Revisiting Misogyny

A deconstruction of what is purported to be misogyny.

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The recent news among conservatives is that Google has tweaked their search engine to shunt any web traffic to most conservative web sites.

Just to check my own status on this issue, I did a search for “sigma frame” on Google, and I was relieved to find a link to this blog on top.  Apparently, I am not offensive enough to receive special treatment by TPTB.  Point taken.  I’ll have to work on that.

Still curious, I did another search for “manosphere”.  Of course, Wikipedia came up on the first page, but do you think any sites like Roosh V, The Rational Male, or Dalrock followed after?  Sites that would best represent the most popular sources of Manosphere literature?

Snowflakes in ћә11!

You guessed right!  If this omission were not lugubrious enough, 100% of the search results turned up liberal op-eds condemning anything even remotely related to men’s rights.  In fact, I found that nearly 90% of all the results contained some form of the word “misogyny”.

misogyny everywhere

Because of the apparent ubiquitous connotation of men’s rights with misogyny, I feel I have to set the record straight.  Hence, this post.


Over the past few years, many weak-minded, NPCish media consumers have gained the false notion that traditional nationalism and antifeminism (e.g. the Manosphere, masculinity, SAHM’s) are misogynistic.

No doubt, the TPTB have instilled this mistaken impression by presenting a false association between these ideas and planting a root of doubt using classical conditioning and raw repetition.

The purpose of drawing this association is to assert a false moral authority over non-liberal value systems (e.g. Christianity; gender roles; the traditional family structure), to calumniate them as being detrimentally archaic or depraved, and to leverage the ostracization of their practitioners on various levels of society through the machinations of the liberally ordered shame culture.

On this point, Farm Boy writes,

“Apparently huge swaths of people are misogynists these days.  At least that is what we are told.  A misogynist is someone who hates women.  This would not be a good thing.  How did this group of people come to be?  Some other people decided to label them as such.  Why was this?  This is a good question.”

Farm Boy concludes,

“If you criticize women individually or as a group for any reason, you are a misogynist.”

That’s true, but not totally correct.  Within the neo-liberal order, not even criticism is necessary to be a misogynist.  One could be guilty of “bad think”, and still be stuck with the label.  All that is necessary for one to be regarded as a misogynist is for one to regard women truthfully and honestly.

You see, it is the truth which is offensive to the easily offended, not merely criticism.  Taking the proverbial Red Pill is all about knowing that truth and accepting it as such.

There are two subsets of truth that are especially hated by the disobedient lie-mongers of the world.  In simplistic terms, we could call these subsets (1) the good nature of women, and (2) the bad nature of women.  The adherence to either one or both of these truths is castigated as misogynistic.

patriarchy vs matriarchy

Let’s briefly review the good and bad natures of women.

The Good Nature of Women

Women at their best are beautiful, vulnerable, fertile, respectful, conscientious, humble, demur, soft-hearted, nurturing, and caring.  They love to have sex with their husbands, and they can offer encouragement and insight to him as well.

One of the most popular posts of all time on Frame itemizes 16 Qualities of an Irresistible Woman (2017 December 1).  A brief summary is listed here.

  1. She is emotionally and socially astute.
  2. She likes and understands men.
  3. She provides beautiful physical aesthetics.
  4. She offers intellectual sophistication.
  5. She blends in.
  6. She is passionate.
  7. She is generous in her estimations of the motives of others.
  8. She is responsive.
  9. She is fun and playful.
  10. She is emotionally buoyant.
  11. She is grateful.
  12. She is affectionate.
  13. She is ready and willing to listen and learn.
  14. She is submissive.
  15. She is trusting.
  16. She adds to the joy of life.

Although women were created by God to fulfill all of the above, feminism has denigrated these representations of femininity as being foolish and weak, thus displaying the most crude misogyny towards the glorified feminine archetype.

women should always be grateful

The Bad Nature of Women

After having been shrouded by feminism over the past 40 years, the bad nature of women has only been recently rediscovered by the Manosphere.  This includes the harrowing, inconvenient truth about the fleshly inclinations of women — lacking moral agency, hypergamic, solipsistic, branch swingers, reveling in defilement, carousel riding…  Later in life they discover cuckoldry, abortion, domestic violence, the Duluth scheme, and frivorce — and I’m only just scratching the surface.

Furthermore, women are prone to “go off” suddenly, indignantly lying, gaslighting, and projecting their deeper nature, even after the facts are known, and without an ounce of guilt.

Women won’t talk about these things openly, because it would be too shameful, even profane, and it would show their hand.  Thus, they must live and operate in secrecy to keep a veneer of dignity, all in order to receive the respect, generosity and other benefits that come naturally from the ignorantly idealistic, altruistic nature of men who imagine those women to be everything they want or need them to be.  Women already know these things about themselves, and that’s why they don’t like each other.

If all goes well (from their point of view), men will never know the truth and can therefore be more easily controlled and manipulated.

Interestingly, all of these traits are aggravated or encouraged by those who brandish the “misogynist” rhetoric, even though they deny it.  By doing so, they bring about the real world manifestation of the worst feminine nature that is possible — another repugnant embodiment of misogyny.  To add insult to injury, all these traits are proudly owned with an inconsiderate, self-righteous sense of entitlement.


