Creativity is borne of necessity – and quarantine.

On April 8th (which was a moon day), I contracted a very aggressive urinary tract infection which spread into the bloodstream causing septicemia. The doctor is working on a blood culture in order to find a proper antibiotic. The doctor says I will need to be hospitalized for 1-2 weeks or until the bacteria is completely gone.

As a consequence, I’m bedridden in the hospital right now, and feeling very weak, sore, and sleepy. I barely have enough strength to trudge to the toilet 3 meters away. I have a fever that comes and goes, so it’s also hard to think straight.

Earlier this year, I made a goal to post something on Sigma Frame three times a week. As I recall, Adam admonished me to post regularly, as a way to be responsible to the readers. So I chose Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Up until now, I’ve found this goal to be challenging, but realistically doable. But even here in the hospital, I find this goal to be a good deal more challenging, but still doable.

I do have a couple pieces I was working on, but because of this sudden illness, I wasn’t able to finish one for today.

So as I’m lying here in the hospital (on Good Friday), I’m wondering what I can post. All my writing projects are on my desktop computer at home. I’m nearly out of my mind with fever. This is a real challenge of creativity!

Stream of consciousness! A writing technique I learned in the 9th grade.

It will be funny to read this post in the future and see just how out of it I was at the time.

I understand that a lot of people around the world are in some sort of home or neighborhood quarantine right now. It is interesting how this has brought some good results. This is getting kids out of gang-ridden, homophilic, common core crap schools, it’s bringing families closer together, and it is increasing the general creativity. Take a look at this guy’s creation!

Unlike me, during this time of illness, my writings will lack the prolific linkage backup, picture stories, and beautiful formatting.

I will have something of more substance on Monday.

Take care of yourselves!

About Jack

Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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16 Responses to Creativity is borne of necessity – and quarantine.

  1. cobaltsheath says:

    We will pray for a quick recovery.

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  2. bee123456 says:

    Take it easy Jack, get good rest. Also praying for you, and for wisdom for the doctor to choose the best treatments for you.

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  3. lastmod says:

    Get well.


  4. Scott says:

    Being sick sucks the big one. Watch this video and you will feel better.

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    • JPF says:

      Excellent video.
      It is unfortunate that terms such as The Red Pill are not consistently defined. Having PUAs, Christian fundamentalists who attempt to speak the truth and “enjoy the decline” people all claiming the label makes for difficult effective communication.

      I like your challenge to consider what would happen if everyone acted in accordance with a set of beliefs/morals. My immediate thought was that if every obeyed God’s commands that would be great. Admittedly people would have to give up “rights” to act in society-destroying manners, which also ties in to you comments.

      You mentioned your daughters who are growing up. I challenge Christian fathers of daughters to consider what the Bible says a woman is to do with her life (Gen 2:18, Titus 2:3-5, etc.), and then answer (to themself) a few questions. I rather strongly suspect that Scott has already done this; for the rest:
      – What value does a woman gain, for the duties she I supposed to be fulfilling, by spending her years ages 18-22 in university? What possible use does her degree have for a woman who is working at home, serving/loving her husband and children? Do that 20 years later, if at all, after the children are grown.
      – What value is gained by even having her go past grade 7 in school? I understand that law requires all children to be in approved government programs until about age 16 (depends on jurisdiction), but what possible value is gained, for the tasks she is supposed to be doing?
      – Since a man is to provide for his wife (Exodus I think; passage was in relation to a man taking a second wife), why should we show we think we know better than God, but trying to give our daughter a “backup plan” of her own career?

      Our government has given us the idea that we need to give them our children, for 12/13 years at a minimum; and a further 4 years after that for almost everyone.

      I would rather see a young woman spending her time serving her parents/grandparents/widows… even if you say nothing, every hour she spends serving her (current) family reinforces the idea that family is what is important for her. Rather than workplace or academic achievement.

      My wife does not work for money at an outside company, although she does work to help me in my business/home……. And I love it and my wife. My life would very much be less if she were off in some other job for 40 hours a week.

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      • cobaltsheath says:

        Teaching daughters will only go so far. A father’s voice is only one in a million speaking to her every day, and those other 999,999 voices are surely not saying anything RP-friendly. How “alpha” the dad is is irrelevant. If she falls in line at all, consider it a miracle.

        I agree with Ed’s comment a few posts ago: we need a parallel society if any of these ideas to really see a practical effect. Again, you can be apex alpha all you want, broader social influences are going to drown you out, barring God’s intervention.

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  5. Adam says:

    Jack, there are of course real life exceptions to the post regularly rule. Methinks you have one of them. Get well and happy Easter.

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  6. feeriker says:

    Happy Easter!

    Get well soon!

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  7. Scavos says:

    Happy Easter! Get well!


  8. Get well brother! He is risen!

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