It’s the worst system in the world, except for all the others

Patriotic cop makes a stand against big government.  Will it matter in the long run?

Readership: Those concerned with civil liberties;

Take a look at these two videos.  The first caused a landslide on social media.

When his chain of command responded positively, then negatively, it sparked an uproar.  His second follow-up video describes the ongoing dispute.

Scott’s Commentary

The video commentary shown at PragerU [1] exemplifies one of life’s great conundrums.

It demonstrates the stark reality that a system based on civil liberties, relying ultimately on the consciences of the individual (in particular those in sworn positions in government) is simultaneously the greatest set of socially organizing principles humans have ever come up with, while also showing, at the same time, that it will ultimately fail.

If everyone is required to interpret the constitution for himself, painfully examining his own conscience for clarity as well as moral, ethical and idealistic parsimony, those who do not concern themselves with such things will rise to power while the more noble agonize and debate over what is right.

The forces of evil in this world, made up of the most narcissistic, greedy, power hungry and antisocial among us, combined with the natural human tendencies toward laziness, complacency, lowbrow taste and cowardice will always result in what we have now.  Power always coalesces into a center of gravity that is not objectively moral, good, bold or courageous.  It doesn’t help that the preceding are, for the most part, naturally occurring phenomena, can be accounted for in large part through heredity, and are not normally distributed among groups.  In other words, a system like this might work a little bit longer if a group, highly selected for traits compatible with its premises were the only ones allowed to actually run it.

This police officer is, or will soon be, fired.  What good did his standing up for the constitution do him, his family, or us?  The net outcome of this will be negative.  He will not be able to provide for his family, and there is one less conscientious cop on the beat.

Jack’s Commentary

One loyal cop engaging in civil disobedience is a blunderbuss.  But if a significant number join in his support (I would estimate 10-30% of the population or police force would be sufficient), we are looking at history in the making.

We’ve seen how quickly the authorities fold when there is a sizable number of conscientious objectors.

The question is this: Will this honorable man (Greg Anderson) make history, or will he become a blunderbuss?  The answer to this question is a harbinger of America’s near future.

Greg Anderson has a GoFundMe for him and his family.


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  1. Amerika (Brett Stevens): Our Outrage At Capitalism Is Actually Frustration With Social Mobility (2020 May 12)
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19 Responses to It’s the worst system in the world, except for all the others

  1. Lexet Blog says:

    A GoFundMe for him already raised 200,000.

    That’s a strong signal – and a message to other cops. We will pay you more for doing the right thing.

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    • Lexet Blog says:

      But in general, a whistle blower is always punished.

      As an attorney, if I lodge an ethics complaint against another attorney, regardless of the set of circumstances, I would get a scarlet letter and become persona non grata to other firms or agencies. It doesn’t help that in my profession, we are nearly all at will employees.

      They don’t want to hire a person known to call out bs or blow the whistle.

      It’s the same with doctors, or any other industry. The rules exist for show, but not for application.

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    • Jack says:

      $200,000 is about 5 years worth of wages for a policeman. If he can get a little more, enough to hold him over while he changes careers, or even enough to retire early, it wouldn’t matter if it ruined his career. Good for him!

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  2. Scott says:

    It’s been a long road for me to get to this point, having started out as a garden variety apolitical teenager who voted for Republican Pete Wilson (Gov–California) in my first ever election. (1990).

    So much has changed about “America,” not the least of which is demographics that it has become impossible to recognize it as fundamentally the same entity it was, as recently as 30 years ago. I’ve been influenced heavily by the writings in the neoreaction, to include Zippy Catholic, Lawrence Auster, and others and I no longer believe that simply proposing and enacting changes on a policy level, some new politician, (or even amendments), can right the ship. This is mostly because my definition of “nation” and what they are for has matured and refined over the decades.

    Currently, I support something like constitutional, representative oligarchy that has an official state church. I’ve written about it elsewhere, but I simply do not believe that the average citizen should be allowed anywhere near the levers of power, but I also believe in the preservation of basic human “rights” although I am not sure that is the correct term.

