The Parable of the Jigsaw Puzzle

Insert male tab into female socket to form a beautiful composition.

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A man and a woman are much like two interlocking jigsaw puzzle pieces.

One piece has a tab, and another piece has a recess.  These two parts fit together, forming a picture or pattern on the outside surface.

No adhesive nor tape is necessary to join these pieces together, because the interlocking geometry of the pieces allows a mechanical containment of one inside the other.


Some puzzle pieces may have tabs and slots that fit together, but their pictures don’t match, and so the resulting montage doesn’t form a beautiful composite image (of God).  These two pieces are mismatched (or “unequally yoked” ~ 2nd Corinthians 6:14).


What happens if we remove the tabs (emasculate men) and fill in the recesses (masculinize women), and make the pieces amorphous (androgynous)?

If the tabs and recesses are removed, then there is no geometrical design (sexual attraction; spiritual identity) to retain cohesion (bonding).

Moreover, what we have are pieces that resemble those few pieces with straight sides that comprise the periphery of the puzzle (edge of society).

jigsaw puzzle in progress

By being pushed to the side (the “edge” of society), these pieces are segregated into a (progressive) stack, and assembled separately to form a frame (boundaries of morality).  This frame then becomes the border (moral limitations) of the entire puzzle (society).

The four pieces with two straight sides are “special”.  These are sent to the intersectional corners (of society).

Completing the border (building the wall; establishing personal boundaries) is an important step in completing the puzzle.  Without these pieces in place (social structure and moral accountability), it is rather difficult to determine exactly where the other pieces belong (what is morally right and contextually appropriate), and how they might fit together (establish normal intersexual relations leading to marriage and family).

1000 color puzzle border

If we demand that all the puzzle pieces should have flat edges and are all the same size, shape, and color (social-sexual equality), then we don’t really have a puzzle.  This is more like a ceramic tile floor.


If the pieces are all the same, and they cannot join together in the usual interlocking fashion, then these tiles require an adhesive or mortar to keep them stuck in place (contracts, laws, and government policies).

puzzle tower of babel

But if we snip off the tabs and artificially fill the sl0ts, then in reality, what we are left with is a pile of cardboard chips which can never be pieced together into a finished puzzle (functional society).

These shards are only good for one thing – to use as tinder to light up the (moral, spiritual, and societal) bonfire.

Puzzle Bonfire


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