Introducing Katie and the Future of Human Mating

Reality show takes the feminine imperative for alpha seed to the eugenic limit.

Readership: Men;

From Red Pill Men’s Health…*

This new reality show depicts fifteen guys competing against each other for one woman.

The goal is not to marry her, and not even to get a date with her.

The goal is to IMPREGNATE her!

So who is this modern queen Guinevere?

  • She’s 41 years old.
  • She’s been around several carousels for the last two decades!
  • She “stuck the landing” and got married for the first time at the ripe cold age of 37.
  • She had a wedding that focused solely on her.
  • She divorced her husband 6 months later.
  • Now she’s looking to satisfy her need for alpha seed.
  • She’s shameless enough to broadcast all this on national TV.

As Horsemanbombadil said,*

“This has to break one of the seals of the apocalypse.”

Since this is a “reality show”, I am guessing that Fox might be toying with the idea of airing what used to be considered soft pornography.

After all, 15 men shacking up with a cougar is bound to yield a daily entourage of group sex.

One of the things I noticed about Katzmann’s photos is that she has a persistent 1,000 c0ck stare.  That gleam of inner soul derangement is unmistakable.  Becoming an adulteress cougar was the inevitable.


Men Line Up to Submit their Fapplications for Retrocucktion

From the Chicago Tribune: Chicago woman wants love and a baby on the new Fox show ‘Labor of Love.’ Here are 5 things to know. (2020 May 19).

“Katzmann is starring on her own TV show, “Labor of Love,” which is scheduled to premiere at 8 p.m. Thursday on WFLD-Ch. 32.  It’s clear from the start that the Fox series does not have the same premise as “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette.”  Instead of mingling at a pool party, the 15 contestants are asked to give a sample of their swimmers for an analysis to see if they are able to father children.  Katzmann watches as each suitor takes a turn in the mobile collection center.

So awkward.  We were all uncomfortable, and I think honestly, though, that ended up being one of the best things for a lot of reasons.  I think because one of my biggest fears going in was that these men would not be there for the right reasons,” Katzmann told the Tribune by phone.  “And if they were willing to go through that screening pretty much moments after meeting me, then I knew that they were serious.”

I’m wondering what “the right reasons” are in her mind.

In the not so distant past, Christian Women Demanded Men to Marry Sluts With Debt and Tattoos (2020-2-3), and cucks were still signing up for this raw deal.  But nowadays, even marriage poses too much responsibility for women.  At least those lucky cucks got a sweet marriage certificate to show off to mommy.  But that deal is now off.

Now, “the right reasons” are nothing short of an eager willingness to deliver what is clinically certified to be top quality seed, accompanied by a gratuitous romantic affirmation, followed by cash child support payments, and with no further strings attached.

We’re looking at the future of human mating if the Gubmint-Hubbie goes much further.  Men submit sperm sample for quality assessment and DNA analysis.  Female can choose from the best among hundreds of contestants.  The lucky man is awarded one shot in the hole and is then saddled with 20 years of child support payments – that is, IF her last egg proves to be still fertile.

But this approach cannot succeed indefinitely, simply because it shortcuts God out of the family… in sooo many ways!

Why Katzmann?

I’m asking myself, Why Katzmann?  Why not show off a fresh nubile hottie for this theatrical display of feminine vanity?

Well, Katzmann looks fairly good for a 41-year-old, so I’m sure she was a stunner at 25, which is when she should have been thinking about conceiving a child.

But the thing that makes Katzmann unique is that she is one of those rare women who has actually achieved the feminist ideal, except on two points.

  • Successfully remarrying after blowing up her belated first marriage. But this can be foregone if there is a sufficient cash influx.
  • Having the fabled 2.1 kids. But actually just having one will do.

In order to preserve the narrative, it has to be shown that at least one woman in the whole wide world can achieve all these goals to make the feminist life script complete.  By showing that it can be done by at least one woman, TPTB can fuel the hopes of the younger upcoming generation of future harpies, Karens, and Katies to continue following the script, simply “because Katie did it!”


Naming a New Archetype

Recently, the Karen meme has seen the rounds on social media and it has hit the mark pretty well.

Now we’re observing another archetype of modern wimminhood, a Katie!

A Katie is a woman who has wasted her youth, beauty and fertility chasing after the feminist life script, who then pulls out all the stops to achieve her goal of bearing a child using only one of her last three eggs.

Meme this~!