    My ideal system would be much more like what the founders envisioned but even the most core concepts they implemented were obliterated through the amendment process. (The senate elected by popular vote, universal >18 year old suffrage to name of few). These changes demolished a system that probably could have gone on much longer on autopilot in my estimation. So a system that has permanent institutions, that cannot be amended would be great, but how?

    Pope Leo XIII laid out a vision of what true Christian government would look like, if it ever existed on this earth, and it was surprisingly free of any endorsement of a particular system. Rather, he focused on its traits. He focused on how it would, in everything it did, be essentially an arm of Gods will in its treatment of crime, rich people, poor people, race, etc. It would deal with these things in perfect tune to Gods universal truths.

    In the end, such a place will never exist until Christ Himself returns to show us how to do it. But an allegiance to a document (one which I fully took oath to for my two decades of service) is dangerously naive of how people actually work. In order for the libertarian-right and their ideas to make sense, one must believe that you could simply drop a copy of the US constitution in to the middle of Zimbabwe, and magically a Jeffersonian democracy with civil rights, humane laws, elections, and made up of people who mostly leave each other alone to make money would appear!

    These heuristics are important to take yourself to task and challenge what you really believe.

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    • JPF says:

      I admire the sentiment/idea of wanting a government that only does what is in accordance with God’s will.
      Problem: The religious professionals that we have available to us. Every church that chooses to financially support a woman who is divorcing her husband, or who even “merely” insists on being separate from him, is enabling deliberate rebellion against God’s laws (see 1 Cor 7:10-11).
      They could at least be silent, which does not give approval to sin, but also does not teach and rebuke as they should.
      And it we can’t even get our religious leaders to refrain from choosing to actively enable sin, how would we ever get men to fill the government positions?

      A second problem is that, even here where we do not have men being religious for profit, no two men agree on everything. e.g. Some claim viewing pornography is evil, others claim pornography of an unmarried woman cannot possibly be adultery and therefore is not sin; some think we should tax the people to provide for the poor, others think people should be free to choose to support the poor they personally know (or not).

      Truly, we need Christ to reign with an iron fist. I think this does not only mean that the general population of earth will be forced to obey Christ. It also means that the mass of Christians, who are ruling with Christ, will be forced to rule as Christ wants, not implementing their own ideas of what is best.


  3. elspeth says:

    If everyone is required to interpret the constitution for himself, painfully examining his own conscience for clarity as well as moral, ethical and idealistic parsimony, those who do not concern themselves with such things will rise to power while the more noble agonize and debate over what is right.

    I don’t think everyone is meant to interpret the constitution for themselves. The founders were very clear that this system would only work and “was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

    I’m sure everyone here knows that the quoted portion were the words of John Adams, and that by “religious” he meant Christian. Vegans are religious after all. Their religion just happens to be veganism.

    The problem isn’t the system. The problem is the highly idealistic nature of it. This nation is no longer populated by a religious and moral citizenry. As a result, the constitutional, federalist system is wholly inadequate for its governance.

    Which is why tyranny is encroaching more and more with each passing decade.

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  4. larryzb says:

    “If everyone is required to interpret the constitution for himself, painfully examining his own conscience for clarity as well as moral, ethical and idealistic parsimony, those who do not concern themselves with such things will rise to power while the more noble agonize and debate over what is right.”

    Hey, that pretty much explains why there are, at last count, 33,000 permutation of Christianity in these United States today. Individual, subjective (self-serving at times) interpretations work well, don’t they?

    The police follow “lawful orders” albeit these can be unconstitutional. When the Americans, en masse, cowered in their home in fear of a strain of the flu virus, it was over. The power grabbers now know how easy it is cow the people with misinformation and hyped up hysteria and fear. They will keep the fear going as Americans will respond to such fear by surrendering more freedoms.

    Forgive me for sounding pessimistic, but I see little grounds for optimism in these days.

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    • Scott says:

      Trust me, I am aware of the parallels between this and the protestant vs High Church/RCC/Orthodox view.

      At some point, some PERSON has to have the authority to make a decision or else everyone eventually becomes their own church.


