White Brats Matter

Snowflake Karens work the streets to defend their overgrown kids’ tantrums.

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Liberal leaning Anglo-American society has always had a hankering for defending individual rights, law, and order, which as of late, has broken all limits in destroying the very same law and order that has been the backbone of English speaking cultures for almost a millennium.

When a black porn star died from illegal drug related health issues while resisting arrest for burglary, this was enough to spark the ire of the descendants of Irish immigrants to America, thereby instigating a trendy pet peeve over the last two months which has manifested in Socialist riots in Portland Oregon and across the Irish diaspora.

Interestingly, these riots were not instigated by black porn stars fighting for the right to take fentanyl and methamphetamine while burgling the neighborhood.  No, the riots were predominantly staged by bored, rebellious, middle-class white youths looking to fill their plebian lives with meaning.  Apparently, they objected to the harassment of their hero of rebellious opprobrium — a black porn star and drug addict.

Honestly, why the ћә11 would whiggers take up a social cause for another race, whom they cannot speak for, nor even properly understand?

Let’s translate a couple nooz reports on the event.

U.S. News & World Report: Mothers Across U.S. Stand up to Federal Agents at Anti-Racism Protests (2020 July 22)

“PORTLAND (Reuters) – Wearing bike helmets and yellow T-shirts, America’s mothers are confronting federal agents in combat gear to protect anti-racism protesters in Portland and, soon, other U.S. cities where President Donald Trump has vowed to crack down.”

The identity of being a protester’s protector is more powerful and motivating than the originally purported issue of racism.  It’s not surprising, since racism is actually a non-issue in melting pot America.  Most Americans respect their neighbors of other races, although they may not understand them very well.

no one is born racist

Wall of Moms groups have formed in at least six cities including New York and Chicago in the four days since mainly white suburban moms in Portland started making human walls in front of demonstrators.”

Not content to be homemakers, the Karens of America have joined together to make their harridan voices heard beyond the Wall.  Just wait a minute.  The popcorn is almost ready.

“Carrying signs like “Feds stay clear.  Moms are here,” and “I’m so disappointed in you – mom“, the Oregon women have been shoved and tear-gassed by agents.  Some dads have joined too, bringing leaf blowers to blow away tear gas.”

Activism is the new form of community service.  Social recognition and respect is based on virtue signaling, in this case, goosestep marching with umbrellas, and how loud one can shout.

“In Portland, Barnum and other organizers are trying to ensure their fame does not eclipse the anti-racism, anti-police brutality messages of protesters they are defending.  Barnum, who is Mexican American, coordinates with local Black protest leaders to support the wider movement.”

Hilariousness!  The movement eclipses the purpose!  It’s all about getting attention and affirmation.  Views rule the roost.  Mom!  Look at me!  I’m on TV!

“Still, some activists such as E. Gomez have broken away from the moms, frustrated by what she calls “boomer-aged white women and men” who do not listen to concerns that they are drowning out the voices of people of color.”

Hey Karen!  Don’t steal our show!

“It’s quickly turning into a #wallofkarens.  It’s feeling like a lot of optics and photo ops to make these white women feel better about themselves,” said Gomez, using a pejorative term to describe entitled, middle-aged white women.”

Nothing to do after passing the Wall but to form another wall in solidarity.  Not to be outdone, moms have taken to the streets to defend their overgrown kids during their tantrums about imagined injustice.  As if they have nothing else to be proud of.

irish slaves

The Washington Post (Marissa J. Lang): ‘What choice do we have?’: Portland’s ‘Wall of Moms’ faces off with federal officers at tense protests (2020 July 22)

When you’re a mom you have this primal urge to protect kids, and not just your kids, all kids,” said Wall of Moms organizer Jennie Vinson, 43.  “To see a grown man reaching out and calling for his mother — I think that was a transformational moment for so many of us.  It’s like: What choice do we have but to do this?

Here’s another choice.  Spank those brats.  Make it clear that they got what they deserved when they were pepper sprayed.  Tell them to stay off the streets and out of trouble.  Stop vandalizing and disturbing the peace.  Stop being an embarrassment to the family.  Suspend their allowances until they get a job.  Take away the car keys and ground them for a month.

When you have the privilege that we have as white women, you have to use it for good, and I hope that that’s what this is,” said Vinson, who is white. “I think it’s really, really important that we gain the trust of the black community here, and that’s going to take some work, because we haven’t always been dependable. We have an obligation to be humble, to listen and center black voices.

…it’s really, really important that we gain the trust of the black community…”  “…we haven’t always been dependable.  We have an obligation to be humble…”  LMAO!!!  <<<Choking on popcorn.>>>  Obviously they aren’t/haven’t.  Is this virtue posturing, or white altruism?  Either way, it registers absolutely ZERO with blacks.  Get a clue!