* H/T: horsemanbombadil @ Spawny’s Space


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21 Responses to Introducing Katie and the Future of Human Mating

  1. AngloSaxon says:

    Isn’t this just more fake & staged TV junk?


    • Jack says:

      @ AngloSaxon,
      Fake or not, it buys right in to the feminine imperative hamster. Because of her age and the possibility of it being staged (as you suggest), I’ll be surprised if a real baby comes out of this.


      • AngloSaxon says:

        I’ll be surprised if anything real comes out of this. I agree its pure pandering to women. Plenty of girlies out there who don’t want to hear its too late past late thirties to START a family.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Lexet Blog says:

    Unless they are getting paid a pretty penny, any dude lining up to impregnate a 40 year old should have their man card revoked

    Also, the child will probably be deformed.

    Liked by 4 people

    • thedeti says:

      They’re all getting paid a lot of money. Katzmann the most, of course, since there’s no show without her. But the men are getting paid too for as long as they’re on.

      And Katzmann is doing this for notoriety and fame. She might get a modeling contract or some other lucrative job out of this post- show. The men are mostly physically attractive- they have to be or they wouldnt be accepted onto the show and certainly wouldn’t be allowed to put their DNA into the running to possibly make a baby with this 41 year old woman. You have to be pleasant to look at or you don’t get to be on a show like this, because the main reason for the show is to attract female viewers: Women who will put themselves in Katzmann’s place, and lots of good looking hunky men for them to fantasize about and yap on social media about.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. larryzb says:

    LMAO over this one, especially the first few paragraphs. Great piece. But, hey, let us not “objectify” women. As well, we cannot deny that men’s brains are wired such that they are very visually centered and do react to the “cock stare” from a woman.

    I do not watch these TV programs but suspect that the men and women who appear on them want a lot of national face time and publicity. They can then list their participation on their resume if they want to go to Hollywood or be on a local TV station in some capacity.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. SFC Ton says:

    If this is legit…. for lack of a better word…… The kid will be a half orc to fit the anti White narrative

    Liked by 4 people

  5. Seems like Fox is just going back to its roots and saying “oh yeah, hold my beer” since the “new” girl on The Bachlorette is a dumpy 39 yo skank with actual crazy eyes.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. JPF says:

    Hmmm… Just noticed that the close-up picture of her face (second image in the OP) shows no wrinkles in her face. No way is that an accurate portrayal of a 41-year-old woman.
    I wonder if they will be scrubbing every frame that shows her face before broadcast. And would she notice if they did, or just think that she really does look that good?


  7. feeriker says:

    In order to preserve the narrative, it has to be shown that at least one woman in the whole wide world can achieve all these goals to make the feminist life script complete. By showing that it can be done by at least one woman, TPTB can fuel the hopes of the younger upcoming generation of future harpies, Karens, and Katies to continue following the script, simply “because Katie did it!”

    TPTB also know that the flatulence-headed moron(ette)s who would watch this sewage also have a profoundly retarded person’s grasp of simple arithmetic, to say nothing of statistical math. They are justifiably certain that it will sail right over the heads of all the Katie-wannabes out there in Boobtubeland that almost NO women in Katie’s demographic group even among the socioeconomically privileged have a snowball’s chance in the Sahara of pulling off what Katzmann is attempting to do (if fact, the odds of Katzmann successfully conceiving and delivering a healthy baby are somewhere near zero, if not below it). If it were possible on a massive scale and as a matter of routine, would Fox, or any other network, even bother to create a Reality TV series around it?

    To echo Frank Zappa’s famous quote, “it’s not getting any smarter out there.”

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Scott says:


    Ready, GO.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Lexet Blog says:

      My theories:

      1- Biden and trump are playing retard chicken, seeing who can up the ante for being the biggest dip$hit

      2- traditional establishment dems ran Biden as a candidate to kill the AOC wing of the party. He would adopt their positions and lose intentionally. Then 2020 happened and democrats don’t know what to do.


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  11. redpillboomer says:

    Lol! Thanks for introducing me to the Katies. I knew about the Karen meme, but the Katie meme hits me personally in that it was a Katelyn, re Katie, that red pilled me. All her growing up years, all her friends and CC lovers knew her as Katie, then she started calling herself Katelyn and taking on a good girl persona in her late twenties. Three years later at 30, the Katelyn persona is still what the world gets from her, but I know the Katie identity is still behind the scenes running the show. I’ll have some fun with this meme!


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