  5. lastmod says:

    The “badge” has little or no respect from me today. Sure. If an police officer stops me or corrects me it is “yes officer” and / or “no officer” done with zero sarcasm. We had a huge corruption / drug dealing case in Fresno concerning the top brass of the Fresno police dept in 2017.

    Guess what? Nothing happened. Oh sure, they got removed (not fired) from their job. Yes, they got severance pay for all their “good years” of service…of course keep their pension, healthcare for six months. If I was dealing drugs at my current job, or when I was at IBM guess who would have got “jail time” to teach me a “lesson”

    Always corruption in the police. In San Francisco when I lived there…….four off-duty, drunk police officers beat the sh*t out of a bartender coming out of his shift and locking up the bar. Why????? He had a bag of steak fajitas and wouldn’t give these off duty officers any. None of those police officers were fired. Oh yes….they were “sorry”

    The same officer that writes you a speeding ticket puts me and countless men in cuffs for the same actions. Even when I suspected abuse of a client in the low income senior housing I was working in (I was a mandated reporter), the police came and “questioned” me about my whole life instead of doing their job to wellness check the person I was calling about “Oh…so you like to mouth off and assault cops????” (I was arrested in 2008 for assaulting a police officer……, I was skateboarding in a no skate zone….officer tackled me to the ground, kicked me….and I spent 72 hrs in jail……he was just a bully).

    No I replied……..but of course now I was on trial again.

    No one held a gun to a mans head and said “you be a cop or I am going to kill you”

    Like teaching, or getting married. A dangerous and unfufiling job. Usually reserved for former high school bullies.

    No, a cop never saved my life. No, when I have needed the police in my job, I am always questioned with contempt.

    I don’t wish death, or suffering on the police….but me as “joe average citizen” respecting you? If it was 1965 I would. I have little or no respect for anyone in this field.

    People who have funded this man’s “go fund me” should question their own ethics.


  6. Ed Hurst says:

    When I left the Army with Military Police experience, I had a couple of silver-platter offers to take a badge in several departments in my home state, along with plenty of generic recruitment contacts. The sense of conflict I felt was already well established from serving in military LE; I didn’t fit that world and never would.

    I seriously doubt this will fade away. I can’t predict what will happen with this fellow, but I believe it signals the system shattering in some places, a sharp divide that will result in some kind of civil war. It will be a part of what splits the US apart.


  7. lastmod says:

    Spare me……..every Police Union in the USA endorses ONLY Democrats every election. In every city and town with a police force…….there are the local brass and some officers up on the podium for the picture op with the Democrat politician. Cops have more loyalty to a Union over the communities they are suppose to preotect and serve. Spare me this “consitution talk and rights of people”

    I am tired of hearing “we put our lives on the line everyday”

    No, you come and clean up the mess AFTER crime has happened. A murder in the alley behind my building in Fresno. Take a statement from some victim of a crime. Hell, in most cities in this country you have to file a report online. Good luck in even getting a police officer to help you.

    One cannot be “unburgled” or “un-raped” or “brought back to life”
    The police were setup in the USA to work, tackle and PREVENT crime. Today they clean up messes, and get tough with average law abiding citizen because they know they can get away with it. “Don’t take the law into your own hands” and then the law you are supposed to trust has nothing can do nothing aand usually cannot help you “file a report” is the reply.

    Like I said……no harm to them…but I certainly do not owe this man in the above clip a “means” to support his family. He’s a man. He can do that for himself.

    Also unemployment has hit 30 plus million. He should be thankful he has a job, actually a decent one. The police also covertly the ones who want to disarm the rest of us while they of course get to carry.


    • Scott says:

      In general, I have found most cops, especially in large metro areas do not want common citizens to carry. I think this cop is actually an exception and he is legitimately surprised that his peers are so power hungry.

      As an army officer, I found this to be the case, especially with the junior enlisted soldiers around. I would often be asked by one of them to swear them in for their next term of enlistment. (Any officer can do this, so when you are asked it is considered an honor). In those cases, I would try to have a conversation about what the oath actually means, and they would look at me with the glazed over stare of a deer in headlights. No idea what I was talking about.