“Though the Wall of Moms has become an overnight Internet sensation, the group has also attracted skepticism.  Some scholars and racial justice activists have criticized the group and the attention it has attracted for centering the voices of mostly white mothers.”

The Black Lives Matter antagonists (who are not the same people as the clueless activists) are angry because Karens are saying that White Brats Matter too.  Uncle Sore-Os can’t argue with Karen.

the only thing the establishment truly fears comment

The Reframe

The way I see this whole situation is like this.

Smith and Johnson are good neighbors.  One day, a bad neighbor, Jones, dumped his trash in Johnson’s yard, and told Johnson that Smith did it.  Of course, Smith denied it.  Jones calls Smith a liar.  Johnson gets confused and becomes angry with both Smith and Jones.

Rinse and repeat ad nauseum.

Eventually, no one can trust their neighbors, the neighborhood goes bad, and everyone is dumping their trash in everyone else’s yard, just because they can.  The neighborhood becomes a ghetto.

Smith’s son wises up to the situation and gets into a fight with Jones’ son.  But Jones’ son is innocent.  Mrs. Smith thinks Jones’ son attacked her son, and she gets into a fight with Jones’ son.  Mrs. Smith becomes an internet sensation.  Jones’ son gives up and leaves town.  Mrs. Smith tells her husband that their son got beat up by Jones’ son.  Smith blames Johnson for the whole mess, and they fight until they burn the ghetto down.  Johnson’s son has had a bellyful.  He says “F*ck this $ћ!t!” and he leaves town too.  Jones sits on the porch, watches all the fighting, looting, and vandalism, and laughs with satisfaction.

Smith eventually gets fed up and moves away.  With Smith gone, Johnson eventually realizes that Jones is the bad guy, and guns him down.  Johnson goes to jail.  Jones survives, buys up Smith’s and Johnson’s property at bottom dollar, hoes out their daughters to raise money, and transforms the ghetto into Disneyland.  Jones charges Smith and Johnson’s family admission to Disneyland.  Mrs. Smith convinces Smith to get a job at Disneyland in order to get the reduced ticket price benefits.  Eventually, Johnson gets out of jail and gets a minimum wage job sweeping the yellow brick road at Disneyland.

Now coworkers, Smith and Johnson become friends again, but not really.  Jones, who started all the trouble, never gets into a fight, never goes to jail, and gets rich off of the others’ labor and losses.  Smith and Johnson continue working for Jones and are nary the wiser.


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6 Responses to White Brats Matter

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  2. Elspeth says:

    The funny thing about this is that it seems everyone (including white conservative reactionaries) are being had! Wool has been successfully pulled over the eyes of 80% of the people on both sides, and here’s why I say this.

    You present the notion that white people and black people are so different that “they don’t even understand each other”, which is patently false on its face. The people who don’t understand each other are mostly separated by class, not race. And yes, that’s true even when you account for newly enriched blacks who made their fortune in Hollywood, sports, and music. A person doesn’t cease to be of lower class in mentality because you suddenly hand them a few million dollars.

    I had a conversation today with a couple of white women, slightly older than me, about Boethius’ The Consolation of Philosophy. We talk about a lot of things,despite the three of us coming from wholly different backgrounds. One is of Italian descent from the northeast, one is from Appalachia, with all that this implies including the accent, and I’m the descendant of southern slaves. But we’re all classically minded, educated, committed to traditional family structure, and conservative Christians. None of us would get on nearly as well with liberals of similar background and descent. This often includes out own family members.

    A white man from Georgia and a black man from Georgia understand one another far better than that same white man would understand a white guy from New York despite their similar melanin count.

    The race thing is a very easy, visceral way to draw distinctions and create conflict because of country’s racial history. But the fact that the Europeans fought and killed each other for years belies this idea that people are better able to get along because of similar hues.

    What’s really happening here is that class fissures are coming to bear and the people in power don’t want the proletariat (working people) to see what’s really happening to all of us, regardless of our color. So they create enemy classes: black/white, men/women. straight/LGBTQ+, and on it goes. So we bite and devour each other while they get rich on our backs, destroying small business, enriching gigantic corporations, brainwashing our kids, creating a new American paradigm by pretending we have no shared history when we do.

    And people on both sides are falling for it while calling each other ignorant.

    Good Lord, please help us all!

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  3. Elspeth says:

    Oh, yeah. As for the rest of this post (exceptional ladies notwithstanding!), the truth is that white women in aggregate are going to be this country’s undoing. I rarely say that publicly, but there it is.

    Not to worry, though. They get a fair amount of help from ignorantly militant black women as well.

    Liked by 3 people

    • feeriker says:

      the truth is that white women in aggregate are going to be this country’s undoing.

      Truer words never spoken. While it might be white MEN who still technically hold the levers of power, their decisions are influenced in the main by what white women want.

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  4. “Karens Against Akkountability”

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