passionate tingles they will often show what love truly is about. Not in the feelings or emotions but in the act of will.”

One outstanding weakness of women is that they are very poor judges of a man’s character. They are also totally unaware of themselves being poor judges. Likewise, men are also terrible at discerning the motivations of a woman, and get distracted too easily by the allure of the sensuous fellure.


Wintery Knight concluded,

“As a virgin myself, I am not interested in marrying a woman who used sex as a tool to manipulate men. That very quickly turns into sex-withholding in a marriage.”

Sharkly concluded,

“I believe Wintery Knight nailed it. A whore in rebellion against God will temporarily show a man respect and offer him sex and make promises of unlimited sex, prior to marriage, using her sexuality immorally to gain what she wants from that man, but then once the loyal and devoted man is bound to her by marriage, then the rebellious whore’s manipulative usurping, via her sexual agency, is again now more painfully exerted directly against her husband’s authority, now through the wicked withholding and rationing of all that she had vowed to him.”

Does any man really want to marry a woman like this? Wake up and smell the coffee, men!

“As a leader and shepherd, a Christian man should explain to any woman he is interested in, what his sexual expectations for her loyalty and chastity are. If she won’t submit to your sexual authority prior to marriage, dump that whore. She will only be tempted and encouraged to be even less sexually loyal and obedient later. Don’t be a fool!”

7. Adult Memes

But of course men don’t regard illicit sex as a subversion of their spiritual authority over the woman, because they are wired to spread their seed. Procreation is the foremost evolutionary prerogative and is capable of disengaging the prefrontal cortex. This is another weakness of men.

The Test Drive Fallacy

Another weakness of men is to assume that if a woman puts out voraciously before marriage, then her nature is such to keep putting out afterwards. In essence, this is the fallacious argument for the Test Drive. But these same men have the foolish notion that these cloying women really love them. These men unwittingly ignore the fact that such a woman has a utilitarian view of sex. To her, sex is either a tool or a toy, and not an expression of passionate love and bonding. In other words, sex is not unique to marriage in his/her mind and heart, nor is sex unique to the spouse.

We have impolite names for such women. Those who consider sex to be a tool are called wh0res. Those who think sex is just for fun are called s1uts. We already know that wh0res and s1uts are not worthy of marriage. If she has sex outside of marriage before marriage, then she is prone to have sex outside of marriage after marriage. The same goes for men too.

But men are foolish to think that simply putting a ring on a wh0re or a s1ut is going to redeem her soul and transform her into a kind-hearted, loving, and obedient wife. It might, by God’s grace and decades of thankless toil on the husband’s part, but don’t count on it.


Women’s plausible deniability and men’s genuine ignorance are weaknesses

As mentioned above, men are prone to regard women purely according to their better qualities, and look for confirming evidence of the same. Thus, men generally presume that women possess some degree of moral agency, and/or as being harmless sheep in catty clothing. On this point, Sharkly made this comment under 8 Examples of IOI Word Semantics (2020-8-8).

“I think the reason many men often fail to initially recognize a woman’s sexual overtures and IOIs, is twofold.

  1. Primarily because most women, especially in the past, would intentionally operate from a shady area of plausible deniability, where you could never publicly insist that their overture had been a direct sexual solicitation, without allowing them to come back at you and say that you are perverted and creepy for misinterpreting their “innocent kindness” as a sexual invitation.”

IOW, she wants to present the outward appearance of innocence, and retain the option of holding a #metoo accusation over the man. The male version of plausible deniability is a genuine ignorance of her sexual interest. From an evo-psyche perspective, we might presume that the typical man has evolved to be blind to women’s advances in order to protect himself from falling prey to her machinations.

But western Chivalry has put a twist on this aspect of men’s nature, by teaching men that women are virtuous princesses by nature, and that all men should treat women most honorably by being “nice”. This approach contributes towards the deception of men by denying the fleshly nature of women, and coopting men’s good-natured ignorance into a tool of manipulation and control. So again we find that a man’s ignorance opens him up to the abuse of women. Sharkly describes this as follows.

  1. Secondly, all our blue-pill conditioning trains us not to expect women to be sexual aggressors. We men are taught that we are all “rapists”, sexual aggressors, and “toxic” for being that way. So we have been misled to expect that women wouldn’t even naturally have a base sexual desire, like a man, or to ever expect that they naturally seek to be defilers hunting for your precious life.”

“The price of a whore is a loaf of bread, but the adulteress is hunting for a precious life.” ~ Proverbs 6:26

I will still maintain that 90+% of all young women have sex on the brain, in some romantic form or another, but only for certain men of course. And yes, women love to be defiled, just for the fun of it all, but of course, only on her terms. If defilement doesn’t include perceived validation and the Tingles, then the current narrative teaches that it’s considered rape from her viewpoint. Hence the charge of “toxic masculinity”.

Contrary to the popular saying, ignorance does not lead to marital bliss!

Instead of playing the “nice guy” who swallows the “all wimmin are princesses” narrative, it would be much wiser for a man to be more critical and demanding of a woman, especially in the beginning stages of the relationship. The Manosphere describes this approach as “making her qualify herself”. If she won’t, or can’t, then throw her back and go fishing for another.

Men are now evolving to be acutely aware of IOI’s and other auguries, or else they have no chance to do well in life.



To recap, a summary of men’s weaknesses related to sexual desire which lead men to their doom are as follows.

  • The intense desire for sexual release amplifies sexual frustration and desperation.
  • The biological prerogative to reproduce overrules rational thinking.
  • Desire for peace and relationship satisfaction.
  • The tendency to view women as pure and harmless.
  • The belief that women are generally motivated by altruism and love.
  • The tendency to be very poor judges of a woman’s motivations.
  • Unwilling or unable to be critical and demanding of a woman, and to pressure her to truly assume her better nature.

Women’s weaknesses which capitalize on men’s weaknesses are as follows.

  • Inadequate or absent male authority (e.g. guidance, protection) resulting in poor decision-making and an increased sense of insecurity.
  • The need for various forms of male investment (e.g. material provisions, attention, commitment, marriage).
  • Desire for emotional validation and affirmation (e.g. Tingles).
  • Desire the joys of sanctification/defilement.
  • Desire to have a man rule over her.
  • Desire to control men.
  • Skilled engagement in cloying, deception, and plausible deniability.
  • Desire power, especially over men.
  • The illusion of power during her peak SMV phase (age 18-25) exacerbates other weaknesses.
  • The tendency to regard sex as a utility and to engage in “transactions”.
  • The tendency to be very poor judges of a man’s character.

G not flowers

Both sexes may have the following weaknesses.

  • Desire for illicit sex.
  • Low temptation threshold.
  • Inability to delay gratification.
  • A lack of faith (e.g. willingness to wait, to commit, to avoid temptation)
  • A lack of spiritual discernment.
  • Lacking emotional maturity.
  • The belief that love will transform the character of the other.
  • Preferring the comforts of a Blue Pill mindset (e.g. being “nice”, chivalry, female pedestalization, believing masculinity is “toxic”).
  • Religious heresies create inaccurate mental models of reality, and set up false expectations.

The most interesting thing about all of this is that most liberated wimmin already know everything in this post and regularly use it to undermine men and herd them like farm animals. Yet men are nary the wiser.

If this doesn’t make you angry, then you’re probably a domesticated mushroom.


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