      As I looked out over the sea of soldiers at the megabase, Fort Hood, Texas– I saw an exponential multiplier of this phenomenon. Young, testosterone filled cavalry and infantrymen looking for a fight. Signed up to do whatever, or maybe just didn’t have any other prospects. But I can’t imagine of them contemplating the fact that they are part of an enormous, probably unconstitutional entity (a million plus man, full time active duty force standing ready to fight a war).

      I was once at the gym with my buddy. It was during the time of the Boston marathon man hunt. The media kept reporting that Boston was “under lockdown.” This prompted to me ask my friend “if all these guys all the sudden got an order from the III Corps commander to head out of the gates and into Killeen for a house to house search and confiscation/lock up of guns or whatever, how many do you think would just walk off the job and go home?”

      He responded that he did not get the feeling that most of them thought about it much. They are regular joes, with wives and bills to pay. And that was when I first started to think i may be time for me to leave the army. Because he was right. I was participating in something that I don’t really think should be there at all.


      • lastmod says:

        Okay fair enough. Why then did he do this clip in his tactical police-military gear…..I mean standard uniform…he was on duty. Police are fully militaralized now btw. He could have done it at home. He could have just resigned if he was so passionate about this issue (he’s not) and I think he was surprised his superiors didn’t defend him, or Tucker Carlson didn’t bring him on his program or Trump didn’t invite him to the White House for “standing up to get America back open”

        Police get fired if they urinate on a picture of politican with a letter D for their political affiliation, or selling drugs to kids.

        One cop in Scehenectady NY just billed his police department for overtime for more than 24 hrs in a day and it was approved.

        It’s stuff like this that make rank n file nobody like me have zero empathy for their supoosed causes. I don’t want this manharmed because he is a cop to get shot and killed. I don’t want his family harassed…..but I don’t have to respect him for his bold stance that isn’t that bold.

        He just got over 200k……….will he report this on his taxes? Doubtful.


  8. lastmod says:

    This is what Fresno police do to teens……..teen was patted down and cleared, and then police do this. This happens very frequently across this country…..and not just to young black men……..and its been going on for decades, even when I was arrested, the officers both lied and stated, I assaulted them. Two witnesses I brought to court when my case came up were there to testify. Of course the coward cops did not show up to the hearing…case was therefore dropped……BUT everytime I have a background check…in 2008 it shows I assualted a police officer.

    This sticks with me forever….even though charges were dropped. Cops see this when my record comes up. These people have no sense of justice. How many men has officer in the clip “smacked” around because “he’s the man” in his honorable career. Plenty. He’s now concerned about rights? Doubtful. He’s more concerned about a civil war that Ed mentions and the masses will want him tarred and feathered.

    Here is the usual weekly Fresno Police antics……always not preventing crime, but cleaning up the mess and actually casuing it


  9. lastmod says:

    Many Americans put up with all kinds of menace and petty crime daily. Windows smashed on your car? File an sinsurance claim. They cathc the person that does it? No arrests…………they gotta save that space for deadbeat dads behind on child support…

    Ah….speaking of THAT…..when a cop is sent to arrest the countless men in jail for this CRIME (behind on child support) there are zero empassioned videos from “cops” who are “real men” doing “tough work” defending said men. They come and arrest their asses and throw them in jail.

    Countless “Cops” episodes over the decades where a man is assualted by his wife / girlfriend / his current “meet cute” and the police arrive. Said dude is bleeding…….woman claims it was in “self-defense” and guess who goes downtown for at least 72 hrs. The man. There was once….will find the clip….a man calls 911 “my wife is beating me up” the 911 operator a man is holding back his laughter “your wife is beating you up?” and the police are sent, and even the police are “mocking” this man “oh, he’s getting beat up by a girl” type of thing.

    Who went to jail? The man. She attacked him out of self defense. Crisis counseling called for the woman………..who is white knighting here??????????

    These cops would kill you if they could get away with it…..and even in an investigation for miscounduct. It’s desk duty. Its full pay but at home. Big whoop…..they may have to wait another year for a promotion. Living for almost a decade in a poor neighborhood I saw this behavior.


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