Where do the accusations of misogyny come from?

If a man speaks openly and honestly about the good nature of women, he is invariably shamed and condemned as being insecure, controlling, domineering, and “patriarchal”, (as if that were a bad thing).  What is not so obvious is that those who cast such accusations are exhibiting psychological projection.

If a man speaks openly and honestly about the bad nature of women, it sends the message that the wimminz code of secrecy has been compromised, and that the mendacious, Machiavellian dyke is about to collapse.  This sends shockwaves of insecurity and shame coursing through her being.

Since women are emotional creatures, their first reaction is not to question whether these things are actually true as a man would, because they already know they are true.  But instead, their reaction is one of defense, feeling angry and vindictive because their secure position of secrecy has been breached, and the veil supporting their false sense of identity is revealed to be a lie.

Because of this sudden discoverie of vulnerability and shame, a dramatic outpouring of gaslighting, psychological projection, and accusations spill forth.  Hence, we hear the indignant cries of “Misogynist!” emanating from their deceptive tongues.

The obvious example outlined by Farm Boy is how wimmin resort to name calling whenever they are exposed.  “Misogynist!” they cry.  This is a first rate, immature, adolescent response, which is definitely not lady like, nor does it glorify God.

misogynist-someone who wins an argument against a feminist

Psychological Displacement

Psychological displacement, also known as Reaction Formation, is an unconscious defense mechanism whereby the mind substitutes either a new aim or a new object for goals felt in their original form to be dangerous or unacceptable.  For the present discussion, the feminist concept of misogyny (including “toxic masculinity” and blaming men) is the new object which displaces the truth about women.

The term misogynist is a generic misnomer because men do not actually hate women.  In fact, men love women, and they continue to love them in spite of their treacherous schemes.  It is not even the ugly truths about women’s nature which Red Pilled men find reprehensibly repugnant.  The things men hate most are all the lies, defiance, defense mechanisms, and deception that women resort to in their efforts to maintain the feminine imperative and to paper over the ugly truths about themselves.

Little do women realize how forgiving, graceful, and generous men can be towards an honest, authentic woman.  This blindness arises because women project the bad aspects of their own nature onto men, thereby assuming men to be as cunning and vindictive as they are, among all the other vices.

If women would be kindhearted, honest with themselves, and would humble themselves in submission, then men would know how to respond appropriately, and all would be well.  Even ignorant, Blue Pilled, nice guys might capitalize on the situation and learn to be better men.

But would the majority of women be so nice, honest, and reasonable?  Would they ever embrace the better part of their nature?  No!  That would be reminiscent of the behavior of a true princess who is deserving of honor and respect.  It would also glorify God, and that is one thing that they automatically refuse to do.

Why not be honest?  Well obviously, it’s because they prefer the pretty lies over the truth.  It’s the rebellion of Eve — seeking control over reality in general, and over men specifically.

pence misogynist

Redefining Misogyny

An alternate, and perhaps a more accurate concept of true misogyny is when women are assumed to be something that they are not (specifically, that women have a masculine nature), and are misappropriated and abused for ulterior purposes than what their creator intended.  This concept of misogyny assumes that women have traits, strengths, abilities, and responsibilities which in fact they do not have, shames them for not having such traits, and pressures them to adopt such traits.  Then it holds them responsible for tasks they are incapable of performing, and punishes them accordingly.  This expectation places an undue amount of stress and anxiety on women, thereby transforming them into aggressive harridans over time.

This misogyny includes a fair amount of brainwashing. Women are conditioned to believe that the nature of women should be like the good nature of men — strong, resilient, independent, autonomous, educated, responsible decision makers.  Women are also conditioned to believe that the nature of men is like the bad nature of women — self-centered, solipsistic, insecure, manipulative, greedy consumers, posing as helpless lambs.  Interestingly, many Chads are this way, and since non-Chads are invisible to wimmin, this only serves to reinforce their negative impression of toxic masculinity.  This false representation of men serves to reinforce women’s motivations to become more independent, more masculine, less feminine, less submissive, and more ugly.

Following this modus operandi, we can see how modern feminism is the most misogynistic social machine in all of human history.  It undermines women’s natural source of support and security — men, and demands that women become what they are missing — all the things which are traditionally assumed of men.  This fully explains why more women are clinically depressed and unhappy now than ever before.


Concluding Statements

If you think about it, the true nature of misogyny is not at all what we are led to believe.  It’s true that women suffer from misogyny, but not by fault of the common man.  The misogyny comes through the feminist life script that is touted at every turn.

Misogyny is a self-reinforcing cycle.  Women who conscientiously pursue the development of masculine traits invariably invite more misogyny onto themselves, especially because they use an aggressive masculine front to defend the lies and deceptions they have bought into via herd conformity.

Those harridans who shriek “Misogynist!” shall never receive the honor, dignity, and social benefits that are reserved for, and properly bequeathed to those few mature women who display authentic feminine traits.  They have defiled themselves with their own words and actions.

So there is a diatribe of misogyny for you.  Feminists can say all of this talk is misogynistic, but I’m just telling the truth.


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Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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